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  2. Thanks for the feedback, nice to hear from people that know what actual soccer designs look like On to the next team, the Philadelphia Union. First, I changed the crest to just the snake, as the resolution was really bad on my screen so i left it. I may add 13 stars around it to spice it up later, I made this two years once again. On the clash, it’s a powder blue kit with a subliminal version of the crest behind it. Once again, I was not very good at designing back then, but i‘m just posting these because they were done, and I needed something to post. Both updated either tonight or tomorrow, and then Chicago is up next.
  3. Arizona Coyotes concept

    The design idea is there, I really like the sublimated flag design, but the execution is just really sloppy. The arm and hem stripes should be the same width, there's no nameplate or numbers, and the tan collar seems random. Clean it up and make it a complete jersey, then come back for critique.
  4. Minor League Baseball News

    I can see the A's going to Vegas in an instant. 1) Even though they resent the Raiders for building Mount Davis and sticking them with a crap ballpark once they jet for Vegas (rightfully so, in my opinion), the crossover appeal with Raiders and A's fans in Vegas might be good. 2) Speaking of that awful atrocity, remember back in '96 when the A's played in Vegas for a few games while Mount Davis was being built? It's not out of the question to think there are still a few A's fan around Nevada. 3) As much as Nashville is a great city and farm team, they're really, REALLY far from Oakland.
  5. Madden NFL Expansion Concepts - Orlando Wizards 13/16

    I dun know what happened there but anyway 4 More to go and then a mod can lock this thread or something... anyway time for some Florida magic... kind of revealed the next location. ORLANDO The owners of the Wizards wanted to bring some Disney-esc Magic to the NFL so they literally set themselves up as literally the tourist's NFL team which has worked wonders in attendance and sales, operating from the Camping World Stadium, home of the Citrus Bowl.... they are a team that are good rivals with the Jaguars as well as the Desperados... either way Purple, Black and Gold make themselves grand as wizards.
  6. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    I do know that the stars have to be aligned differently than the flag specifically due to infringement issues, but I definitely agree with your points. The "T" has always been unnecessary clutter in the logo. This has definitely been the trend the past few seasons. I'd expect a lot of white monochrome and columbia over white at the beginning of the season before navy monochrome takes over as the temperatures get colder.
  7. thank you sir may I please have another?
  8. Do we have an exact date as to when the jerseys go on sale?
  9. MLB Concept Rebranding: UA Edition

    Yea I realized that about half way through making Detroit.
  10. Xtreme Football Alliance

    Yeah I didn’t even notice the G shape until I was about to post this. I may have to pick a different Dragon logo now.
  11. Georgia Tech tweaks colors and adds new wordmark ahead of switch to Adidas

    Prefer the new one
  12. Xtreme Football Alliance

    That dragon is shaped too much like a "G"... cause I guess that's where you swiped it. Doesn't really work for you.
  13. Wideright imagines the AAF

    Love the name, the colors, the jersey and definitely the story but the logo just doesn’t do it for me. Professional team with a logo of a college trophy? Won’t be a team I’m rooting for, but I love how you just knock these things out. Very solid job again.
  14. Arizona Coyotes concept

    Almost there. I would change those white stripes to tan so they fit in better with the rest of the jersey.
  15. The last time a team not named Pittsburgh or the NY Rangers beat the Caps in a playoff series- Tampa 2011.
  16. I’ve just accepted that the Blue Jackets are never going to get out of their own damn way in the playoffs.
  17. Clearly, the Caps need to fulfill their destiny of getting beaten by the Pens. It's the rules.
  18. Wideright imagines the AAF

    Oh there are sexy...
  19. Today
  20. Go Columbus. Go Philly. Reseed. Anything. i cannot take any more Caps/Pens series. It’s boring and predictable Caps/Pens is the 2nd least interesting playoff matchup in sports behind only Cavs/Warriors.
  21. One step closer to a rerun of the most boring playoff matchup in NHL history
  22. Wideright imagines the AAF

    AAF Lures the MOOCH back to coaching. With a promise that his February-April coaching gig would not require that he leave his July-January NFL Network analyst position, the AAF has brought yet another well-known NFL head coach back into football. Steve Mariucci has agreed to take on the role of Head Coach for the spring league's new Sacramento franchise. The Mooch signed the deal when league CEO Charlie Ebersol agreed to bring in an assistant head coach who would be responsible for off-season recruiting and training, under Mariucci's guidance, so that the longtime NFL Network analyst could keep his job as a TV personality. This move seems to confirm that if the AAF is not directly working with the NFL, they are clearly on friendlier terms than predecessors such as the XFL and USFL. I suppose we should not be surprised when we consider that the league has top NFL talent at all levels of its league structure, including Hall of Famers such as the GM Guru of the Bills and Colts, Bill Polian, and former Steeler Hines Ward. The Sacramento franchise will play at Sacramento State's Hornet Field, making it the smallest stadium announced for the new league to date. The 21,000 seat stadium has played host to many fledgling league teams, including the UFL's Sacramento Mountain Lions, the CFL's Sacramento Gold Miners and the WLAF's Sacramento Surge. While it is a cozy venue, Ebersol and Polian were fast to declare that it will be a rowdy sold out crowd every week when the AAF comes to town. With players selected largely from a regional draft that will include Cal, Stanford, Nevada and the two Oregon D-1 schools as well as smaller schools such as Sacramento State, Cal-Poly and others, the AAF franchise hopes to draw in fans of both pro football and of the local Pac-12 and regional teams. The presser announcing the new franchise ended with a bang as the team revealed its identity, with none other than former Cal Bear Kyle Boller stepping out to model the new uniform. Boller, who will serve as QB Coach for the squad looked like he could still take the field, but assured the crowd that they would be filling the QB slot with players a little closer to their college years than he was. The team will be called the Sacramento Rush, a tribute to the Gold Rush that kicked California's economy into high gear, the rush of energy that sports brings to its fans, but also the meat & potatoes of football, the ground game. One intrepid reporter asked if the name was a hint that former Cal Bear Marshawn Lynch might make an appearance on the field. Polian laughed but did not say no to the idea, saying "This league and the Rush will be bringing in the most talented players available, and if that meant former NFL stars who still have some yards left in them, sure, bring them on." The Rush logo is a familiar one to sports fans, a ballcarrier charging the line and stiffarming opponents, very reminiscent of the Heismann Trophy. The team colors will be Mountain Purple, California Gold and Night Sky Black. The team will don metallic gold helmets and pants with purple jerseys. A secondary logo is hidden within the pant and helmet stripe, a subtle "snowy mountain" logo that also serves as a stylized "S" for Sacramento. While Polian and Ebersol would not address questions about other franchises, this intrepid reporter did some digging and found that their flight plan had them heading off towards Memphis, perhaps for their next announcement.
  23. Georgia Tech tweaks colors and adds new wordmark ahead of switch to Adidas April 21, 2018 - 22:08 PM On Friday, Georgia Tech’s football team had their annual Spring game and it was notable for a couple of reasons. While the athletic program has yet to unveil their new Adidas uniforms (since they have to wait until the Spring […] Read More...
  24. Bobrovsky is ridiculous. Saved some golden opportunities in OT. EDIT: Not that one! Backstrom tips it in for the OT dub.
  25. NHL 2018-19

    Flames should take the side panels and use that as their waist/sleeve striping pattern
  26. NBA Redesign Concept (Sixers 4/21)

    I decided that I would make this a bit of a series (not sure how long, though). Next team up is the 76ers. I didn't want to change their jerseys too much, as I think they really nailed their last designs, so what I mostly did was brighten the red and darken the blue so they now match the colors of the US flag. The stars remain on the sides of the Icon, Association, and Statement uniforms, but the striping is now narrower. The striping on the sleeves and neck have also been simplified. I reversed the colors of the name and number from front to back just to add a little bit of personality and flair. For the City Edition, I drew inspiration from the '65-'66 uniforms with the front number above "Phila", and the number is surrounded by 13 stars. \ As always, C&C welcome.
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