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    Good thing the Seahawks don't play there; WRs would hate to play in a place with lots of drops and poor reception. (ducks)
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    The CCSLC hating anything modern... And anything classic... And modern classics... Well, everything apparently.
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    I, on the other hand, love all the leaks, lies, speculation, guesses, name calling, indignation, hand wringing, and nonsense. It's what this board runs on.
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    OKAY Y'all, sorry I haven't been doing anything on here recently, a lot of personal stuff and the introduction to modding madden 19 on PC has taken up my time I usually use for actual, substantial content that I could add to portfolios to send off to colleges and internships. Sorry, I know you guys didn't come here for my life story. First up: Cleveland Browns I'm really excited to show you guys that the Browns have been SO CLOSE to being a good look. It genuinely pains me that they could have a modern classic, but instead found value in giant wordmarks. All that is really needed is cut the sleeve stripe off at the damn sleeves, get rid of the different colored stitching, use that gorgeous number font as the focal point (as it should be), and extend the pants stripe all the way down. I know that sounds like 5 changes (which it is), but it really doesn't add up to a substantial difference. (I did add a serif on the 5 so that it fit with the rest of the font, but that's the only thing i changed besides color and getting rid of the drop shadow) As always, I'll be doing more in the future, make sure to like, comment, subscribe, and visit my patreon.
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    Why is that rock eating that A?
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    BACK OF BRAIN: "You know this is going to be some god-awful concept-come-to-life, like the team brass google image searched 'NY JETS CONCEPT' and one addled dope fell in love with xXx69COD-cuck69xXx's jersey concept for Madden 2017 and now suddenly wants to make it the brand, in spite of everyone telling him not to." HOPE: "Oh c'mon now. The Jets can't screw this up. There's a lot of good places to start from here, and with the simple color scheme it won't b-" BACK OF BRAIN: "Black. There's going to be black and you know it. Lots and lots of black. Like LA Clippers amounts of unnecessary black." HOPE: "That was a freak accident. Didn't you see the video? There was green!" BACK OF BRAIN: "Yeah, but it was very green, wasn't it? Like neon green, yeah?" HOPE: "Well sure, but that fits the-" BACK OF BRAIN: "It's going to suck, Andy. The whole world will see it, and the worst part is?....people will love it. You snobs will turn up your noses at how ugly it is, but dumbass tweens will think it's the coolest uniform EVAR, and pay $2.99 DLC to get it into the latest editions of Madden; their parents will shell out millions to buy them the latest uniforms so that their little darlings can dress like embarrassing futuristic Nike abortions for years to come!" HOPE: "NO. THE JAGS. THE JAGS GOT IT MOSTLY RIGHT. TH-THE VIKINGS! EVEN THE BROWNS ARE WORKING ON SOMETHING DIFFERENT, THERE'S-" BACK OF BRAIN: *douses hope in a chloroform rag*
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    Thankfully, it's not. Just a brighter green for the Jets next season, lighter than their current dark green, but darker than their throwback kelly green. I don't mind it. The logo is kinda meh, but what can you expect? Here's hoping the uniforms aren't too Nike-fied.
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    T-Mobile Park is a fitting name since the M’s have been phoning it in since 2004
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    Holy crap, dude. Dial it back... Not everything has to be taken as a personal insult.
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    Yeah I just realized I used the wrong 4. Will be updating soon. I could go either way on the pants. I think the old gold pants make the home set a little too dark and heavy to be the primary option. They’d probably wear white 5x a year and gold 3x. I think you’re right about the helmet. I was trying to keep it from getting too Spartany but it definitely looks too Roman now. The face shield might resolve some of my issues with his expression too. Thanks! I can try try it out. I’ll post it if it looks decent. Next up, the Philadelphia Eagles! I dropped black and found a shade of green in between midnight and kelly, resulting in a much cleaner look. The striping pattern is a subtle callback to their early 80’s uniforms. I wanted to take a relatively ugly striping pattern and bring it back in a streamlined, modern way. The striping on the home jersey matches the sleeve cap on the away rather than the 80’s striping so it fits with the color blocking of the logos. The helmet features the eagle wings from the secondary logo on a satin shell. The finish would be similar to MSU’s football helmets. The facemasks are more silver than grey, like Detroit’s. I wanted to somehow incorporate the Liberty bell into the logos to inject some city pride into the set. Let me know if it’s working for you. I’m a little worried that it might be too shoehorned in, but I wanted to post it first to get your take. The wordmark and number font are a modified version of GreasySpoon. The numbers take cues from the primary logo. C+C is appreciated!
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    Saw this on dribbble by a guy named Nino Zizzo. It's everything the Phillies should've done last week.
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    I think you're the only one who owns that book.
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    Ahem... Nonsense. I care deeply about the Duluth Eskimos. Who doesn't care about the Duluth Eskimos? I don't want to meet that loser.
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    The back of your brain is going to produce this one.
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    @Teal you have to realize that this is a public forum and you have to have some thick skin when you make statements on subjects as hot as a new identity that hasnt been released. If you believe what you saw as valid and true, then wait it out and wait until the details come out. There's nothing to defend if you know what you saw is right. You gotta have some thicker skin. Also, sometimes in the past you've been one in other threads (the Marlins and Jaguars recent change threads for example) where you kept asking and asking for updates when clearly there was no new news. Things like this do sorta tarnish your credibility, so when you come around with what could be some epic teasers, some posters may not believe you as much when recalling your other posts.
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    Two in the Clink and one in the Pink
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    Keeping ads off of game worn, NFL jerseys.
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    The Raiders' uniforms are perfect as is, even though they're headed for Vegas.
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    OK . . . I’ll start with the team that sparked this whole thing, my hometown Portland Trail Blazers. As far as I'm concerned, the Trail Blazers brand should revolve around its most recognizable design elements. The rest is just noise. 1. Black and Red 2. Lowercase lettering 3. Diagonal sash/stripe 4. Pinwheel logo When the team gets away from those four elements, they start to look pretty generic if you ask me. With this in mind, you'll notice I removed gray/silver from the uniforms. It's not needed and it just muddies up a crisp color palette. On the icon and association sets, I kept with some classic design elements and smushed together a few different eras. I love the gorgeous lowercase type face, created by Kyle Zadina, that the team introduced on the Rip City uniforms a few years ago. I can’t for the life of me figure out why the team is clinging to generic uppercase lettering when they have this beauty in their toolbox. It is uniquely "Portland" and fits the franchise just right. Lastly, for the statement uniform I mixed it up a little bit. I was tempted to create a red Rip City jersey, but I've always wanted to see the team with their whole "Trail Blazers" name on the front of the jersey. It is a pretty large word mark, but I think it is fun and has that asymmetry that is already familiar on the team's uniforms. On the sides I added five diagonal stripes that are a effectively a little slice of the pinwheel logo. The team has been using this design element in their social media and in-arena branding for a little while and I think it's a great look. I know it's a little like the Raptors chevrons, but I don't really care. Raptors had a unique look at one point, they only have themselves to blame if they end up looking like the Canadian Trail Blazers - We the Northernmost, anyways . . . Feedback is welcome and encouraged. More to come soon!
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    Wait... you're all saying that Teal... the guy who was insanely annoying asking about Jaguars leaks... is now a legit source of leaks himself? I must not check these boards enough.
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    Thanks for the feedback, guys. I'll be reworking the logo shortly. As for the Columbia blue thing, that was unintentional. I've been bumping the saturation on all my concepts when I convert them to jpegs to post, and I guess I overdid it with this one. That could be a cool idea. I'll try it out. Yeah I'm trying to find a place to fit in some red accents so it's not logos-only. Good call. Next up, the New Orleans Saints! I spent most of my time with this one working on the number font, which I modeled after Stahls TIffany. I tried to make it as New-Orleansy as possible. The new primary logo is a fleur-de-lis with the reflection of a football at the top. The new logo appears on the helmet and sleeves. I brought back their color rush since it's one of my favorite looks in football right now. I took the old gold from the color rush replaces the weird beige they have now. White pants become the primary option at home. I know it may not be realistic, but the Saints are actually gonna wear gold pants on the road now too. Let me know what you think!
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    Thanks for all the feedback guys. I've been really busy with final projects the last couple of weeks, but now that the semester's done I'll be posting a lot more. I disagree about the silver. I think they've been too successful in it to toss it aside. The home jersey is basically the color rush but I doubled the stripes so it was more flaggy. I'll put together a concept without the silver though since a lot of people want to see it. Thanks. I appreciate the logo critique. The stripes were intended to reference the American flag but I guess they don't read very well. I agree that it can be improved. Yeah, unfortunately a lot of this series ends up becoming change for the sake of change. Especially as we're nearing the end. The reality is that most of the NFL has really strong logos. But I'm holding myself to try and create new logos for every team as a challenge, whether they're necessary or not. I'll try it out. I'm not usually a big yoke guy but that could be a cool solution. Next up, the Tennessee Titans! The current Titans update is a disaster, so I built this mostly from their inaugural look. The one idea I kept from their latest overhaul was the sword motif on the shoulders, but I took a different approach to it. The unifying element here is the striping pattern that appears on the sword. It's also reinforced by the inline on the jersey numbering. The number font, which is constructed from the Homestead typeface, is inspired by the sharp angles and circular forms of Greek characters. The new primary logo features a 'titan' in profile, with the Tennessee flag stars on the side. I think its a well-rendered logo, but I'd love to see if anyone has ideas about how to improve it so it better fits the Titans. Let me know what you think!
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