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  2. 4_tattoos

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Guess MJW was talking about the D3 championship which featured Mount Union. Because both teams in the D2 championship were wearing black and red (some yellow trim on Ferris State).
  3. CubsFanBudMan

    New Animal Planet Logo

    Official agency-speak aside, I thought when that sideways M logo was launched, we discussed here that it was supposed to evoke stripes... of zebras, tigers, etc. Of course, coloring it green kind of kills that imagery.
  4. ldconcepts

    Seattle Kraken (Updated Options Below!)

    I'm taking another shot at the Needle-flag combo before I switch gears. I got rid of the red suction cup outlines, but there's still the option of leaving them out entirely. I also changed the body of the tower to match the top. To make it more primary material, I filled the inside of the logo red, and added inside white outlines. I tinkered with the idea of using the negative space as a massive red eye. So, to summarize: Suction cups or no suction cups? Big eye or small eye (at the tip of the tower)? Should I get rid of the Space Needle entirely? I'd love more feedback on these!
  5. Why don't the Eagles wear their green pants.
  6. pepis21

    Unpopular Opinions

    Comic sans actually look good as a numbers and names font:
  7. Correcting page 87, the Eagles are in white/white again
  8. Bomba Tomba

    Bundesliga Club Redesigns

    Is it because of Unocal 76? FCKing brilliant.
  9. Still not big on the Titans having navy helmets, but I love the N/W/CB combo.
  10. JWhiz96

    2018 NFL Season

    I caught that too. They called down by contact (twice!), then change it to forward progress. The amount of sheer bull that goes NE's way is ridiculous and predictable. Still... YOU NEW ENGLAND! HOW ABOUT THAT!
  11. ninersdd

    2018 NFL Season

    1st time in 5 year, Niners beat Seahawks. Only 2 players still around from that game.
  12. Today
  13. The home stripes bother me because there's no gray. The road stripes bother me because they don't match. That's kinda why the old stripes just make more sense. It's a traditional, well-balanced set that simply looks good. No need for alts but if they must then blackout isn't bad and a gray jersey would be cool if they didn't go monochrome.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Brass

    2018 NFL Season

    Thank god Mike Tomlin is incompetent because the Steelers should be up by at least 17 right now.
  16. Cosmic

    2018 NFL Season

    LMAO... "The Patriots might have lost this replay challenge, so actually we decided to change our call to something you can't challenge."
  17. TargetToad

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1951/52 Season

    Bear Down, Ely. Bears for 5(ifty-2)
  18. mcrosby

    Bundesliga Club Redesigns

    I may. I've been searching for a good template.
  19. truepg

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Of all the unis from the new set the Nuggets introduced, the Mile High City alternate is the best-looking.
  20. Bucfan56

    This Sunday: Bills and Dolphins Battle in 1960s Uniforms

    Honestly, I agree that keeping the sun was a bad idea. It’s easily the worst logo in the NFL IMO as it stands, but seeing it in an application without the sun, it’s actually not that bad. I saw this cap the other day and actually rather liked the dolphin logo. Keeping the sun feels like you’re trying to have the best of both worlds, but in turn, ended up with total crap. If they absolutely insist on keeping that oddly swimming dolphin, they should remove the sun from it and just put the standalone dolphin on the helmet. Maybe incorporate the jumping helmeted dolphin logo as an alternate throwback inspired logo or something. Or make a logo with the sun and a large orange M in an all white circle for the sleeves or something. It or sucks because the Dolphins aren’t that far from looking decent. Problem is the way they’re doing it now, they look like a total joke.
  21. 1952 Playoffs Knockout Round: The lowly Austin Mavericks get slaughtered by the Ice. In what many expected to be a close game, the Waves completely dominated the Trappers, winning the game 7-1. The Robins advance to the second round in their first season, knocking out the Moose. Hibbing and the Voyageurs had a classic, a 3 overtime thriller that ended with the Hounds Polich finally ending it on a breakaway. Second Round: The number one overall Reds were shocked when International Falls knocked them out on home ice, ending their chance at going back to back. Ely sweeps the Bear Cats with the help of their breakout 20 year old center Sage Andrusko. The Mustangs playoff woes continue as they are upset by West St. Paul. The Duluth Hornets blow past Albert Lea, sweeping the Dragoons. Minneapolis came back after losing game one to the Robins, winning the next two games and advancing. In a playoff edition of the battle of St. Paul, the Saints avenged their loss of the Milk Jug by ending the Victorias season. The third seeded Giants sweep the Greyhounds, shutting them out in the process. In a big upset, the Superior Lakers knocked out the Northland League champion Stars. Quarter Finals: The Black Bears pull the Ice back to earth after their huge upset of the Reds, Ely took the series 3-1. The 16th seeded Waves continue to roll, upsetting the ever dangerous Hornets. In a Twin Cities League battle, the Millers and Saints went down to the wire but Minneapolis came out on top and advance to the semi finals. Two Lake Superior rivals met in a close, back and forth series where the Giants were able to get in done in the deciding game 5 to advance. Semi Finals: The Black Bears got the better of the Waves in 6 games, ending West St. Paul's impressive post season. The Millers and Giants exchanged blowouts, 5-2, 6-0, 7-1, were just some of the scores. The series was tied at three apiece when it went down to Minneapolis for game 7. The Millers continued the series trend of blowouts, beating the Giants into submission by a score of 5-0 to advance to their first Kellogg Cup Final since 1924. Will the Black Bears claim their fifth cup? Or will Minneapolis win their second, their first in nearly 3 decades? Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  22. Carolingian Steamroller

    MLB x Nike Aeroswift - Toronto Blue Jays (15/30)

  23. vtgco

    Seattle Kraken (Updated Options Below!)

    Like the city flag reference! The tentacle suction cups are too detailed; if you really want to do that simple black circles would suffice. The top of the Space Needle rendering is good but the tower section really doesn't match.
  24. So does this mean they might not be in white? No one wants to see white at home for a Saturday December game, especially inter conference.
  25. GT Designs

    Bundesliga Club Redesigns

    Will you do new jerseys for the teams aswell?
  26. I don't have any Intel on this.. but when they did their uni reveal they said their "color rush" was all Columbia. Then last week when they were listed on the grid as color rush, they wore all navy. It doesn't really matter since its all part of their regular uniform combos, but i wonder if somewhere along the line they switched their color rush designation to the all navy. Again -- doesn't matter since none of them are really special event combos and color rush isn't really a thing anyway.
  27. Seadragon76

    Division 1 College Conference Realignment

    Eh... that's not going to happen. All of those teams are pretty happy where they are... except for New Mexico State. The WAC is under constant pressure of possible implosion at any time. Chicago State is a freaking mess, Kansas City isn't happy with what they wanted from the WAC, Seattle and Grand Canyon probably wouldn't mind finding greener pastures like Cal State Bakersfield did... and there are rumors that the WAC may be looking at another Division II school in Dixie State (Utah). The Trailblazers are set to possibly make that move here. This means the WAC would have only 7 counting members (this is, of course, before Bakersfield leaves for the Big West). New Mexico State wouldn't mind finding a new home if it all goes to hell. Another D-II school that might be set for a move is Augustana (SD). The Vikings would be a perfect fit for the Summit League alongside a good chunk of their old North Central Conference rivals (The Dakota schools and Omaha)
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