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    I know a little about valuation of trees, as I serve as the chairman on an architectural/redevelopment review board in a historic neighborhood. The cutting of trees in that neighborhood, even on private property (much less in the public strip of land between the sidewalk and the street in front of a house) cannot be done without governmental review and permission. My two cents: A 30 year-old pine tree in a forest is "just a tree". A Bradford Pear sapling planted to meet landscape requirements for a fast food joint is "just a tree". A 50-year old elm in someone's yard that has to be removed due to disease or termite damage is "just a tree". But live oaks of more than 100 years, especially on public property in a very prominent and symbolic location, is a LOT more than "just a tree". You can't just replace such a tree. There have been instances of large trees being relocated short distances to save them, but it would be nigh-impossible to find a similar sized/type tree in an acceptable distance radius (and with manageable roadway access in terms of road widths and hanging utility wires) to be relocated to that site. There was a live oak tree located near a Dallas, TX interstate that needed to be moved a few years ago. It cost the city more than $100,000 to move it a short distance, which was determined for accounting purposes to be tree's "fair value." Other large and or symbolic trees have been appraised at up to $150,000. If that tree-poisoner were to have blow up the Auburn clock tower, it could have been rebuilt to almost the same specs and appearance within a year. By poisoning and killing the oak trees, he ensured Toomer's Corner will never look even close to the way it did for at least 50 years. So long story short, the best to offer for Auburn is a set of 20-year old live oaks and about 100 years of time. The value of that is immeasurable.
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    Vancouver's thirds aren't that bad, but I don't see the point of them. The stripes are barely discernible from the regular uniforms, the V-head shoulder logo looks like Johnny Canuck is being decapitated, and IMO they use the two weakest logos in the Canucks' logo repertoire. The Canucks uniforms are pretty good in idea and color but they fall apart when it came to stripe widths and logo choices. Here's how I'd make them the best in the league. - match the stripes on the sleeves and hem to the stripes on the pants and socks. This is my #1 biggest pet peeve with these uniforms and it would be so easy to fix. - Skating Johnny Canuck on the crest. No arched Vancouver over him. - The orca C on the shoulders - and if they want to, throw a white V onto the sleeve stripes, but I could take or leave that.
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    If he's as accurate as The Dude you have nothing to worry about. Can't believe they'd get rid of that logo. Well, he didn't say anything about getting rid of the logo. Just our current helmet: I guess I interpreted getting rid of "the current flying WV helmet that they've been wearing for the past 30" as not having that logo on the helmet anymore. If that's not what that means, what does it mean?
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    Or you could just put the TM there and trademark it yourself.
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    If the Cowboys ran out of the tunnel wearing anything like that I would...
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    As if there was any doubt, the protest has been denied. USMNT will keep the 3 points.
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    Yes, if anything the evolution is the reverse of your question. In other words, it was far more common then than it is today because of animal welfare groups and so on and the public's expectation that animals not be forced to perform dangerous stunts for entertainment. Many here are way too young to remember but you know how Texas has their live steer mascot? Their first season or two the Dolphins had a dolphin in a big above-ground pool tank behind the goal posts in one endzone. After FGs and PATs if the ball landed in the tank the dolphin was trained to "nose" it out of the water to a staff member next to the pool. Looked but can't find a pic, just thought that was pretty funny. You'd never see that now. Yeah, there was an entire movie based off of the dolphin's kidnapping.
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    If he's as accurate as The Dude you have nothing to worry about. Can't believe they'd get rid of that logo. No kidding. I know WVU doesn't get talked about alongside other storied programs all that much, but in terms of brand equity, that flying WV is about as iconic as iconic gets...it'd be a crying shame (for the football team to) if they were to toss all that by the wayside just to chase after some newfangled kewl en vogue trend that'll probably last only as long as it takes for the next kewl en-vogue trend to catch fire.
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    Selanne's still good; he's just too old to play a schedule like this. Ducks haven't had more than one day off for over a month, and that's with back-to-backs. He needs to sit and rest.
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    I know it's fake but not bad. A little sloppy but not bad.
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    You've lived a fabulous life, my friend.
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    Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless thank you for recognizing their hard work in elevating the integrity level at ESPN. The problem isn't so much Paul posting it, but when someone comes on here and says, "I saw this on UniWatch." No offense to OP, but taking it out of UW context seems to be more common lately, and it always comes with the suggestion of some sort of legitimacy when brought here. I stopped reading UW long ago because there just isn't enough real news or analysis among the filler and hobby stuff. Maybe it's changed, but I'd always check here first for actual news.
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    I hope to god those don't become Vancouver's full time third's. Why they haven't made the current third the primary with a matching white is beyond me... That is one of the best looking jerseys in recent memory
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    Entirely possible. Like I said, I could easily be wrong, and if I am (I'm only not saying I'm definitely wrong in case, by a small chance, I am actually right, haha) I wish that he had posted that it was clearly a fake in a more obvious way. Because if I misinterpreted what he meant, I'm sure a bunch of other people could too. I'm basically criticizing him for poor writing now. And I'm being nitpicky because the guy works for ESPN; he should be held to the highest of standards when it comes to writing. See? THIS is how to have a discussion based on a disagreement without it blowing up into a huge flame war. And it included sarcasm too!
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    You'd think that Paul Lukas would be able to pick this stuff out by now as the self-proclaimed "Uniform King of the Universe." I mean, there aren't even shoulder or sleeve numbers, which for someone whose job is literally to stare at football uniforms all day, should be a tip-off right away. In other news, I hate that people instantly believe something is real because it is posted on the internet...
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    I love how some people are critical of a design decision made by a professional sports team, and some fans of said team take it all personally like you insulted their mothers or something.
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    For some perspective...Facebook and Twitter were still relatively new when this thread was started. The Kardashians had yet to air an episode documenting their wholesome family life and a gallon of milk cost a nickel.
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    i usually say "Jags", but around other Colts fans we have another term. it rhymes with "Jags" though
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    I have no problem with the Jags abbreviation. I don't like it appearing on the official team uniform. Mets isn't technically an abbreviation for the New York Mets. It's the official name of the team so it's fine if it appears on the uniforms. And Bucs doesn't appear anywhere on the uniform, as it should be.
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    Yeah, I don't care for shortened team names either. It looks minor league to me. Also, as it's been discussed, the term "jag" means something not all that desirable in the UK. Which is a problem as the Jaguars apparently want to brand themselves as the UK's "team." So now they can't use their shield logo, which seems to be at the centre of their new branding campaign, in the place where they're trying to expand their brand. I don't think anyone has a problem with that. Fans generally have nicknames for their teams. That doesn't mean the nicknames should appear on the uniforms though. You don't see the Canadiens with a sweater that says "HABS" or a Yankees jersey with "Bombers" on it, do you?
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    Mayhaps the Dolphin is so athletic and manly, that the hoop he jumps through IS THE SUN.
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    What a stubborn display. He is the CEO of the Dolphins for Christ sake. I think he knows. Stop it.
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    I don't see them ever bringing back the Flying V's. Not now, anyway.
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