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    I was thinkin this for the canadiens logo lol
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    This could never be a Nike design, because Nike would rather close up shop than have socks that contrast with the pants. (You know, like they're supposed to.)
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    You know, I hear this all the time about Generation Y/The millenials. Being part of that generation, I have to take a bit of offense to that. Fact is, this generation of young adults is the most educated in the world, and faces a LOT of challenges in the economics of actually paying for that education and finding work that previous generations didn't have to face. My generation isn't perfect, there's a lot of a$$hoes, no doubt, but there is a large group of perfectly good, hard working, and driven people who face problems that are, frankly, beyond our control, that a lot of previous generations never had to deal with. Fact is, our parents (my generation) grew up in one of the most prosperous periods of time this country has ever seen, and I think a lot of times they take that for granted or are unable to grasp the importance of the effect it had on their income. And really, I'm not trying to knock the previous generation or two in any means, but they didn't live in a time when college costs rose a 58% from what they were less than a decade ago.
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    Mayhaps the Dolphin is so athletic and manly, that the hoop he jumps through IS THE SUN.
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    I was thinkin this for the canadiens logo lol Then make it green / blue, add a beard and toque on him and you have the Canucks logo
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    What the hell? Have you people even watched Miracle?!? "I'm sick and tired of hearing how magical Crystal Pepsi is. Screw it! This is our time... Now go out there and drink it!"
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    What is it about this particular series that makes it so compelling? I ask this in all seriousness in order to figure out how it can be replicated. I (and many other fans of this series) aren't even soccer fans, and yet we are riveted to this series. There have been tons of good series where entire leagues are created. Several going on right now that I'm enjoying very much, but not to the level of the America League. Additionally, there are lots of series that have attempted to create detailed histories for each of the teams, and to be honest, until this one, I always skimmed right over them. The only thing I can think of is that this one started off by saying it had all 68 teams finished and ready to be rolled out. Also, Patrick laid out his goals for himself when creating this league, as well as the limitations he was putting on himself. By establishing from the start that he not only claimed he was going to do this, but had already done so, it put me at ease that I wouldn't be asking myself two months from now, "Hmm... whatever happened to that guy who said he was going to do a whole league of American soccer teams? He did ten, then dropped off the map...". I know most of us don't have the time to create a whole league from scratch before posting the first thing about it, but to be honest, if you're going to propose doing an entire league, this is the way to do it. Get them all done first, and then roll it out. The introductory map was also a great touch, as it allowed everyone to locate their region and being anticipating what "their' team was going to be. As far as the detailed history goes, I think what many of the less-interesting do is when they start listing out individual players that were on those teams, and the specific results of specific games. I think our attention span is limited to the broad scope of history. Other current series that seem to follow many of these unwritten 'rules' are GotPixel's rugby series that just finished, Jabberwockey Hockey, and Eurobasket. Enjoying all three of those and look forward to the new releases every day. Granted, not everyone can be both a great designer AND a good writer. But if you're creating a league from scratch, take note at how much these 'histories' shape and inform and sometimes even excuse a team's logo and uniform design. So keep them coming, everyone. For the first time, I'm checking into this forum not just weekly, but several times a day, excited to see the great series everyone is coming up with.
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    They used a preposition to end a sentence with.
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    It's March Madness, folks! UD Arena - Dayton, OH (2013)
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    Aah, the beauty of the GIF. <tear sniff>
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    FGCU had three or four dunks of this variety tonight. Simply unstoppable!
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    Being someone who was born and raised in Fort Myers, I am extremely happy for FGCU. I've had it with you.
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    Florida Gulf Coast has got to be the most impressive 15-seed I've seen in my lifetime. These guys can definitely hang with Oklahoma or San Diego State and qualify for the Sweet 16, should they hang on against G'Town.
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    Excuse my arrogance, but what's the island off the eastern coast? it isn't an island. It is connected to Maryland. A peninsula. A word that is hilariously like penis.
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    So I thought I'd have a go at a football concept. It's not something I've done before but with the imminent arrival of the first England kit made by Nike I thought I'd crack out a Nike concept. I've used the current England logo with the FA - 150th Anni logo and merged them into a more shirt worthy design. The socks and shorts show absolutely no difference in design, only colour. This is to echo the days when there were very limited designs for teams to wear. So I'll start with the home strip. It is based around the very first England shirt. At that point the kit would not have had shorts and socks as part of the strip but I've kept to a very simple, basic design for the shorts and socks. Very much in keeping with the era. In reality England actually wore navy shorts with navy socks in its first full strip but I wanted to keep the kit looking as traditional as possible. Therefore I stuck with the white/navy/white that England is famous for. The First Goalkeepers shirt is working in the same way as all the other strips but Ive stuck with the Nike Club template with the small addition of the detailing under the collar. It was quite a few years before England first wore the famous red away shirt. It is not exactly 150 years old but I have based this design on the first appearance of the red away. I particularly like the use of the Navy socks. This was the second design of the goalkeeper kit and as you can see I've stuck with the template of Nike Club. The third kit looks very similar to the second goalkeeper strip; however, it is important to note that the blue change of strip has to be included in the new strips. The first England change strip was the blue version. The third goalkeeper strip. The classic green goalkeeper kit. Not a colour used very often with England goalkeeper strips but I thought it needed to be included because of the similarity between the aforementioned blue kits. Hope you guys like them. As always I'd appreciate any C&C from you guys on here.
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    By the way, I thought (hoped? prayed?) that this horrific clown hat had been established as being just a concept. There's no way an actual NFL franchise would wear something like this, is there? Is there? Please? We don't agree often, but when we do, I believe we are right on point. I am hoping that someone realizes that this helmet is absolute trash and should be used in college or the AFL....It is not up to the standards of the NFL. A college might pull something like this out as a one time deal to rile up the kiddies, but even on that level, I can't believe it would be an everyday look. Think about it... the NFL allows only one helmet. And Miami would wear this one? Can't fathom it. But then, look at Seattle.
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    By the way, I thought (hoped? prayed?) that this horrific clown hat had been established as being just a concept. There's no way an actual NFL franchise would wear something like this, is there? Is there? Please?
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    It's been said a million times before, but I'm going to say it again. I hate the generic courts. I miss the old days when a game would be played at the Frank Erwin Center and all you would see is Orange. Obviously take away large school branding but at least keep the baseline colour and court type.
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    Much better than the patch they wore all of last season.
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    I'll take Bo Ryan's boring, methodical offense over an asshat like Marshall Henderson any day.
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    At least 29texan got us off the whole Sunburst vs Ring fiasco. Now we're all just yelling at him about our teams being iconic. Man, the days are getting slower.
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    Or just ban helmets. That would be even simpler. And the "RAWR RAWR SKIRTS!" crowd would be satisfied. When plastic shells were introduced in the 1940s, many people (including doctors' groups) worried that they would cause more injuries than they prevented. Seems prescient now, even if they couldn't have foreseen the nature of those injuries.
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    Well done. Maybe the reason they made the original logo more vertical was that they didn't want him leading with his helmet. He was getting penalized for "delivering a blow" to those seals on the other team.
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    Seriously though, if the dolphin is truly going to be without a helmet, there is a much greater risk of concussions..
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    No, Frank, it wouldn't. If done properly, it'd only set it on a path that would restore that greatness for everyone. Actually, the only significant changes I'd make (given carte blanche to do so) would be structural or procedural: - Expanding the membership of both houses of Congress, giving House members much smaller constituencies, reducing the degree of power currently held by members in both Houses, making it harder for lobbyists and special interests to hold sway (it's easy to buy off 535 legislators; 5,350? Not so much), and allowing more divergent voices in our legislative branch (I assume that some members of the Green and/or Libertarian parties would get into Congress). - Mandating that any action of either House of Congress that wasn't specified in the constitution as requiring a greater (two-thirds) majority to approve would be taken by a simple majority (thereby eliminating the filibuster, among other procedural shenanigans that both parties have ingrained into the system over the years). - Implementing term limits for Congress, with members of the House or Senate allowed to serve no more than 12 years at a time. After 4 years out of office, they could return if elected however. - Removing the Vice President from the legislative branch altogether, instead giving him a more clearly defined role in government. - Revising term limits on the Presidency, allowing a former two-term President to seek a third (and fourth) term after 4 years out of office. - Establishing a fixed, 20-year term for Supreme Court justices and other federal bench appointees... but with the ability to be reappointed/confirmed if desired. - Establishing and mandating a uniform, national, nonpartisan branch of government responsible solely for ensuring the fair conduct of elections at all levels of government. - Clarifying our national defense and security structures, as they've essentially become a separate branch of government in 21st century society. - Revising the 20th and 25th Amendments provisions on presidential succession, to address scenarios I've identified as unresolved in my study of them. - More clearly defining the role between the states and the federal government. Would I modify any portions of the Bill of Rights? Only to clarify their intent in some cases. By and large the Supreme Court's interpretations of the various amendments have served that purpose though.
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    I'm with everyone who has posted that they saw this as a fiery ring early on but evolved into seeing it as a sunburst. @ BBTV, just to be clear I wasn't suggesting that photo was the specific inspiration, just that it proves dolphins did jump through fiery rings and that such an act would look similar to the early version of the logo. FWIW, I looked for a pic of a dolphin jumping across the sun and found nothing really close to the look of the logo. That's pretty meaningless but thought I'd mention it. As for who designed it, his name was Bill Bodenhamer, he died in 2000, and notably, he also designed an iconic logo for another Miami institution. From his obit in a Miami paper: === When William "Bill" Bodenhamer Sr. began his career as a graphic designer nearly half a century ago, he likely had no idea that a two-day assignment that earned him only $250* ( ) would leave such a lasting mark. As the creator of the original Miami Dolphins logo, Mr. Bodenhamer, who died Sunday at age 72, is assured a place in South Florida history. The leaping, helmeted dolphin he drew in 1965 has come to represent not only the Dolphins but also the region he loved. "Our logo is probably one of the most identifiable logos in all of sports, in part because it identified the team with this region," said Harvey Green, the Dolphins' vice president of media relations. "This one was probably ahead of its time." The Dolphins logo, which has undergone only minor modifications in the past 30 years, was Mr. Bodenhamer's most widely recognized work, but not necessarily his most satisfying. "You just did what you could with what you had back then," Bodenhamer said in 1997, when the logo was revamped. "I wasn't too crazy about [the design]. I wanted to do something like the Rams had, something real good. But we just didn't have much time." Mr. Bodenhamer is also known for his 1973 design of the University of Miami's logo, one of his favorites. === * I was curious so I found an online inflation calculator. His fee represents about $1800 in 2012 dollars. There's nothing definitive there about ring vs. sun but the reference to the logo coming to "represent the region" along with everything else (Florida as the Sunshine State etc.) suggests IMO it was indeed intended to be a sunburst. It's interesting to see that the original incarnation was much more horizontal in alignment, like this: It was that way on the letterhead too...
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    Heavy emphasis on standardized testing, as well as people drawing up legislations for education who have no business doing it (like No Child Left Behind) is doing the most to hurt our current educational system.
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    Well. I see you know nothing about our current educational system and why certain aspects of it are failing the students. Trollolololol. Never mind the regressive tax policies and tax cuts Baby Boomers voted for over the last 30ish years. Never mind the fact that today's kids, teens and collegiates are suffering, because their elders are destroying the same social programs older people took advantage of when they themselves were young. It's the whole trophy system failing kids. Yeah, it's this that's doing the job.* *sarcasm intended
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    Dude, I don't know what I can say about this series that everyone else hasn't already. Awesome execution, incredible depth of thought, one of the best series I've ever seen here. Most of these concepts and designs are total hits. Just like a real league, there are some misses, especially when you put big logos or elements in contrast to the main jersey (Miami and not-Hollywood LA come to mind), where I think subtlety would work better. But overall, this series is so awesome it defies belief. Someone smart at video game modding should mod the most recent FIFA game to incorporate this league. Then we could all take control of our local team and lead them to US Premier League glory! An England-style soccer league in the US is obviously a stretch, but this concept series really makes it seem plausible. I think going on to the next two leagues would basically send most of us into excitement overload. I'm hoping my hometown shows up in one of them. (Annapolis Admirals FC!!!) Absolutely awesome work. Please, never stop.
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    Here's my humble picks. Charlie Conway Memorial Region 1. GODDAMN BATMAN def. 9. BLUE BOX MAC & CHEESE Batman advances after Robin opens box and makes a macaroni picture for Alfred. 13. NHL '94 ROENICK def. 5. "YYZ" BASSLINE Roenick dekes Geddy Lee right out of his soulpatch. 6. 80'S FLAME HAKAN LOOB def. 3. UPTON'S RIGHT TIT Upton struggles all game, playing very lopsided and seemed to be shorthanded out there. 15. CRYSTAL PEPSI def. 7. MIRACLE PRE-GAME SPEECH Crystal Pepsi is clear. A clear cola. Imagine that! Obviously a clear cola has the element of surprise! Chubbs Peterson Memorial Region 9. SLIGHTLY FATIGUED LIAM NEESON def. 16. #YOLO Since you only live once, #YOLO couldn't survive another round. 4. HULK HOGAN'S SCHLONG def. 12. HANDFUL OF BEEF JERKY You know something, jerky? You'd better take your vitamins and say your prayers before the Hulkster's 24 inch one-eyed python runs wild on you, brother! 6. TEN LOOGODUDE POSTS def. 3. GORILLA GLUE Loogodude somehow stuck around the boards much longer than Gorilla Glue can hold 2. 97 MALIBU (CHIMP DRIVER) def. 10. CANADIAN DELUXE It's a chimp. Driving a car. Enough said What It Means To Be a Cleveland Brown Region 8. DROWNED KFC STATUE def. 1. JUPITER Curse of the statue downs the one seed 12. NUDIST COLONY GROUNDSKEEPER def. 13. NEON GREEN GAFFER'S TAPE The groundskeeper has seen things much more outlandish than the tape and is unfazed 3. STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN def. 6. TECMO CUNNINGHAM Cunningham proves that he's no cyber Bo Jackson. 7. ANDY'S GIFS def. 2. CHIMP BARTENDER Andy could bust out a chimp GIF at any time. The barkeep is too one-dimensional to pull out the W. Sentinel Prime Memorial Region of Excellence 8. WILLIE'S BONG def. 16. 24 LAKEPORT BEERS Assuming the game's nowhere near a Texas border crossing, Woody will easily smoke his opponent. 12. ANCIENT ALIENS GUY def. 13. NES ROB Why won't a robo mascot of decades past advance? "Aliens." 11. FLAMING WILD WING def. 3. DEATHSAURUS A flaming duck is the kryptonite of the deathsaurus. Source: person experience. 2. AL DAVIS TRACK SUIT def. 7. SMITH'S BROKEN STICK The track suit is now possessed by its former owner, and goin' vertical!
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    This would be a cool logo, though.
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    He just wanted people to skim the cover and think they were the Violent Femmes.
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    Wow, a really good game between Gonzaga and Southern. I don't want Zaga to lose because I have them going to the Final Four, but watching a 16 seed topple number 1 would be really cool. A Gonzaga loss would really open things up for the rest of that bracket.
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    Philadelphia starts with a P. And the P has wings. Which are used to fly.
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    While this is a valid argument, I don't see why 3 pages worth of thread was wasted on it, haha
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    Nah, I'd never, ever burn the Constitution. I'd just replace it with one reflective of, and more in tune with, the 21st century as opposed to the 18th.
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    Unless a school uses the name of the state, they have no reason to use an outline of the state.
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    I'm coping with the reality, but truly, it was inevitable, but it's just happening all so fast that it's crazy. No matter what happens in this season coming up, I'm sticking with this team. I'm just glad that the end of the last season went the way it did, now its time to reload.
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    I would agree that the England shirt resembles the US centennial. However, I think there is a difference between the two. I would say the US feels a bit more elegant compared to England. It seems more polished with the sleeve cuffs and the enlarged, gorgeous crest really becomes the focal point of the entire shirt. Your eyes are instantly drawn into it. With England, the crest isn't drawing me in. It's just kind of "there." I think it should be enlarged because the only other feature is the collar. We've seen it is definitely possible to create a highly simplistic kit in an elegant way (below). This Nike offering just strikes me as stale and boring. Here is simplistic, yet elegant. It is incredibly plain yet I would not call it dull or stale. The crest looks quite regal and is clearly the focus of the entire shirt. I especially like the way the opponent is denoted within the scroll.
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    You know there's a reason they "got the 'f' out" right?
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    Id much rather have this type of goofy then all the teams wearing pink accessories for a whole month.
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    A little research tells me it's district 38 http://www.ncleg.net...presentsMe.aspx It will be in District 38. But to be clear, I've not announced a candidacy yet. It's a technicality of sorts, but for legal reasons I'm not able to officially say I'm running. Yet. For any CCSLC'ers who would care to help, http://igg.me/at/webackmac38/x/2513157 takes you to an Indiegogo fundraising site. It outlines my basic positions on issues, my reasons for considering a run, etc., etc. Or, if Tank were offering his opinion... Criminal Communist Socialist Liberal C***sucker
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    Communication Community Service Loyalty Commitment Mac The Knife/WiB in 2014!
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    Terry Kath, the late guitarist from Chicago in the 60s and 70s wore several hockey Jerseys when the band toured. I have seen him in jerseys of the Rangers, Blues, and even the WHL's Chicago Cougars. He even had a Blackhawks decal on his guitar. I'm at work so I can't really post any pics.
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    Hey people this is the Miami Dolphin's New Logo creation I came up with, check it out guys and if you like it Spread The Word via Twitter, Fb whatever social media outlet at hand!!! Enjoy my work. What I did was I took a look at the Overall Teams History and combined the elements from the 1966-'96 Era into a more Modern Look with a touch of Retro!
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    Chicago Cubs raise you a pair. Really? -------- Fan superiority discussions always end well.
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