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    I hate to break it to you buddy
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    Nuggets uniforms leaked
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    I decided to modernize the current Texas Rangers identity. I always thought they have a good set of logos, but, since they've rebranded in 2003, they also aged over time. Current Texas Rangers primary mark 1 – Primary logo: No more drop shadow on the "T" initial. Bolder lines and a slightly broader typeface. New baseball seams. The two stars are now separately placed on a white background. 2 – Secondary logo: A modernized version of the 1994-2002 alternate logo. The two shades of silver are no longer part of the Rangers color scheme. 3 – Alternate logo: A revised version of the current alternate Texas flag logo being used on the Rangers uniforms. The bevel on the lone star has been removed, as well as the color silver.
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    "Made out of recycled poly. 18 bottles were used to create the uniform." so does this mean that if we think some of these new uniforms look like trash it's an accurate statement and not just subjective?
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    @noleseveryday we don't exactly need 50 Wikipedia screenshots in this 2017 college football uniform thread.
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    Los Angeles Chargers of Orange County at Costa Mesa also Carson Could've just fought for San Diego, but whatever.
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    wouldnt mind something like this
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    Can we keep in mind the purpose of this thread, please? It's for changes to football uniforms for the 2017 season. Not to debate fandom. Not to throw opinions which aren't connected to facts about other teams' success or failure. Not to post screenshots of wikipedia pages. Not to post everything we see about any uniform anywhere. I appreciate the interest in uniforms, but let's just slow down for a second, and try to stay on topic.
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    Assuming Pringles never sponsored that building...that was a huge missed opportunity.
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    Indiana isn't a city.
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    There is only one thing the Nuggets need to do: Make a full set. Perfection. Boom. Done. Over.
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    It could be anything. It could even be a boat!
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    Agreed; they don't look great...but they do inflate for those long road trips...
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    I just wish Lebron had a "right" jersey. It could have been the his original Cavs one, which really didn't need much updating at all to still be a perfectly good design. It then could have been the now former set, but that was ruined by all the alts and because the pinnacle of his time there was reached while wearing a black t shirt. I hate to say it, but with all the shuffling around in Cleveland, his Miami uniform seems "right" to me, because at least it was consistent.
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    Jacksonville has only worn the teal jerseys once since the rebrand - 2013 vs Chargers. It's such a nicer look to the black and I miss it so much
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    Noleseveryday is a poster to watch.
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    It looks so beautiful. I miss it.
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    Ok now I put my two cents in. Association uni is neutral for me, don't love, don't hate, just okay, but Icon is a completly mess: Wordmark -thanks to white border- is unreadable from a distance, White stripes takes too much attention Lack of baby blue and even of yellow, White numbers is the only good thing on that (IMO) Here is my quick fix based on 2005-2012 alternate (above-mentioned by Anythinglogos), which was actually a good jersey: BTW, I hope Nuggets will kept that beauty tetris jersey with us, no matter if yellow or baby blue.
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    Wow, what a huge downgrade. The previous set wasn't great, and last seasons tweake worsened it except for the font, but these are just so bland and lifeless. They're basically a navy/white/yellow team now with hints of light blue, which at the very least stood out as a primary color in the NBA ( and I day that as a huge fan of the 90's navy-red-gold). The outlining of the Denver on the navy uniform makes it really hard to read. If for some reason they wanted to emphasize navy over light blue, the previous navy Alts had much better color balance and were much more interesting overall
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    Man, I really wish Michigan would wear this combo again, even if only for a couple of games a season: I personally really like the all-white look they've had since Harbaugh took over, but the classic white over yellow is just too good not to use at least once or twice a season, especially with the beautiful white jerseys they have now.
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    That is a duck, sir.
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    But were you as excited as Tim Duncan...
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    Everyone is jumping aboard the whole "basketball thing in football thing XDDD" train, but does anyone else think it's really bizarre that a public university's football team is wearing a giant brand logo on their practice helmets? Like is that not just a tad off for anyone else? I get that major universities make a big deal of their branding and apparel deals, but on the uniforms themselves generally the actual brand logo is not front and center. I mean there is arguable no more important spot in a uniform than the centerpiece of the helmet, and those helmets have a jumpman logo. I know it's only a practice uniform, but that just makes it worse i think. Even their practices are brought to you by Jumpman. I know saying that college football is a giant corporate entity isn't exactly a unique position, but I can't recall ever seeing quite this level of pure corporatism in amateur athletics, where the primary focal point of a practice uniform is a giant apparel brand. This is bothering me maybe more than it should.
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    Historical accuracy aside, a roman centurion makes for a far more interesting logo than a roman Senator or an 'O' on two stripes. I'll never understand this teams aversion to the 2D iteration. Put it on the chest stripes of the heritage jersey and it does everything the =0= does and more. >
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    I absolutely love the new Sixers look. The drop shadow looks beautiful.
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    I was at that game in Arlington when we played Okie State. These gold numbers were damn near impossible to read under the lights. ----- I'd just like to remind everyone that he and his ideas are not representative of FSU fans as a whole.
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    This thread differs from my former one as i am implementing Nikes 4 uniforms per team concept and i am remaking all my former concept uniforms not just copy and pasting them. there may be expansion teams or revamped identities but that will be less common than my former project. As always C&C is greatly appreciated as it helps me know what i did good and what i can improve. Indiana Pacers I loved the word mark of the new uniforms, but just the execution/balance of the jersey just felt so off. I created more simple and classic sides/trim to complement the wordmark. also featured is a unique trim on the shorts Association Icon Athletes Mindset Community Inspired Brooklyn Nets Took my previous concept and made tweaks to the (what was then called) home and away jerseys and created two completely new uniforms Association Icon Athletes Mindset Community - Took the Brooklyn Dodgers old word mark to show respect to the history of Brooklyn sports. also featured is a "42" on the waistband out of respect for Jackie Robinson Detroit Pistons. In retrospect, my old pistons concept looked very amateur. However, i kept some elements of them (two tone) i liked to create a unique set that also maintains that Detroit Pistons feel Association Icon Athletes Community Thank you very much for viewing. let me know what you think and would like next.
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    If the Warriors were gonna do a white throwback, it should've been the Run TMC set:
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    I do not like the Braves navy blue jersey.
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    Unpopular opinion: hate the stars-n-strips jerseys.
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    What a massive fail!! Denver Nuggets Marketing & Promotion department - please hold this "L".
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    "I’m not seeing other teams have anything close to what we will have.” Uh Oh...nowdays that's usually not good.
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    "We'll do something special for 2019, but back to navy and white for 2020".
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    Dude, seriously? Look at the date. These are from la- Ah, screw it. It won't matter.
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    this thread went from Mizzoujacked to FSUjacked in a span of two pages
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    Man, the Twins current home set really is absolute trash. This is probably the worst they've ever looked.
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    There's this city in Canada that could use a team. Can't quite remember the name of it right now though... starts with an M.... Manitoba? Wait, no, that's a province... hmm...
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    I agree, but it would look even better if the Giants wore this verson of the road jerseys still.
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