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    Yea, cause Reebok was doing such an awesome job with the NFL...
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    They won't be home and away uniforms. They will be "league" and "idol" uniforms.
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    Could not possibly agree more. A few years ago, I tried to come up with a fix for every yoga look in the league;
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    You hate everything. No one cares.
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    It's still weird to me to realize that there was a time when the 49ers wore silver instead of gold. They're named after the GOLD rush!!!
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    Hello all. First let me say if this is in the wrong place I am sorry. I have been a long time member who used to post a lot way back when but haven't a long time. I just remembered awhile back I have an account here. Anyway. I am a big Dolphins fan and I have been attempting uniform swaps for quite awhile. There is a guy on the net that used to post the best ones on finheaven.com but he wouldn't help me learn how to do swap informs. So over the last 13 years I have been attempting to figure it out. I have a folder with a few swaps over on Deviant Art starting with Ndamukong Suh and ending with the recent addition of Fitzpatrick. I know there is still quite a way for me to go to make these look absolutely photo realistic but I am still happy with the end result. Here is the original I started with: And here is the swap (I added a few effects to make certain areas pop as I used it for a wallpaper): I would love some feed back. Like I said I know there are areas (like the orange shoes and gloves) that need some tweaking but I think I will apply any tips to future swaps. Again if this is in the wrong place please move it to the correct forum.
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    Waste of a throwback IMO.
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    Okay, with it being Memorial Day weekend (technically just a few minutes into the actual day in my time zone), I just wanna start out by giving a shout out to those of you who have served/are serving in the armed forces or have friends and family who have served. What you do is greatly appreciated! Now for the new concept. Well, new may not be the right word, tweaked would be better. I’ve worked out an update for the Philadelphia Eagles which is very similar to my original Eagles design, but with a different, and hopefully better, color scheme. Colors: Last time I got greedy and tried for the best of both worlds and ended up with a messy double green scheme. It was worth a shot, but I think I can admit when something I tried didn’t work. This time around, I decided to drop the kelly green, keeping midnight. Maybe it’s unpopular, but I looooooove midnight green. Sure, kelly green is unique, but so is midnight green, and Philadelphia is literally the only team to use it. Along with the midnight green, silver is used as a secondary color. Helmet: A midnight green helmet with a silver facemask and the current wings with midnight green replacing the black outline. Jerseys: For the home and away, I kept the same design as the first go around, just dropping the kelly green and swapping colors around. Pants: The silver and green pairs are the same design as the original, but just like the jerseys, drop kelly and swap some colors. Alternate: I struggled here, bouncing around ideas of a black jersey or even just a single jersey using double green, but ultimately decided against them in favor of silver. Originally, I wanted a simple color swap of the away to be used on the road like Seattle’s wolf grey, but I got a little more creative, deciding on a fauxback to these beauties. I swapped in the current color scheme and swapped the wing decals on the helmet to create what I believe to be a unique and fun alternate fauxback. Combinations: At home, green over silver would be the default, and the away would be a rough split of silver and green pants. The fauxback jerseys are always worn with the fauxback pants and helmet, but given that the pants are solid white, I guess they can be mixed into the rotation as well and worn with the white and green jerseys. Okay, so here are the Philadelphia Eagles V2.0! So is the new color scheme better? Let me know!
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    98% may be bit of an exaggeration; Apparently, the key is... yellow.
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    I think we all are burying the lede here: Someone's actual name is Al Guido.
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    A draft for a possible complete Tampa Bay Rays rebrand. This is my preliminary work result. Since the league loves initials as the team's main logos, and the (Devil) Ray theme has been exhausted, or could also be continued by leaving the secondary Ray mark on the uniform sleeves, this is what I came up with. Thoughts?
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    Why? The coloured peacock is a beautiful thing, very iconic and instantly recognizable.
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    This is his 8th straight finals. That's borderline impossible to do. He reminds me of when the Rockets won in 94 that was not seen as a legit championship in my school because "Jordan didn't play". Whether that's fair to the 94 Rockets or Knicks or Jordan is up for discussion, but that's not the point. I think Lebron is the first guy since Jordan to reach that level where everyone on his side of the bracket is playing for second place. I don't think they'll beat the Warriors, but if they do it wouldn't shock me at all. Keep your heads up, Boston sports fans. You'll catch a break one day.
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    There were like ten teams and at least three of them were run out of the back of a single station wagon!
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    We all knew this thread was coming eventually! I think the title is pretty self explanatory, so I'll get this ball rolling with an example of my own! In 1998, coming off his record setting 4th album, rap legend and acting icon Shaquille O'Neal decided to give basketball a try. Eventually he won in 2000 against Indiana in the Lakers' perfectly reasonable, but not quite as good as three others, current set
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    I’ve never seen a player receive so many, “...yeah, but...” arguments as I have with LeBron. It’s kinda funny seeing the lengths people will go to attempt to diminish his greatness.
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    That's exactly what they did in the NBA. They changed the shape of the jersey back to look like a sports bra. Then they removed the cuff striping from the back of all jerseys. They made the NOB smaller. They also changed the triangle cutout on the shorts for no reason, altering the look of the shorts for teams with accents in that area. The Boston Celtics weren't allowed to keep their classic look. Like I said above, the problem isn't that Nike will force teams to wear garish crap. The problem is that Nike might be allowed to significantly change the template and force teams to change even if they don't want to. Look at the awful side panels Majestic has used the last few years. They look terrible when you notice them, but at least they are fairly thin. So maybe Nike puts thicker side panels in a different material with mesh like an old basketball jersey. Maybe Nike puts in a different panel on the back of the knee (like on football pants) which makes all teams wearing pinstripes look like crap. That is them forcing changes on the Yankees without the Yankees being able to tell them to piss off. And this is what Nike has been all about the last decade. Making awful new proprietary templates for the sole purpose of branding. I'm far more worried about Nike messing up all teams in a small way than butchering some teams in a big way.
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    You guys sound like Nike signs the contract and just has free reign to do whatever they want. They're not going to "respect tradition", they're going to do whatever they're told If the Yankees tell them to piss off, then they'll piss off. If the Padres hand them the keys and tell them to drive the car to wherever, then that's on them.
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    Funny, I'm so used to seeing the Niners in gold that my brain doesn't even register that as silver. I just assumed it was a washed out photo.
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    III – Miami Marlins Teal Alternate Uniform The Miami Marlins current uniform design with the 1990's Florida Marlins teal, silver and black color scheme.
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