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  2. BringBackTheVet

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    I'd argue that other than the helmet logo, it was a good look that just fell victim to lousy manufacturers that couldn't (or just wouldn't) fit the design onto a modern template, or get the colors right. It's a timeless football look that should have been able to have been tweaked just enough to work on today's templates, but neither the team nor Nike cared.
  3. QueenCitySwarm

    Portland and other MLB expansion name possibilities

    Well, the problem is it's a whole city block, as in, there are streets all around it. It's quite literally non-expandable without digging into the outfield. Seen here.
  4. zinman11121

    NBA Changes 2019-20

    I always thought the Blazers logo looked like a '6'
  5. WSU151

    NFL Redesign (Bills Added 10/32)

    The all red Bills logo doesn't work. I really like the Patriots Color Rush set...but I think it'd be better if the helmet was silver. Baltimore is just a a little too dark (cool number font though) The Chargers' set with the yellow mask looks great...I like the added zags in the pants.
  6. Those Blackbird unis are fantastic!
  7. WSU151

    WNBA Court Database

    Center your baseline wordmarks. Every one of them is wildly off-center.
  8. colortv

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    The only thing they are decent options for is for putting yourself to sleep.
  9. neo_prankster

    Neo's NBA Mashup series (Pistons added!)

    The Detroit Pistons combine the 2K gaming team's logo with the current remake of the classic roundel. C&C Welcome.
  10. blackbirds unis are an upgrade, imo. the stl cardinals look fits the team well
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  12. 29texan

    NBA Unveils Same Old Logo for 2020 All-Star Game

    1. I don't mind this at all. 2. Of all the "logo templates", this is one of the few that I actually kinda like. 3. I want to see what it would look like for ALL NBA cities... (hopefully someone does in Concept forums)
  13. Zeus89725

    2018-19 NHL Season

    It's marketing. All of this is being used for marketing. The clap and cellys get the fans involved, which makes them feel connected, which drives more people to the games. I've seen the games on TV and the amount of people in the stands has gotten larger per game, on average, every game. Plus, since it's new and all that, so it gets people mad, which gets more eyes on the team, which drives up TV views and gets more butts in the seats. Not to mention the boosted comradery in the locker room. All of this is really smart by the Canes.
  14. The change in '98 was pretty popular. There was a stink from the Richie Kotite era. Parcells made them a winner...and in the first year of throwbacks, they made the AFC Championship game. It was a good look that just didn't age well over the last 10 years.
  15. FightingGoldenDevil

    United States Football Association: 1924 Championship game

    1924 USFA Championship Weather mid 30s, raining 3:00 CT Kickoff First Quarter The Maroons received the ball after winning the coin toss. Returner Ted Geldmann muffed the slick ball and the Maroons started the game at only the 16. It took the offenses awhile to get going because of the weather and the teams traded punts until Toledo running back Marvin McGehee scampered for a 60 yard touchdown run as Maroons defenders slipped in the mud behind him with 5 minutes left in the quarter. Minneapolis responded by kicking a field goal the ensuing drive. Second Quarter The second quarter started out with Toledo punting the ball and Minneapolis marching down the field only to be stopped on the goal line and settling for a field goal. Toledo converted two first downs before being forced to punt. Maroons returner Ted Geldmann ran back that punt for a 70 yard touchdown after multiple Tigers lost their footing in the mud. Henry Forsythe then staged a 6 minute drive ending in a one yard McGehee TD run through a muddy pile of blockers and defenders. Tigers lead 14-13 at half Third Quarter Forsythe's squad got a touch back on the opening kickoff of the half and got a three and out after McGehee fumbled the handoff on 3rd and 2. Minneapolis proceeded to get a three and out themselves after QB Urban Leonard slipped in mud after taking a snap on 3rd and 8. Coach Forsythe new he had to take advantage of both the weather and aggressiveness of the Minneapolis defense if he wanted to win the game. Forsythe ran misdirections and reverses on two third and short situations to pick up two 20 yard runs with the Maroons running at the wrong player or slipping in the mud. Eventually Karl Olaffson picked up on the trend and blew up McGehee three straight plays, forcing a field goal. On the following kickoff, Forsythe told his kicker/quarterback Thomas Smith to kick the ball with no air under it. The confused Maroons players let it rocket towards Geldmann before hitting the mud, as he picked up the muddy ball, cornerback/wide receiver Francis Bourgeois knocked the ball out of his hand and picked it up himself and the drive started at the 15 yard line. The first play of the drive Tom Smith hit Bourgeois in the end zone for a touchdown as the quarter ended. Fourth Quarter Minneapolis punted after five plays the next drive. Toledo proceeded to eat up the clock on a 7 minute drive ending in a McGehee TD. Minneapolis returned the favor by marching down the field in 3 minutes and getting a 7 yard touchdown run by running back Jack Dorsell. Minneapolis went for an onside kick but Toledo recovered. The Tigers proceeded to run out the clock. Securing their championship. CONGRATULATIONS TOLEDO TIGERS ON WINNING THE 1924 USFA CHAMPIONSHIP
  16. brathwaiteboy25

    WNBA Court Database

    well i have to deleted the courts
  17. neo_prankster

    Neo's NBA Mashup series (Pistons added!)

    The stars of the Chicago city flag add some flair to an already iconic primary: C&C Welcome.
  18. 1957 Kellogg Cup Playoffs; Quarter Finals Thunder Bay Giants v. Warroad Lakers Warroad was unable to go back to back upsets as the Thunder Bay Giants were able to shut down the Lakers attack. Staal was a rock on defense, blocking 15 shots in the game and helping his team capture the 3-0 shut out win. Hibbing Greyhounds v. Duluth Voyageurs Two serious contenders faced off in the Hibbing Memorial Center where fans from both teams packed the stands. The Voyageurs jumped out to a one goal lead in the first, but the Greyhounds' Polich struck twice in the second to give his team the lead heading into the third. Duluth tied things up midway through the period, but Hibbing answered right back less than a minute later. That would wind up being the final score, as the Hibbing Greyhounds knocked off the Duluth Voyageurs by a score of 3-2. St. Cloud Bear Cats v. West St. Paul Waves West St. Paul came out fast in this game, striking twice before the 5 minute mark of the game. They began to come back to earth by the end of the second, but the score remained 2-0 at the end of the period. The Waves added one more early in the second thanks to Finnigan's incredible backhand. Down 3-0 on home ice, the St. Cloud fans began letting their team know how they felt about their performance, booing their Bear Cats. The Bear Cats managed to get one back in the third to stop the boos, but were unable to complete the comeback, sending the Waves to the semi finals. International Falls Ice v. Austin Mavericks The defending champs took on the Ice in one of the toughest places to play in the league, International Falls. The Ice jumped out to an early lead thanks to a powerplay goal by veteran Willy Mason. The Mavericks tried everything, but the Ice just shut down Austin's attack. International Falls buried to more in the third and held Austin to just one goal. The final horn sounded, sending the Ice one and the defending champs home, no Cinderella run this year. Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  19. anythinglogos

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    This should be an official logo. The Houston one is good too. The Raptors one being a T-Dot is pretty clever
  20. JELKK

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Im sad that none of them are official.
  21. brathwaiteboy25

    WNBA Court Database

    uh can you show me
  22. ATolly66

    NFL Redesign (Bills Added 10/32)

    Your Bills throwback looks like a Patriots throwback. Try using blue numbers instead of red.
  23. Skycast

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Adios, might want to change that Stallions helmet avatar on your way out.
  24. Ferdinand Cesarano

    2019 MLB Changes

    The lack of names is a good thing, as the sport will be showing one of its greatest traditions. The lineups will be posted on the scoreboard; and every hitter will be identified as he comes to the plate. No one in the stadium will have any trouble figuring out who is who. This is an excellent point! I would not be surprised if this was part of the reasoning for taking this decision. White-versus-white could look glorious, especially considering the fact that both games will start in sunlight (6pm and 3pm starts), and that the second game will be played entirely during the day. Considering that both of these players played in Japan, the Babe with barnstorming teams in the 1930s, and Mantle with the Yankees in the 1950s, I have no doubt that both would be very proud to be part of presenting the game to a wider audience in yet another country.
  25. BringBackTheVet

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Haha the ESL on that page is mostly pretty good, but also amusing: 100% Cotton Dry Clean or Hand Wash Only 【How Does It Works】: The LED (EL) sound activated light up T shirt animation lighting is controlled by built-in sensor, when music comes, LED panel lighting beats up and down 【Halloween Costumes for Men&Women】: The funny shirts lighting up by music or talking, attracting eyeball everywhere, good for party, disco, hiphop, concert, fancy dress ball, performance, gathering, cosplay dress, halloween even walking on the street 【Material And US Standard Size】: The LED clothes is 100% Cotton matching with cool silk screen printing pattern, breathable, no shrinking, no allergy VS to polyester cloth; US standard size, better fit for western bigger people 【Small And Light Weight Built in Power Pack】: Powered by AAA*2 batteries(not included),with belt clip can be positioned either inside pocket or clip on belt, adjustable sound activate sensor slide button on side edge, 4~6 hours battery life time 【Built-in Cloth Tube for Better Skin Protection】: Cable is wrapped by the built-in cloth tube, preventing the cable touch your skin, more comfortable to dress on the LED light up T shirt I'm calling BS on "100% cotton" considering there's batteries and connection cables (or... contection cables)
  26. BringBackTheVet

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    I don't think that's the case. I'm hard on marks that I think go overboard and think that it's going to be #1 right away just because, but I'm certainly supportive.
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