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    Come to the concepts forum, they said. There will be concepts, they said.
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    Here's hoping that Beckham decides to go with the "undisclosed name tied to a corporate sponsor" and that said sponsor is Miami-based Carnival Corporation, parent of Carnival Cruise Lines. I can see it now... Carnival Soccer International, aka CSI Miami !!!
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    I've had this idea and these concepts sitting around for months (years, in some cases). There was a time when I was working on this project furiously, but I've been far too short on time recently to give it the attention it needed. But since so much of it has been completed for so long, I decided just to throw it out there, in large chunks. So here's the basic idea: A Super NHL, with 40 teams divided into two conferences of four divisions with five teams each. The divisions would be geographic in nature, with teams playing a "weighted" schedule: i.e. 6 games versus division opponents; 4 games versus the "paired" division opponents (Northeast and St. Lawrence, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast, et c.); two games versus the "unpaired" division opponents in the same conference (St. Lawrence and Southeast, et c.); and one game versus opponents from two different non-conference divisions--at home versus one division and on the road versus the other--with the non-conference divisional matchups rotating each year. By my count, that makes for a 74-game regular season that emphasizes regionality and cuts down on travel costs. Obviously, there will be a few expansion teams. Two teams from each division would make the playoffs, with each round being a best-of-seven series. The first two rounds would keep the "paired" divisions together, seeding the four teams independently of division and allowing them to play out. The advancing two teams (i.e. the Northeast/St. Lawrence winner and the Mid-Atlantic/Southeast winner) would play for the Conference Championship, and the two conference champs would meet for the Stanley Cup. All right. So I'm just going to post these in alphabetical order, and I'll include a league map that I'll continually update. Almost all of the work is completed and has been for quite a while, but there are a few stragglers that I'll try my best to get finished in a timely matter. Basically, each team has had something altered in some way, no matter how small. Everyone gets a "third" jersey, but the Original Six teams get "heritage" jerseys to be worn only against other Original Six teams. Some of this work has been posted by me before, some has since been sold to other parties, and some of it is likely to be adapted from other peoples' work. In each case, I'll do my best to make appropriate citations for each, but since it's been so long, I may miss something. Please feel free to point out any misses on my part. Also, some of the players' names and numbers used have probably changed by now. Forgive me for not going back and updating everything! So here we go. The uniform template is based on the current (and fantastic) style at NHLuniforms.com, and I wouldn't have been able to create this series without the amazing resources there. I've done my best to create custom logos and type for each team, and I'll try to keep descriptions clear and (most importantly) brief. Here's the first map update, with the first five teams:
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    It's amazing the things that generate the most hearty discussions around here sometimes.
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    I disagree, I think the Yankees and Red Sox really enjoy going to the Trop for 9 additional home games every season.
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    It's so nice coming into these threads and, instead of reading about MLB Changes, I get berated by people with too much time to get riled up about the littlest things. People on both sides of the argument need to grow up and move on.
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    It's typical man. Any time I bring it up I'm called a bigot and a racist. Yep, I'm pro-English only in the US which obviously means I hate anyone who isn't white. Flawless logic. I'm glad to see someone on the same page.
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    No, they really can't. Ask Exodus International or Evergreen International Bisexuals can pair up with a partner of the opposite sex, but that doesn't stop them being attracted to their own. And gay people don't even have that option. The "you can change" bit is, unfortunately, an odious lie perpetuated by desperate groups who need it to be true to make their own bigotry palatable. Please don't fall for it. We're all in a room talking. All of a sudden, a hot girl and a hot guy walk in the room at the same time. You guys would be awkwardly staring at the girl. I would be awkwardly staring at the guy. We can't change that. That's just how we're wired. Deal with it.
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    There are fans at that Jags game - clearly that is from a fictional program as well.
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    Let me give you some background Going into the 2015 MLS Season, the league was growing rapidly. At 21 teams, the best soccer league in the US was on pace to become the next great soccer league. The league wasn't done growing. David Beckham purchased a team in Miami, Florida to be the 22nd team starting in 2016. The Ft. Lauderdale Strikers immediately found it hard to draw against the Brit's shiny new team, especially with Portuguese superstar Christiano Ronaldo captaining the team. The league wanted a universally accepted number, and snatched Atlanta and San Antonio from the NASL to make the league have 24 teams. The commissioner said that would be it until there was a good enough reason to break the 24 limit. The MLS began to contend with the NBA and NHL with the start of Friday Night Kickoff, a weekly Friday night game in prime time on ESPN. Meanwhile, Michael Taylor graduated from Florida State with a degree in Sport Management. Working from the bottom of the NASL, he became commissioner of the struggling league when the commissioner stepped down when 3 of the flagship teams left in a small period. Taylor had a vision, to try all he can to fix the broken league, and shorten the gap between the bottom of the MLS to the top of the NASL. Hiring a world class scout, the league began running combines and drafting players from college that weren't drafted. A league wide initiative to help the sport grow, the league would pay a quarter of the tab for new stadiums. The league started to turn around thanks to strong sides such as the Tampa Bay Rowdies, New York Cosmos, and Minnesota United beating MLS sides in the US Open Cup. Bigger market teams in smaller leagues were snatched by the NASL, strengthening the league The US Men's national team won back to back World Cups in 2018 and 2022, with Canada making both tournaments. America, and Canada were soccer crazy. Every city wanted a team. More teams started popping up in the USL, which worked with the NASL in training players and building up US Soccer. Then in 2024, Taylor released a statement about how he was in talks with the MLS and USL commissioners to finally have a promotion/relegation system in place between the three leagues. His reasoning was due to the increased number of NASL teams beating the MLS sides, the number of NASL teams still trying to jump to the top, and the new light speed rail making traveling easier for smaller clubs. The MLS teams did not like the idea, and agreed to push the date of the tier system until 2030. The idea was so ground breaking, but tests and simulations proved that by then the gap between the bottom of the MLS/top of the NASL, and the bottom of the NASL/top of USL would be hardly anything. The new 3 leagues would merge in the winter of 2029. The leagues rebranded together to make one. The Soccer Championship, Soccer League One, and Soccer League Two were the league names, each league would have one table and 24 teams. The best 8 teams made the playoffs. Adidas couldn't control if non Adidas teams were in the MLS, so any maker could grab a team to create uniforms for. Nike snatched up the a big chunk of the teams, with Puma, Under Armor, and Warrior joining in. A new rule would be put in place where every team was entitled to scout youth talent within 25 miles of the stadium without fear of other teams stealing prospect. This will make home grown talent the future of the 72 teams. And here are the concepts So I made a 72 team system of concepts. A lot of teams are from current teams. In this world, the uniforms are similar to the current situation of kits. One thing I want to stress, I do not care what you think about what teams are where. I made the 72 teams and the system is in place. It's a matter of making them. I might ask for some team name help down the line. But i honestly don't care if "Indianapolis should be in the MLS". I'll release the teams whenever I finish them, in no real order. So be patient. I'll post the first few concepts in a little bit. Soccer Championship Atlanta Silverbacks Boston Revolution Chicago Fire Chivas San Diego Colorado Rapids Columbus Crew FC Dallas DC United Houston Dynamo Los Angeles Galaxy Miami FC Flamingos Montreal Impact New York City FC New York Red Bulls Orlando City Philadelphia Union Portland Timbers Real Salt Lake San Antonio Scorpions San Jose Earthquakes Seattle Sounders Sporting Kansas City Toronto FC Vancouver Whitecaps League One 3 Rivers United FC Birmingham Buffalo Athletic California Athletic FC Carolina Railhawks Charlotte FC AFC Cleveland Detroit City Edmonton Drillers Indy Eleven Jacksonville Armada Las Vegas Quicksilvers Milwaukee Bavarians Minnesota United New York Cosmos Northern Virginia Cavalry Oklahoma City FC Ottawa Fury SC Phoenix Puerto Rico Islanders Richmond Kickers Rochester Rhinos AC St. Louis Tampa Bay Rowdies League Two Albuquerque FC Anaheim Blues ATX FC Baltimore FC Barons Calgary Owls Charleston Battery Connecticut Hearts Dayton Dutch Lions Halifax United Harrisburg City Kitsap Pumas Louisville Premier Memphis Rogues Nashville Metros New Orleans United FC Norfolk Omaha ONE FC Providence City Queen City SC San Francisco SC West Texas Wanderers Wilmington Hammerheads Winnipeg Bisons SC Rivalry Cups Football Manager Mod
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    Hello everyone, I've decided to test my skills and try something new. I've never deigned anything soccer ever before. This will be my first try on a Soccer league. The league cities and names will be decided by the "posters". This way I will have no early inspiration for the logo idea. After the cities have been chosen (poll will go on until 2.16.14) I will let the followers post team name ideas. I will add as many of the names posted as I can to the next poll (I will only add serious names) that poll will end the following Sunday (2.23.14). I really hope this works out and doesn't end up a complete fail. Voting and Name Ideas are greatly appreciated. ~ThePeam --------------------- Teams (3/20)... Alamo City SC Arsenal Atlanta Bluff City Blues Boston Liberty Capital City Emerald City SC FC Oregon Golden State SC Houston Cosmos Las Vegas Blackjacks LA Action Motor City SC New York United Oklahoma Energy Philadelphia Brothers Rocky Mountain SC Royal Charlotte Sporting Phoenix Twin Cities SC Windy City SC
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    I know that his has already been done before by another person on here but I was bored so I decided to give it a shot, please give me some feedback. Depending on the response I will then decide if I will make more countries. http://mccraewilliams.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/usa-olympic-football-smaller.jpg :USA http://mccraewilliams.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/canada-football-unis-smaller.jpg :Canada Great Britain below http://mccraewilliams.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/mexico-olympic-unis-smaller.jpg :Mexico (update is on page 2) http://mccraewilliams.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/russia-unis-smaller.jpg :Russia http://mccraewilliams.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/chinese-unis-smaller.jpg :China http://mccraewilliams.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/sweden-unis-smaller.jpg :Sweden http://mccraewilliams.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/brasil-unis-smaller.jpg :Brazil (Update on page 3) http://mccraewilliams.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/japan-unis-smaller.jpg :Japan
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    Sounds like something straight out of an Ultimate Warrior promo. THE PRESENT, HOAKHOGAN, EATS AWAY AT YOUR SHALLOW CORE SOME CALL A SOUUUUULLLLLLL! You're right, it totally works.
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    It's fairly case-by-case. Anyone expected to win the Gold may be less than happy with either silver or bronze. A surprise medalist is probably happy with Bronze or silver. The US had its first female sole luger win a medal...it was bronze and she was ecstatic. But I think she'd have been equally thrilled had she won silver. It is all very interesting, in that there are so few sports (particularly in America, a Final 4 bid being a notable exception) in which we embrace anything outside of the champion. Here we embrace three, which is only possible due to it being a long-standing tradition established before second place became known as "the first loser." I think it's great.
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    I hope the "pit stains" and crazy panel thing in baseball is phasing out. It's one of my least favorite uniform trends in sports.
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    One of the biggest things you have to consider is branding. Teams (and companies) use certain colors, style and design elements to be instantly associated with certain things. For example, if I asked you what a yellow "M" on a red background made you think of, you would instantly say McDonald's, almost without hesitation. The white swirls on the shoulders look almost like surf or water foam? So because of that design element, it causes my mind to think about teams from Florida, California or Hawaii - places associated with water sport. Seeing that pattern for a team from New England is mentally jarring because New England is probably the last place I'd want to go swimming. Also, what in the world does swimming have to do with Patriots? I mean, Washington did famously cross the Potomac, but that's such a mental stretch that nobody will make the connection. Make sure that your branding "screams" Patriots - - and only Patriots. Right now, your red helmet screams Buffalo Bills. Make sure that you're differentiating your name enough from other teams in the league. Also, as others stated, you need to work on execution and presentation. When you're using Paint, it's tempting to just take the paint bucket tool and re-color sections of an existing template, but (as you've found out) the results aren't worth it. I'd highly suggest either taking some time to learn Photoshop, Inkscape, Gimp, or even Pixlr.com if you don't have the ability to download/install a professional photo suite. Or, on the flip side - if you CHOOSE to work in Paint, then you really need to step up your execution. Take. Your. Time. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but below is a Minnesota football concept I did a while back. It took me several days on-and-off to create it. And those who remember the thread when I posted it will recall that I had a couple of revisions to get it right. I post this because my Photoshop skills aren't great when it comes to concepts - but I'm learning to improve myself. And in the meantime, I take my freakin' time with my Paint concepts to make sure they're absolutely bulletproof. Because I'm choosing a "lesser" program to make my art, I need to overcompensate by spending a lot more time in the details. Forget the design elements, but really look close at the image. For example, in places I changed the color of the black outlines. The maroon jersey has a darker maroon outline - not pure black - because it flows better and makes the image look more crisp. I spent days coming through fonts until I found one that I felt really fit well with UM's identity. The yellow helmet, with the Goldy Gopher logo? I spent quite a lot of time zoomed way the hell in so I could hand-trace around the edges and clean it up. No white flecks, no warped logos, etc. Welcome to the forums and keep posting. If you're serious about your craft, you'll realize that we're not critiquing you to be rude - it's to help you improve. There are hundreds of "first timer" concepts like these - I had them myself and so did others. The difference between those awkward first concepts and guys like Fraser or Bird is that they continued to improve and work and work and work some more and finally work. And don't get emotionally married to your concept. If it sucks, throw it out and start over. It's the only way you'll learn. But congrats on taking the first important step. Actually the second step since you posted a revision based on people's comments. Just keep trying and don't give up. I'm excited to see more of your work, man.
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    ..as the citizens of Seattle fill a massive stadium to watch men attempt to murder, or at least concuss, one another for three hours.
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    So a Texas-based "sports facility planning business" is trying to gauge interest in Toronto, but they won't say if their looking on behalf of anyone actually connected with the NFL. Not much smoke there, much less fire. Especially since the local response to the Bills games has been underwhelming.
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    You like medicine-like taste, you root for the Mets and Islanders... I mean, dude, I mean this in the kindest way possible, but do you just completely love to hate yourself?
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    to the right, it says "links to share photo". You select the IMG - which is the URL. You then come here and type what you want, then click on the image icon - which is the 10th icon right of the Bold Icon just above the little Comment Box. You then paste the link into that little pop up and presto, it appears in your post. If that didnt help, then I think you are completely screwed haha. As for the log, not sure if the shading will go well with fans, but I have never liked the Chiefs logo at all. I like the font, but I cant stand the rigid spear thing. But there isnt much you can do realistically without backlash, so I guess its good.
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    I'm sorry, I struggle to make sense of anything going on here. There's far too much mismatching of stripes and colors. Take your time and really plan out what you want to do before jumping into it.
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    My suggestion would be to thicken the stroke on the circle and eliminate the some of the extra white and black stroke on the mouth and eyes. I do suggest giving the face a more menacing or stern look, though.I disagree with making it more menacing. Old logos didn't really look mean.
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    For anyone who might be interested - and aren't we all? This week's BASS jersey...
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    Just some advice. If you're a hat junkie like me, don't ever get a job at Lids or Hat Club
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    Wait, that terrible new A's cap isn't just an alt, but is going to replace their all green cap with the gold A's logo? WTF, A's?! There is ZERO white on their road set, why the hell would they introduce a white lettered logo to that set? How bush league.
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    Here's just a chunk of mine. Yes. I have a problem. oh well, at least it's not heroin
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    Disappointing. Huge downgrade, old cap was one of the best.
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    You should, Greece is obviously going to go in the nude to the world cup... "Captivated by the rich history of Greece, Nike's design team sought to reflect Greece's role in the development of sporting competition. Inspired by the nude athletes of the Olympic Games, the kit aids performance by having no weight at all, allowing for a greater range of motion and keeping the players cool. Nike's research has found out that nude players covered only in oil are 2.3486% faster than clothed players.“By managing sweat and keeping the body cooler longer, players feel more comfortable, sweat less, and perform better,” said Martin Lotti, Creative Director for Nike Football. This groundbreaking design will surely bring the Greek national team to new heights."
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    Having never used MediaFire, I can't help you there. When I have posted before, I have had to remember to have only link [img/] extentions for the picture to show up. Hope that helps.
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    Just a thought, good way of staying busy with concepts for the broncos besides that's how a final look comes about you have trial and error. The all black would be a nice Alternate Uniform for them or maybe say a Halloween themed version for the month of October. Looking at the template it's nice but when choosing color you have to make sure that the colors blend in well with the natural light of the template. I'll put up some of the concepts I have on here just so you'll see what I'm talking about. The bronco hair I think you're on to something try to use if either as a helmet stripe kind of like the Vikings or use it as a pants stripe and have it incorporate into a jersey stripe as well if you like. The white and blue concept, I would choose a different blend mode, if the colors are to dark then choose a lighter version of the color but leave the blend mode. The color, overlay, or try soft and hard light to see how the color blend with the natural light of the template and play around with the opacity also. Then you should have a better look and feel of your concept.
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    Set up a free account with a online album like Photobucket. Upload to concept and then add the link to the post through the "image" icon located in the top menu of the post. Make sure to preview you post to make sure the picture shows up. Happy Posting
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    Over the years I've had quite a few students who did this sort of after hours work. In Detroit the "code" was pretty straight forward. If it was public property (bridges, overpasses, etc.) or abandoned property (in Detroit, not hard to find) it was fair game. If you tagged private property, you'd quickly find yourself an outlaw among outlaws. As for whether its art or vandalism, that's easy... ask a cop. Its definitely vandalism. But that doesn't mean it can't also be art. So my answer is, sometimes its both.
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    Canada is interesting but I'm not a fan of these busy looking concepts no offense.
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    Er, well, everything you just said could equally apply to the United States, but I'll just say this: The Chinese language does not belong to the Chinese government, it belongs to its people, and the vast majority of Chinese-speakers who root for the Warriors are upstanding individuals, not dog-eating, pollution-spewing monsters.No doubt, but i still don´t want US based teams to have anything else then english on the front. I guess this means the Padres need to change their home uniform. Would this also apply to the Padres, Dodgers and Giants road uniforms? Yes, "City of Angels" would be an absolute killer jersey !And Giants, well there is a english word that starts with G they could put on their jerseys, very fitting for the city. Padres , who cares about them anymore questions ? I did infact say team names, not citys.......but whatever, you got the response you wanted Coming from a Rays fan people not caring about you is something you'd know all about right? What is this crap ? What he means to say is nice glass house.Well, it was uncalled for, and it failed bigtime as well.......Tampa have had a great team for years now, that the Yankees and Red Sox hate playing against. You say "who cares" about the Padres, then get butt hurt when someone says the same thing about the last in dead last attendance Devil Rays? I mean Rays? And I'd say it worked perfectly seeing as it seems to have pissed you off.
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    If they can sink themselves with these Pujols and Hamilton deals, and they can't lock up Mike Trout long term or force him out with crap like his rookie raise penny-pinching, I'd seriously consider boycotting until Arte sells. Or at least some form of protest. At the very least, it'd knock my fandom or level of care down a few notches.
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    I can't chew anything besides spearmint gum and sometimes Big League Chew, anything else I eat is usually from a friend, where you don't really have a choice. I don't buy fruity gum. I'm a banana lover, but I'm with y'all: Any banana-flavored candy taste like . Watermelon is fine, green apple skittles FTW. But, Cherry was my favorite color, I'm sad they replaced it with the always-disgusting butterscotch.
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    While yes the template crap is stupid, and like mentioned above I kept forgetting we were in white, but all that aside just by its own this is a pretty slick looking uniform.
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    No, they really can't. Ask Exodus International or Evergreen International. Bisexuals can pair up with a partner of the opposite sex, but that doesn't stop them being attracted to their own. It's interesting/sad in a lot of ways. Growing up I denied my bisexuality by taking the fact that I was attracted to women and just telling myself that I must be straight (it didn't help that someone I respected, when I was 13, told me "you're either gay or straight, bisexuality isn't real."). I might have had the courage to admit what I was to myself and come out at that age if I had someone like Michael Sam to look up to. That's a huge part of why this is a big deal. To provide a desperately needed role model.
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    Pretty much. Pride for your country shouldn't be turned into a cheap marketing gimmick. And that's not just me trying to bash the USA. Canadian companies are guilty of it too. In worse ways sometimes.
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    I prefer the old A's alternates, but these are by no means bad.
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    I like where you're going with Marquette but I'd switch the MU logo on the helmet and the eagle head logo. Make the pattern on the side of the pants and jersey wider/bigger. Hope you make jerseys that are blue, "baby blue", and gold/yellow. The helmet needs a stripe or something going down the middle. Most numbers aren't usually on that sleeve, so i would put the sleeve number on the upper shoulder between the collar and logo.
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    I've got a Walla Walla Sweets cap that Is one of the most comfortable hats I own. It is made by the Game. I also have a Mizzou hat made by the Game but in the moisture wicking material. in my opinion the wool caps are a hundred times more comforrtable then the new fabrics
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    I actually really like this Falcons set. The only thing I think is wrong is the size of the numbers, especially the back numbers. Just make them smaller and overall you have a nice looking set. Good job, can't wait to see more.
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    By the way, I'll go ahead and post my Top 10 of a band that is very underrated outside of its home country of Australia... Midnight Oil 1) Truganini 2) Hercules 3) Cold, Cold Change 4) Blue Sky Mine 5) Put Down That Weapon 6) Kosciusko 7) Beds are Burning 8) The Dead Heart 9) Power and the Passion 10) Short Memory