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    Game jerseys in practice? Bold move
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    Gold should be the home uniform. Purple should be the road uniform. White should be the alternate uniform. None of them should include black. This isn't hard.
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    That is subtle AF, but they did a good job.
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    That black side panel is the stuff people lose jobs over.
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    Thanks. Sure you can! Just make sure to give me proper credit in any public posting of them, please. Thanks! I really liked making this one. I do have to agree that the "Los Angeles" is a little bit crammed onto the uniform. The "LA" makes for a better road insignia. Thanks, guys! I do see the resemblance. Thanks! I like that it's a cleaner narrative than the modern AL Angels. Also, you're right about your first pick. SAN FRANCISCO SEALS (FORMER WASHINGTON SENATORS/NATIONALS or expansion team) - Seal of Approval From that same Hardball Times article, we get this tidbit: Again, O'Malley and Stoneham thwarted the Griffiths' plans to move out west. Admittedly, if anybody deserved to have their team rot in Candle$hit Park, it was Calvin Griffith. However. what if his rebound effort went through? Let's assume that the move happens in 1958, with an expansion team taking up residence in LA. Griffith continues as owner for a bit longer, selling in the 1970s under financial duress (maybe threatening a Toronto move). Bob Lurie would buy the team, have issues drawing fans to that garbage stadium, and would deal with potential relocations to San Jose and Tampa Bay. The Magowan/Baer ownership group stops the move from happening, building Lefty O'Doul Park in the China Basin. The uniforms would have a decidedly retro aesthetic, embracing the off-white color and baseball traditions of both the club and city. This scenario would also work with an expansion team, just replace Griffith with an initial ownership group. We've got a lovely identity salad of the current SF Giants, the Sens/Nats, and the PCL Seals here. The colors are the Seals' late 1930s-early 1940s navy and orange (co-balance, unlike the Tigers and Astros), with the off-white/creme of the current Giants. It works for both an expansion team and a modification of the Sens/Nats color scheme (like the Browns swapping brown for black as the Orioles). The primary logo combines and updates bits of my Project 32 concepts for the Giants and Seals (former Giants). I added a cap (1954 Orioles-ish) to the old seal logo (itself inspired by the PCL team's iconography) while using Belgrad for the roundel font (like the Art Deco of the Golden Gate Bridge). The cap logo and the seal are the secondary and tertiary, respectively. The home and road set have a significant influence from all three of the clubs' ancestors/relatives. The pinstriped home uniform (which have a large role in the Seals' uniform history) features an off-white base and a home script that combines the "S" of the Senators' 1959-60 script with the reverse tail of the late 1950s Seals. It was a nice little touch to the design. The road set uses the cap logo (itself a blend of the Seals' later cap logo and the Giants' modern design) as a crest, as "San Francisco" was too long to render in the script font. It's a look that history for both the Giants and Sens/Nats, so it works. The asymmetrical stripes separate them from the Tigers and Astros, tying in to the Senators-style sock stripes. I know that it's kind of an unwritten rule to not use sock stripes and pinstripes, but the design is simple enough to not pose a problem. The number font is the Giants' one, with a no-NOB home uniform (for the extra retro touch at Lefty O'Doul Park). The alternates are pretty standard, with an orange top at home and a navy one for the road. The away alternate uses the full-bodied seal logo, and the home jersey employs an alternate cap with an orange bill and white cap insignia. It's not that different from what the Giants do now, albeit with navy replacing black. If you want to see what the home/road set looks like with a "San Francisco" script (rejected because it was "too jammed on the uniform"), here you go (within spoiler tags)! The jacket features creme sleeves, the script on the front/primary on the back, and the sock striping on the trim. While I love my Giants, I'd be more than happy with my hometown team looking like this. It's an identity that tastefully modernizes the Seals' look while keeping them distinctive within the majors (DO YOU HEAR ME, PADRES?!). C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, the first stop in a long relocation roundelay. 1Paul Francis Sullivan, “The Franchise Moves That Almost Happened | The Hardball Times,” The Hardball Times, June 21, 2011, https://www.fangraphs.com/tht/the-franchise-moves-that-almost-happened/.
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    I'm back! Or at least I will be in the next couple of days. Before the story resumes, I want to take a moment to thank everybody for their patience and words of support, empathy, and kindness as I've dealt with a lot of stuff in my personal life that has kept me away from the boards over the past few months. I've posted about it elsewhere on the forums, so I'm not going to go into any great detail here, except to say this. I've been struggling with crushing depression and anxiety over the past six months (and really most of the past two years). At the same time, a lot of things in my personal life have imploded or are in the process of imploding, which only exacerbated an already bad situation. In spite of all of that, I feel better than I have in years. I feel like myself again for the first time in a long time. It's coming back slowly, but I've found myself starting to plot out stories and consider logo and uniform changes for the remainder of this project. A lot of things are still in flux and my world is extremely uncertain and chaotic right now, so I'm not at all certain how quickly I will be progressing. I don't doubt that progress will be uneven, especially at first as I ease myself back into this. But I've come to understand that I love designing and writing, and doing those things are an important part of my ability to maintain my mental health. So I hereby commit to posting new content no later than Sunday night. We'll be starting with a complete overhaul of the New Jersey Sharks.
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    A look inside Nike's HQ when they added the black side panel:
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    use this as the primary and that white S logo as the shoulder patch. This doesn't seem that hard to do.
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    They should have used clear side panels.
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    Thanks for the kind words to those who had them, sorry we all had such a weird day. I'm probably gonna keep a low profile for a few days, though; I have a game show to try out for.
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    *sigh* This is messy. I won't deny that. TCR was banned. Banned for poor reasons, in my opinion, but banned none the less. admiral's been a member for over a decade, and only recently did we even have direct, concrete evidence that he was one in the same as TCR. And yes, "everyone knew," but hearsay isn't really how we like to operate. Fact is that the "proof" that they were the same dude is pretty recent. So that's got us in a pretty tight bind. On one hand, yes. It's a violation of a rule we're pretty strict about. On the other hand? He was the admiral here for what? Eleven years? Eleven years of mostly good behaviour and good standing? And so a decision was made. The decision was made in an attempt to be impartial and fair. And it was made clear soon after we made that decision that it was the wrong one. It was wrong for one very simple reason. In my time as a mod? admiral has never once come up for a disciplinary vote. Meaning he was never considered for a suspension, much less a banning. And all of us have access to the mod archives prior to us becoming mods. Not once has admiral been brought up for a disciplinary vote. So upon reflection? It was clear that in our haste to apply the rules objectively we had banned a member who, for over a decade, never once did anything warranting any serious disciplinary behaviour. We decided this was a mistake and we acted to fix it. We're not perfect. We're not even paid for this stuff! We made a call, realized it was bad, and corrected it. It happens. What does this mean for the "dupe accounts are an unforgivable sin"? Well it's something we'll have to look into, but by and large? They're still going to be frowned upon. If anything? Take this as a lesson. Nothing in life, not even a rule, is meant to be applied 100% of the time. Sometimes exceptions exist. We're doing our best to figure that out on our end.
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    Can I just say that I’m honored that admiral chose one of the names I’ve used for him for the name of his latest dupe account?
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    lol! Lol, really? Like a full ass DECADE later?! Ok, so, who makes and enforces these “ironclad” rules? This is an Internet forum and not the UN council, correct? This is probably the most NFL style move I’ve seen the mods make in a LONG time. I get it in principle, I guess. Sort of. But at best this whole thing is going to be an unnecessary waste of time, and at worst you just offed your, legit, HIGHEST contributing member arbitrarily over some that happened in Obama’s first term. EDIT: NOOOOO! Bush was still in office when this happened! I instantly nominate this thread for The Goldmine. I’m literally DYING over here right now I’ve gotta give you credit for consistency, though. In a decade and a half posting here, there hasnt been a single minute where you guys haven’t taken this entire thing WAY too damn seriously. Bravo.
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    I risked a great deal to smuggle these to you, but I was able to get my hands on a media guide comic from the Mezhdunarodnaya Federatsiya Sotsialisticheskogo Hokkeya (International Socialist Hockey Federation). So that I don't compromise my source, I can only share one page at a time, so here we go. The ISHF is an 8 team league all from Warsaw Pact nations. The first team I was able to get info on is the Baikonur Cosmonauts from the Kazakh SSR.
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    I thought there was no way the Lakers could screw this up. I was wrong. The lesson: Never have faith in anyone.
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    Think of the bright side...it will give our old friend a new gig
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    Seeing these side by side shows just how big of an upgrade this is. Cant wait to see these on field
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    Other than last year's AFC championship game, you mean?
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    Brian in Boston has retired from the moderator team. We have voted to increase our ranks. @Conrad. and @infrared41 have joined the front.
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    Add sleeve piping back to the Red Sox road jerseys. As for the White Sox, bring back the diamond patch and the previous pants stripe for the road jerseys.
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    What a weird, stupid time. This is all-around one of the lamest things to occur on the board. I get that the internet is not a democracy, but I also feel like the mod team could've handled this with a suspension.
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    I guess you're going to have to use your
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    It's a result of the ChrisCLEMENT/CRichardson IP checks. It was decided that we can't just arbitrarily choose which suspected dupe accounts to check out of favoritism/bias and the rule is ironclad being as it's the one banning that is an automatic trigger and not one that the mod team votes on. What we are going to be doing is discussing tweaks to the reinstatement policy to allow for cases of dupe accounts applying for reinstatement. In the meantime though? Our hands were tied. For what it's worth, my feelings on this move can be best illustrated in GIF form.
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