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  2. Lord of the Rings meets Training Day (no, I'm not joking) "Set in an alternate present-day where humans, orcs, elves, and fairies have been co-existing since the beginning of time. Bright is genre-bending action movie that follows two cops from very different backgrounds. Ward (Will Smith) and Jakoby (Joel Edgerton), embark on a routine patrol night and encounter a darkness that will ultimately alter the future and their world as they know it. "
  3. Maybe they go to NXT ? I dont know if that would work but I assume if they are only working part time they could play an interesting role in NXT. Side note are they giving subtle hints about this "Evolution 2.0"? Owens talking about playing the game past week and then this week talking about his character being "Evolution". Along with the clean suit he's been wearing (along with SJ ), who knows is this really in play ?
  4. Minnesota paid the same thing for Hanzal that Washington paid for Shattenkirk. Minnesota, you are dumb, I give you an A+ on being dumb.
  5. Final Round of All-Decade Team Voting: 1B: Steve Dyment [2-STL, 2-BBE, 1-CLE, 2-BUF, 1-BBR, 1-NY, 1-CHI] (.287 AVG, .350 OBA, .421 SLG, 1555 Hits, 779 RBIs, 172 SBs, 67 HRs, 1095 POs, .904 F% {1-championship STL-1901}) Todd Corr [2-CLE, 7-PEN, 1-ILL] (.299 AVG, .376 OBA, .415 SLG, 1463 Hits, 733 RBIs, 155 SBs, 74 HRs, 1167 POs, .910 F% {NA}) SS: Matthew Woods [1-DC, 1-CLE, 1-BAL, 5-STL, 1-BBR, 1-CHI] (.303 AVG, .331 OBA, .402 SLG, 1534 Hits, 723 RBIs, 183 SBs, 21 HRs, 1701 POs, .981 F% {2-championships BBR-1906, STL-1909}) Brian Hockenberry [9-BBR] (.365 AVG, .407 OBA, .446 SLG, 1420 Hits, 613 RBIs, 28 SBs, 7 HRs, 1871 POs, .937 F% {3-championships BBR-1904-thru-1906}). Pete Thompson [8-PHI, 2-CLE] (.281 AVG, .307 OBA, .381 SLG, 1471 Hits, 717 RBIs, 158 SBs, 49 HRs, 1997 POs, .973 F% {2-championships CLE-1907, PHI-1908}) C: Chris Bronshvag* [5-CHI, 1-BRO, 1-PIT, 1-BBE, 2-DET] (.271 AVG, .297 OBA, .403 SLG, 841 Hits, 539 RBIs, 32 SBs, 97 HRs, 1782 POs, .956 F% {NA}) James Hulsey {6-DET, 1-DC, 1-STL, 1-MAN, 1-BBE] (.318 AVG, .352 OBA, .397 SLG, 1094 Hits, 515 RBIs, 27 SBs, 7 HRs, 2135 POs, .977 F% {NA})
  6. Was just here for Super Bowl - it's definitely outdated. For one, the new loft building over the left field wall isn't even rendered on Google Earth. Neither is that new hotel with the Texas shaped lazy river I get the hate for the hill & flag pole ...that was totally unnecessary. But what other design options did architects have aside from the Crawford Boxes? There wasn't much room because of a roof rail and a train station. If the boxes aren't there, you get just one big continuous arched wall, with more roof rail columns in play then what's currently in the LF power alley. I think considering the site constraints the architects had of building a climate-control retractable roof ballpark on a city grid with historic train station on site, HOK did a damn good job. When comparing it to other climate controlled facilities in baseball (Safeco isn't climate controlled) MMP really is the best designed climate controlled ballpark currently in baseball. And HOK made it a reality for only $250 million.
  7. The black one is easily my favorite nba jersey of all time
  8. Not to bombard you, but Jacksonville jaguars would be really cool! Amazing job on the rams too
  9. Some of my favorites from different series such as V8, Pirelli World Challenge, Endurance racing such as Weathertech, Australian GT...
  10. What happened with the hardys? i think the BROKEN Hardy gimmick is EXTRAORDINARY, but I don't think it works in WWE. Maybe if they let Matt have 100% control it has a chance, but it NEEDS this MAGNIFICENT battles at the Hardy compound with all the DILAPIDATED boats to really work.
  11. Ahem: The Shaq/Penny Magic ran into a great Rockets team. Their window was 1995. Yeah, they got blitzed in 96, but they were right there a year prior.
  12. I like this better than the current one they're doing this season ^^ Classic looks
  13. Well, I held back some vitriol because I just don't see it happening.
  14. Ah, like ken griffey Ken Griffey Baseball....bad? You bite your tongue! While I'm just messing with you, it's legitimately within my top 3 favorite videogames of all time.
  15. Please keep me posted, and I'd appreciate it if you'd also check out my still-new "An Alternate Sports Universe" thread periodically, et cetera, as well, if and when you like and can, Vic. Of course, that also goes for the rest of you ladies and gentlemen. Thanks in advance if you do, for that matter, as well. Turtle Pilgrim out.
  16. To you it is. And fair enough. I respect your opinion. But that still doesn't make it any good. And that's my opinion.
  17. Charlotte, it looks like she can only move her mouth, everything else looks completely stiff, or she has really caked on makeup tonight.
  18. I have no idea who you're referring to, but I'd like to think that Dana's still feeling the effects of her faceplant last week.
  19. Today
  20. Well I hate to be that guy but there is a typo on your wordmark. As an LOTR fan though I'm loving this series!
  21. No it was traditional oscar music
  22. I love how you're taking characteristics of each teams franchise and incorporating them into unique soccer jerseys. Bravo 👏
  23. I haven't traveled much, so there are about a billion places I'd like to go to. I've been out of my own time zone once (this summer, i went to Nashville) and left the United States twice (once to Toronto for a few days, the other to lovely Windsor for an evening of gambling and a terrible strip club, which I received a voucher for free admission for when I parked my car...and still had to pay $5 to get in). Oh, and I've been to Detroit twice (the first led to my Windsor experience). Anyway, on to my list.... - England - I have an aunt in England that I've actually never met. My dad and her only reconnected a few years ago, and my dad went over a few years ago. I've been bugging him to go back (I'm well aware I could go by myself, but my dad never does stuff, so I want him to come along.) - California, specifically Anaheim - I'm a lifelong Angels' fan and have yet to go to a home game at the big A. I usually catch the Halos when they're in Baltimore or the rare trip to Philly. - Montreal - I've heard it's fun and a good place to eat. - Phoenix - See Anaheim, but replace Angels with Suns. Oh, and Dan Majerle's restaurant is a must...I still wear #9 for all sports and have Thunder Dan dress socks. - Chicago - Just seems like a cool city. I like food. I like beer. - Back to Detroit: I didn't explore as much as I would've liked to. The first time, I went to the Frozen Four, and the second to a Lions game. I didn't spend much time sightseeing outside of the stadium area. - Belgium/Germany - Again, I like beer. And food.
  24. In this case it is. Whether you care for the design or not is irrelevant. This is the Colorado Avalanche identity...
  25. Those stickers are like this. I have more to show if anyone's interested, just have to find them 😂
  26. Nothing's official. Maybe the city and MSG worked something out allowing them to host, or maybe Hradek heard wrong about the site or teams. But if it is Rangers "at" Sabres in Queens...yeah. And how could anyone expect the Barclays people to respect the Islanders if their own league puts a Winter Classic on Long Island and doesn't even invite them?
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