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    I don't know. Blacks are pretty good at basketball. Seriously though, the red jerseys are so much better than the whites. The white jerseys are fine, and I don't want them changed, but they can't hold a candle to the reds.
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    We will know which one yours is because it will be upside down.
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    Looks like the equpment manager mistakenly gave the poor kid a helmet phone. (popularized by the nfl draft)
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    Seriously just because you don't like stripes does not make them obsolete and should be done away with. They're never going away. Make peace with it.
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    As I figure most of us know, the Flames unveiled a new third jersey that...is so okay it's average. The sunset/mountains/wheat patch, I love. The odd looking 5, yeh it looks weird. The yoke looking like a stereotypical cowboy's shirt, it's alright. The script is decent, but looking at those rejected ideas Icethetics got a shot of, it seems like a missed opportunity. As Mills Lane would say though, let's get it on. Main The simplified burning C caught my eye, and I wanted to see what it'd look like on a uniform. As I like their current number font, I thought it'd be a waste to not use it, though the red jersey uses gold numbers rather than black. I normally don't bother with helmets as far as hockey concepts go, even though I should, but I'm imagining red helmets here. Third Sue me, I liked the boot. Granted, the CALGARY is admittedly a bit messy, but the boot was simple enough to trace. Figured to differentiate this from the main reds, there'd be no black outlining, different pants shell, and obviously different striping. The horseshoe number was the final touch I'd wanted to add, but then came the problem of striping. Some of you may recall how I occasionally bitch about one of my older concepts, a Drummondville Voltigeurs set whose third jersey was said to look like "every other hockey jersey ever," as that was not a compliment, to put it mildly. The striping I went with is based on what I'd used for the Voltigeurs home/away, except the inner stripes on that version were vertical, here they're at a slight angle, somewhat mimicking the "podium stripe" of the late Fleury era. I'm thinking of making at least one more set here, though other than intending to use the regular C if I do so, I make no promises.
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    Agenda? How? I just wanted to see what people's opinions were. I don't really care one way or the other. lol The Dolphins stripe is more modern. There are people who complain about the way that looks too. Agenda? How? You posed a question and when people answered differently than you wanted you began arguing with them. You wanted to see what people's opinions were and when they differed from yours you got defensive of your agenda. And it's clear you do care for one way over the other. lol
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    They overheard Lamoriello talking about signing Keith Tkachuk to 42 over 6 with a no-trade and thought it best not to press the issue any further. Others in the Devils organization were worried he would again threaten to "make pee-pants," as he called it, like he did when Jagr wanted to wear a number over 50. Anyway, moving on from the "Lou Lamoriello is rapidly losing his faculties" meme, I'm not at all surprised that the Hawks put up a fight with their uniform. McDonough is pretty defensive of The Brand, having discontinued the 1996 blacks and the Winter Classic alternate once its purpose had been served. But it's no shock they ultimately lost out; this year's Blackhawks have had a lot of trouble stopping other people's power plays.
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    Lady plainsmen? Why not just plainswomen No woman wants to be referred to as "plain."
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    They stopped playing for 1 season because of WW2 and returned to the same league. Way to use a apples to apples example. The mentioned Diamondbacks example also needs the caveat that MLB is disbanded, then 15 years later a new baseball league starts with all new teams in different cities, and then 10 years later the Diamondbacks join a rival league that is named MLB but has no affiliation with the previous MLB and is labeled as "minor league" by most everyone.
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    I must say, after reading through 60+ pages as a lurker, your artwork was so good it forced me to make an account an post about these. About 90% (everyone has their nitpicks) of these are drop-dead fantastic. These are all excellent work.
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    Every stolen base that draws a throw at 2nd or 3rd is a bang bang play that requires a tag. Every batter stretching a single to a double or triple that draws a throw is a bang bang play. This is what plays at the plate will begin to look like. Hardly game changing.
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    Man that Starter jacket rocks!
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    I've just had a longer look at the logo definitely looks deliberately obscured, but it appears to be the same old logo. There's no muscled up HUgo which has been indicated thus far. Still not certain that this isn't just a retro design (with the wordmark not 100% accurate), but I have a strong hunch that this jacket has the wordmark that will be revealed this weekend. The wordmark rebrand reminds me of how the Knicks changed their wordmark. Very similar font with slightly different kerning.
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    I don't know if any of you care, but they're doing this right. They maintain that it's a different franchise, but are referring to the return of the Hornets. It is the return of the namesake. They have Muggsy Bogues doing radio ads for the unveiling. This is big for Charlotte. Yeah, anyways... just figured y'all might wanna know. PLEASE DON'T LET THIS START ANOTHER POINTLESS CLEVELAND BROWNS HISTORY RELOCATION BULLCRAP ARGUMENT
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    Thank you for always having my back, means a lot to me buddy!
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    Of Course it's a Kangaroo! In all honesty it's a shark, I have no idea what Wonka in smoking.
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    There's a lot of pent up hostility here. Calm down. And I don't understand any of these shots at Baltimore. Many analysts picked them to be in the Superbowl not just last year, but in recent years prior. They're not some fluke flash in the pan team, nor is Harbaugh a bad coach by anyone's definition of bad. I'm assuming we're dealing with a 13-year old here.
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    Wait he bashed the Ravens over anything Detroit?
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    There's a lot of pent up hostility here. Calm down.
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    Both teams won. Ryan wasn't fitting in well anymore, and there was no way he was going to be re-signed in 2015, so the Ducks had to move him. Silfverberg has been great when healthy, and Noesen should be a good one (too bad he's out for the entire year). The first round pick looks real nice right now too. ------------ The Wings look like dog :censored:. Lots of sloppy play and bad goaltending. The Ducks have had like 20 grade A scoring chances.
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    That's a stretch. It's similar...ish, but still a stretch. Kind of reminds me of this more Very similar as well Geez! These guys are stealing elements from all over the place! Who do they think they are!??!?!?!?!
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    That's a stretch. It's similar...ish, but still a stretch. Kind of reminds me of this more Very similar as well
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    Undertaker opponent = bray Wyatt
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    So far, the beat going on with the Red Wings in a 4-1 hole at home after one. This is getting absurd.
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    I did not know that. I know we were getting the short end of it with all these long far eastern road trips and played a whole ton of road games, but that is a fantastic note, the returning to the East thing. Add that in with the undefeated in regulation at home thing (13-0-2), and things look very nice for the second half. Very nice. --- Also, Jakob Silfverberg scores 3:40 into his return to the lineup after 7 1/2 weeks out with a broken hand. (and I re-added him to my fantasy lineup tonight. Nice.)
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    GOOD, they can stay in the west. And never come back here again, please...
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    Hostility is wasted energy. Please be peaceful in your dialogue. Blessings of peace to you.
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    Local football power Southlake Carroll:
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    I don't think stripes should go away but I do like how the Seahawks have worked with the newer helmet shapes to create an interesting design element. Maybe we just need a little more well thought out stripe designs.
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    Coming to the realization that you're not interested at all in the subject matter being covered in most all of your classes and as a result find it extremely, extremely hard to give a rat's ass about studying for finals.
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    You have to look at the uniform as a whole. There are no stripes on the jersey or pants. Removing the stripes on the helmet give it some space that is reflected in the rest of the uniform. With the stripes applied you create visual tention, there is too much color and shape in one area which break rythem with the jersey and pants.My issue with the Browns is the lack of consistency. I like the brown pants with white jersey because you only have 2 different stripe patterns in the uniform. The brown pants balance the player visually. Darker color pants make the player look stable, with a strong base, where brown over white pants makes them appear top heavy. With dark colors, i think you also can use more space (plain pants with no stripe) to your advantage where bright or light colors are very "loud" and need something more to break it up. Ive never like brown over orange because i dont like the color balance. The uniform is dominated by brown and orange and need a lot more white IMO
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    I completely disagree that stripes are outdated. Many teams still pull them off great. Some classic helmets would not look right without them and many modern helmets like the Panthers and even the Bills are coming up with new ways to do stripes. With that said, I was really surprised how great the Redskins' helmet looked without stripes.
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    I don't think helmet stripes are are outdated per se, but now that some teams have more modern, elaborate logos and interesting stripe/pipe patterns on their uniforms (for better or worse) there is less of a need for helmet stripes in those cases. I guess what I'm saying is now there are more OPTIONS for designs and for making a uniform seem unique beyond just what color helmet and stripe you have, so in that sense - in some cases - it becomes more UNNECESSARY than outdated.
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    Well here are my latest additions to my jersey collection Los Angeles Clippers - Adidas Swingman Road - Chris Paul #3 Los Angeles Clippers - Adidas Swingman Road - Blake Griffin #32 Miami Heat - Adidas Swingman Road - Dwyane Wade #3 The Clippers jerseys where Christmas gifts. I still haven't worn the CP3 jersey Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - Majestic Home Replica Home - Kendrys Morales #8 United States Men's National Team - Nike Jacket UCLA Basketball Jacket - Mitchell & Ness I can't remember when I bought this (probably in the summer). I thought it was a steal for such a nice jacket Some Football jerseys Atlanta Falcons - Reebok Replica Alt. - Matt Ryan #2 Arizona Cardinals - Reebok Premier Home - Darnell Dockett #90 Dallas Cowboys - Nike Game Throwback - Jason Witten #82 Dallas Cowboys - Reebok Premier Home - Tony Romo #9 New York Jets - Nike Limited Home - Tim Tebow #15 Oakland Raiders - Nike Game Home - Carson Palmer #3 Oakland Raiders - Nike Game Home - Darren McFadden #20 San Diego Chargers - Reebok Replica Alt. - Ryan Mathews #24 I got the Raiders jerseys for my birthday, and like clockwork, Carson gets traded a month later. I bought Tebow for something like $30 after taxes during the summer, and the Matt Ryan I found at Ross for $3. The Darnell Dockett jersey I picked up at a sports store right outside of University Of Phoenix Stadium. It was my first game there and while we were picking up tickets at the store, I wanted to fit in and have a cool souvenir so I got the jersey and matching Arizona Cardinals cap. Love that stadium! UCLA - Adidas Replica Throwback Home - Gary Beban #16 USC - Nike Authentic Home - Joe McKnight #4 (there's a USC undershirt under the USC jersey. That's the gold that's popping out of the collar) Beijing Guoan Football Club - Nike Authentic - Blank Hangzhou Greentown Football Club - Nike Replica - Blank I found these two jerseys while on a trip to San Francisco. I found them at Ross and I think I paid $10 each Anaheim Ducks - Starter Replica Home - Blank Anaheim Ducks - Reebok Authentic Practice Jersey Orange - Blank Los Angeles Kings - Reebok Authentic Practice Jersey Gray - Blank Los Angeles Kings - Reebok Authentic Practice Jersey Black - Blank St. Louis Blues - Pro Player Replica Home - Blank The Blues and Mighty Ducks jersey were found at thrift stores. The practice jerseys were found at Marshalls.
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    The Dolphin's color scheme is beautiful. Granted, they aren't using it to its full potential. But yes, the logo is not very good.
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    He's still around. He's Phil Kessel's head coach.
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    I agree, the older ones have a certain charm and reflect a sense of humor.
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    Proximity to a body of water?
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    I have 1 jersey and 1 jersey only. I refuse to buy anything else after this: Disclaimer: This is not a picture of my actual jersey, but this is the identical one I have... stitching and everything.