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    While it may be a rip off, a giant Fleur-de-Lis looks way cooler than a big ass N or W.
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    Am I the only one happy about the Ducks getting exposed? The hype around that team was sickening.
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    What does that have to do with anything? Next we'll be talking about his right to free speech. He never said "I'm only in it for the abortions." Had he, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Instead, he chose to climb in bed with a dangerous and very scummy group of people, well known at the time for a wide-ranging agenda. If there was any thought that he didn't share that agenda, it was incumbent upon him to say so. And still is.
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    The Big XII better take Louisville with FSU. You don't bring anything to the table. Overrated football team, Very Good Men's Basketball team, annoying fans FYP.
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    Fun what if. What if Oregon loses tonight and ND loses to USC? Wackiness a plenty.
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    See, this is why we needed "Posts That Make You Go Hmmmm..."
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    And those plain blue-and-white ones that didn't even match weren't a bland mess? The Rams need to bring these back and never change again: Lights Out, I don't say this often when you give your opinions on uniforms, but I agree with you.
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    i didnt mean any disrespect. im not getting on about the fact that he said how often he was going to post. it just seems like the thread is dead and i was wondering if he planned on continuing it at all.
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    It seems like Brandiose presented a few options, from different sets, to Reading... and they were basically "We'll take them all!"
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    And those plain blue-and-white ones that didn't even match weren't a bland mess? The Rams need to bring these back and never change again:
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    I liked this look for the Dodgers, except for the placket piping: The blue buttons were a really cool detail that really made the jersey pop.
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    Unpopular opinion alert: I don't understand the love for the blue and white Rams uni's. Sorry everybody. Sorry mom and dad.
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    This reminds me of when WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) was once known as WWF (World Wrestling Federation), guys like Bret Hart would say he's the best in the World Wrestling Federation and Stone Cold would say he's going to kick ass and take names in the WWF, it made sense, but then they changed their name in 2002 to WWE and people say "the WWE" but it NEVER made sense. Nobody ever says "The World Wrestling Entertainment."
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    I have long thought the Dallas Stars should at least change their colors to red, white, and blue to match the Texas flag. Seeing Stars in green and gold just reminds me of Minnesota's team. Yet, Stars are a perfect name for a team in Texas, it just needs the visual clue (color) that the star is referring to Texas. Eh, I'd keep the green/gold/black. It's unique for this state. Every other major pro sports team om Texas has Blue, Red, Silver, or some combination of all three in their color scheme, so I'd just leave it as is.
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    I'm not saying green, black, and gold are "un-Texas-like" just that red, white, and blue, given the iconic Texas flag, are more Texas-like and thus more fitting for a team called the stars in the State. A better brand solution. The problem I have with the Stars in red, white, and blue is that they'll end up looking like Team Texas. Whereas they currently look like a team that plays in Texas that has its own unique to the sport colour scheme that happens to homage the state they play in with their team name. I'll take that over Team Texas any day. I mean do you want to see the Cowboys in red, white, and blue? Or the Maple Leafs in red and white?
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    It doesn't matter if green/gold/black is Texas-like or not. Those are just the colors that the team wears. They were gracious enough to keep some continuity with the North Stars; I don't need them to be rootin' and/or tootin' because they're in Texas.
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    Thailand uniform in a perfect world.
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    I never thought of green, black, and gold as un-Texas-like. Besides, I like the continuity between the North Stars and Stars. I think there would be an uproar around here given that green is underused in pro sports, and the NHL has four red, white, and blue teams.
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    Dolphins need to wear their teal aqua jerseys more often. Their tealaqua/white/tealaqua socks combo is almost flawless.
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    That's an awesome quote. If I owned a team, I'd ask the players what they wanted in a uniform, then do the exact opposite.
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    i like the Bengals uniforms and hate the Panthers
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    Update sans the native pattern: Bonus... Here's an Astros cap I came up with a few weeks back...
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    Oh my gosh. Those Buckeye uniforms are beautiful! May be the best hockey sweaters I've seen at the college level. I'm in a rush to head to class, but sometime soon I hope to dig up pics of Utah State's uniforms. VERY sharp stuff. Think Oilers Gretzky era, but in navy and silver with the "U-State" logo on the chest.
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