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    I just can't imagine a world in which that font is considered well done. There's just no reason to not have the same points on all the numbers. You still get the interlock effect, and the guys with single-digit numbers will at least look like their jerseys weren't cheap knock-offs with the wrong font.
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    ...and like others here, I'm thinking that this may have been a better choice in the end:
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    I also liked the purple and green color scheme. It feels like those colors should never work together but somehow, the Bucks made it work.
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    WOW. When I drove out to California last month I drove right past that and nearly pulled over to check it out because I couldn't fathom any reason why there were giant crumbling grandstands in the middle of nowhere. It's DEFINITELY spooky, and shows just how shortsighted and careless this state is when it comes to public funding. Thanks for giving me an answer!
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    And that's why it works so well. I agree completely, but at the same time, I think it's a weird conclusion. There are all these modern elements (high concept number font, specifically shaped sleeve stripes, asymmetrical pants stripes) but when taken together, somehow the whole effect is vaguely conservative and definately recalls the classic uniform. I guess that was the intent of the design, and good on Nike for pulling it off, but if you'd just verbally described the various elements to me, I'd have thought there was no way it would feel anything like the throwback. Yet IMO, it does. I will admit, when they first revealed it, I hated it. My first thought was "gimmick" then it totally grew on me in the following days. Now i really like it. I think you're right, it works most of the time, it's just the right hand "2", "5" and "4" that screw it up. Tweaks to those and it would be perfect. I think a lot of us are coming around on that number font. For myself, if you'd have told me at draft time that by now I'd become a fan of the font, I'd have called you crazy. I think seeing the font in action in the photos from camp has changed my mind completely.
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    Great templates for the Nike rugby. How are the rest coming long?
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