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  2. jneto's soccer concept

  3. jneto's soccer concept

    Thanks bro! I can release this template
  4. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    I think a lot of people liked the novelty of a huge crowd at a huge stadium more or less equidistant between rival teams, having already done one in either city. Hawks-Wings at Notre Dame would have had the same appeal if we were still acknowledging that the Blackhawks and not the Senators are the Red Wings' rivals. It's not a perfect comparison because like we said, South Bend isn't that far from Chicago, but it's close enough for the sake of argument.
  5. NBA court database

    Phoenix should keep their 50 seasons center logo just like what Denver did,it's so impressive.
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  7. CFB Interactive Concepts (Big Ten complete 11/20)

    Don’t worry Danny. Baylor Sucks!! Roll Toad! I like Nebraska’s new look. Also the blackout uni for Iowa would be awesome. Not a fan of Wisconsin, but I do love Purdue. A black helmet with white jersey and pants looks great.
  8. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Dude played 4 games for the Canadiens and he's in the wrong uniform? Come on. I know you're heart broken, but maybe Drouin will be a top superstar. That PK Subban trade though...
  9. SSmith48's Logolympiad Portfolio

    I got a bit of that, too. I saw Peridot from Steven Universe, but that may have been because my niece was watching the show at the time. I think had you'd been able to work the ball into the shield that would have helped with that. It's a good idea and great color scheme as others have mentioned already.
  10. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Charlotte's City is going to be first worn late December, so either Nike is letting each team unveil when they want to (least likely), or they'll have a big unveiling before Christmas for buying purposes. (most likely)
  11. New NHL Jerseys by Fanatics

    I seriously hate this company’s marketing model. They spam my inbox with five emails a day and exclude half their inventory from any sales.
  12. CFL in Halifax coming soon?

    I was thinking the Defenders, because isn't the Department of Defense based out of Halifax? And please not the Admirals...
  13. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    Isn't the problem that Penn State isn't interested in hosting the event and/or wants to put a bunch of onerous conditions on it?
  14. 2017 High School Football

    The top four teams in each district get in the playoffs. There's a lot of five team districts too, so win one game and you're in. Last week's first round was bi-distrct, so 1st place in one district plays 4th places in another and vice versa.
  15. NHL 2017-18

    Predators home jersey is growing on me. It's a subtle simple design. Capitals, Flames and Ducks could all learn some things about simplicity.
  16. 2017 NFL Season

    Blair Walsh...
  17. NBA Changes 2017-18

    The first instance I can recall of the flag getting some serious sportsbrand on it was the Fire doing a one-off light blue jersey with the four stars across the front. That was back in the Soldier Field days, so maybe 2005? The fanbase went nuts over it and wanted a version of it back every time the team had a uniform change. I imagine moving out to Bridgeview may have complicated that, but the Fire have added some star elements here and there. (We will never speak of the black 3rd jersey that made the MLS logo the 5th star on the flag.) The Red Stars did it best, though, at least for a couple seasons.
  18. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    because its such a mismatched helmet, its a give away to me that 1.) the manufacturer was not involved in this or 2.) they were and just filled the order with no influence on the design. swapping masks and replacing logos looks like all they did so i dont think they'd need anyone else involved in that. and i think WV have an all white helmet option too? easy enough to take those masks for one game. its a possibility there was a request to "do something new" and the equipment staff had to make due with what they had lying around —i'd say that describes this uniform pretty well, actually
  19. Championship Preferences

    No, that's not it. The "soccer model" most would think of is what the Premier League and most soccer leagues use: depending on the league size, each team plays everybody else twice (this is usually more for smaller leagues, like Scotland)...whoever has the best record is the champion, whoever has the worst 2-4 records drops down to a lower division. Cup competitions have no bearing whatsoever on league play, so for example if Manchester United suffers an upset in the FA Cup, but they're in second place in the Premier League, even if their cup opponent was a fellow PL club, it has no effect on their league position; likewise, if somebody like Stoke City are trying to fend off relegation in league play, but have made the FA Cup quarterfinals, their cup success has nothing to do with their league failures. There are leagues with more unusual setups, like the Apertura-Clausura split seasons favored in Mexico and many Central and South American leagues, or that Belgian system I linked to in my last post, but what I described is the most common way soccer leagues play out.
  20. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Definitely possible, especially since they’ve already worn the yellow pants four times this season, whereas they’ve only worn the green pants twice so far. Plus, they took the team photo in the fall in the green jersey/pants combo, so it’d be a bit odd for them to not actually wear that combo this year. I think they’ll definitely be in the green helmets since they’ve only used them once this year, but I’m hopeful they’ll go green/green/yellow as opposed to all-green, as I much prefer a more even distribution of the two colors for the Civil War.
  21. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Sometime early next year? Gosh I hope not!
  22. @nballaccess He's better than derozan

  23. @SaturdaysInReno I couldn’t agree more. I’m all for multiple helmet colors but if they aren’t gonna match the progr…

  24. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    I think that Oregon may go all-green for the Civil War.
  25. NBA 2017-18: A Tale of Two Conferences

    I hope Doc Rivers' (and his son for that matter) days as Clipper head coach comes to an end and basically quit playing against the Knicks midway in the 3rd quarter en route to a ninth-straight loss. Austin Rivers' stat line: 2 points, 5 assists, one rebound in 32 minutes played.
  26. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Either of those two copying what Nike does is never going to happen, even in a small gimmick like the diamond swoosh.
  27. 2017 High School Football

    This is possible? Really? In Texas?
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