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  2. Is ruessv the mascot but in all honesty great job with the team's
  3. Not only does he look to be in good shape, looking at his face he looks healthy and way better than I've seen in pics and videos over the last few years.
  4. I don't think it's been confirmed, but she looked way too similar for it to be a coincidence.
  5. Best thing this week
  6. To think when Chris Boucher was declared out for the tourney, I thought Oregon was gonna be Cincy/Kenyon Martin 2.0 I had them getting upset by Iona.
  7. I've literally had dreams where I won the Intercontinental Title* and Howard Finkel does his AND...NEW! thing and it's an awesome dream. *I suppose I dream about winning a secondary title because I don't fit the mold of what Vince typically looks for (too short) and even in my dreams I'm afraid of the anti-IWC backlash of lovable ol' curmudgeon fans who, weirdly enough, post about wrestling in online forums themselves!
  8. So X-Pac's in great shape.
  9. This is literally the greatest thing I've seen all week
  10. Same here. That's a fantastic update on their championship set and one they should go back to. Their current uniform is an abomination.
  11. I guess hes saying he wants that matte/texture effect on the lions helmet
  12. Hell freezes over if the final is Gonzaga-Oregon. Would love to see the West Coast get that kinda love, but ZERO chance.
  13. I think staying off the internet for a while might be the only way.
  14. Just like PK Subban, this time Kevin Owens shed a few tears during his Montreal homecoming this year...
  15. Big loss for the Isles tonight. But Josh Hi-Sang has been a pleasure to watch, even today when he was kept off the scoresheet. If he keeps this up, he'll have everyone forgetting about TJ Brodie and Yanick Dupree and the rest of those guys who wore 66 before he did.
  16. Going to throw this in spoilers, but I guess it could work as they already introduced the image of it...
  17. Jordan Bell absolutely owned today for Oregon. First Final Four for the Pac 12 since 2008.
  18. Are we certain about your first spoiler? I guess it was implied, but not certain.
  19. Don't know if this belongs in "unpopular opinions," but Grambling football almost always looks good to me.
  20. We'll all be mowin' the air by the end of this stretch.
  21. There were a few options for the White Sox back then.Another which never left the drawing board was to be on a large unused railroad yard bounded by Roosevelt rd,the Chicago river,Clark street and 18th st.At that time the South loop was seedy and undeveloped.If built the White Sox would of had one of the best downtown stadiums in baseball and still would, as the area has skyrocked with condo towers all around.BTW,the land still sits unused.
  22. Patriots logo should be a little bigger. The top of the logo should be just in front of first vent and tail ends further back, but I know you said you aren't gonna be too picky about that stuff.
  23. Are the Dead Things eliminated from postseason contention yet?
  24. I have no opinion on that. Just pointing out that in a world where so many seem to be okay with logo theft, those two colleges have a formal agreement with the Packers to use their famous "G". And that the "G" logo unquestionably belongs to the Packers.
  25. What is that supposed to mean?
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