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  2. Haven't commented here yet, but this series in amazing. All the teams have a great connection to their home city/country. Riyadh looks great, but the font looks like Devanagari script than the one used for the Arabic language. I love the geometric design throughout the set. Keep up the good work!
  3. infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL Week Two

    Agreed on both points. If only the Browns would also ditch the name on the pants. That is what really kills their whole set for me.
  4. Cool. Do u have a college round up and summary on the draft class for this year? That would be interesting, also have you recorded any statistics other than ppg. If so it would be quite interesting to see them? I know I'm asking a lot but I think it's great so far, thanks
  5. Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    Fair enough. I would assume "NFL QB" pays more, but I could be completely wrong.
  6. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    LA Rams vs San Francisco Rest later.
  7. Conference 1: Northern Six Athletic Conference
  8. After all the drama leading up to the season, everyone was relieved to watch some dashball. (OK, maybe not everyone, the sport doesn’t have much of a following, but it certainly got some publicity, and as they say, all publicity is good publicity.) The first game took place on April 20, 2017, and featured the Sea Lions hosting the Sabertooths in what seemed destined to become a rivalry. It certainly lived up to the hype, with California mounting a comeback in the final minutes to win 141-139 on a last-second goal from W/ZB Justin Smith. It was believed at the beginning of the season that those two teams were the frontrunners of the West, and those beliefs were confirmed very quickly. Led by Offensive Player of the Year B/C Thomas Notz and 21-year-old standout B/ZB Steve Gibson, California’s offense was nearly unstoppable at times. The Blueberries and Cream, as they came to be affectionately called, would go on to win their first 10 games before falling to Chicago 191-185 in the first ever overtime game in NDL history. After that, they slipped a little, losing home games to Seattle and Philadelphia, but recovered, finishing 33-7 and locking up the first seed and home-field advantage. The Tooths, meanwhile, didn’t get off to the same hot start as their upstate counterparts, but over the course of the season, it didn’t take them long for them to find their stride. Their defense, led by ZBs Dwight McCann (W), Scott Hoffman (B), and Omaro Rubio (F), gelled into the best in the league by far, holding opponents to just 110.7 points per game, over 10 ppg better than second-place Philly. While they weren’t able to catch the Sea Lions, they finished at 29-11, which tied them for the second-best record in the league. Phoenix overachieved, though they still finished the season with the worst offense in the league by far, and Seattle wound up in the cellar of the West with only 11 wins. However, neither of those teams were near the worst in the league. Toronto finished at an abysmal 3-37, only beating Philly, Phoenix, and Texas (their only road win). Rumors have already begun circulating that the team is likely to fold or be sold and move to New York instead of the league expanding, but so far there has been no word from the league. Regardless, they will get the top pick unless a New York team joins the league next year, which is still up in the air. The rest of the East Division was much more entertaining. Chicago, Philadelphia, and Texas were expected to be in a dogfight from day 1, and they did not disappoint. Thanks in part to a blockbuster three-team deal which saw them pick up B/ZB Ed Maxwell from Philly and F/C Robby Wheeler from Phoenix, Chicago was able to gradually pull away from the other two teams and clinch the division, but the race between the Row and Redbacks would come down to the final game of the season. Fortunately for the Row, they had a game advantage over the ‘Backs. Unfortunately for the Row, they drew Chicago, who would still be playing to clinch the second seed over LA, while Texas would be playing the lowly Hogs. Predictably, Texas and Chicago both won, with the Redbacks taking the 4 seed on tiebreakers.
  9. Little geographical recap for the whole Liberty Conference
  10. MLB changes 2018?

    I figured as much but I wasn't 100% sure. I also haven't exactly been paying close attention to the team these last few months. I haven't been on MB since like June lol
  11. Apex soccer league logos

    Forgive what is a double post, but the General Design forum doesn’t seem to be running rampant with active users. These are at least concepts for a real-life soccer league, so I’m hoping this is considered a legit post. Anyway, I'm in the throes of creating an adult rec soccer league in my area--the Rocky Mountains. I'm calling it Apex Rec Soccer League, drawing on both the noun and the verb form of the word "apex." I've narrowed down about 20 ideas to these two, both of which are shown in color and B&W. I have my thoughts on which is better and why I designed the way I did; typesetting will be completed when I finalize the logo itself. I'll hold off on my own thoughts until there is initial feedback. Thanks in advance for any ideas/praise/critiques.
  12. Football Fields with Baseball Diamonds

    Bears @ Wrigley Field Northwestern played a game there in 2014-ish vs. Illinois
  13. Another less than stellar week of NFL uniform match ups. There were a couple really good looking games, a lot of average looking games, and just a couple that warranted a spot on the worst list. As always, the lists are just my opinion. Your opinion may be different than mine and you are encouraged to say so. Let's give the wheel a spin and play our game. Best: 1. Bills - Panthers: It's too bad the Bills play in a city where the sun basically disappears after September because these uniforms look great in the sunshine. I like that the Panthers go all white for the early home games. Good looking match up. 2. Jets - Raiders: I still prefer the all white, but the Jets white over green look is growing on me. If the Jets had gone all white, this one takes the top spot. What can you say about the Raiders? How about they have one of the best uniform sets in all of football. Another good looking match up. 3. Vikings - Steelers: Another game that could have taken the top spot. The fact that I like the Bills and Raiders uniforms a little better than the Steelers uniform put this one at number three. Yet another good looking game. 4. Eagles - Chiefs: I like Philly in all white, but how much I like it depends on the match up. It loses just a little when matched up against those classic Chiefs uniforms. Maybe the drab green doesn't work so well with all that red. Whatever the case, this one was still good enough for the #4 spot this week. 5. Browns - Ravens: The Browns need to wear the all white combo as often as possible. The Ravens need to ditch the black pants and stick with purple over white and all white. Worst: 1. Patriots - Saints: The uniform that looks like it was designed by committee takes on the worst possible choice in its opponents wardrobe. Both teams are just a few changes away from looking good. But not here. 2. Dolphins - Chargers: If I had a "most boring" list, this match up would take the top spot. Miami's current look reminds me of a travel agency, a cruise line, a water park, a tube of toothpaste...what it doesn't remind me of is an NFL uniform. The bright side is we'll get the Dolphins throwbacks twice this season. Looks like we're stuck with this Chargers set. That's it for this week. We'll do it all again next week. Thanks for taking a look.
  14. WWE No Mercy: 24 September 2017

    This needs to happen.
  15. NHL 2017-18

    Agreed. A lot of fans are mad and wont be buying the new jerseys. I'm still in disbelief honestly.
  16. Click the link below to rate the Nike NBA Uniforms per Team:
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  18. MLB changes 2018?

    I agree wholeheartedly that they can keep both and that the script Cleveland looked bad. The look we have now fairly resembles the 1948 look, which looks great to me. The only challenge is Wahoo. If not for Wahoo/the Indians name in general, this team would probably be lauded as one of the best looks in the MLB right now. It's classic, it's consistent. But it's also... kinda racist. So, my tweaks: -replace Wahoo on the home cap w/ the cursive I -add a white outline to the block C for the road cap -2 caps only and 2 batting helmets, using matte now -continue focusing red at home and navy on road to go w/ the cursive and block looks -MAYBE add a red alt but we're fine with the 3 we have now -replace Wahoo on the sleeve w/ either: 1) a C or an I depending on home or road jersey 2) a placeholder roundel logo w/ maybe the I on top of the C 3) a feather to mitigate the racial issue a bit ...oh and... -eventually change the name, but keep the basic uniform template
  19. Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    He'll get paid by someone for his advocacy, if he's not already. There are a few billionaires that need spokespeople. I have no idea what Shaun King (the advocate, not the former QB) does in real life, but he gets paid too.
  20. Cleveland Cavaliers New Uniforms

    Oddly, the thing that bothers me the most about this uniform is the 3-D shadow with navy under the C logo. I much preferred the flat C, and thought it looked really slick on black. Between the navy on black and mismatched treatment between the logo and number, I'm not a fan. I'm starting to come around on the tire tread pattern though.
  21. NBA x NIKE (MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES added 9/19)

    The Memphis Grizzlies' branding wasn't spectacular to begin with, and over time has completely worn out its least in my opinion. I like the uniqueness of the triple blue color palette, but the way those colors are used make the uniforms feel muddled, nothing about them are pertinent to Memphis nor Grizzlies, and - perhaps worst of all - Adidas and now Nike have refused to bring back the in-lined typeface. With Nike transitioning to Statement and Community-Inspired alternate uniforms, I expected every team's third (and fourth) uniforms to be fresh and exciting. That wasn't the case (so far) for Memphis as well as more than a handful of other teams, which was quite a letdown. Anyways, here's a concept that I've had in my head for months, but continued to struggle with in terms of actually executing. The city of Memphis is where various types of blues, soul, and rock-n-roll music originated, and with that deeply embedded within the city's culture it makes sense to acknowledge it in a community-inspired uniform. Specifically, Beale Street is recognized as 'The Home of the Blues,' and the primary color of the Grizzlies' Statement Edition uniforms is even called 'Beale Street Blue.' There's an iconic neon sign on Beale Street that reads 'Memphis music' in various bright colors, which serves as the foundation for this uniform. The jersey itself is black to create contrast with the neon characters, and the wordmark is set within a Beale Street Blue roundel just like the actual sign. The Beale Street Blue also finds its way to the collar and armhole trim as well as the numerals to establish some sense of consistency despite the neon rainbow lettering. It's interesting to note that each of the colors in the neon rainbow lettering has a place in the team's history -- blue is obviously part of their current color palette, green and yellow were the colors of the Memphis Tams, Red was the color of the Memphis Sounds, and Purple and Orange are the colors of FedEx, their arena sponsor. The in-lined numeral typeface returns and is placed within the roundel to maintain balance and complete the look. My biggest uncertainty right now is how well the rest of the uniform fits with and balances against the focal point that is the neon sign. I'm not entirely convinced this is the best way to do it, but it's the best way I've designed so far. Any and all feedback and suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for looking! Memphis Grizzlies Community-Inspired Edition Jersey
  22. Football Fields with Baseball Diamonds

    This made me think of Exhibition Stadium.
  23. MLB changes 2018?

    I've seen very few people with the navy BiG caps and I wouldn't expect these to ever reach the popularity of the royal ones. I really do believe most people still have a huge attachment to the old colors and that does influence what apparel they purchase.
  24. Football Fields with Baseball Diamonds

    In 1946, the Chicago Cardinals host the Packers at Comiskey Park.
  25. MLB changes 2018?

    Talk about a design challenge. How do you design an alternative for the Indians "with some personality" that doesn't somehow incorporate Native American iconography? It's an impossible task, if you ask me.
  26. Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    . . . except for that whole "not getting paid" thing . . .
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