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  2. Cleveland Browns re-do in the works for 2020?

    To be honest, I think they could get away with having some sort of unique C logo as well as an elf, and use them in tandem, sort of how the bears use their C and bear head mark.
  3. Lycan38 Presents: NHL by Adidas (Flyers 8/22)

    Continuing on with.... Philadelphia Flyers Set is inspired by their alternate from the early 2000s.
  4. Cleveland Browns re-do in the works for 2020?

    Yikes. That really wouldn't fly. I guess go for an Elf in the style of @andrewharrington's avatar or a version of the football logo with a "C" that doesn't look like the Indians' "C."
  5. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Orel Hershiser in the Dodgers Los Angeles road jerseys from his return in last season in 2000
  6. Pistons Logo Change

    That happened last season - the only difference here is the removal of the Palace logo (for obvious reasons) and the updating of the center court logo. Definitely looks good though.
  7. I like it! I've always loved the cursive script logo, and I like how you've handled the collar/sleeve/waistband striping in a way that preserves the OG Giants' character. I didn't think I'd like a cursive "San Francisco" script, but it looks really good! My one recommendation would be to make the "F" look more like a traditional cursive "F," but that's a minor nitpick. Well done! This whole series has been really impressive. While some may not be to my taste (i.e. Diamondbacks, Mariners, and Marlins), I still appreciate the craftsmanship that went into it. Your Astros concept is one of the few times I've found myself liking the slab-serif font, the Yankees were a fun break from tradition, and the Rays/Nationals were good modern takes on the 1970's aesthetic. I look forward to seeing what you'll do next!
  8. Cleveland Browns re-do in the works for 2020?

    Look up Jim Brown's legal issues and history of violence against women. Wouldn't fly.
  9. Winston-Salem State Univ. NEW LOGOS

    All they used was a walking, roaring lion previously, seen at the top of the page,
  10. Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    Watch the first Saints offensive play vs. the Chargers and you'll see how many Charger fans were there. The crowd's reaction as NO rookie Alvin Kamara raced 50 yards for a TD sounded like the Superdome. Or the Georgia Dome when they play the Falcons.
  11. 2017 NBA Offseason

    If Kyrie tries on defense he could be Kobe. He hasn't yet shown that he has that in him. And while people seem to like Brad Stevens, Stevens also hasn't had to coach a bonafide, in his prime superstar. Maybe Kyrie doesn't want to play buddyball. If Thomas stays healthy, and if playing with LeBron creates open looks for him the way it has everyone else who ever played with James, this could be huge for him. I like Jae Crowder too. The Cavs desperately needed a 3 and D guy and they got a good one.
  12. MLB: Project 32 - Philadelphia Phillies, Pt. I Added

    PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES, PT. I - The Burgundian Restoration of the Whiz Kids (guest starring powder blue)! I've done my fair share of Phillies concepts in the past. The first phase centered on my attempts to use the 1970-91 wordmarks and maroon (with powder) on the current template, to mixed results. My next period saw me try to reincorporate the Whiz Kids' wordmark and cap logo (based on Matt Malinoski's cleanup work - the versions on the Mothership are really rough-looking) alongside a dark red shade (and powder blue accents) with the big cuffs and sleeve numbers of the 1992-present uniforms. However, that just didn't do it for me. Reading some posts on the Phillies this year has gotten me to steer my concept in a different direction (thanks, @kroywen and @Gothamite): Of course, you'll get the whole "light blue was never a team color" argument. My response would be: "Make it a team color. Claret/Light Blue looks beautiful on many association football teams, and a close relative of that color scheme worked for the Avs (who should have had slate blue pants, not black)." Besides, the Phillies have come to realize that the two colors work well together, hence why they use both of them in their retro merchandise. I know that incorporating powder blue isn't to everybody's tastes (like @the admiral), but I've always liked minimal amounts of it. The colors are perhaps the largest departure from my previous sets. Instead of using the original maroon (which was too dark for my tastes) or a cardinal red (which was too desaturated), I opted for PMS 1955 C. This shade of Claret would be both distinctive and "lively." The Light Blue is PMS 299 C, as I needed the blue to show up on white/gray backgrounds. The result is a distinctive color scheme that packs just the right amount of saturated punch. The primary logo is a modified version of the Citizen's Bank Park logo, with the 1992-present Liberty Bell inside. The Liberty Bell is also the secondary, while the cursive script cap logo is the tertiary. I like the cursive more than the cursive-esque letter in the wordmark. It's a bit of retro charm. I've overhauled the Whiz Kids' typeface a little, for more consistent line weights. It's an effective modernization, without the rounded edges, big outlines, or poor kerning of the 1992 "uncanny valley" modernization. Here is a comparison. I did keep the blue stars, as they added a nice little "punch" to the mark. I also used a modified version of the Lobster font to create a matching "Philadelphia" wordmark. The uniforms are my idea of how to modernize the Whiz Kids' look. I dumped the sleeve numbers and engorged road stripes in favor of the Liberty Bell logo and thin trim on the gray jersey/pants. The number font is my attempt to clean up the 1950's-1960's block numeral variant, as I like its distinctiveness (the sans-serif "1" in particular). The Liberty Bell logo remains on the socks, and claret/red shoes return (the Reds are the only "red" team that can wear black cleats). The throwbacks are my take on the Phillies' current cream alternates. They now bear more resemblance to the 1946-49 uniforms, with the accessories matching the cap crown color and sock stripes. Claret is still the primary color, with Light Blue taking more of a secondary role in the outlines and on the caps. The primary is on the sleeves. This modernization of the Whiz Kids strikes a balance between cleanliness and vintage charm, avoiding the bulbous traps of the 1992 redesign. While Light Blue's integration may prove controversial, I think it adds a bit of extra "pop" to the identity. C+C is greatly appreciated! Because @the admiral requested it earlier in the thread (and I'm sure many of you want to see it), here is a road gray with the "Philadelphia" wordmark! I'm not too keen on it, but it's worth a shot. For the alternate take, the Phils get a civic twist!
  13. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread At 34, Shane Sieg, older brother of Ryan Sieg, and owner of three top tens in the Truck series, has passed away. He was suspended indefinitely in 2011 for violating the substance abuse policy. Let's hope the two aren't related.
  14. MLB: Project 32 - Philadelphia Phillies, Pt. I Added

    Thank you. Oh, the 1988-92 uniforms were bizarre! I'd never do that. That's akin to the Angels wearing a cursive script or the Cubs using Old English. I do admit that both of my options might be empirically better than the radial script, but I'm sticking with it. I know it'll make me come off as a hypocrite given my attack on the old "TC," but I've got a soft spot it (and for the pre-WWII Giants' look in general).1 Please do not take this as me being close-minded or anything of the sort, but rather as me expressing my preferences/unpopular opinion and having my arguments in favor of it (i.e. baseball Giants wore it, it's different enough from the Yankees' road uniforms, fits with the "split" of the Mets' identity, a mismatch can be the Mets' party trick, etc.). If it's good enough for Tom Seaver and Carl Hubbell, it's good enough for me! Thanks! I'm glad that the black and pink has some fans. Like with my Tigers' alternate take, it was an excuse to have some fun with an otherwise staid team. Pre-1930's baseball aesthetics are often wild compared to what we've come to expect. I'm a little disappointed that I didn't recreate the placket script or checked pattern of the Brooklyn Dodgers for this guy. Oh well, I'll save it for a Dodgers alt (the Dodgers shouldn't have colored jerseys). 1As far as the SF Giants are aware, the club's history begins with Willie Mays' call-up in 1951 with only a few mentions of anything before that point. It's better than how many relocated teams treat their history, but it's still not as "amazing" as some would claim. Heck, I'm probably the only Giants fan who wants a John McGraw statue outside AT&T Park.
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  16. 2017 NBA Offseason

    The Cavs low key finessed Boston in this trade. Kyrie is good, but they might have given up too much. That pick was a huge get. I don't imagine Kyrie thought he was staying in the east when he asked for that trade. I feel like LeBron will make it a mission to make Kyrie's life hell now. It's crazy how Kyrie went from taliking about how lucky he is to play with Bron to getting beat in the Eastern Conference Finals by him.
  17. Players on the "RIGHT" Team, but "WRONG" Uniform

    I know video games probably don't normally count, but this feels like a special case. Here's a publicity screenshot for NBA 2K18 that 2K sports posted to the game's Facebook page 2 weeks ago, featuring Kyrie Irving in the new Cavs home jersey... which now, because of his trade today, he will never wear in real life*. * - potential future transactions notwithstanding.
  18. 2017 NBA Offseason

    That pick isn't really assured of anything, despite how bad the Nets are. They could end up playing better than most expect, and then that doesn't do Cleveland any favors. Also, they'd still have to actually win the draft lotto. And outside of Lebron and Kyrie (who were both basically locks), what has Cleveland really done with their high draft picks? I think there's a lot more risk there than is just on the surface. Also, I see IT regressing closer to the mean a lot faster than some would think. I don't see how this isn't a huge win for Boston.
  19. Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    Nothing to do with the radio guy but Ice_Cap's avatar is a good logo I think
  20. Unique ice designs

    a different kind of blue ice.
  21. 2017 NBA Offseason

    Boston was going to overtake the east in 18/19 anyway. Now that's assured. Thomas for Kyrie is a slight edge to Cleveland for this season. A huge edge to Boston if Kyrie decides to play defense. (This assumes Thomas stays healthy). The 2018 pick helps Cleveland rebuild. I think the Cavs still win the East because no one can stop LeBron in the conference. But post LeBron, the Celtics will be very good for a very long time. And they just punted on their Isaiah Thomas problem.
  22. Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    No, we're mad at him because he spent the better part of the spring talking about how the Chargers were dead to him, how he'd quit their broadcast team in solidarity with SD, San Diego was everything, soil first, Chargers were traitors, the Spanos family were scum, etc... Hell Ted Leitner described him as a man of integrity because of it. Only to have him suddenly change his mind when the LA Chargers and Spanos family pulled him aside and tossed some extra green his way to get him back on the radio broadcast team in LA. Now suddenly all is forgiven and he's back to talking about the Chargers positively on the radio like nothing happened. For a good example of why we're mad at him... this was Nick Hardwick 8 months ago...
  23. 2017 NBA Offseason

    Cleveland got the better of this deal. Even if both LeBron and IT leave, they will at least get a pick. If they both decide to stay, then the Celtics just blew their own hope for East supremacy.
  24. 2017 NBA Offseason

    👀 Wow...
  25. MLS Jersey Concept

    Next is Philadelphia Union: Home: Away:
  26. 2017 NBA Offseason

    Pretty sure Boston just jumped Cleveland in the East. Thomas is a nice player, but For Kyrie? I don't know about that. That seems desperate. Which Cleveland kinda was. Actually, maybe I should be surprised Cleveland got even that much.
  27. The Mad Scientist's NBA - Hornets added

    Atlanta Hawks Dropped the volt, anthracite, triangle pattern and mismatching shorts and jerseys and went back to the Hawks' roots. Chose to go with a modern update to the Dominique Wilkins unis, black alternate with similarly swooping and asymmetrical, but different lines, and a 90's throwback alternate because it was ridiculous when they were wearing it 41 times a year, but as a once in a while alternate it works.
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