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    I've been staring at these jerseys for a half hour and couldn't figure out what was missing. then it hit me!!!!
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    If you don't follow me on twitter(which you should) you may have missed this. It all started as a fun little joke tweet I made while stuck in a car coming back from Tennessee. All it was was a fun little joke, and then I got to thinking about a concept using that Orioles logo style. Then what would a flamingo look like? What about a chicken? Duck? Sunday night I made the mistake of following through on these thoughts and created the twitter @smilingbirdlogo, and well the topic is exactly how it sounds. I figured someone would have brought it up here but it seems like something you all would enjoy the hell out of. Thanks!
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    First one that comes to mind -- I mean, c'mmon folks... these mismatched abominations; And the hat? Hang on I'm gonna be sick... Thankfully, back to...
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    Would have liked to have seen the accents in gold with a black collar. It would have been reminiscent of their first uniforms with the black cuff and gold stripe. Also instead of having the neck stripes end abruptly and been pointed off would have better matched the cuff stripes. I have no problems with the helmets, they are fine the way they are now. As for pants they could have done something to match the striping pattern. I think the single color numbers is fine, it kind of reminds me of way back when most team had white numbers on colorful templates. Also going back to a lighter shade of gold to me fits better. Here is a quick mock up of what I would have done with this set.
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    Now they just need to remove football from Thursdays completely.
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    You could say the upgrade was pretty gaudy but at least the Bengals finally had a look they could call their own.
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    Never understood why they decided to add so much grey to their identity.
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    It's a green dong away from being perfect.
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    I've ranted about this enough already. Not even a Stanley Cup win could magically erase my frustrations at this rebrand.
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    FROM THIS: TO THIS: (The gold numbers/NOB aren't working is all I mean.)
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    The Titans' trolling continues... They're really on to us guys.
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    Recently mildly triggered by the Lincoln Saltdogs headscratcher of a logo change, whose spiffy new dog enjoys maniacally staring into my soul, I got to wondering what some of the worst brand changes ever have been. And watching the Sox play the lowly Marlins I was reminded of this now infamous downgrade: What are some of your (least) favorites?
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    This is obviously a homer pick, but just the same... I'm not wrong; This- To-
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    I feel like if they wanted to incorporate more Columbia Blue they should have kept the full yoke including collar in Columbia Blue and then had the Silver sword shape overlay that. It would have balanced out the colors more and not feel as forced. Also thickening the numbers and getting rid of the serifs. Maybe even getting rid of white all together and going for silver numbers also. Something along the lines of this:
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    Creamsicles are retro cool these days but the switch to pewter and red was seen as a upgrade if I'm correct.
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    You were wrong on all counts regarding the Jags, and there is no indication that you have been right on the Raiders or Browns. Your insider info regarding the Titans didn't even begin to get detailed until the leaks started, meaning you just made educated guesses regarding what we all saw. Further? After coming out and offering to show your insider info to a mod? I stepped up and accepted. I repeated myself at least twice in public and once in PM, finally having to give you a warning point just so you would acknowledge the request. The request you asked for. Nothing you've posted here, or anything the Titans have unveiled, proves anything about your "credentials."
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    Guys, listen. They’re going to have teal and black as colors. You may not believe me now, but you’ll feel like a fool in the future. If they show some behind the scenes of the design process you’ll even see that more than one idea was actually considered. Wild, huh?
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    Examples of some combinations:
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    Wearing 42 is a nice tribute, but the blackface is really inappropriate, isn't it?
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    Time for Throwback Thursday's!
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    So obvious... why didn't anybody think of that sooner?
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    Logo remaining the same but the orange is becoming darker.
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    On the upside, that green penis will be unique to the NFL. That must be what Amy Adams Strunk meant when she said she had never seen anything like this in the league.
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    Looks way too fun. Need to tone it down with some muted grays, maybe just have the trophy as the logo.
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    This would have been an upgrade for the Clippers
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    You guys have no idea how happy I am to see this. It's not matte, it's not satin, it's not teal flake, it's not semi-gloss, it's not that black the steelers use, it's not some textured "carbon fiber" nonsense. It doesn't have a stripe or a gold chrome facemask. It's a gloss black dome with the logo on the sides, like their original helmets. They didn't botch the easiest thing about this redesign. Even the eastbay catalog logo looks good on this lid. SHARP.
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    Might be biased since I am a Die Hard Ravens fan but... "The Baltimore Ravens" has to be one of the coolest team names in all of sports. I love all the work they have done to the teams headquarters to give it a nice gothic theme-
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    OHMYGOD "it's 29% lighter then the last uniform" SUCK MY D YOU DOUCHEBAGS.
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    As somebody who cares about aesthetics, and cares about the sport, I’m thrilled to see this go.
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