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  2. The Revs template really doesn't work without a sponsor or something to fill the blank area in the stripe...
  3. Sadly, yes.
  4. Yup I haven't really noticed it.
  5. Walter Johnson definitely belongs . . . and is remembered well enough that there is a high school named after him in Bethesda and a summer collegiate team named the Bethesda Big Train. Unseld, Hayes, Jurgensen and Sammy Baugh probably all remain ahead of Bryce Harper at the moment. Obviously, this could change over the next 5-10 years if he stays with the Nationals. Ryan Zimmerman -- What?!?!?!?!?! I think my selections would be Walter Johnson, Sammy Baugh, Wes Unseld, Joe Gibbs and Alex Ovechkin.
  6. I would not object to this...especially if they continue to wear white at home.
  7. Great job. Just a little nitpick, I'd add a white outline to the logo.
  8. Seconded. If this continues we're gonna need some moderator intervention.
  9. I'd use the same collar on the away, but colouring the pentagon white. The striping and little details look amazing!
  10. Guess I'll be getting a few more years out of these caps then.
  11. Make the hemline stripe thicker, at least as thick as each red stripe on the sleeve, and put a full collar on the white. The alt needs to be cannon-centric to make it different enough to be worth doing. Otherwise, i love it.
  12. Las Vegas going with Reyes de Plata (Silver Kings) nickname for Tuesday games in August.
  13. The helmet with one stripe and white facemask doesn't look right when attached to that jersey. The pants stripe is the least of their worries.
  14. Is Osasuna in Division 2? That away is 2 seasons old already!
  15. Today
  16. Can we keep in mind the purpose of this thread, please? It's for changes to football uniforms for the 2017 season. Not to debate fandom. Not to throw opinions which aren't connected to facts about other teams' success or failure. Not to post screenshots of wikipedia pages. Not to post everything we see about any uniform anywhere. I appreciate the interest in uniforms, but let's just slow down for a second, and try to stay on topic.
  17. Red pants would work better, though the best option would be to leave them in the box.
  18. They were discussed already. But it's an improvement from copy and paste Miami uniforms.
  19. It's going to be the honeycomb, right?
  20. HR Derby Honeycomb, or the marled heather?
  21. Man City away officially released: Ditto for the Celtic third:
  22. Dude, seriously? Look at the date. These are from la- Ah, screw it. It won't matter.
  23. Reunion Arena (1980/1981)
  24. Isn't he in prison?
  25. Should see that dude now. Used to hoop with him at my gym about a year ago. Haven't seen him around in a while though.
  26. I think blue pants would look better with the yellow alt.
  27. This show is getting better and better. David Lynch is using Jim Belushi as well as anyone has ever used him. JIM BELUSHI, PEOPLE.
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