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    Ugly. yeah, we said Northwestern stripes, not "Northwestern"
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    Everybody's doing it! I was bored tonight so I decided I've give the Big 10 a try. I may do other conferences later. No letters, just symbols. Big 10 Big 12 ACC I tried to avoid using their actual logos with most of them, although some are pretty much the same (Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin).
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    Interesting point on the lighting: how does their future stadium situation play into shades of purple (even if, from our understanding, the shade is not going to change)? They only have one more season in the Metrodome, and it's under that brighter roof from 2011. Then, two seasons in natural light at TCF Bank Stadium before the new place opens in 2016...which may have a retractable roof. Even though the stadium design process evidently isn't complete (a major point is that they're currently deciding what kind of retractable "element" to include in the stadium -- like a roof or wall or window), the uniform process obviously is, so whatever purple we're going to have for the next five years will have to work in whatever combo of natural and artificial light in the new stadium.
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    Something that always bugged me about the current Viking's unis were those numbers. They are slab-serif, but are rounded too! I thought it always made them look child-like or not as aggresive. Give me a slab serif or san-serif (like the Bears or Steelers) but dont soften the old school slab-serif please. Just wondering if this bothered anyone like it did me.
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    I'm guessing the horns will be smaller and "sharper" (which will ironically not match the new norseman) and the uniform a good idea that is ultimately ruined by nike's love for random panels and goofy patterns.
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    Not to toot my own horn or anything, but when we're talking about shoulder loops and white road socks... I just had this come to mind just a little bit
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