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    It dominates from October to April, but usually disappoints after that
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    IF black is in your color scheme, and has been for some time. Yes, it wasn't BFBS when the Hawks and Flyers made black alternates. However, the Mets and Royals crapping over their uniforms so they could add black hats and jerseys certainly was BFBS. I'm borderline on the Flyers. Sure balck is in their scheme (the orange and black), but they were always primarily orange. There was really no reason to go black other than sales. They used a lot of black though (hell - their logo is black) so it's not as bad as other teams. I'd call the Eagles black jerseys total BFBS. I don't care that black is in their scheme. It's only trim. There is no justification for a black jersey, hence bfbs. Teams that change their colors to include black for the sole reason of having a black alt is bfbs. Thus the Cardinals black jersey is BFBS, even though black is in their scheme (and technically) has been for a long time.
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    Not having the city name isn't against the rules, it's just frowned upon. Like masturbating on an airplane.
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    Kind of a pared-down, modernized version of their '90s look. Not much to say. I made these before I saw Conrad's concept, so any similarities are purely coincidental.
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    This has disaster written all over it. No way it will end well. With that in mind, you should absolutely go for it.
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    That's it for Ontario League 1. Here's a quick review of the whole league. Next up will be the PLSQ. It's a league that I know very little about, so don't get mad if I make some changes that are completely outrageous. Big thing is that it is expanding outside of Quebec into the Maritimes, much like the QMJHL. Should be able to get the first clubs up tomorrow.
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    Am I the only one who really loves the number font? It looks good MOST of the time. I've only seen a few examples of where the combinations and excess serifs are gaudy.
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    The Broncos wear orange as their primary now. The Titans wear the old Oilers columbia blue as their primary. The Chargers haven't worn a 'bright' color as their primary in like 30 years, at least. The Rams haven't used a non-alternate/throwback bright jersey in over 50 years. Or, you know, about 14. Is it just me, or is the helmet shade of blue different from the blue on the jersey? If so, I'd love to see the Rams use those helmet colors. Never understood why back then the Rams and Giants had navy color helmets but their jerseys were the lighter, brighter royal blue. What,..... they didn't have Royal Blue paint back then or why couldn't they have had the helmet shell molded in the royal color ????? There was a limited number of blue shells available. There was the Giants/Rams/Chargers navy blue and the Broncos bright blue. The Vikings were mismatched for the same reason. In the 1970s/80s, there wasn't a huge emphasis (financially or technologically) put on helmet manufacturing and design. Even though they were professional teams, they had to take what was available. Yet that does not explain why the 49ers and Saints cannot match their helmet color to their pants in 2013. Jeez, one would think that with today's technology they could at least make the colors match. In defense of the Saints, I think they reduced the golds from 4 shades to 2. 2011 2012 That is an amazing collection of NFL legends in one pic. That Cowboys uni was probably the crazy radical Seahawks uni of its time. Anyone notice YAT wearing the blue jersey with red socks? According to the GUD that combo never happened. Only 4 teams without striped socks. That alone make these uniforms kick ass.
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    It's actually just a copy of one of the earlier versions.
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    What? I know the Lakers were gift-wrapped Game 6 of that series, however the Kings still lost a Game 7 at home in front of a great, great home crowd. Because of that fact, those Kings were good, but not that good. They shouldn't have had to play a game seven.
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    This. If the Celtics were a brand new team and busted out those jerseys, people would say "that's it?" and talk about how lazy it is. At the same time, if the Celtics came out tomorrow and said they were going to unveil new jerseys, people would be up in arms. "You can't change the Celtics' jerseys! They're iconic!"
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    The real test is by looking at the past. What uniforms do we consider to be iconic? Timeless? Classic? More often than not its team's that were dynasty's. The uniforms associated with teams that dominated their sport become classics because of the imagery/associations with their team.
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    I just can't imagine a world in which that font is considered well done. There's just no reason to not have the same points on all the numbers. You still get the interlock effect, and the guys with single-digit numbers will at least look like their jerseys weren't cheap knock-offs with the wrong font.
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    If you can censor it I think this would be perfect for some sports teams. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VG12_9WiHB8 Also good:
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    He absolutely did quit on the Jazz. His exact words to them was “life for me outweighs the game of basketball." Apparently it didn't outweigh basketball enough for him to not sign with the Lakers shortly afterwards. The Jazz let him out of his contract with a good-faith understanding that he was just taking time off, and he proceeded to join a rival team that was better positioned to win rings as soon as he could (which, by the way, was on the other side of the country from where the doctors he chose were). He lied, period. He specifically told his teammates on the Mavs that "this isn't a pit stop" for him and that he was in it for the long haul (which turned out to be a lie). The Mavs didn't have to release him, but unlike Fisher, they actually have class and honored his request, only to get backstabbed for it. Yeah, okay. It's Fox Sports, not Fox News. And your opinion of Fox doesn't change the fact that he's blatantly used teams in order to keep his union job for another year. I don't like the Lakers, but I disliked Fisher on the Warriors, Jazz, Mavericks, and Thunder just as much. Nope. I cannot root for him and would not want him on my team under any circumstances. Wow. You can be absolutely ridiculous sometimes. You share the opposite opinion of practically everyone that has ever met and played with Derek Fisher. You are literally the first person I have ever seen anywhere say something negative about him as a person. You act like he kicked your dog or something. And go back and read articles about his leaving the Jazz/signing with the Lakers and you'll see that you're quite wrong. I'd post them for you to cut out the work but I'm in phone. Not that it would change your opinion on it because it seems clear you're irrationally blinded on this one. There's a reason the only Laker jersey I own is a #2 FISHER jersey. He is one of the best people in the NBA.
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    From a Phoenix poster in the Phoenix thread arguing that Glendale needs the NHL to run the arena vs SMG Neither will the Coyotes! *rimshot*
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    Hey guys, I decided to make some NBA courts. I hope you like it, more to follow! Memphis Grizzlies:
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    I'm going to cut you some slack because you're new to this, but from here on out I'd rather not hear it used as an excuse. Trust me, Doug and I have seen this type of thing way too often to not recognize it right away. I can almost guarantee that you first you went out and found a logo you liked (mine) and then went searching for reference images to match. It really doesn't even matter that the pose is the same though, if that was the only similarity I wouldn't be saying anything. The two main portions of the logo however, the face and the tail, are very closely "inspired" by my work. I'm going to give you some advice here and I really hope you take it. Admit that you've made a mistake, and try to understand what it is you did wrong. It's really going to be the best thing for you going forward. And for whatever reason I'm in a good mood today so I'm going to give you some tips on getting started designing logos. 1. For your first few logos try not to look at any other sports logos for help. It's definitely going to be frustrating, but if you can work through a few designs without getting any help from the work of others its going to help you develop a unique style and make you an overall better designer. 2. This doesn't mean you can never look at the work of others for inspiration. When I started I seriously spent at least an hour a day combing through the portfolios of my favourite designers. It helped to give me a really good understanding of the different ways that shapes, curves and colours could be utilized in a design. 3. Be creative. The best way to get people to notice your designs is to do something different. Your end goal shouldn't be to have a logo that looks like every other one you've seen before. If you're struggling on a certain portion of a logo, instead of looking to another logo to copy something that's been done before, be creative and find a solution of your own. I can guarantee you'll be more proud of the end product if you do this. 4. And finally, practice and utilize this community. Your first logos certainly aren't going to be your best. Keep at it and the process will just keep getting easier. Seriously, my dribbble page is proof of that. Easy tiger... I remember letting this slide for a while; you eventually figured it out and look where you are now. Hope I wasn't coming across the wrong way. My post was basically meant to get VolsBoy to try and avoid the type of learning curve that I and a lot of others have unfortunately gone through. To be completely honest though Matt, you should have laid into me for that. Over the years I've learned to pick and choose my battles. You weren't selling it and I figured I'd just take it as a compliment...and besides, I learned to design the same way -- seeing what designers older and better than me were doing and I tried my best to copy it in my own way. Don't get me wrong, your points are right on and its great advice, but sometimes you need to build up to a certain level of skill before those steps become realistically applicable... I remember being so frustrated that I couldn't figure out where to start and how to get better.... To the poster who started the thread, my advice to you is to keep trying new things, keep pushing yourself, keep persevering. I'm not going to lie to you, you probably won't have a moment of immense clarity and instantly be awesome at designing. But you will get better, little by little, and you'll slowly get the hang of it... So if its something you have your heart set on, you'll get there.
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    Which is EXACTLY why the Oilers and Islanders are decked out in gaudy 80s unis. They look terrible, but OH MY GOD DYNASTY GLORY DAYS GRETZKY POTVIN MESSIER!!!111! Well the fact that they look better too adds to it And no, that's not the legacy of those looks clouding my judgement. Neither team has managed to improve their looks since they departed from their classic aesthetic the first time. The Oilers just jumped on the 90s bandwagon of darkening their colours, and the Islanders eventually got to that bland point too, after a quick stop in the land of the absurd. Defend the fisherman all you want, that look was partly killed by its own over the top nature. The wavy stripes and numbers made a look that was ready a departure ugly to boot. So if the choices for the Oilers and Islanders are 80s throwbacks or drab 90s garbage and over the top 90s nonsense then I'll take the 80s looks any day of the week. That both teams won in those looks just makes getting to the right decision easier.
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    Someone help me out here. I love logos, but I can't draw a lick and don't pretend to be able to. But, I am an educator. It is not unusual for a student to copy the outline of a story or a poem in an initial part of a class, only to tweak it more and more as the process goes along. Sure, at first the story is similar in many aspects (not word for word), but as the student gains confidence and becomes better, they start moving away from others and finding their own niche. Talking to musicians, they say the same process was part of their development as well. Business owners say the same thing. Famous chefs say the same thing. Many super talented people started honing their craft by copying aspects of other's work as they continued to perfect their craft. I'm not saying they copied and called it their own, but they did copy recognizable aspects of other's works to get them started. Why is this approach so frowned upon in this genre? Or, is it this site that finds it so offensive.
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    The few times I've caught a tna show I've been amazed at how "produced" it is. Nothing that happens on tna (from the small sample size I've seen) is even the least bit believable. The vignettes are horrible, especially with that weird camera effect they use, the music is horrible, the announcing is generally not good (especially taz). It just seems to fake to even suspend belief for an hour. A true rival is always a good thing for consumers, but tna simply won't be that rival.
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    I'm sorry but those Georgia st unis are BFBS, shoud of added more red, big downgrade IMO, and Carolina should had a garnet helmet like the late 80's early 90's
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    You used "they"; since you didn't name anyone specific, I can only presume you meant to say "the unwashed masses".
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    That's barely different than the garbage they are getting rid of.
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    Hmm, nope. Not buying it. As long as he continues to run all over other NFL teams from August to February, nobody associated with the 49ers, from the front office to fans, is gonna care what cap he wears in July. The kid is devoutly religious, extremely disciplined and dedicated, has ZERO criminal record, and just led his team to a Super Bowl in his first season starting. That shows plenty of "respect" if you ask me. Now really, can we please stop ripping on him for having tattoos and snapbacks and focus on important things like how he's going to shred the Saints in week 11?
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    hey now, some of us loved the Linden/Bure era black uniforms. Or were you just talking about tossing it into their current set? Not him, but the whole reason the blue and green colour scheme was abandoned for black/gold/red is because the colour scheme wasn't "intimidating" enough. It might not be in the '90s, but eschewing a unique, beautiful and fitting colour scheme because its too "passive" is as BFBS as it gets.
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    What's Sharknado!?!?! This... THIS is Sharknado!
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    I hope the Sens wear these sweaters from the 19th century. That triskelion logo was awesome. I wager 100 Quatloos that the Sens will not wear the 1891 jersey...
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    WOW. When I drove out to California last month I drove right past that and nearly pulled over to check it out because I couldn't fathom any reason why there were giant crumbling grandstands in the middle of nowhere. It's DEFINITELY spooky, and shows just how shortsighted and careless this state is when it comes to public funding. Thanks for giving me an answer!
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    Thanks! The way the two batting practice jerseys differ was kind of what I was going for. I would have normally made a throwback for a traditional team, but the Tigers really haven’t changed and that didn’t give me much to work with. Yeah, the Tigers use two different D’s on their uniform. I could be wrong, but I believe it was because of the team using different hat and jersey manufactures back in the day. This article shows the different D’s all over the stadium. It’s just kind of one of those things.
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    second uniform dosnt work in the nfl OR college...the steelers look like bees, sooners like candy canes or barber poles Personally, I friggen love all of the above. I think that's genius. If you want more success, however, make the stripes thicker (more like the Ottawa Senators' new barber pole, or even the Ottawa 67s' barber pole, versus the Canadiens' barber pole) and make the numbers bigger with a box around them, like the Canadiens did for their barber pole jerseys. Those sweaters were awful, but those numbers popped. I would love to see both of these, especially the OKLA jerseys, which are very doable. edit: I'm talking about the front numbers.
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    Magenta is not purple. "Slightly lighter"? Um... vs. Those are two entirely separate colors, that is unless my eyes are messed up and I'm losing my mind... but I stand by what I said.
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    In my humble opinion, I think the Oklahoma City Tornado is just a little too soon.
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    12 years left on his deal. Holy crap. The Devils are in deep. I mean.... WHAT? Wait wait wait. Tell me I'm reading this wrong. If you retire TWELVE years before your contract is up, you still get paid for those 12 years? That can't be right. And frankly, I'm honestly not surprised Ilya Kovalchuk would pull something like this. He's always seemed like the kind of dude who simply doesn't want to give enough of a crap about playing hockey to match his enormous talent level. This is how I'll remember Ol' Kovy
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    Thank you for your condescension.
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    And that's why it works so well. I agree completely, but at the same time, I think it's a weird conclusion. There are all these modern elements (high concept number font, specifically shaped sleeve stripes, asymmetrical pants stripes) but when taken together, somehow the whole effect is vaguely conservative and definately recalls the classic uniform. I guess that was the intent of the design, and good on Nike for pulling it off, but if you'd just verbally described the various elements to me, I'd have thought there was no way it would feel anything like the throwback. Yet IMO, it does. I will admit, when they first revealed it, I hated it. My first thought was "gimmick" then it totally grew on me in the following days. Now i really like it. I think you're right, it works most of the time, it's just the right hand "2", "5" and "4" that screw it up. Tweaks to those and it would be perfect. I think a lot of us are coming around on that number font. For myself, if you'd have told me at draft time that by now I'd become a fan of the font, I'd have called you crazy. I think seeing the font in action in the photos from camp has changed my mind completely.
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    Always loved Cochise for the dramatic buildup, still brings goosebumps. As an announcer, I live for this stuff: Stepping out on the ice for warmups at :52, is EPICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC.
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    Man unc dropped the ball on those unis. If those unis have navy instead of black it would be 100% better
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    You say this as if I could actually care. If you don't want to read it, don't read it. Big deal. I'm not holding a gun to your head or insulting the Cardinals. Seriously, Kramera-Billy, it's considered bad form around here to write magazine article length posts. It's a courtesy thing to your fellow CCSLCers. Not to mention that no one ever reads them. In short you're wasting your time by writing them, our time by making us scroll past them, and page space too. It wouldn't be the worst idea for you to dial it back to no more than a paragraph or two.
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    Before you read this be prepared as it will be extremely biased and may contain a few grammatical errors (its 's 2 in the morning over here). 2007 and 2011 NY Giants Let it be known that I hate hate hate hate the Giants beyond belief. Honestly the Cowboys are my third favorite professional sports team behind the Yanks and the Knicks, yet I don't hate a team in any sport more than I hate the NY Giants. And it's not even like I hate the guys on the team. Sans a few guys like Strahan, Jacobs, Bradshaw, Pierce, and Blackburn (most of which are no longer with them), I really don't/didn't mind anyone on the Giants. It's more their fans, most of which are incredibly douchey 20-somethings who literally became fans in 2007, know little-to-nothing about the actual sport, and believe that their team is magically entitled to a championship every season. Eerily similar to the fanbase of another NY franchise that I happen to support, notice a trend? Now I think that Eli is one of the greatest clutch quarterbacks in NFL history, yet I think he was gift-wrapped two chances at a Super Bowl, and I'll gladly elaborate on that if anyone would like. Now I know that every fanbase has its inevitable share of douchebag fans, but being a Cowboys fan in New York I am literally surrounded by these people. The same fans the who didn't realize that this season started on a Wednesday night and that they were the home team in that game. The same fans who (I'm related to them) went to the 2011 parade after literally knowing two players on the team. I've got coutless examples of this stuff guys I'm not joking. Now I've met maybe one or two casual Giant fans under 30 who weren't total asses in my life, but they're about as rare as a logical dfwabel post (I kid because I love). Now before you guys get on me for berating a fanbase for being asses when pretty much 75% of Cowboys fans are just that, let it be known that I am named after Troy Aikman. I didn't necessarily choose to support this franchise, they were just sort of handed to me and I rolled with it because I liked their uniforms. Yes I get happy when they win, yes I get sad when they lose, but all in all I'm just a fan and I don't let it kill me one way or the other. I have never once gotten into an argument in person about the Cowboys and I never plan to, I've never actually seen them win anything therefore I don't deserve the "5 championship rings" argument. But to wrap this up, Giants fans under 30 are some of the most disgraceful people in all of sports fanhood (if thats a thing) in my opinion, and I'm sure any non-Giant fans living in the tri-state area will agree with me.
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    I believe it had the ray on the first year they were used. The Columbia blue never had the ray. Why? IDK? I have all Rays jerseys and the two blues feel like they need it there. With the starburst on the bp hats and in marketing campaigns (can't tell you last time it was the animal), I'm thinking they are more "sun" rays than "sting" rays...yet they have a ray tank in CF...The Rays have a basic jersey that carries over to all the colors (hence the blue writing on the blue jersey), but the Columbia is the only one with a double outline on the nameplate. I might be wrong, but I don't believe the navy blue alt ever had the Ray patch.
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    Appreciate the feedback. The wordmark will also be reworked a bit. I think it's on the right track, but I see where it can be refined without losing the edge. I like the simple appeal of the all black for the shoulder spikes. I'm seeing the reference image of warpaint and how it is just simple but strong.
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    Something different Great Britain:
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    Jehovah's Witness? Braver man than I.
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