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  2. Reunion Arena (1980/1981)
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  4. Isn't he in prison?
  5. Should see that dude now. Used to hoop with him at my gym about a year ago. Haven't seen him around in a while though.
  6. I think blue pants would look better with the yellow alt.
  7. This show is getting better and better. David Lynch is using Jim Belushi as well as anyone has ever used him. JIM BELUSHI, PEOPLE.
  8. don't subtweet me
  9. The San Jose Giants, San Francisco's AAA affiliate, are the next team prepared. The team carries over the parent club's colors, as well as most of the team's uniform. The differences include an extra stripe on the piping and "SJ" and "San Jose" on the road and black uniforms instead of "San Francisco". For the team's food identity, they become the San Jose Avocados.
  10. I'm the short stop
  11. CA Osasuna:
  12. I think they look good, simple doesn't mean bad
  13. why

    That's enough. Also - quit with the vague thread titles.
  14. All of my social media following are unanimously saying that Battleground was the worst PPV of the year. If last night's crowd in Philly had no enthusiasm, there's a big problem.
  15. The new BP cap material for next season is probably going to cause quite a stir on this site...
  16. why

    Is it weird that I believe that some minor league team is gonna do this sooner or later?
  17. The Los Angeles Rams. Who knew that one move would inspire 121 pages of debates (and counting), especially with the current mismatch as is. So my take has their proper colors, smaller version of the sleeve horns and a white pants option. No mono blue but definitely mono white. And their Color Rush as their alts.
  18. yes or no?
  19. What's eveybodies opinion on Nevadas new practice jersey? Oh wait they're full time
  20. Those Fort Wayne unis look sharp, I'd say place the "FW" on the helmet straight
  21. Having a full logo on the sides looks very nice. I think some teams can pass on like this.
  22. Lmao I'm that 1% of FSU fans that believe that we're the best sports program of all time
  23. why

    Quality :censored:post
  24. The official color is called Metallic Silver Blue, so yes it has a blue tint to it.
  25. Jack Eichel Willie Mcgee
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