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  2. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Yeah he doesn't exactly come across as a cunning business man in all this and his operation isn't even two bit. The whole thing is really ham-handed. I mean, they scolded Columbus fans for how difficult they're making it to relocate! He should hire some new attorneys, though I really hope he doesn't because his current team is a bumbling group of dips****. The MLS2ATX social media campaign they tried to pass off as a grassroots effort when it was obviously their own creation is basically dead and very few people inside Austin seem all that interested in a MLS team. Meanwhile in Columbus, fangroups are doing a better job proving him wrong than he is of proving himself right. I think two things are true in this: 1. Precourt thought Austin would be more welcoming than they have been and 2. he thought it'd be easier to move out of Columbus than it has been. He's a very wealthy moron who's spent his life moving piles of daddy's money around from one place to another. I have zero respect for him. The ransoming of the Columbus Crew may work out to further bolster his wealth, but he'll always just be some rich kid who bought a soccer team.
  3. College Football uniforms- 2018

    Has no one else looked at this and thought they were looking at a Western Michigan uniform?
  4. Thrift Store Gems 2018

    I found a Daniel Descalso Themerabase that I assume was used by him as he is local. He played for the D'backs in 2017 so it had to been used during one of the throwback nights.
  5. Unfortunately, Portland isn't on the Pacific coast. Call then the Loggers, good enough.
  6. 2018 NASCAR Season Thread

  7. Photobucket changed their policy and now charges for their service, they also removed all images from forums etc. I've switched to imgur and I'm going to slowly restore the images when I get a chance. Finals are coming up soon.
  8. College Football uniforms- 2018

    PJ Fleck is the child at the ice cream bar who adds every topping to their sundae. Bon appétit, er... Row the boat!
  9. Golden State Warriors Redesign concept

    An redesign concept I did on Golden State Warriors old logo. I used the yellow and blue color they have on their current logo. and fixed to the ball. I've always been disturbed by the lines that the ball has
  10. Shoney's has an updated logo

    There were several Shoney's open in the Gatlinburg / Pigeon Forge area of TN last week while i was up there on vacation with the family. I hadn't seen an open Shoney's in YEARS.
  11. NBA court database

    American Airlines Center (2018) (From Saturday, February 10, 2018)
  12. Winter Olympics Concept Series - Salt Lake 2030

    Well let’s move right along! Up next is 2030, which I think has a good shot to be Salt Lake City. Maybe some homerism there, but the good use of many existing venues and a lower cost gives SLC a really good chance. So, here goes! Another logo based on simplicity, Salt Lake 2030 features a modern, cool (as in temperature) take on the Wasatch Range with its reflection upon the Great Salt Lake. I wanted something markedly different from the ‘02 snowflake, so I thought the mountain reflection would make for a nice route. Being a Utahan, I felt some pressure in “getting this right”; I like where this went and am happy with it myself. But let me know what you think! Bonus 2030 concept coming up next!
  13. College Football uniforms- 2018

    What I don't understand is that I believe the set being replaced were a product of one of nike's brand unification exercise where they revamp an entire athletic department with a cohesive look and brand message. How the AD can allow a football coach to come in and completely run roughshod over a carefully and professionally designed and crafted uniform that was distinct and clean is beyond me. Additionally letting this joker's childish slogan supersede the schools own athletic motto is beyond weak. Two major conclusions can be gleaned from this uniform reveal: It's all about fleck and he has horrible taste in uniforms.
  14. The WCRFL (Combined Rules Footy)

    These are actually some I the best logo concepts I’ve seen here.
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  16. Lights Out's NCAA Football: CUSA

    CUSA East Florida Atlantic FAU's traditional striping pattern returns in a modernized form. Florida International FIU gets a striping design based on this alternate logo. This logo is also where the teal-green alternate is derived from. I figured it would be more unique than a gold jersey. Marshall Marshall essentially gets their Randy Moss-era uniforms back, but with some tan from their primary logo mixed in. Middle Tennessee MTSU's striping pattern is based on the lightning bolt from their primary logo. Western Kentucky WKU gets a modernized version of the uniforms that Willie Taggart wore. Old Dominion ODU gets some crown-themed striping and a custom number font to match their wordmark. Charlotte The Niners get oversized helmet logos and tri-color striping on the jerseys to match their logo.
  17. College Football uniforms- 2018

    I'm speechless. Athletic gold, chrome gold, AND anthracite? Bruh!
  18. College Football uniforms- 2018

    Compared to the last set, this is over the top with design errors.
  19. NBA Changes 2018-19

    Pardon my late notice, but god-damn it, more standardization in logos? I didn't what they did with the '18 logo and revamp it, but now this just bugs me. Almost every major logo has been :censored:ed since the modified league logo last summer (playoffs & finals included)
  20. Atlanta Falcons : NFL by honeybadger

    Here's the update to the unis with the recommended standardized striping.
  21. Lights Out's NCAA Football: CUSA

    CUSA West North Texas North Texas' current uniforms are a catalog order, but they look quite nice anyway. The only major changes here are a number font that pairs well with their wordmark and the restoration of the double green color scheme they once wore. Southern Miss The Golden Eagles get a gold-heavy modernization of the uniforms Ray Guy wore. The alternate swaps out USM's current shade of gold for the brassier shade worn by Brett Favre. UAB The Blazers retain their trademark dragon-scale pattern, but get a custom number font that matches their wordmark. Louisiana Tech LaTech's classic look remains relatively unchanged. The powder-blue alternate is inspired by the uniform Karl Malone wore for their basketball team. UTSA UTSA gets simple triangular striping to match the contours of their logo. Rice The Owls retain a simple, classic look. In order to add some visual interest, the winged helmets finally make a comeback. UTEP UTEP's uniforms are based on their Rocky Perez-era look.
  22. High School Helmet Decal

    Hello, I am looking for some inspiration for developing a Helmet Decal for a local school. The team is called the railroaders and the only colors they use are blue and white. The Coach really wants the word railroaders to be incorporated somewhere in the design, I am not a huge fan of big script letters on helmets so I went with a think smaller block font. He also wants to ensure that people understand that railroaders are the people that worked on building the railroads not people who worked on trains, so I am debating doing some sort of mascot depicting a railroad worker. I guess I am looking for help in which way I should take this logo. It is not apart of a rebrand just simply redesigning the helmet logo because a new coach was hired. What they had in previous seasons is below. This is just a rough mock of what I think may look good any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated!
  23. The WCRFL (Combined Rules Footy)

    Gator Ball!!!! That's what we call it. Only use a soccer ball though and the scores are all 1 point.
  24. College Football uniforms- 2018

    Minnesota looks good to me! I question the grey jersey, but the helmet and home jersey are just fine! I don't see what the big complaint is. Sure it's a simple look, but it's much better than most of the over designed crap Nike usually gives us.
  25. MLS Miami

    Internacional Miami might be a good look for the,. as long as they use hot pink, light blue and flamingos. They'll probably wear all white at home too.
  26. Winter of Discontent: The 2017-18 NHL Season

    In the interest of fairness, Cheveldayoff is ranked too high on his body of work as well, but 1) Everyone's been pretty hard on him for years; how many times did the Jets do little or nothing at the deadline/draft and prompt "can't spell Cheveldayoff without Day Off"? The Jets are finally coalescing into a legitimate team, but getting #2 in the lottery and taking Patrik Laine instead of a mere Tkachuk or Sergachev helped immensely, and all told, it has taken quite a bit longer than it should have; a fair bit of Blake Wheeler's career and basically all of Bryan Little's have been squandered by the organization's glacial pace 2) the Jets are probably going to win their division or finish second. The Hurricanes, who for such a masterpiece of team-building have scored 18 fewer goals than they've allowed, are probably not going to hold onto the second wild card.
  27. The WCRFL (Combined Rules Footy)

    Breaking News!! The WCRFL have just announced the 3 new teams to compete in the European Conference in the league's inaugural season. Without further ado, may I present.... Birmingham Bulls The name is taken from the Bull on the flag of the City of Birmingham. Was going with initials with a horn but it kinda looks like a cow if you stretch your mind enough Liverpool Liverbirds I'm thinking of changing the name to just Liverbirds because it's quite a mouthful, thoughts? The liverbird is a fictional bird that is very prominent in Liverpool. It is featured on the football club's logo. Thought the wordmark was gonna be quite cool but it ended up morphing into a star wars knockoff. Couldn't ring myself to cut it though. London Lightning Not much to say about this one. Thought it would look kinda cool so I went and did it a while ago for some other project a while ago. That never took off and I liked the design so I decided to use it again for this one All uniforms will be released on draft night. C&C is much appreciated
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