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  2. Indeed. That's precisely the difference between gold and yellow.
  3. Yup, I won't stop sharing my opinion that they need to go back to the horse secondary logo.
  5. There are rumors out there that Kim is his daughter.
  6. BROOKLYN ISLANDERS Wordmark - tries to capture an old school New York Jets feel Logo - Brooklyn abbreviation under a Brooklyn Bridge outline
  7. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it. I was thinking about the uniforms, but still don't know yet.
  8. So Uncle Drew is really a "snowflake"? Wow.
  9. It sounds terrible, but it's an honest truth. The best part was the end. He'd become too ill to deal with day-to-day and interfere, selling out the youth for old broken down stars, but he was still around so the team would do things "to respect the boss's wishes". Kinda the best of both worlds. Woof. The Celtics? I mean, the Sixers and Pelicans is one thing, but... At least it's the best way you could do it. It's a simple logo that's done in the team's colors. No. The world is a garbage fire, there's hate everywhere, and there are starving kids in Africa. We have to finish our meals and stop all this silly sports logos talk. Shut it all down, and let's go focus on what's important. Save the whales. Also, Communism is just a red herring. Now looking closer, egad. They not only made the caps these colors, but made those colors (and black/white) the only available pallet. So we're not getting a D'Backs throwback, per se, because the snake head is the color of the blue caps. I'm not sure how accurate these are, but they really miss the mark. Earlier there was discussion about white on yellow/yellow on white. I think the Padres/A's work so well because they're putting gold on white as opposed to yellow. Athletic gold is a darker tone, so it stands out well enough, as opposed to a lighter, more pastel yellow. The shade in these caps, though, are just straight up yellow. Looking at the Brewers' cap, I don't know how good that's gonna come out looking. The A's cap looks really weird, but I think that's just an error in the drawing of it. It's one of the things that makes me... unsure that this is anywhere near accurate. Do we have images of the LLWS uniforms for this year?
  10. That DP logo is all kinds of bad...
  12. Upgrade in my opinion. I love the original sunburst uniforms, but the current version is a horrible modern homage that never worked.
  13. You joined this website earlier today and five of your first six posts are asking for this and other templates -- I appreciate you reaching out about this template in my thread (twice), but it isn't something I'm willing to share at the moment. I put a ton of time and effort into creating it from a picture included in Nike's original release of the 2016 Olympic uniforms, and that's my reasoning for not wanting to give it away. Plenty of people on Instagram and other platforms have created their own templates from mine, though, so by all means feel free to do that. As for posting on these boards, I'd strongly suggest posting your own content (there are a lot of free .PSD templates available on the internet), providing other posters with useful feedback on their work, etc. instead of simply asking for people to give you stuff. I'm almost positive this community will agree with this sentiment, but if not and I'm wrong then pleae feel free to call me out guys! Welcome to the boards -- hope this helps!
  14. Nah, the purple Suns uni is the Swingman version, so it'll have the wider cut. Thankfully it's not TOO wide. Let's hope the "Replica" version that Nike does is not as bad as Adidas's currently is.
  15. Exactly. Seeing the purple on this shirt gives me hope that Suns will at least be back to orange/purple on home uni's.
  16. Yes, it was disappointing at the time. The Rams were averaging just under 70,000 in that very stadium for their regular season games. And in the last game of the 1966 season, the Rams and Packers played in that same stadium before 72,000 fans. Wasn't a terribly auspicious beginning for the new league's championship match.
  17. Basically a Sports Show #372 This week on BASS: Are sabermetrics ruining Major League Baseball? The MLB All-Star Game is pointless. Tom Brady gives us the secret to life. How did Jeff Fisher manage to be an NFL head coach for 22 years? UCLA Football unveils new uniforms. A BASS prediction comes to pass. And all the usual BASS-type stuff. Listen via iTunes Stitcher Spreaker BASS mp3 download
  18. Either that or pull a Chargers and just absolutely refuse to give the fans what they want so they can milk them on special occasions constantly. They'll be the McRibs of the NFL.
  19. Well different font and different shadow direction, but same idea.
  20. At least the number is purple outlined in orange, and not black.
  21. What is going on in Cleveland?
  22. The Ohio State media guide cover is...interesting
  23. The new sixers number font looks like the Villanova throwback uniforms worn this past season.
  24. Brooklyn Nets For the Brooklyn Nets, I combined the colors/jersey patern from 1976-1982, with their current font/wordmark. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Please leave CC. Next up: Charlotte Hornets.
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