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    If you want to throw down in fisticuffs, fine. I've got Jack Johnson and Tom O' Leary waitin' for ya, right here.
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    I hope this is the right spot to put this...found this interesting. Well an artist out there decided to compine NHL logos and Pokemon into an interesting compination. Why have a plain old duck in your logo when you can have Psyduck? http://imgur.com/a/xhbaK#0
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    It's sickening how bad those GT uniforms are.
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    The Dolphins look like :censored:. Give me their previous uniforms any day of the week.
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    Yo dawg! I heard you like reveals...What someone in a trench coat says?
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    Brick, I've been meaning to talk to you about that. You should find yourself a safehouse or a relative close by. Lay low for a while, because you're probably wanted for murder.
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    Under Armor may have actually topped Nike and Adidas this off-season. The South Carolina uniforms are great, I wish the stripes were a little bit thicker but overall it is a nice upgrade. I really like Texas Tech's uniforms too, the pants could do without the Guns Up across the knee but it is better there than the tramp stamp lettering we normally see. Hopefully they will break out a red jersey as well since they are the RED raiders.
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    well that escalated quickly
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    Think of all the white protestants in San Diego who feel disconnected from the team since they aren't Catholic nor do they speak Spanish. The Padres are supposed to have a promotion later this season called "English Night". This jersey set leaked from their media department.
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    This may just be the best pic yet. Purple looks great, I like the fact that there's no arm trim (like the home) and of course the orange perfectly counters the purple.
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    ^ agreed. the aways will be nice, but that's the extent of it.
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    I like that teaser. Road is going to look nice. White script with orange numbers
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    This. If Manziel was moronic enough to openly make a deal with a guy to sign however many autographs for money in a room full of people, and the NCAA can prove it, then he needs to suffer the consequences. Does anyone disagree that he's been under a microscope since last season? While, I agree that he should be able to profit from what is his, the rules are still the rules.
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    would have liked to seen a variation of these. The Dolphins really gotta lose these new uniforms- for a franchise with such history that's embarrassing.
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    Absolutely hideous. Color... Logo... Uniforms in general. Horrible.
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    I just don't understand the hate for the Miami Dolphins uniforms.
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    Good lord the Dolphins uniforms are awful.
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    Dolphins need more orange, other than that I think they look ok.
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    Since "athlete-students" aren't allowed to touch a cent of the bazliions they make for the NCAA, I hope Manziel gets away with it.
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    If you don't like the rules, have them changed. Until then, live by them. This isn't some new or obscure clause. It's really quite simple.
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    Looks like teams will be wearing those hideous sleeved jerseys on Christmas and St. Patrick's Day this season. Can Nike PLEASE get the NBA rights soon? Adidas is just horrible at this point.
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    I mean, that really got out of hand fast.It jumped up a notch
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    Winnipeg Skarmorys anyone?
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    That's a high end douche feature for a high end douche like Loria
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    "Don't act like you're not impressed..."
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    Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn
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    The new Bayer Leverkusen third is white-green with yellow pinstripes.
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    Steelers to wear bumblebee convict uniforms on Nov 17 against the Lions- http://twitter.com/steelers/status/363660659025657856/photo/1
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    Okay, just thought of this. It could be cool if you decided to do Star Wars alternates for these two, especially since New York and Boston are typically bitter rivals in practically every sport. The Empire vs the Rebel Alliance. Nerdy post over.
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    I know what you meant; I was just saying that most people don't have a concrete preference of one over the other - it's usually a case-by-case basis.
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    disagree. Long term it is good it is good for US Soccer. A strong MLS helps create better players for the USMNT. Keeping your top domestic players in the league goes along way to building a strong league. Short term it will have little impact. Playing less that a year in MLS prior to the World Cup isn't going to deteriorate his skill. I am sure he will be loaned out in the offseason to keep form ahead.
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    Because all it does is change how the players end up in the Pro Bowl. The biggest problem is the quality of play. Nobody wants to get hurt and they're going through the motions so the game itself will remain a joke.
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    THAT. IS. AWESOME. And if you listen to Ron Burgundy it'd say Whale's Vagina.
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    I totally get what you're saying, and maybe it's indeed true for the characters they selected, but their decision to cherry-pick the data means that we can't use their graphic to draw any larger conclusions about color meaning within the industry as a whole.
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    when did the Vikings sign Darren Sproles?
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    Refusing to let my girlfriend to buy me any jersey for my birthday because I don't want her to buy the wrong thing.
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    Likewise. Drives my older brother crazy..... but now he points them out to me if I don't see it first What drives me crazy is that the people wearing them think they are real. Sorry, you're not going to get any kind of authentic jersey for $40. I almost feel bad for them.
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    OK I'll see what I can do about that. thx for your vision
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    So I stumbled upon this and chuckled x100. Knew only the people here would truly get it.
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