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    You know how I know you aren't from here?
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    Call it a trade for the Colorado Rockies.
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    Ever think there's a reason everyone keeps ignoring you?
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    I'm not sure that has a whole lot to do with it. At least not on these boards. Seattle already has strong fanbases in three sports (even if the baseball one has taken a beating lately). The newest (and thus customarily weakest) is as crazy-devout as any in the country. These are all important when you consider corporate support, which budgets its dollars annually. Teams in the same market aren't pals, they're competitors for finite resources. If you're Major Company A, and looking to spread your dollars around, you're probably already invested in the Mariners and Seahawks. Got to be, that's what you do. You've seen the ludicrous rise of the Sounders and have gotten in on that ride, and you're tossing a few bucks out Husky way. Now there's a new hand out, one that isn't coming from a very strong place. The NHL is planning to enter a fairly crowded marketplace already. That is, I think, the real point. To the extent the city's hockey history has any bearing at all it's that we can't say there's already a strong culture there. Maybe there is, maybe there isn't - how do the Thunderbirds do? - but the odds start to look long when you add that to all the other factors. They don't have a great arena. They don't have an untapped market in terms of sports franchises. They don't have a grateful municipality eager for the validation they would bring. They don't seem to have any special enthusiasm waiting for them in the marketplace. This is what the Coyotes will be facing.
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    I think what people are missing is corporate money/support. People have said that Indianapolis could support a third major league team. Fan wise? Yes, absolutely. Corporate sponsorship-wise? Not a chance. The Pacers, Colts, and Indians have the vast majority of it tied up. The same thing goes for Seattle. The fans would most likely show up, but could the NHL team survive playing the fifth-wheel in the corporate money dating game?
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    Yep, there's a bunch of mint 90's authentics on eBay that still come in bags. If you buy 'em off the shelf, there's probably no plastic bag.
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    I don't think Gary Bettman has any idea what's going on.
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    Sorry, I haven't seen them in person. Just wondering where you can get $175 Authentics and be able to sell them for $100 without losing money. To me, obvious sign of a fake.
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    In this instance, a non-corrupt judge would be the unlikely thing. This once again begs the question of what someone who obviously dislikes Canada is doing in charge of a HOCKEY league. Quebec City would be the far better and more feasible market. But we moved Columbus to the east! We can't ever change it again you guys...
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    1. Seahawks 2. UW football 3. Mariners 4. Sounders 5. UW basketball 6. Reminiscing about the Sonics while watching Macklemore videos 7. Rooting for Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer's pursuit of the NBA 8. Rat City Rollergirls 9. Seattle NHL team And if the NHL did come to Seattle, then what? There's no guarantee of an arena to ever be built, there's no history of hockey support in this arena, and even if a new arena were constructed, the Seattle Coyotes would be permanently second place to Sonics 2.0. I love for cool new things to come to my city, but I'm not so blinded by civic pride that I can't see this being a terrible idea. It'd be fun to see NHL hockey at KeyArena once or twice, but long-term? I just don't see it.
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    At this point, Bettman and the legislators are throwing b#tch slaps at Quebec. How did Seattle jump to the forefront of NHL relocation? Because preserving the dumbass realignment has become more important than ensuring the league actually has 30 healthy teams.
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    Extra bold prediction: they move the team to a locale where they speak French, but not Quebec. Maybe New Orleans? Or why not Port-Au-Prince?
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    At this point, Bettman and the legislators are throwing b#tch slaps at Quebec. How did Seattle jump to the forefront of NHL relocation? Because it's the second-stupidest option to staying in Phoenix.
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    Here's something from the NBC catalog NBA on NBC, 1994-1996
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    I find this stuff intriguing, although hockey isn't my sport. Graphic overlays can really change the perception of a game.
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    I personally loved the look of this game. Two classic uniforms in a snow bowl
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