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    Wow, what the hell happened while I was gone? I'm going to try to address everything at once. Illustration drawing style in sports I've seen it mentioned that some don't like the new design because "it's too illustrative... It belongs in a children's book." (paraphrasing) Personally, I don't believe this at all. This is one of my all-time favorite logos, and its rendering is very similar to the Jags logo: Or, an even better and more fitting example: I like both of those designs very much (the animals, not so much the type and settings), and they are extremely "illustrative" and "cartoony." My problem with the new design goes into point 2... Not all that glitters Regardless of which design you prefer; valid criticisms can be made about each. On the old one, I would agree with those that say the jaw is off and the eye is depicted in a strange way. But I also agree with the critiques of the new one that say that it is drawn in a bizarre perspective and there are some questionable shading techniques (no need to rehash what Sterling so magnificently illustrated in the other thread). Everyone's personal design tastes vary, but please recognize that there is rarely a case of "this design is perfection, that design is terrible." However, this takes us to point #3... There is such a thing as good taste... ...or at least such a thing as an informed opinion. Take me for example. I love Kraft Mac & Cheese. I even prefer it over my grandmothers homemade M&C. I don't know why... maybe it's because the Kraft version reminds me of simpler times when I was 5 and all I had to worry about was coloring my NFL Huddles book inside the lines... who knows? Anyway, if I was in a debate with a gourmet chef and his custom macaroni recipe about why his preference is better than my own, I would have to respect his opinion on the matter. Why? Because he studied it, learned the finer points of how to mix ingredients and flavors, and the rules one should act within when cooking. Would the debate with the chef change my own personal opinion on the matter? Probably not. But I can at least recognize that my own choice is probably not as qualified as his. This principle applies to many aspects of life. The local 16 year old is going to have a different opinion on beer than the owner of a brewery. Is one opinion wrong? Not necessarily, but I would say one has more authority to speak on the topic. I enjoy the Nickelodeon show "Victorious" more than "Downton Abbey." I prefer listening to a local pop punk band over the worlds most talented opera singer. It's perfectly fine to enjoy seemingly "lesser" things. But if someone who is much more informed about music or drama comes along and explains to me why my choice is lesser based on the merits of both, I try not take it personally. Because this is technically a design forum, there will be "real" designers (I mean people who work in the industry or went through design school) who will comment on and critique designs, just like there will be hobbyists and enthusiasts who will do the same. This in no way suggests that we should only have a select few speak and silence the rest. Discussion is good. But if someone is using legitimate artistic concerns to reason with you on why something that you like is "bad," try not jump all over them. They took the time to try and help you expand your personal knowledge on the subject for your benefit, not theirs. Do you have to agree with them? No! Just remember that while opinions and preferences vary, there are people who do have better taste than others. Opinions are like ***holes... ...everyone has them. But don't let having an opinion turn you into an ***hole. Regardless of what side of the fence you fall on, keep it respectful. I think that just about covers it... Carry on.
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    For what it's worth, something like this would've been fine with me.
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    While I don't necessarily think the term "clip art" applies, it does feel a lot like a piece of stock artwork to me. This is of course by no fault of the designer, but the same style (shadowing, and fine detail) is completely overused on sites like iStockphoto. And to put it frankly it's just not a style that I have ever enjoyed. Here's an example just to give everybody an idea of what I'm saying: There is not necessarily anything wrong with the way the logo has been drawn, in fact I think they've done a pretty good job. But I think this may be the reason some people are so turned off by it. It's for this reason, to me at least, that the new logo gives off a minor league, or high school feel. Not because of poor rendering, or messy line work, but simply because of the style it has been drawn in and the connotations that it has come to have.
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    Love all the talking about CJ's version. Step up to the plate folks! He did. His version is better than the old or the new Jag in my opinion.
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    CCSLC always has the better product. ALWAYS
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    ramble_on: Words of advice from someone who taught himself virtually everything he knows about the field he now works in: learn to take criticism. You'll never get better unless you can take suggestions (harsh, passive aggressive, friendly, vague, helpful, what have you) in stride, and process those suggestions in a way that improves your process and final product. bigmike gave you good advice. Work on how you receive it.
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    I am not putting myself on a high horse by any means. I am just telling you to put some more effort and time behind it. It is like vic furth was saying, do you think a guitar player that is just learning is gonna go out trying to play Crazy Train in a concert 3 days after he bought his guitar? It is great that you are starting to learn the program, but take some time to clean it up and and play around with it to understand it better. There are plenty of tutorials around here and things like that to help you get started. All I was basically trying to say is don't post something just for the sake of posting it, if you really want some good feedback, take some more time to learn your programs. You also need to be using a photoshop template or illustrator, whichever one it is you are actually using, that would help you tremendously, because it honestly looks like you made it in MS paint in about 5 minutes. I'm trying to help more than anything, go back and read my response without being so defensive. I actually like the helmet, it is the cleanest part of the concept and it looks good, the uniform though needs a lot of work IMO.
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    I'm okay with the new logo, but its going to date quickly within the next 10 years. You can have it Jags fans, I'll stick to something with staying power
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    I can't explain why, but I really liked this uniform for the Jaguars.
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    I didnt know Cheech Marin owned the Jags
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    That brings up the other problem with the Isles' current set, though: It's not a throwback to the franchise's glory years, it's a throwback to the franchise's "hastily-arranged WHA -block" years.
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    That's because people almost always reject change and then turn around and "warm up to it" later on. This logo would be praised and applauded if a member on here created it. Once you put the new and old logo side by side, it is an obvious massive upgrade
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    Amateur hour. Maybe the old logo looked like a cat coughing up a hairball but at least it was a well designed cat coughing up a hairball. This looks like a stock create-a-team logo you'd find on Madden or like something that would come up if you searched "jaguar clip art" on Google. I don't see that AT ALL. The old logo looked like a logo. The new one looks like an illustration you'd find in a colouring book designed to teach kids about animals.
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    At this point, I'm thinking maybe the Islanders should just be one of those teams that doesn't have an alternate. Their default look is fine on its own, and clearly anything else this team tries ends up hit-or-miss at best. If they feel they absolutely need an alternate, an orange version of their home probably would be the best way to go IMO, although I'm still not sure if it'll turn out very well.
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    They put the chest logo on the wrong side...
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    I took a stab at that logo once...
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    Haven't seen it yet. But I did just realize next year's Super Bowl takes place on groundhog's day.
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    I agree, the pinstripe Pacers' look is far better than I ever gave it credit for. In comparison to the overly simplistic, characterless milquetoast sets they have now, you dang skippy they are. The yellow sidepanels really sey them off (on the primaries, anyway)...but that extra outline on the scripts and the numbers really muddied them up, almost to the point of being illegible especially when set up against those pinstripes. Overall, though, it was a good look—but it still wasn't better than the Flo-Jos.
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    Legacy's a bit of a misnomer, considering this would be an expansion team that has none.
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