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    Here in Texas, half of the population wants to secede from the union. Maybe Quebec and Texas could team up to form their own Frankenation. Quebexas.
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    I'd immediately move to an independent Texas as soon as I could, for reasons I shouldn't say.
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    It may be a potential expansion option.
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    Yeah - I can't believe nobody noticed that before they unveiled the design. Why? There's nothing wrong with it. It's far better to have that than awkward negative space around the a's.
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    Minnesota United Minnesota United was one of the original NASL franchises that survived the rough period for the league. The Loons were trying to make the jump to the MLS before the league chose San Antonio, and the MLS stopped expansion at 24. The decisive factor was that Minnesota couldn’t get a deal done for a new stadium. They continued playing at the National Sports Center in Blaine, but continued their search in the Twin Cities. Their focus was building up the reserves in the meantime. The team hired a Dutch manager to put at the helm trying to end their 3 season playoff drought in 2016. He brought a former player striker from a 2nd division Dutch side to build around. Complemented by some MLS players, the team missed the playoffs by 2 points to the Tampa Bay Rowdies, the Soccer Bowl champs that year. Their first home grown player came the next season, a goalkeeper from St. Cloud that made an immediate difference. The team regressed in play, due to a flimsy defense. He threatened to leave the club if there wasn’t a focus on defense in the offseason. The club sniped a free agent center defender from Atlanta, with another youth LB coming up, the team improved slightly. Before the 2018 season, the team found a location in St. Paul for an 18,000 seat stadium, paid for by a large sponsorship deal with 3M, donations from the fans, and from the front office. The stadium was much bigger than the stadium in Blaine, so getting more fans was a priority. The team did more in the community, and ran shuttles to the National Sports Complex from the cities. This increased traffic to the site, and the club grew slightly. The stadium deal turned some heads and 10,000 people were showing up every game in Blaine. The first season was in 2020, and to celebrate, United went out and bought a few good players. A Spanish midfielder was brought in, and an attacking mid from the Charleston Battery was brought up. A few more youth products came in to help. They were selected as the favorite to win the cup. A few mediocre months led to the team sneaking into the playoffs, only to be defeated by Indy in the first round. The team was selling 12,000 tickets a game, which was due to going up against the Twins on a game by game basis. The manager was on a hot seat to produce results in 2021. After a scouting mission, a Ligue 2 midfielder from Cameroon was lured away and offered a starting spot in the Twin Cities. That was the missing piece in the puzzle. The team finished 15 games clear of .500, and coasted to the first seed in the NASL playoffs.The team went on to lift the Soccer Bowl trophy, facing little adversity. The home grown goalkeeper was the league MVP, shutting down almost everyone. He was bought by DC United, leaving a hole in the back. An USL player was brought in as relief. The Loons never experienced the same kind of season. Everything was perfect in 2021, but have fluctuated for the most part. The loyal fans of the Twin Cities have sold out 3M Park the last 5 seasons. The focus has been mostly on youth, to cut down salary, sell the state on pro soccer, and to use the great facility in Blaine to bring up players. An English striker was brought in for the 2030 season, hoping to be the stud in front for United. They are behind about 8 teams in the promotion predictions, but anything is possible. I wanted a plaid team in here somewhere. My idea was to have an all light blue look, but the plaid/no plaid looked weird. From there, I sort of based them off that other decent United club in the UK. The clash kit is pretty similar to the current duds.
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    Meh. The older I get, the less I care what a few random teenagers think about what I choose to wear to a sporting event. For the most part, the people making these "lists" of jersey "faux pas" are the same type of people who can't even navigate a public restroom without a laundry list of self-imposed "rules" that they must follow in order to appease their deep-rooted insecurities that would shatter their world to a million pieces if they happened to make eye contact with a fellow restroom user. Life is too short to worry about stuff like this.
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    GP has come back. It's a happy day in America. I hate to be a bug on the current series, but is the NFL Project 40 going to get finished? And what happened to your images? Oh boy I have so many questions.
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    GP'S BACK! He has risen! I can already tell that TT is gonna look great. Welcome back GP. Whereya been? The Concepts forum hasn't been quite the same without ya. Glad to see you've made a comeback.
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    Not exactly true to your criteria of ONE team, but if you're a uniform traditionalist and like clean, crisp looks, it's hard to beat Nebraska on the road at Penn State. It's a perfect blend of red, white and blue. The helmets practically match with a single stripe and matching facemask color, and you have an alternating combo of color/white for the pants and jerseys. Also, since Penn State wears all-white on the road, this look isn't quite as good when the games are played in Nebraska. Same goes for Wisconsin - since they rarely break out the red pants, but NU wears them full-time on the road. Is it a homer pick? Sure. But it's also one of the more visually stimulating Big Ten games since both teams have equal balance of white and their respective colors in their uniform sets.
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    LA Galaxy II: The Search for More Money
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    They don't "work". It's an extracurricular activity that they already get nearly $100,000 in free education for, not to mention the best job exposure known to man. Ask the thousand of other students working 2-3 jobs to pay for school and living if they think these athletes are being treated unfairly.
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    The NFL used to be fun, but then Goodell took over.
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    It is when you count all the scholarships for all the student-athletes who receive them. Plus how are you going to determine which athletes and which sports get counted as employees? Plus if they're considered employees they should have to pay back that scholarship since they're not students anymore. Then they're technically ineligible to play since they're no longer students. They have it better than any other student at these schools and yet they still act like the oppressed ones.
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    Second team, The BANGOR LUMBERJACKS, Maines team is heavily based off of the fact that this town is known as the lumber capital. Hope you guys like this one, keep the comments coming Especially on the logos.
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    Do you know what the term "underrated" means? Because I find it hard to believe that this jersey fits that designation.He doesn't know what the word "logo" means. How do you expect him to know "underrated"?
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    That Tams alt in absolutely gorgeous. I want a mock up of the helmet on my shelf right now.
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    I've always loved the jaguar on IUPUI's primary logo shield:
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    Thanks for all the responses guys. I was definitely trying to incorporate their throwback look and the new alternate together to form something different. I definitely want to give most of the NHL a more modern yet traditional look. I think that is the perfect look for hockey jerseys in this day in age. I think we're slowly getting out of the throwback faze and slowly getting more sharp and modern......of course Carolina and Dallas are two examples of how that might not be right, but I mean inthe sports world in general.
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    Wikipedia is a handy place to learn about cities so you can gain inspiration for concepts. I do it all the time, and I doubt I'm the only one.
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    You forgot the sox. Could be about 256 combinations, and that's not even including the cleats. Oregon better keep up.
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    Sounds like it's your friend who's the Canadian idiot.
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    BUFFALO IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!
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