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  2. Good job! I really like the Real Madrid design. The overall look has a 1997/98 final vibe, which I love.
  3. The Sabres got it half right, but kept the blue too dark and went piping crazy.
  4. I just have the most confident feeling in my team this time around of all three.
  5. Not really feeling the piping on the vegas unis, but other than that they're pretty solid. On the other hand that caps set is arguably the best I've ever seen, I love the combination of eras and the shade of blue you used.
  6. Eh, Sacramento kind of merges with the Bay Area market. The Rivercats AAA baseball team has been both an A's and Giants affiliate over the years, the Sharks are probably the hockey team of choice, and I'm not sure about the football situation. Add in the Warriors' success and the Kings' bungling (even with the new arena), and it's totally a Bay Area outpost. The distaste is divided between in-market rivals (SF-Oakland, LA-Anaheim) and the two big regions (Bay Area-Greater Los Angeles). San Diego has discontent with both regions, when relevant.
  7. One of the Sabres insiders posted the info on twitter
  8. If true, it's a good change.
  9. Where did you hear about the Sabres?
  10. How does one in Sacramento become an Oakland fan? I thought all the cities in California hated each other.
  11. Anything?
  12. Should Nashville win the cup, where would they rank among the biggest Stanley Cup upsets of all time?
  13. yea its an issue. it happens to him about everyday. ill pass it along, thanks for sharing
  14. We could all stand to benefit from having a little star power around here.
  15. Will we be getting logos, full uniform sets, and/or punctuation in the writeups?
  16. Better luck next year Stangs. (Those dang Racers!) Go Lights!
  17. It's just a toy. We had similar stuff 20 years ago (finger skateboards, spinning tops). The problem is that it's the new trend of the moment. Trends, by definition, end up generating anti-trends.
  18. Sabres removing all silver and ditching Navy blue. Going back to Royal so I guess Buffalo and Edmonton are trading shades of blue
  19. Yeah he wore 6 from 1996-97 through the end of his career. Odd to see him wear 25, really!
  20. With the release being less than a month away for 13 teams, I am pretty impressed we haven't seen any leaks yet.
  21. Although interesting, having the name on the back of the jerseys usually is suppose to help fans recognize players on the ice, and also the play by play. So I feel like different languages on the back wouldn't go over well.
  22. Was that the same game that Shaq broke the backboard?
  23. Oh, yeah! Forgot all about that! Didn't he end up wearing 6 or 9?
  24. My favorite thing about this isn't the uniforms, but the completely out-of-place Avia ad in the top right corner. I mean, what NBA player have you ever seen wear Avias?
  25. I prefer zephyr and found a reebok on ebay but then he said they were all defective, yet still has them for sale. I guess he didn't want to ship to US from Toronto. I'd take a fanatics if I knew the sizing chart. M/L or 7 1/8 to 7 1/4 in zeph, tow. S/M in reebok/new era, 7 to 7 1/8 in new era. Why does fanatics restock the old logo zephyr hats for Toronto, but not even stock the new ones. I saw 1 6 7/8 in Jan, nothing since.
  26. I'm sure this is on the internet somewhere...but how many seasons did Eddie wear #25 with the Lakers? One? Edit: Two seasons, 1994-95 and 95-96.
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