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    Maroon 5 concert? There's the April Fools joke of the day!
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    No, you can't ask something. But is the word you're looking for style/media guide?
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    Everybody's doing it! I was bored tonight so I decided I've give the Big 10 a try. I may do other conferences later. No letters, just symbols. Big 10 Big 12 ACC I tried to avoid using their actual logos with most of them, although some are pretty much the same (Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin).
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    Something that always bugged me about the current Viking's unis were those numbers. They are slab-serif, but are rounded too! I thought it always made them look child-like or not as aggresive. Give me a slab serif or san-serif (like the Bears or Steelers) but dont soften the old school slab-serif please. Just wondering if this bothered anyone like it did me.
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    Wow, that's a blatant ripoff by Adidas.
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    The Cardinals best road look is with red caps. Blue serves zero purpose and honestly looks stupid woth all the red on their uniforms
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    I'm guessing the horns will be smaller and "sharper" (which will ironically not match the new norseman) and the uniform a good idea that is ultimately ruined by nike's love for random panels and goofy patterns.
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    Nice to see the Ducks bounce back and take Game 1 of the Stars series 4-0 in Dallas. (Of course I didnt actually see any of it because I've been on goddamn planes all day.) 5 of 7 points on the road trip. Just fine.
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    Those bird caps shouldn't even be worn for bp. Also, the navy road caps were phenomenal. I always liked the seeming incongruity of a team with red letters and undershirts wearing a blue cap. Goodnight, sweet prince.
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    Unpopular opinion alert: I like the red Cards hats. I don't get why everyone wants the blue back.
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    Trolling your paying customers a week after trading your captain and while you're in the process of getting blown out: Business Savvy!
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    Not to toot my own horn or anything, but when we're talking about shoulder loops and white road socks... I just had this come to mind just a little bit
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    I know THEY'RE regional champions and I know why THEY'RE given a trophy. I just thought when you made the final four all you got was a hat and t-shirt for getting THERE. Really cool gesture of the team to let Ware sleep with THEIR trophy.
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    Colorado Rockies First up, the Colorado Rockies. Being the only purple team in the MLB, I think the Rockies should embrace the color and ditch the black. With this concept I wanted to use purple and a sliver color with white being an accent. Unfortunately, that means the team has two purple jerseys with one using white and the other silver. I did not want to start with that, but that's just how it worked out with the records. I did not think a vest really fit in with the rest of the set so that's just how it is. Went with solid over pinstripe because it looked better with the purple. Alternate hat has a gray bill and button to be used with the purple uniforms. Logos changed to reflect new colors.
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    Ok, I'm gonna preface all of this by stating that I LOVE Phoenix, and Chase Field... BUT. The D Backs identity makes that ball park even worse. Don't get me wrong, brick, black, and sand is a great color combination, but it just doesn't work for the D Backs. At least when they were wearing teal and purple it seemed as if it was this oasis in the middle of a sprawling and empty desert. Now, everything in their identity package just matches the surroundings. When you set up a pro franchise in a wasteland like Phoenix, Arizona, the last thing you wanna do is blend in with the surroundings. It takes what is basically a drab warehouse looking ball park by necessity that was balanced out by all of the bright colors and turns it into a Costco with a retractable roof. And even worse than all of that is now they have this absolutely terrible mish mash of colors all around the ball park. Everything from the championship banners, to the fans attire, to even some of the original architecture that was done to match the original color scheme that can't just simply be re painted, is now this awful mixture of purple, teal, brick, sand, copper, and black. Sigh. They shoulda just let the Stros keep the brick and black. Both Franchises are worse off aesthetically now than they were in 2004. Look, I know that a lot of people really love when the Astros dress like the Tigers because it reminds them of the days when they were playing on the living room carpet and somehow being even more forgettable competitively than they are right now, but I guarantee you that they'll have a lot of the same aesthetic issues at Minute Maid that plague Chase Field.
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    Well it is Miami.... Notice the emphasis on "ALL WHITE". There's another team that wears all-white that plays in the city on which I reside...but it DANG sho ain't got no women who look anything like that. Or any yachts, for that matter. Man I gots to get the heck up outta Indiana....
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    That dolphins concept is desperately missing orange. Hope the real look finds a way to incorporate more of it.
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    The top 2 are classics. The last set is horrible...irrelevent logo, cluttering local identity wordmark, and weak font.
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    Early word is the Jags will be doing theirs on the 23rd. What a week!
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    @GotPixels...Buc can speak for himself but just for the record your 300 posts don't make you supreme guardian of the threads. It's also a good idea never to assume. Sure, it's probably Stephen but who knows, maybe Jerry has a 26-year-old mistress somewhere who's always wanted to run something. Newbs... No disrespect.
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    Going off of this, I believe he will automatically acquire copyright protection without having to take any action to obtain the protection. It is my understanding that the protection is obtained upon creation of the work. At least this is how I remember it from my legal studies course.
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    That's another tricky one. Look at the 1986 entry. The artist uses the bat signal from DKR, but mistakenly calls the comic Legends of the Dark Knight...which the artist accurately uses later (1989). The 1986 entry should read Batman: The Dark Knight (which includes DKR). Phew. Thanks! Geez...this is very confusing. I never knew there were so many changes.
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