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    Thanks. Without making this too dramatic, I stopped doing the lists because I had heart attack* back at the beginning of October. Needless to say, the lists became a low priority. That being said, I really appreciate everyone who followed and contributed to the best and worst lists thread every week. *
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    If so, what a wasted opportunity to phase into the side-view Senator. One of the best logos in the NHL and it's not even a primary.
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    They at least could have done it in Rockies colors...
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    Different is not by itself a virtue. The D-Backs are proof enough.
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    I'm dealing with this right now at home. My 9 year old has an annoying follower in his class who decided one day to make fun of my kid's shoes because there wasn't any visible manufacturer's logo to be seen. My son asked me why it was so important for some of his friends to always wear Nike shoes. He's a pretty smart kid, so he basically only had to ask two questions. His first question... "What's so special about Nike shoes?" My answer... "They cost four times as much as yours, for no readily identifiable reason... that's kind of special." His second question... "Why does having that name on the side of their shoes mean so much to some guys?' My answer... "Some of your friend are mouth-breathing idiots who get their self-esteem out of boxes." Those answers seem to satisfy him for now. I'm sure when he's a teenager we'll have to revisit this crap.
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    Obviously, as a uniform nut and complete Viking homer, this article is fascinating to me, but I thought it would also be interesting to the community at large; http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21409647/the-full-story-how-viking-uniforms-came-minnesota Check out this original sketch from 1961; " Hubenthal's original design concept called for diagonally crossed stripes on the socks, evoking the leather straps or leggings worn by real Vikings. That seems like something Nike or Under Armour might come up with nowadays, but it was unheard of back in 1961. In addition, Hubenthal's original jersey design featured gold sleeve striping with a V-shaped pattern. That design element, along with the sock concept, didn't make it to the final on-field product." What interesting to me is that road uniform design, with the UCLA stripes. The Vikings didn't start wearing that until 68. Apparently, someone kept that in the back of their head for 7 years, before giving it a go.
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    Irritating how after all these years the Magic's original set is still far and away their best:
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    I'd rather blame it on the nookie.
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    Raptors King has done it again. Still batting 1.000.
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    Can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful that jersey is despite the patches? There's no reason the Saints shouldn't be wearing these full time.
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    Those look great! ......for practice uniforms.
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    Thanks for the feedback, guys... I will go back & work in some suggestions! Arizona Cardinals:
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    Buddy, you about to get run up outta here for this one...
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    This is an excellent opinion.
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    This is a terrible opinion.
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    Old guy speaking here, but is the early '00s now considered "old school?" Asking so I can brace myself for the resulting mental trauma.
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    "Icon" and "Association" are in no way as descriptive as home or away, at least when home and away meant white and dark. "Light", "Dark", "Alt", "Classic", "pride", would have been fine. Even "pride" is silly. Nobody - and I mean NOBODY - is asking their parents for a Lakers "association" jersey for the holidays, or a Sixers Embiid "icon" top. It's absolutely silly, and counterproductive since few (if any) people will be able to keep the stupid names straight.
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    heres some of my favorite shots from last night's game. this was such an excellent week for the creative team, not only because we all get excited about the throwbacks, but we pushed the gameday look to the next level. we had Jon Contino make some faux-back logos, a wordmark we used on the Gameday Playbook, and the other we used as the image bug. We also had a new photo treatment similar to the 2015 game against the Giants, but even better. every shot looked amazing and theres so many more we havent posted yet that will definitely make our Best Of 2017 book.
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    Kinda fitting that Army is wearing uniforms honoring the 10th Mountain Division and the game is being played in a snowstorm.
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    Is Houston allowed a team now?
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    Not my work, but I supremely enjoy the top 5% of this meme
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    I'm Jim Rome. CBS SPORTS RADIO
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    Those helmet thumbs remind me of playing paper football in study hall.
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    Hey look it's the Cleveland Indians logo.
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    Something like this would be preferable, keeping the same iconic F1 monogram while simplifying and upgrading the clunky type.
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    The future of yesterday comes to life tomorrow which is the day after today which is the future of right now but will be the yesterday of Wednesday which is the future of yesterday where today was tomorrow and thus the future of yesterday which brings us to Tuesday.
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    Can I just reiterate how bad that butt flap looks on pinstriped jerseys
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    The captains patches are bad enough! This is dumb... I don’t like it. Those unaware will wonder why some players have Darth Vader on their jersey.
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    As far as Color Rush matchups go, tonight’s should easily be one of the best we’ve seen:
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    Somebody should come up with a place to catalog Sports Logos on the Net. I bet they'd be a kajillionaire. http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/059vdba8xygvqj6shc0h65zxt/Houston_Astros/2000/Stadium_Logo
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    Friendly PSA for hockey (or even football) fans: Yolk Yoke
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    I hope the Magic players all wear Galaxy Foamposites with these.
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    That's not really a cool thing to say. Autism doesn't equate to stupid, illogical or poor taste. Try another figure of speech.
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    Except I don't -- and won't -- know the difference among the various titles. They're nonsense words that have no practical meaning, especially when existing words (home, away, light, dark, classic, whatever) worked a whole lot better. And as long as the jerseys are falling apart, have poor visual contrast and/or look like trash, Nike doesn't get the benefit of people learning their dumb language. And for an added bonus, the Lakers continued to wear their home jersey on the road, in yellow against the white Suns last night. Can someone explain how Nike forcing the Lakers to withhold their purple jersey for a month and a half increases sales? I don't get that. People already know the Lakers have a purple jersey; they've had one for half a century. What's so special about Nike's version that it needs to be locked away for an arbitrary amount of time?
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    These look awesome Not this this: or this if they want to do alternates, at least make it look like this or this
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    It's just like the Canadiens' logo, if you ignore the complete lack of brand equity and the inferior design work. The original logo was about a 9/10 and this one's a 10/10. You might not immediately guess "that team must be the Senators" from looking at it (trying to step outside myself for a sec, I would probably guess their name is the Spartans), but you wouldn't do that for any number of teams whose logos we still like. I suppose the difference there is that with the Bruins or Flyers, it's more abstract, and with the Blackhawks, one would have to explain that it is a drawing of a historical figure named Black Hawk rather than a hawk that is black. Here, you can reasonably argue "factually speaking, that is clearly not a Roman senator," which I think has always been IceCap's fair-enough beef with it. It's of a kind with the Canucks, where an orca whale is decidedly not a Canuck. But I think a lot of that is overridden by how good the logo looks. If only the Sens would actually use it.
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    Ok, now this one's out there. I'm happy to say I'm back, and I hope to really get going with this again! (esp. after the Logolympiad) So, to kick things back off, I decided to finish up the "Rays" after being stuck for a while on how to complete them. And they are now, to say the least, different. There was nothing I could think of that even Brandiose could do to really gussy up the current bland, boring TB identity, so I decided to create one of my own: 'If there's one word to describe the Krewe's brand, it's quirky. But fittingly, that word also describes the bustling, historic neighborhood of Ybor City, inside Tampa. The Krewe's identity revolves around the annual Gasparilla Festival which takes place in Tampa, and the legendary pirate that gave it its name, Jose Gaspar. Jose, who has become a staple of Floridian folklore, probably never existed, but has been kept alive through stories to this day in part because of the Gasparilla Festival. He is the main facet of the primary logo, and is faceless for a reason, since no one of course knows what he looked like if he existed at all, but his face is replaced with the inaugural year of his namesake festival, 1904. The accompanying wordmark is made to be one of a kind, with a weathered feel to add to the theme. A few other accents of the script are more of a nod to Ybor City, with the swirl details representing the light decorations over some of the streets in Ybor, and the the two yellow lines making the leftward lines of the K and last E very subtle cigars, in honor of YC's nickname, Cigar City, which it earned from its rich cigar-making history. The cap logo captures most of the elements from the main and the first secondary features a Florida palm tree/ Cigar combo with a baseball bat and a pirate's sword crossed in front to make super subtle cigar scissors. Another secondary features a pirate's skeleton hand that was recently found in a Tampa family's attic, grasping a baseball. (I) really hope (I) made something unique to Tampa, that they can call their own.' So this was definitely my most outlandish entry in the series so far, but i hope this balanced out some of the tamer concepts of late, because this is a Brandiose series, and Brandiose doesn't do tame. C&C appreciated!
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    DC United does a good job incorporating DC iconography without being over the top RWB: Unfortunately, there's a hint of Third Reich, so you win some and lose some.
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    I hear Columbus Crew is due for a new shirt sponsor next year.
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    The only alternate that OSU needs:
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