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    The Vegas Golden Knights' uniforms are the best they've ever worn during their team history.
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    I'd argue that legislation stopping insane people from holding weapons is about "people". People say this every time and you know what happens? Nothing. By the time it's "the right time" to talk about the sadness subsides and the outrage is forgotten and a new outrage takes its place. It's used as a way to step over uncomfortable discussion or action. Then another mass shooting happens again and people say "Don't make this about politics at this time". Rinse. Repeat. Sorry, but :censored: THAT :censored:. Now is the time to take action when it's fresh in everybody's mind. In a couple weeks we'll have moved on to the next 10 awful things the president tweets and we'll forget about this and that's what they want. We're also complex beings capable of simultaneously holding both sadness for the victims and outrage at how this is the only country where this regularly happens and our lawmakers never do anything about it. My friends and family know that if I'm ever gunned down by a lunatic they are to immediately politicize my death. Use me for common sense gun laws the second I'm dead. Don't pray for me. I will be so pissed off if you pray for me.
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    Thanks guys, I appreciate it!! Los Angeles Chargers:
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    The first team that comes to mind is the Blue Jays:
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    They missed a big opportunity here... this logo would have looked so much better:
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    Thanks, guys! Thanks! I figured that I should put it somewhere, and since the Surfing Friar roundel would have looked bad in brown/yellow or brown/orange, it fits it well. I'm thinking of posting a bunch of Padres recolors in my old tweaks thread at some point, to get them out in the open. Thank you. The 2010 team had a perfect look (matching templates, the orange top and orange-billed cap alt, the socks, and no nameplates on the road), but then the team slowly took it apart. While I like the current orange top, I'd much prefer it if the team stuck with their 2010 options. I beg to differ. The creme has character to it, and it ties in with the stadium/retro aesthetic of the team. It also is a further degree of separation between the Giants and Orioles. I spent my formative years as a fan with creme home uniforms, so I've got a bias towards them. Thanks! I too like the black alt (as anything is better than the outline-only stuff the team has done in the past). The space is the result of me trying to create a "banner" behind the wordmark, for to give adequate distance between the bridge, script, and seams. Thanks. Don't worry about it @the admiral, I was going to adjust the kerning on the font anyway. I like getting practice with Inkscape's many features. Now, let's seal up this series! SAN FRANCISCO SEALS, PT. II - We're going for a splash hit! I've always found the PCL's San Francisco Seals fascinating. The stories of Lefty O'Doul (NY Giants player, Seals manage, and an influential figure in Japanese baseball history), Joe DiMaggio's 61-game hitting streak, and Seals Stadium are as crucial to the history of baseball in San Francisco as McCovey, Bonds, and Posey. While I love the history of the Giants organization (I'm still hoping for a John McGraw statue), I also adore the Seals' name and identity. It calls back to a retro San Francisco, as classy as a Cable Car ride or an It's-It ice cream sandwich (BTW, @Bucfan56 is right, those things are delicious). So, I decided to combine the two! I opted to keep the black/orange, to fit with the standard of my Dodgers-Angels concept (maintaining the NYC colors). I brought in the Vancouver/Memphis Grizzlies' bronze color for the sea/sea lion logo and striping (as a little change of pace). The seal in the logo (a home plate version of my Giants primary) is in keeping with the aesthetic standards of the 1997/8 Cardinals redesign with minimal, yet modern detailing. It's a modernization of the Seals' old logos, albeit based on a real-life image of Zalophus californianus. The wordmark font is a slightly-thickened Futura, as it reminds me of the Michael Schwab posters I saw all around the Bay Area while growing up (he designed the 2007 All-Star Game logos). The secondary is my attempt to merge the Seals' old cap insignia with the Giants' 1994-present logo (which makes it resemble the NY Giants' cap a bit more). The seal/sea lion (who I'm calling "Lou," after the mascot) is the tertiary. The uniforms feature a few deviations from the current Giants' look. The stripes now go orange/black/bronze/black/orange, to get the bronze into the set and do an informal 1983-93 tribute. In doing the Giants-Seals translation, I figured that the Giants would adopt a modified version of the Seals' cursive script (given their dalliances with it and wanting more differentiation from the Pirates). Lary Baer and co. would have had the wordmarks modernized during the 1990's, and maybe tweaked a set a little in the move to Willy Mays Park in 2000. In reality, this was the perfect opportunity for me to turn the 1994-present dugout jacket/BP script into a set of uniform wordmarks. I opted to not use creme and no-NOB at home, because of the more "modern" status of the NL Seals. The number font is a sans-serif version of my Astros numerals, and the primary is on the sleeves of both uniforms. The alternates are a translation of my Giants uniforms to the Seals identity. Lou is on the sleeve of the orange top, while the black top now features a front number and tweaked striping. The second set of alternates are also translations. The orange-billed cap returns (I like it), while the Gotham Day uniform is a bit more of a hodgepodge. I went for the 1954 jerseys and pants while employing the 1933 caps and socks. I did this for two reasons. One: I like the older cap logo and sock stripes more than the later look and two: that I would prefer to not use a "NY" that's near-identical to the Mets' "NY." It's a bit of brand differentiation and personal preference. I love the Giants, and I love the Seals. With this concept, the Giants can honor both the history of baseball in the City by the Bay and the storied heritage of the Polo Grounds squads. C+C is appreciated! With that, MLB: Project 32 has concluded! I would like to thank all of the people who have followed this thread, like @coco1997, @MJD7, @Carolingian Steamroller, @the admiral, @Paul Lucas, @SS8609, and @KittSmith_95, among others. It was so much fun experimenting on these teams and incorporating the C+C into my designs. I'm probably going to do BP jerseys/caps and jackets, but that won't be for some time. I'm going to take a much-needed break. Thanks, guys and I'll see you soon!
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    Double posting because I just whipped up this idea for how they could make their color rush jersey a full-time look. This is a perfect look, IMHO. Also, kind of weird to believe that they're playing against the same team in both of those pics.
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    CCSLC gun control in action
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    Eventually, for sure! Green Bay Packers:
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    The old ones weren't functional lace-ups but they looked better. "Sacrificing comfort" is a bit of an exaggeration. I have played hockey competitively, and we wore lace-ups. Old, pre-Edge lace-ups at that. The "kicked up" collar was never an issue. So I can't see how the Edge lace-ups, which as you said were mostly ornamental, would be any worse. This is all subjective. And I realise that you're coming from a place where you have a company line to hold. Still? I find the new Adidas collars to be ugly and a huge step down from the Reebok collars. Which is made even more frustrating because, again, it's the same manufacturer. I also don't find the "player comfort" line especially convincing as someone who has played hockey competitively. I'm sure many of the advancements in material and cut since I played have been for the better. I remember myself lamenting the cut of the old CCM/Koho sweaters on occasion. I can't say I ever thought about the collars though. The only time I ever thought, or think, about collars is within the realm of aesthetics. And on that point? The new collars just *look* bad. I don't feel as if that opinion is "unacceptable." If you're truly interested in what people think? Here's my take. The shot of the Jets and Oilers above is a great contrast. The Oilers' collars look fine. The Jets' collars, with the huge splash of silver, look terrible. The halfway coloured collars, like the Penguins have, looks awful. It creates a polo-shirt effect, which isn't flattering. The lace-ups with the new collars are awful. The last Reebok lace-ups were ornamental, but they at least looked great. These don't even have that going for them. I realize you're just one guy. And I realize that in addition to that the manufacturer still has to bow to team preference (ie if Toronto wants bad lace-ups they're going to have bad lace-ups regardless of what you or anyone else says). Still? That's my honest assessment as both someone who's played hockey and as a fan. I don't even expect you take my "feedback" to heart in any meaningful way. It would just be nice to have a conversation about this stuff without you or another pro designer going "well you just don't get it." Others and myself know a bit more than you may think. And constantly having our opinions waved off by someone on the "inside" repeating corporate platitudes doesn't help the discussion.
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    Even the Rams admit how awful the dark set looks!
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    I can. The signing of Weeden over Kap (and not even giving Kap a workout, by the way), especially considering Tennessee runs a system utilizing a mobile quarterback (which was something you'd never describe Weeden as) is just further proof Kap is being blackballed because of his protests and not because of his talent. It's honestly disgusting.
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    The problem is that even if the office grounded him and he stopped with the early morning twitter rants and the race baiting, he'd still be just a guy that doesn't really know anything and is too lazy to educate himself, which doesn't exactly make for a great President. I will add this little piece... as a veteran, I don't consider kneeling for the anthem to be the least bit disrespectful. What I find disrespectful is the notion that someone peacefully protesting injustice should have their right to do so silenced.
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    Can you imagine a world where Brady were suspended for four games but his team still went 3-1 and then went on to win the Super Bowl in the greatest comeback of all time, and Boston fans still found a reason to bitch and moan? That would be crazy!
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    Please, Kobe is retired now, no need to drag him into this
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    The reason why the stripes didn't work was because the black jersey featured minimal teal. The pants have to reflect that, which it didn't. However, with the white jersey and the teal numbers, it worked.
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    Here's another concept I've been working on lately. Minnesota's recent re-branding effort was very good in terms of the color palette, logos, and wordmarks, but left a lot to be desired in regards to uniforms. This particular concept doesn't translate to a full uniform set, but rather serves best as a singular Statement or Community design. Anyways, it's themed after the Aurora Borealis - the Northern Lights - that can be seen from Minnesota and many other northern territories. It also just so happens to kind of coincide with their new color palette. It's fairly simple, albeit a bit complex in terms of textures and effects, but it ties the team's geographical location to its color palette while retaining the the wordmark typeface and adopting a matching one for the numerals. Sure, it may approach the line of fashion jersey, but I think it works. Please let me know your thoughts....thanks! Minnesota Timberwolves Northern Lights Jersey
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    If only people understood the suffering and anguish of being a Patriots fan. It's been a hard 17 years for them, so we should really check our privilege.
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    Thanks! I'm glad you like 'em. thought about collar trim, but it seemed to be a bit much. I'm very selective about when I use collar trim. The similarity of the "C" in the "Cardinals" script to that of the 1987-90 White Sox was not lost on me. It took me a while to get the "C" to the point where it didn't look like that/didn't look like a big lowercase "e." Some cursive letters can get weird. Thanks, and no, it's not bad at all! You can join Brandon Moore in the unpopular opinion zone when it comes to not liking the Birds-on-Bat. Thank you! They're my favorite part of this endeavor, showing fun alternate histories and getting to understand the evolution of baseball aesthetics. Thanks, and thanks for helping me clean the "StL" up. That red/navy or royal striping pattern was pretty common back in the pullover/sansabelt era: ...among others. I'm surprised that striping pattern didn't stick around once sleeve stripes shrank from c. 1987-1995. Thanks! The problem with the batting bird, however, is where to put it in the main set. It can't be a jersey patch, because the chest design is so dense. Also, having ornithologically-correct (for the most part) birds paired with a cartoon bird is a bad combo. I think it would be best suited as a dugout jacket/batting practice jersey patch, like back in the day: On a side note, weight savings was the reason why Frank Lane wanted to drop the Birds-on-Bat in 1956, when all he needed to do was dump placket trim and zipper-fronts. It was a Sharks-like move for them! Thanks. Yeah, there's a bit of a discrepancy in the detail and full editions. I'm fixing the stripe width in an update. The socks are correct, as far as I know. I'll look into it. Well, it's the Padres' turn! SAN DIEGO PADRES, PT. I - Bring Back the BrownTM, but be tasteful about it. A long time ago, I wrote this: (link, because locked thread) I made a concept in that vein about a year ago (update over here), and I was pretty pleased with the results. So, my update will be minor tweaks. We've all been through the Padres merry-go-round with brown, yellow, orange, navy, sand, and powder blue (@hawk36 is no longer on the boards, after several posters ganged up on him in his "team histories belong to cities" crusade) . I've made it clear that I want something based off of the 1969-'71 uniforms (the most tasteful adaptation of brown/yellow, alongside the 1974-5 jerseys) with a flair inspired by the architecture of Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcalá. I decided to go all-in on the brown/yellow color scheme. The only other colors are a lighter yellow (for the logos), two tans/flesh tones for the Friar, and sand for the road uniform. The brown is a well-saturated custom shade, and the yellow is Pantone 1235 C. I was doubtful that Mission-style architecture could be the basis for the Padres' look. However, after seeing concepts done by @TheGiantsFan and @Buc, I changed my mind. I combined their ideas of a home plate logo with a top designed to mimic Mission San Diego's front fascia and a rendering of its bell tower. This combination produced a primary logo that could carry across the Mission theme. I added the yellow shades behind the bell tower, to give it a sunrise/sunset feel (something often pointed to in defense of brown/yellow). The font is a slightly modified version of the 2014 NBA All-Star Game font (an old Conrad file), as it tied in well with the sharp edges and swoopy lines of the architecture theme (and was a more refined version of the curvy serif font used by the team from 1969-'77). It also has a bit of "Gaslamp Quarter" vibe to it. I changed up the "SD" logo to reflect this change in font. The updated Swingin' Friar returns, albeit backed by the mission home plate logo, for ease of centering. I have made some slight adjustments to the 1969 uniform template. While I've kept the pants stripe and sock stripes, I've added a second sleeve stripe to homage the uniforms of the PCL Padres and removed the collar trim. The sand road uniforms were one of the few parts of the 2004-10 branding I liked, and it worked better with brown/yellow than it did with navy/white. The "Padres" script enlarges "P" and "S," while the "San Diego" script highlights "S" and "D." This arrangement maintains one of the bits I like from the current Padres brown jersey, while also drawing from their past scripts. I kept the block with serifs font (also seen on my Royals and Twins concepts), as it grounds the uniform. The Swingin' Friar is the sleeve patch. There are no Taco Bell caps in this set, as they're tacky crap. I brought in an Athletic Gold alternate, featuring the home script and the primary logo as a patch. Thanks @MJD7, for the consulting with me on the yellow jersey's colorway. The brown jersey follows the same basic template as the current navy alt, albeit in the new color scheme, with the new "SD" and Swingin' Friar sleeve patch. Now, the handling of navy. I'm open to the Padres keeping navy (while implementing a bright, well-saturated secondary color), but I'd much rather have the Friars embrace brown. Since many Padres fans prefer navy (25+ years and the PCL will do that), I decided to create navy uniforms. One is a PCL faux back that combines several PCL Padres looks. The PCL-style script is there, along with a period-correct tail. The double sleeve and placket stripes, 1954-68 cap logo, and Northwestern-striped socks (as modeled by Teddy Ballgame) all add up to make a classy vintage look that draws upon their navy/red past. The other uniform is a throwback to the 1998 home uniform, with the minor addition of the "SD" logo on the socks. These navy uniforms would hang out in the Thursday slot, to both appease the fans of navy and establish brown/yellow as the team's proper colors. The Padres have the kernel of a gorgeous, unique look within their history. Modernizing the 1969-'71 by adjusting the font and logos to connect more to the architecture of the team's namesakes, while incorporating bits of the PCL uniforms and their current set, gives the Padres something both distinctive and tasteful. If you want to Bring Back the Brown, then this is the way to go about it. C+C is appreciated, as always. For the alternate take, making the best out of navy!
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    No, it very much is an American issue because... ...while this may be true the fact is that other countries don't have mass shootings at the rate the US does. Take the fact that, in 2012, there were 8,813 gun-related homicides in the US. There were only 172 in Canada. In fact Canada's firearm-related homicide rate (how many people per 100,000 people are killed by a gun) is seven times lower than that of the US. And even then? Canada's firearm-related homicide rate is significantly higher than that of Japan and the United Kingdom. So if we just look at the four countries we've discussed? We can rank them as such, from most people killed by guns to least. US (24.5 people killed by guns / 100,000 citizens) Canada (3.5/100,000) UK (0.06/100,000) Japan (0.01/100,000) Look at that. The US has the most lenient gun laws, and as a result there are more guns out among the populace. Which means more people die from being shot. Canada has relatively lenient gun laws. Every citizen who gets licensed can own a gun. Essentially it's the US (including a culture of western frontiersmen who glamorised firearms in the national consciousness) with a few more common-sense restrictions. And those simple restrictions (ie the steps that involve a person getting licensed to own a gun) cut the number of firearm-related homicides by a factor of seven. The UK and Japan don't have that frontier culture that made gun ownership desirable in the US and Canada, and as a result they have much stricter gun laws than Canada. And their firearm related homicide rates are significantly lower than Canada's. Which was already significantly lower than the US'. So all of this seems to indicate that the tighter the gun control laws are the less people die from gun-related homicide. A crazy notion, but it may be time the US gives it a shot. Because no. You're wrong. This is very much an American problem. https://www.nationalobserver.com/2015/12/04/news/how-american-gun-deaths-and-gun-laws-compare-canadas https://globalnews.ca/news/2378037/gun-violence-by-the-numbers-how-america-canada-and-the-world-compare/ https://www.nationalobserver.com/2016/07/08/news/americans-are-killing-51-times-more-people-guns-canadians https://www.nationalobserver.com/2016/07/08/news/americans-are-killing-51-times-more-people-guns-canadians http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-41488081 http://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/compare/Canada/United-States/Crime
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    Portion A: Protecting yourself, your property, and your loved ones with a handgun This statement is working to set up a context - the average armed individual who owns a weapon merely as a means of protection. Portion B: is insanely different from Here I am working to show that the subsequent statement will differ tremendously from the first; stay with me now. Portion C: a guy bound and determined to kill as many people as possible with modified military-grade assault weapons from a high vantage point. The final statement establishes the extreme concept that I want you to contrast against the first statement. Postscript: And that's coming from someone who detests all guns. This closing sentence reveals that the speaker, myself, defended the right to own and carry handguns, in spite of my own personal distaste for guns in general. --------------- To close, ultimately, we have a confrontational blowhard republican who is going to get this thread locked because he's enjoying the fruits of triggering some lib'rals who want a government that will come take his guns away. What a surprise.
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    Cleaning up the pinstripes for the 2015 season was one of the best moves in Mets uniform history. I think this is the best the franchise has ever looked.
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    Last year I saw a post on Uni-Watch bringing up the idea of replacing the NFL Color Rash with Throwback Thursdays. The only issue with it is that the one-helmet rule kind of threw a wrench in some of the throwbacks, making it unfortunately unrealistic. For this, I set myself 2 basic rules: Must use the same helmets as usual Throwbacks should be roughly from the same time period for each game (~10 years or so) For a few teams I ended up making fauxback uniforms, one of which is right here-- So with that I have week 1 - Kansas City (1963) @ New England (1960) I have the rest of the teams planned out, and hopefully the combos will work!
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    best Celtics alt imo. Much better than anything with black
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    Eww. Hey everyone, we can't discuss a problem unless we don't already know about it yet. That wasn't what I was talking about at all, but I'm fully aware of the Bengals arrest record and I'm glad you brought it up because a team employing a bunch of criminals is an actual reason for fans to boycott the team. I've heard several Bengals fans say they wouldn't renew their season tickets if the Bengals signed Kaepernick. So 26 years without a playoff win, dozens of arrests, Pacman spitting on a cop is okay, but a silent protest is over the line? Guys, I love you, but that's really :censored:ing stupid. I was pointing out the insanity of fans having no problem cheering for actual criminals, but a guy makes a silent protest and he's a vile human being, he's the reason to not buy a ticket. If Kaepernick kept his mouth shut and just slapped his girlfriend like the rest of the league he'd have a job right now. That's :censored:ed up and backwards and you know it. Now, your steelers fans have people all over the internet burning stuff and calling Tomlin the n-word because the team stayed in the lockerroom, but haven't batted an eye at several criminals of your own who have worn the uniform. Kaepernick didn't break any laws so why does he bother you more than actual criminals who broke real laws? You'll have to look in the mirror and come to terms with that on your own. My priorities are in order.
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    This is also why Tom Cruise only makes movies with other short people.
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    Best picture of an Adidas collar I’ve seen...
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    I think this modern classic has to be in consideration. Despite a few flaws these are two classic looks for two classic teams that Nike knocked out of the park.
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    It didn't completely die...
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    We all got so scared of the "gangsta" NBA of the early-to-mid-2000s but now the NBA is just the passive-aggressive sniping of 16-year-old Mean Girls who dress like the Gavin character from Kids in the Hall.
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    Seahawks? Falcons!? I should probably just stop reading this thread.
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    I can't stop looking at this. Mostly because it says "balls" right between the eyes for no apparent reason.
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    I know a guy who hit a deer in his car, but he broke his arm playing soccer. Really makes you think.
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    I didn't realize I was right about the random uniform generator. I'm worried that things I say just materialize. I have to be responsible with this newfound power.
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    I feel like this is a good time to point out that you were defending Penn f***ing State.
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    So much better now that the jersey has the full collar again.
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    And I'm sure it's no coincidence the new pattern on his toga spells out "LC" for Little Caesar's.
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    I prefer those to the brick and sand ones. Remove the snakeskin pattern on the back and there's not much offensive about them and the the turquoise black and red is a unique statement. The road charcoal grays are the worst uniforms in baseball in my memory. Just awful.
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    Pavel Chekov, is that you?
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    Stumbled upon this article today and was shocked to see a Wisconin Badgers helmet I'd never seen before. From the article: Contrary to local urban legend, former UW football coach Barry Alvarez did not design the ubiquitous "motion W" logo that now adorns team helmets and Badger fan apparel. That honor goes to Ric Suchanek, a graphic designer at Rayovac, who in 1990 was yanked from a meeting by the company president. His boss hated the Badgers' blocky W helmets and wanted to see Suchanek come up with some alternative designs. After the company obtained blank helmets from the UW athletic department with the promise that the project wouldn't cost a thing, Suchanek went to work, producing eight designs, a different one for each side of four helmets. An impromptu meeting with new coach Alvarez, athletic director Pat Richter and other bigwigs brought encouraging responses and a request for more prototypes. Suchanek cranked out a dozen more designs, including one featuring Ws that wrapped around to meet at the back of the helmet. While that design was favored by many, Alvarez nixed it as being more suitable to the Pac 10 conference. When Suchanek conceived the forward-minded motion W, Alvarez liked it right away. The design was rushed into production to make it in time for the first game of the 1991 season.
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    Said it before, I'll say it again: If some crackpot murdering 20 elementary schoolers and 6 teachers didn't get gun legislation passed, nothing will. Ever. Formula feels awfully familiar though: Nutcase gets high powered automatic weapons, murders piles of innocents, and takes own life. Shocking. Prayers at this point are useless.
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