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  2. NHL 2017-18

    The tweaks to the buffalo and sabers are really well done. It’s such a huge improvement over the current logo. I really hope they make this the primary next year.
  3. NBA Changes 2017-18

    My friend bought one and they suck. Just go to DHGate, I got a great Kyrie jersey for $14 (with free shipping too) and has the Nike logo and the GE ad (which I'm ashamed to say I like) and even has the championship tab on the back (I don't think they even sell jerseys officially with that on them...). PM me if you want some pics or have some other questions, but yeah I'd go with fake jerseys over the real ones any day.
  4. Maybe they could be the Lektors?
  5. Dallas needs to keep winning to give Texas a better hockey reputation. Too bad they couldn’t finish off LA.
  6. Reagan Stadium is older than you would expect, given that it is named after the sitting President. It was built in 1970, and originally called Andrew David Stadium, after the team owner. The stadium was renamed at David's suggestion in 1985 after the President gave a speech there. Roberts Field was built in 1957, after the Orphans threatened to relocate to California unless a new stadium was built. The name was inspired by the story of the New Jersey Nets nearly being renamed the New Jersey Swamp Dragons. The inspiration for the monster's appearance was a number of swamp-dwelling and/or aquatic monsters from Dungeons & Dragons, most particularly Sahuagin and Lizardfolk.
  7. NHL 2017-18

    ordinarily, I’d agree. But I love that Sabres uniform so much, I’m willing to overlook it.
  8. What I don't get about the blue v. blue matchup is the whole ordeal around color-blindness. Now I'm not color blind, nor do I know anyone who is, so I'm more than a little naive on the subject, but wouldn't this game be an issue? Being that both teams wore blue, I would think so.
  9. 2017 NFL Season

    Cowboys suck! Cowboys suck! It's a great Thanksgiving
  10. 2017 NFL Season

    About to be? Lmao. The Cowboys are already out. There isn’t any way they’re winning 5 straight, and anything less than 10 wins won’t make the playoffs this year. Not with this garbage. Playoff teams don’t get blown out 3 straight times.
  11. NCAA Basketball 2017-18 New Uniforms

    my god, you sure set me straight. Thanks for that.
  12. Today
  13. 2017 NFL Season

    Cowboys got blown out at home to 2 teams that both had no kicker. I wonder if Elliot regrets not taking that suspension sooner.
  14. 2017 NFL Season

    Cowboys about to be out of the playoffs real quick.
  15. Rare team matchups

    Yes! I don't own a Bengals jersey from that era, but it was the best looking. I might have to go scour eBay for one now haha. No idea why the brought in the B. Wasn't needed at all and is a huge downgrade from what they used to have.
  16. Yes, the Hamilton Kings won three cups in the 1940s and 50s. I think this is the closest thing we've had to two Lewis Cup "virgins" since 1985, when Pittsburgh and Seattle met. Sure thing. If they win would you like the championship displayed in some way?
  17. NCAA Basketball 2017-18 New Uniforms

    For one thing, no, the games are not being played on old NCAA tourney floors. And second, the games are being played at the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum and the Moda Center (and the women’s games are in Eugene at Matthew Knight Arena).
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  19. 2017 NFL Season

    The team with the fewest fans is decking the team with the most.
  20. Premier League Weekly Pick 'Em

    West Ham v. Leicester - West Ham looked better last week, I'm thinking they'll deliver a better performance this week at home. They could win, but a draw is more likely. 1-1 Crystal Palace v. Stoke - Toughie. Both teams have been playing better as of late, but not good enough to shake the huge pressure. I think Palace will get a much-needed result at home. 1-1 Man Utd v. Brighton - United have already dropped a game to Huddersfied, I don't expect Mourinho to allow this side to slip-up again, especially after the poor Champions League performance. 4-1 Newcastle v. Watford - Newcastle have been poor as of late, but they're usually a safe bet at home. This could go either way, but I think the Magpies will keep a clean sheet and secure a result. 0-0 Swansea v. Bournemouth - The Cherries have been playing well, and I expect their good form to continue against a Swansea side lacking attacking talent, and seeming headed for relegation. 0-2 Spurs v. West Brom - Spurs need three points to keep pace with the top three, and West Brom are slipping at the worst time. This seems to be that their years avoiding the drop may be coming to an end. 3-0 Liverpool v. Chelsea - Juicy matchup, I think it will be tighter than most will expect, but I'm not betting on this Liverpool team again. Conte needs to build consistency in the EPL after securing Champions League qualification. 1-2 Southampton v. Everton - Everton have been improved as of late, but still aren't playing to their potential. 1 goal should be enough in this matchup, but odds are we'll get neither. 0-0 Burnley v. Arsenal - Arsenal with Lacazette, Sanchez, and Ozil up front should be too much for any side outside the Top 6. Fresh off their momentum building victory in the North London derby, Arsenal should be a safe bet for three points here, though a draw or victory at home for Burnley wouldn't be particularly surprising considering the way Arsenal has been the past few years. 0-2 Huddersfield v. Man City - City seem to be slowing down, but they still have way too much for Huddersfield. It will take a better opponent to hand them their first Premier League loss of the season. 0-2
  21. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Reminds me of the old champion jerseys probably similar quality, but i have not seen these up close
  22. NBA Football

    Excellent job on the helmets. The satin red looks great!
  23. 2017 NFL Season

    And apparently the defense isn’t faring much better.
  24. 2017 NFL Season

    I had a feeling the Cowboys offense was going to fall apart without Zeke.
  25. Huh, Twisters are back in the Finals. Let’s get the victory this time. Kansas City vs. Washington Two cities known for choking in the real world in sports and in the PHL. Someone’s gotta win it. Also, regardless of how this goes, I’d like an updated Twisters sig whenever you have the time.
  26. NHL 2017-18

    I just want brown leather gear for the Rangers
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