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  2. Grand Canyon? OK, whoever is in charge of the Horizon League is on drugs... being that Detroit is part of the conference, I bet that's where they came from. Since basketball and baseball are a priority of the new member, someone like IPFW would be a great fit. They fit very easily within the geographic footprint of the Horizon League and gives them a sixth baseball school.
  3. None of their younger players is on his second contract and there has been no indication of ownership wanting to venture into the luxury tax. Embiid is closest to free agency, with two years left.
  4. So they're not wearing greenish-grey sweaters like they were originally going to?
  5. Now that Philly has their guy, I have to think that the "Process" has to start paying dividends soon. All that losing the 76er fans had to put up with all leads to this moment: If they don't reach the playoffs within the next year or two with this young core, then it might be time to reconsider the franchise altogether.
  6. Like the NFL, i think it's safe to say they're going to be temporary.
  7. As the NFL transitions away from the half collar, the NHL transitions into it.
  8. Monday, February 20, 1893 – Through the Cleveland Plain Dealer, John D. Rockefeller, reveals the logo and uniforms for his new team, the Cleveland Standards.
  9. Those half collars ruin every single jersey... What the heck compelled adidas to do this?
  10. Tippett steps down in Phoenix.
  11. Yup, this post is now valid.
  12. So, Sacramento kinda cleaned up this draft. Fox I think dropped further than he should've, and him and Jackson are pretty safe picks. Enough so that while drafting Giles is a total hit or miss pick (with HUGE upside if it works out), it's enough to cover that up a bit.
  13. Flyers Road Jerseys
  14. Well for one, "Why don't you just simply pull off the biggest fleecing of the decade" is just as unrealistic as "Tank until you find the next LeBron/Durant".
  15. Here ya go...
  16. The bolded is just false. If the Sixers are winning down the road, ring chasers are going to sign. No player is going to care HOW you got to winning, only that you are winning. Also, the C's did a once in a lifetime fleecing of the Nets. I don't see it happening again.
  17. Jimmy Butler's trainer had some interesting takes on the Bulls front office.
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  19. I've got one too, @dsaline7. I really should post more. Funny, over the past couple years I've watched this thread like a hawk waiting for someone with an invite. Now the roles are reversed and there's a ton of us offering our invite to (seemingly) nobody. PM a portfolio link and I'll hook you up!
  20. Purple, green, and gold
  21. Digging way back on these... That's Falcons great Steve Bartkowski in the early Falcons set. He's more associated with this set: -and- When you think of Joe Theismann, you associate him with the white-on-burgundy look of the Redskins, and not with yellow pants as pictured here.
  22. And this was the return for rookie Chris Webber. It's amazing this franchise ever broke out of being a laughingstock. By the way, here's Warriors Webber x2 since we're on the topic:
  23. These all have been awesome, but I really think that the Nets have been your best yet. That would seriously make an amazing primary for them right now, no changes needed IMO. I really hope you get to finish the whole league
  24. You are assuming that a good core of players is all a free agent cares about. No one is going to go to the sixers after seeing their management bungle themselves for the past half decade with no player development and having some of the worst personelle decisions in the sport over that time for "the process." You want to portray the 6ers as these geniuses when they weren't. They were just dumb enough to believe a strange little man into thinking that tanking and shifting on your fans for 4 years is a good business decision because you have a 1% change of a championship down the road. The celtics did everything hinkie tried to do while still being competitive, why couldn't the sixers.
  25. Tom Phillips isn't bad. He's fine. But he's just "a guy". I think Mauro is a fantastic choice for NXT, and probably should have been there the whole time. He reminds me of Joey Styles in the way he doesn't really need a strong color guy talking over him. Honestly I wouldn't mind him on Ram with Corey Graves, who I'm liking more and more each week. I'd probably do one of the following: A. RAM= Cole, JBL, and (if necessary) a token Black Guy. SDL= Mauro, Graves, and TBG. NXT = Phillips and McGinnis B. RAM = Cole, JBL, and TBG. SDL = JR, Graves, and TBG. NXT = Mauro and McGinnis Any chance JR would consider being the voice of NXT if it was offered? That could be amazing. Talk about someone that can get developmental talent over just by calling matches.
  26. I think you did a great job with these. There's no need to overthink them and what you have is very straight forward and very clean. Would definitely buy that alternate.
  27. I was the one posted this... The images were from Grey Wyshynski's twitter post
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