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  2. The stripes feel like Minnesota. Good work, but I can't shake that feeling.
  3. and remember kids: Cheating is bad, Richard Basehart is good.
  4. I'm not sure I like the idea of painting the brown "immigrant" as the enemy and eventually having him destroyed by apple pie. Now that there's no going back, my mind is open to a monster run by Mahal. It's just that in this world we're in now, I wish they wouldn't be playing an ethnicity angle. There's no appropriate way for it to end.
  5. Kicking it old school
  6. I say the worst of Memorial Day uniforms is Texas ... if only because they had to recolour the Texas state flag.
  7. Honestly, put a patch on the jerseys. Even go custom camp caps if you'd like. Just none of these jerseys. Even sell the ones with the patch if you'd like.
  8. I truly think we'll just get a slightly tweaked version of the current uniforms. Pinstripe side panels on both sides and making the number styling the same and the wordmark seems like the right way to go. My one hope is that if they do bring back the old uniforms, it doesn't go in the rotation as the only real jersey. I'm not opposed to real being the alternate option if it means they can wear it home and away.
  9. It's possible that the rumor about the Sabres going to royal blue full-time may be a misunderstanding. The Sabres are the home team in the Winter Classic, so it's likely that their jersey will be royal. Maybe the person who saw the mockup of a royal blue jersey was seeing a Winter Classic jersey, but mistook it for a new home jersey.
  10. Agreed, I found one while walking still in a box, so I took it home, its sorta like when I was a kid and liked spinning quarters or soda caps. But spins more.
  11. 1962 ABL Playoffs This year, the playoff system has been updated once again. Let's get into the playoffs! Round 1 - Conference Quarterfinals National Conference Minnesota vs. Colorado Game 1 @MIN: 120-99 MIN Game 2 @MIN: 107-105 COL Game 3 @COL: 113-102 MIN Game 4 @COL: 120-113 MIN Game 5 @MIN: 104-96 MIN Milwaukee vs. Detroit Game 1 @DET: 110-106 MIL Game 2 @DET: 116-110 DET Game 3 @MIL: 123-104 MIL Game 4 @MIL: 113-109 DET Game 5 @DET: 120-97 MIL Game 6 @DET: 107-96 MIL American Conference Baltimore vs. Miami Game 1 @BAL: 124-97 BAL Game 2 @BAL: 123-108 BAL Game 3 @MIA: 123-113 BAL Game 4 @MIA : 118-113 BAL Boston vs. New York Game 1 @NY: 112-103 NY Game 2 @NY: 105-101 BOS Game 3 @BOS: 106-98 BOS Game 4 @BOS: 103-99 NY Game 5 @NY: 121-96 BOS Game 6 @NY: 116-95 BOS Round 2 - Conference Semifinals National Conference Chicago vs. Minnesota Game 1 @CHI: 107-102 MIN Game 2 @CHI: 122-117 MIN Game 3 @MIN: 106-95 CHI Game 4 @MIN: 118-97 CHI Game 5 @CHI: 125-109 CHI Game 6 @CHI: 116-101 CHI St. Louis vs. Milwaukee Game 1 @MIL: 113-110 MIL Game 2 @MIL: 108-99 MIL Game 3 @STL: 125-98 STL Game 4 @STL: 108-104 MIL Game 5 @MIL: 118-99 MIL American Conference Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore Game 1 @PIT: 115-97 BAL Game 2 @PIT: 103-99 PIT Game 3 @BAL: 123-110 BAL Game 4 @BAL: 124-117 BAL Game 5 @PIT: 122-116 PIT Game 6 @PIT: 110-107 PIT Game 7 @BAL: 116-96 PIT Indianapolis vs. Boston Game 1 @BOS: 105-102 BOS Game 2 @BOS: 123-114 IND Game 3 @IND: 116-107 IND Game 4 @IND: 120-95 IND Game 5 @BOS: 118-104 IND Round 3 - Conference Finals National Conference Chicago vs. Milwaukee Game 1 @CHI: 123-98 CHI Game 2 @CHI: 125-106 CHI Game 3 @MIL: 114-107 MIL Game 4 @MIL: 122-101 MIL Game 5 @CHI: 120-103 CHI Game 6 @CHI: 108-103 MIL Game 7 @MIL: 124-106 MIL American Conference Pittsburgh vs. Indianapolis Game 1 @IND: 110-98 PIT Game 2 @IND: 111-102 PIT Game 3 @PIT: 125-111 IND Game 4 @PIT: 105-100 IND Game 5 @IND: 114-98 PIT Game 6 @IND: 123-98 PIT Pictured: Mark Hodges (BAL) blocking Jamal Ryan (PIT), Darren Ingham (IND) in his final game
  12. #1, wow the Preds look weird in navy helmets to me now. #2, I CANT WAIT TO SEE THE DALLAS IDENTITY. PLEASE BE ONE I CAN BE PROUD OF.
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  14. As usual, I find the people who are upset about fidget spinners to be exponentially more annoying than the mania supporting them.
  15. Only 30 teams. Also I believe the Blue Jays wore their normal colors today. I also find the three day thing dumb.
  16. Yesterday
  17. I like the splash of blue on the sleeves. That looks sharp.
  18. They'll pull a Blues and add (more) red to the blue and yellow. They'll ditch silver, because they're adding Vegas gold. Home jersey will be yellow. Buffalo will no longer be white. Nothing would surprise me. Batten down the hatches.
  19. I'd say, if you replace the black with purple and improve the logo, you could have a solid design going.
  20. Looks good, especially with that new C logo. Good Job!
  21. That's a Styracosaurus or a close relative. Triceratops just had the three horns; its shield wasn't spiked like that.
  22. You know I find it great that we give our falen soldiers a holiday and honor them. But I find it absurd to rob all 30 mlb teams of their team colors for 3 whole days for it, along with mothers/fathers day and 4th of july.
  23. It's navy-red-gold, but it does kind of look black and orange on the grey road shirt.
  24. That would never fly these days
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