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  2. NHL 2017-18

    Stars were apparently planning a throwback alternate for this season, but Adidas didn't comply with that... so I'd expect that jersey to be worn next year. But that's not confirmed. Just heavily rumored.
  3. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    As I've said many times over the years, the only way I can see MLS going for pro/rel is as a strictly internal model; i.e. creating an MLS II which has pro/rel with MLS I, but both are under the MLS banner, revenue-sharing agreements, TV contracts, etc. and there are no outside clubs brought in or existing member clubs dropped. That said, given the recent rate of MLS expansion, I wonder if this isn't exactly what MLS has in mind a few years down the road.
  4. Stadium art/banners

    Since soccer stadiums use adboards you'll still see fan designed tifos and banners in the upper stands. Some teams have dedicated banners in certain parts of the stadium as well. Manchester United have a Flowers of Manchester banner in recognition of the Munich disaster and add to it during one game in February.
  5. 2017 Miami Dolphins Creative

    I just can't help but feel like we're comparing apples and Jupiter here.
  6. I live in Florida. I already support a team named the Rays, take a wild guess what my pick is.
  7. US Super League (57/64)

    St. Johns feels classic to me. I love navy and white with a hint of gold. Would love to see some rope worked into the roundel. Maybe as the inner navy blue circle. Unrelated, being a Florida guy, any explanation why a lot of Jacksonville teams have the ship or anchor motif going for them? Maybe I'm just making that up but that's just something I've noticed.
  8. at least rjrrzube got the reference.
  9. Winter of Discontent: The 2017-18 NHL Season

    If Kevin Shattenkirk can fold in the playoffs, Michal Kempny sure as heck can
  10. American Volleyball Associaton - Brooklyn

    Would love to see some red be used as a third color in the Knights identity, much like LAFC is using red as a very minor color in their identity. A simple red outside of the shield would probably be enough of a pop for it
  11. MLB changes 2018?

    I think he would. I don't think he'd be fussy about a slightly larger D than the one in that GIF. Honestly, the hat on the right looks gorgeous and I can't understand people not getting excited for that beauty to premiere on the field. DEATH TO TINY CAP LOGOS!
  12. PyeongChang 2018

    No doubt, a good many people were convinced the IOC was begging for something like this to happen when they let Russian athletes compete under the OAR banner... and now it has.
  13. It's funny you mention the Palms, because they're the next team up, and they're doing something very similar to what Seattle did. (Granted, you mentioned over half the league, but still.) Phoenix also has a new primary logo; I didn't like the odd shape of the palm tree over the sun on its own, so I put it in a box. There was no particular reason for this particular quadrilateral; I just thought it would look good. Additionally, the tree (and by extension, the wordmark) becomes monochrome, only using purple/maroon or yellow/gold (I can never decide what colors this team actually is; I think the team would call it maroon and gold). The main uniforms don't change much, at least from the waist up. The shorts and socks on the primary and secondary switched colors, so the socks are now copper and the shorts are now the opposite of the jersey. They also wanted to change up their tertiary, and like Seattle, went gradient-themed; unlike Seattle (or anyone else in the league so far), they continued that down onto the shorts. What do you guys think of the nickname "Tequila Sunset"? The court is also mostly the same, although the lines have been changed to copper to compensate for the almost complete lack of the color anywhere else: Let me know what you think, and also feel free to let me know what you would call these colors 'cause I'm still on the fence
  14. There will definitely be some sort of international competition, probably starting in the 1990s-early 2000s. Canada and the US probably won't compete in it due to their talent being miles ahead of any other country. I suppose they could use college players or something like that though. 1949 Urquhart Cup Date: September 24, 1949 Location: Manhattan Park, New York, NY Weather: 72 °F (22 °C) light breeze from north Attendance: 90,522 An NAMP record 90 thousand people packed into Manhattan Park and the surrounding areas to watch the third Urquhart Cup, being contested between the Washington Warriors, who had participated in the two before, and the St. Louis Gatekeepers, who were playing in their first. St. Louis received some unfortunate news before kick-off that star Arnold Lejoscasa was sick with the flu, but would still be playing. Many people wondered weather Lejoscasa's sickness would change his performance, or even both teams' game plans. After play began with the jump-ball, the ball came to Lejoscasa, who immedeatly kicked the ball upfield to an open Denis Girard, who kicked it past Warriors keeper Gerald Chance to take the lead, much to the delight of the New York crowd. After that play, the momentum went to the Warriors who led a furious attack on St. Louis' defense, and Lawrence Sanderson kicked a goal to level the game. After St. Louis got a point back, Sanderson would again score, this time from a perfect shot from 20 yards out, making St. Louis keeper Barry Bloxley look silly. The lead continued to build for the Warriors, with Leo Edward getting a couple of points and follower Einri Findlay getting his first goal of the season. St. Louis did get two more points, but at the end of the quarter, Washington was up 14-6. Fans expected a more defensive quarter from the Warriors in the second, but they continued playing strong offensively. Only 6 seconds into the quarter, Sanderson potted his third of the match. Making the score 18-6. Unfortunately for the 'Keepers, it would only get worse. Two great passing plays for the Warriors resulted in two goals, from Edward and Bob Lynn. Sanderson would get a couple points as well, and the score was 28-6 with half the quarter still to play. Lejoscasa, who had vomited into a trash can between quarters, led a fantastic rush by St. Louis, resulting in his first goal. However, Washington was not finished scoring in the quarter. James Doctor, the star defenseman, kicked a bullet from in close, making the score 32-10 at the half. In the third, after another point from Sanderson, Lejoscasa was able to continue, he had run out of stamina, and was fighting back tears, when in an incredible display of sportsmanship, Edward rushed over to Lejoscasa's side, and helped him walk back to the locker rooms, consoling him and doing whatever he could to help him, and telling the officials to continue playing while he was helping. A picture taken by a New York Times photographers of the two walking back instantly became iconic and synonymous with the sport after being published the following day. Back in the game, Doctor scored his second and added a point, bringing the score to 38-10. St. Louis still wasn't quitting, and scored 10 unanswered points to finish the quarter, including goals by Finlay Porter and Al Sokker. The fourth quarter was the least offensive, with Washington focusing on defense. Doctor seized an opportunity after the 'Keepers created a hole in their defense, scoring his third. Sidney Garnett added another, then Len Sumner scored a goal and two points for St. Louis, but there was nothing they could do to get back in the game. Referee Grover O'Simmon blew the whistle, and the Warriors had won their second Urquhart Cup in the competition's third year. After the game, Lawrence Sanderson was named MVP for his scoring efforts, and Leo Edward was given the NAMP Sportsmanship Award, which was created on the spot by commisioner Urquhart after being moved by Edward's actions towards Lejoscasa. After being asked about helping Lejoscasa, Edward said: "Even though we may not be on the same team, everyone on the field are our brothers. We share passion toward the same thing, and nobody ever goes down alone." After the game, commisioner Urquhart had some positive news about the expansion Boston team. "Everything is set to go in Boston, the only thing left is the logo and uniform. We look forward to welcoming the Wolfhounds next season." Thanks for reading, the next post will be the identity unveil for the Wolfhounds!
  15. Super Bowl Field Database - Super Bowl LII

    Love the Panthers and Bengals endzones.
  16. The Battle of Seattle

    Aside from the misspelling of "favorite," I agree. The Mets are gorgeous, and are my favorite of the four.
  17. Today
  18. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Season

    :censored:ING FINALLY!
  19. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Season

    J.D. Martinez is officially a Boston Red Sox. This pleases me.
  20. The Battle of Seattle

    What can I say that hasn't been said... In all concepts, the one thing I admire in your designs, likely becaus I suck at it, is how you can simply incorporate a second shade (like the bright green or the grey) to give your logos great depth. This battle was over before it started, if the Mets don't join the NHL with this identical identity, I may have to boycott my favourite sport forever.
  21. Winter of Discontent: The 2017-18 NHL Season

    Kempny is a good-not-great defenseman whom some stat nerds elevate to god status because he put up good Corsi numbers last year and Joel Quenneville doesn't like to dress him. As we all know, one of the most accomplished coaches in the history of the game is an idiot with no ability to assess talent, so to be a healthy scratch for him is some weird reverse-imprimatur, I guess. Generally his game is to be inconspicuously effective and then singlehandedly cause a goal against, hence the healthy scratches; sounds like all the makings of a Crapitals playoff goat.
  22. Freeform New Look

    Yeah basically something along these lines... Or maybe this... But also, I feel like XYZ would have been a nice place to lure the WWE from USA Network, either for Raw or SmackDown.
  23. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Season

    Agreed. There are no sure things, but there are four pitchers with track records that suggest they could have good years.
  24. Winter of Discontent: The 2017-18 NHL Season And thus the cycle repeats itself, destined to do so forever.
  25. NBA court database

    Verizon up Arena at Los Angeles Convention Center (2018) (NBA G League International Challenge presented by Kumho Tire)
  26. NBA court database

    Staples Center (2018) (State Farm All-Star Saturday Night)
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