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    Thanks for the feedback, guys. I tried out all your ideas and the sleeve caps ended up being the only workable option. I'm not sure which one I like better, but I'm leaning toward the original. I'd love to hear it if you have a compelling case for either option. Next up, the Jacksonville Jaguars! The Jags have been around for less than 25 years and have already had several different looks. My goal here was to combine aspects from all of them to create one cohesive identity that could unite multiple generations of Jags fans. There's a lot going on here so I'll break it down. The new primary logo is a synthesis of their past two logos. It keeps the bold lines and movement from the original, with some of the refinements of their current. I threw in an updated shield logo for good measure. Helmets are glossy with subtle teal flakes. Think of it as the midpoint between their current helmets and their '09-12 helmets. Sleeve striping is a modern take on their '95-08 striping. The collars from their past two looks, a distinct and ownable element, return to the jerseys. Jersey numbers are a compromise between their past two number fonts. Modern and sharp, but tasteful and readable. Pants are inspired from their '13-'17 pants. I liked their color distribution, but the execution was a little clunky. Pants striping is consistent with the uniforms. Socks are basically their current socks, adjusted for consistency. Jerseys and pants can be mixed and matched. I put together some of the other options we'd see the most of. I don't usually go for mono black jerseys, but I'd love to see this one once or twice a year. Let me know what you think!
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    gonna miss this guy...
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    One of the most clickbait titles on this site's history...
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    Looks like he's being chased by the ghosts of former Bengals.
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    Thanks for the feedback, guys! I'll try out your suggestions. I had the white in to maintain some of the color balance from their current uniform set. As for the navy, it's intentionally very dark. Ideally, it would only appear blue when light hits it. Since the Cardinals are historically red and white with black accents, I didn't want to deviate too much from that. Next up, the Cleveland Browns! I essentially brought the Browns back to their pre-2015 uniforms, with some streamlining and consistency. Orange pants remain an option for a couple weeks during the season. The orange alternate is an update of their 00's orange alts. I also created a lockup logo that takes cues from their iconic helmet striping. Nothing too outside the box, but I think its definitely an improvement over their current threads. C+C is appreciated!
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    Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm gonna put the Panthers logo on the shelf for now. I think there are definitely some things that could be reworked. Next up, the Arizona Cardinals! The theme here is 'Arizona sunset.' Bold flashes of color and modern elements for a team whose identity looks more and more dated every year. Cherry red is now accompanied with yellow and navy accents. Sleeve and pants striping takes cues from the Arizona Flag. The number font is also inspired by the acute angles of the flag (see 4 and 5). The navy blue Arizona pride alt with copper accents is a little out there, but I think it would work once a year under the lights. Numbers on the away uniforms gradiate from navy to red. oldschoolvikings did a concept with gradients for the Cards a while back and I thought it was a cool visual reference to sunsets. I originally had plain red numbers but I was surprised how well the gradients worked with the sleeve stripes. For the new logo, I tried to maintain the integrity of their current, but make it look more like a cardinal. C+C is appreciated!
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    The Cavs really have no idea what the hell they're doing. For the life of me, I will never understand why they moved away from the jerseys from LeBron's first stint.
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    Dang thanks, man. That's some high praise. I appreciate it. Yep! Thanks! Thanks for the feedback dude. I do see the dolphin tail! That font could definitely work for either team. Next up, the Denver Broncos! The Broncos probably had my favorite uniforms in the league when I was 10, but since then they've aged significantly. My goal here was to preserve the clean aesthetic of their current threads but take it in a different direction. Simply taking their color rush and applying it to the rest of the set makes a whole lot of sense, but we've all seen that a million times already so I'm trying something a little different with the uniforms. I'm going for a set that looks traditional from afar, and modern up close. The sleeve design takes cues from the horse's mane. It's really hard to improve upon their current logo, which is one of the best in the league. I don't think mine's quite there, but I think its serviceable. If you want to imagine their current logo on the helmet, I won't stop you. My initial thought was to modernize their classic 'D' logo, but I think the head logo works better for this particular set. I kept the updated 'D' as an alternate. The font is my own version of their current numerals. It's a modified version of 'Homestead'. Let me know what you think! I'm open to ideas.
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    Guys, I think DeFrank is Jon Gruden.
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    Totally thought they were going back to teal permanently. So disappointed... Report: Marlins In Teal Again in 2019 ? Hey, when it’s abundantly obvious what the people want, you should just give ’em what they want! (*nudges the San Diego Padres hard with an elbow*) ? According to a report on SBNation’s “Fish Stripes”, the Miami Marlins will break out their teal throwback uniforms once again during the 2019 season for a four-game set against the Arizona Diamondbacks from July 26-29. ?
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    Thanks, guys. I appreciate the feedback. I get the criticism here. Gradients aren't something I would normally advocate for, but I think they could be an ownable element for the Ravens. Next up, the Miami Dolphins! This is essentially a compromise between their inaugural look and their current threads. For the logo, I wanted to combine the sleek design of their current logo with the personality of their former. The numbers are a mix between their current font and a traditional block. On the road uni, they're teal with a single orange outline, even though it looks like there's a darker color in between because of the pixellation. The sleeve striping takes cues from the logo. It can be a sun. It can be water. Either way, it screams Miami. Speaking of Miami, I threw in a "South Beach" alt. I played with the idea of City Edition uniforms for the NFL during this series, as seen with Seattle. For the "South Beach" alt, pink replaces orange and black is added as an accent. I might put together a full set with these colors later on in the series. C+C is appreciated. Enjoy!
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    LOL. If you don't know who's playing, that's your fault. The score bug, front of jerseys, announcers, etc say team names plenty. Come on man. Grey or black or whatever other color jerseys aren't keeping you from knowing what team is playing.
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    Little Red Sambo has met its undignified end on Indigenous People’s Day. Fitting.
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    So now some teams will have 5 uniforms? Three ain't enough, they need five.
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    I was going to ask "who's Mike?"
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    WASHINGTON NATIONALS (former San Diego Padres) - National Fatherhood This one was a bit of a rabbit hole to climb down, but it produced some fascinating results. It's been widely reported that the San Diego Padres almost moved to DC in the 1973-74 offseason. Owner C. Arnholt Smith was looking to sell the team due to financial struggles and in anticipation of the IRS charging him for tax fraud. Joseph Danzansky, President of Giant Foods, made an offer to buy the Padres for $12 million and move them to DC. The move was nearly successful, with the NL unanimously approving it and Topps designing their 1974 set with it in mind: The team even developed a road uniform that fit with the stylistic conventions of the early/mid-1970s while also replacing the brown & yellow banana set with a traditional navy & red:1 However, it was not meant to be, as the team would have to pay off the hefty amount of money left on their San Diego Stadium lease (15 years' worth).2 Couple that with an $84 million lawsuit from the city for breaking the said lease, and you've got a problem. The sale fell through, which allowed Ray "The Founder" Kroc to buy the Padres and keep them in San Diego. However, what if the relocation went through and Washington got a new team? How would their appearance change as they chased trends and updated their look upon moving to the Navy Yard Stadium? Going off of this Washington Post article from 2016, I figured that the most likely name for the team would have been "Nationals."3 I could only find one source for the "Stars" name that's been often reported by historians (based on a guess made by Ebbets Field Flannels' Jerry Cohen).4 Danzansky's son and Peter Bavasi cited the "Nationals" name as the leading candidate, so it seemed the best idea and more distinct than "Stars." Their colors would still be navy & red, and unlike the modern Padres, navy & red wouldn't be an issue. The basic structure of this design is that of the 2004-2011 San Diego Padres. with a few cues from the 2005-2010 Nationals thrown in. Drop shadow would only appear on white and grey backgrounds, with navy backgrounds featuring basic outlines (and some allusions to the shadow split in the star/letter design). The Astros' 2013-present block font is the base, as a modern block style that fits with the prototype and the modernish font I call Petcopark.ttf. The primary logo uses a home plate backing (Padres) with a new take on the three-star pattern of the DC flag. The secondary is my modernization/de-North Starized version of the prototype cap logo, while the tertiary is an update of a supposed Sen(ationals)itors design. The uniforms borrow from the Padres' 2004-2011 set, with some adaptations for navy/red. A cursive script is on the home uniform, complete with an inverted tail. I used the 2005-2009 Nats' arching pattern on the road uniform, which is my way of mimicking the bowtie wordmark. The numbers are double outlined block standard, a la the 1991-2003 Padres. I added a sock stripe pattern meant to mimic the asymmetrical pattern on the sleeves and pants (no red/navy touching). The navy alternate sheds the drop shadow and adds the tertiary patch, akin to the Padres' old navy alt. A fauxback to the 1974 uniforms is the second alt, with an appropriate cap and an adjustment to the sleeve patch. I based the script off of the 1974-77 home look, which fits well with the "cursive/fancy at home, block on road" pattern used by the Padres throughout their history. The primary dugout jacket features the cap logo on the front and the primary on the back (with the tertiary on the sleeve), while the fauxback utilizes the prototype's "Washington" wordmark. It was surprising how well the Padres' formula worked for the Nats. While I would never want the current team to adopt anything that resembled this set, I liked dissecting the 2004-2011 Padres' identity and figuring out what made it work. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, a funny little twist! 1 Author's Note: When we say we want the Padres to bring back brown & yellow, the 1972-73 banana peels aren't an option. 2 Credit to @bosrs1 in this CCSLC thread about the Washington Padres. 3 Jake Russell, “San Diego Padres Were Once so Close to Moving to D.C. They Had Uniforms and Everything - The Washington Post,” The Washington Post - D.C. Sports Bog, June 16, 2016, https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/dc-sports-bog/wp/2016/06/16/the-time-the-san-diego-padres-were-this-close-to-moving-to-d-c/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.12b3e5479833. 4 Jerry Cohen, “The Washington Padres? – RULE 19 BLOG,” Rule 19 Blog - Ebbets Field Flannels, accessed October 11, 2018, http://web.archive.org/web/20150309095357/http://www.rule19blog.com:80/?p=31.
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    It makes me mad you guys keep saying "Icon," "Association," etc. Why not Blue/Red/White or Green/White/Dumb or whatever? I'm not rewiring my brain to consider Yellow to be "Icon" for no good reason.
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    Screw the NFL rules, pull a '94(?) 49ers and wear these at home for the rest of the season and pay the fines. Huge improvement over their current set.
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    There are three other teams with red & black. Heat are creating an identity that NO other major sports team has. Only a Miami team could make these colors work. I love it to death. I'll have to make a more informed decision on the official release, but I still like the white unis better. I was hoping for more than just changing of the colors, like some pictures or more icons or something.
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    Maybe they're just very passionate about airport security, I don't know. Standardized generic postseason shirts are dumb and anyone who buys one is a rube who can be sold literally anything. Everyone who buys one should be put on a mailing list for donations to The Human Fund.
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    The colors of the Arizona team are inspired by the actual uniforms worn by the Hotshots of the US Forest Service. Yellow shirts and dark green pants.
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    Speaking of the Browns, from the waist up, these uniforms are GORGEOUS
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