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    I agree. "Original 6 Dress Up" is to me a snarky term intended to demean a perfectly legitimate design aesthetic. There's nothing wrong with a relatively new team wanting to follow the design cues that have come to define its sport.
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    Ah yes, the old Cleveland Browns no logo trick.
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    You know how I know you aren't from here?
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    In this instance, a non-corrupt judge would be the unlikely thing. This once again begs the question of what someone who obviously dislikes Canada is doing in charge of a HOCKEY league. Quebec City would be the far better and more feasible market. But we moved Columbus to the east! We can't ever change it again you guys...
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    Sweet new Mexico 3rd.
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    1. Seahawks 2. UW football 3. Mariners 4. Sounders 5. UW basketball 6. Reminiscing about the Sonics while watching Macklemore videos 7. Rooting for Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer's pursuit of the NBA 8. Rat City Rollergirls 9. Seattle NHL team And if the NHL did come to Seattle, then what? There's no guarantee of an arena to ever be built, there's no history of hockey support in this arena, and even if a new arena were constructed, the Seattle Coyotes would be permanently second place to Sonics 2.0. I love for cool new things to come to my city, but I'm not so blinded by civic pride that I can't see this being a terrible idea. It'd be fun to see NHL hockey at KeyArena once or twice, but long-term? I just don't see it.
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    At this point, Bettman and the legislators are throwing b#tch slaps at Quebec. How did Seattle jump to the forefront of NHL relocation? Because preserving the dumbass realignment has become more important than ensuring the league actually has 30 healthy teams.
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    Extra bold prediction: they move the team to a locale where they speak French, but not Quebec. Maybe New Orleans? Or why not Port-Au-Prince?
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    At this point, Bettman and the legislators are throwing b#tch slaps at Quebec. How did Seattle jump to the forefront of NHL relocation? Because it's the second-stupidest option to staying in Phoenix.
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    As a Clipper fan, today has been insane. Stern must be loving the fact that on an off night for the NBA, these trade rumors have kept people talking about basketball. Right now the Clippers are saying they're "moving on" from the Doc deal, but it smacks of a leverage play. They did the same thing a couple times during the CP3 trade negotiations. They're clearly trying to get Danny Ainge to blink and agree to a deal without Eric Bledsoe in it. As for the Blake and Bledsoe for Dwight rumor - no, no, and hell no. Lakers won't do it, and I have a hard time believing the Clippers actually would either. Sounds bogus to me.
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    Bobrovsky gets the Vezina. I bet Philadelphia feels stupid right about now.
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    I think OliverP's intention was to match the current color scheme, which looks pretty faded as is, IMO. The other reason why I think his version compliments the current primary is the gray being used for the perspective and I think it illustrates a NY-like skyline pretty well. I could easily see what he made being incorporated into a shorts logo or warm-ups. No offense to Brandon Moore, i love his logos and concepts (damn i just sounded like Kanye West), but i was going for everything funkatron101 said. i went for the original colorways, i wanted letters to look like skyscrapers, i wanted to keep the original ball and try to keep it simple so here is an update so you can tell me is there anything else you would like to see or change.
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    While I totally agree that they threw away a lot of brand equity (although I didn't ever particularly like any part of the lightning brand other than the colours before the current set), and they definitely further than anyone else with the O6DU. I still think that putting aside all of that and looking at them purely aesthetically, the uniforms look good. The Hurricanes new uniforms aren't a good look at all. They are unbalanced, poorly designed and ugly. Both clubs threw away an iconic look to copy original 6 teams. One of them came away with something aesthetically pleasing and the other one didn't.
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    A bit, but also a bit more consumer-friendly. Some of this stuff is pretty egregious though: (Figures the Apple example also has the much more attractive caller)
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    Reminds me a lot of the Metro UI... a LOT. Not a bad thing though.
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    Here's something from the NBC catalog NBA on NBC, 1994-1996
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    I find this stuff intriguing, although hockey isn't my sport. Graphic overlays can really change the perception of a game.
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    Btw, i always hated how they made the dodgers wear navy. I thought the red went better with the numbers I dont like dodger blue mixed with navy
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    I personally loved the look of this game. Two classic uniforms in a snow bowl
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    What was your reaction when u seen the Jags?
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