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    Come to the concepts forum, they said. There will be concepts, they said.
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    I know that his has already been done before by another person on here but I was bored so I decided to give it a shot, please give me some feedback. Depending on the response I will then decide if I will make more countries. http://mccraewilliams.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/usa-olympic-football-smaller.jpg :USA http://mccraewilliams.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/canada-football-unis-smaller.jpg :Canada Great Britain below http://mccraewilliams.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/mexico-olympic-unis-smaller.jpg :Mexico (update is on page 2) http://mccraewilliams.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/russia-unis-smaller.jpg :Russia http://mccraewilliams.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/chinese-unis-smaller.jpg :China http://mccraewilliams.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/sweden-unis-smaller.jpg :Sweden http://mccraewilliams.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/brasil-unis-smaller.jpg :Brazil (Update on page 3) http://mccraewilliams.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/japan-unis-smaller.jpg :Japan
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    Wait, that terrible new A's cap isn't just an alt, but is going to replace their all green cap with the gold A's logo? WTF, A's?! There is ZERO white on their road set, why the hell would they introduce a white lettered logo to that set? How bush league.
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    Here's just a chunk of mine. Yes. I have a problem. oh well, at least it's not heroin
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    Disappointing. Huge downgrade, old cap was one of the best.
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    You should, Greece is obviously going to go in the nude to the world cup... "Captivated by the rich history of Greece, Nike's design team sought to reflect Greece's role in the development of sporting competition. Inspired by the nude athletes of the Olympic Games, the kit aids performance by having no weight at all, allowing for a greater range of motion and keeping the players cool. Nike's research has found out that nude players covered only in oil are 2.3486% faster than clothed players.“By managing sweat and keeping the body cooler longer, players feel more comfortable, sweat less, and perform better,” said Martin Lotti, Creative Director for Nike Football. This groundbreaking design will surely bring the Greek national team to new heights."
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    They are decent. It just bugs me when teams use colors that have NOTHING to do with their country or flag. Like when Canada used black.
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    Canada is interesting but I'm not a fan of these busy looking concepts no offense.
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    Er, well, everything you just said could equally apply to the United States, but I'll just say this: The Chinese language does not belong to the Chinese government, it belongs to its people, and the vast majority of Chinese-speakers who root for the Warriors are upstanding individuals, not dog-eating, pollution-spewing monsters.No doubt, but i still don´t want US based teams to have anything else then english on the front. I guess this means the Padres need to change their home uniform. Would this also apply to the Padres, Dodgers and Giants road uniforms? Yes, "City of Angels" would be an absolute killer jersey !And Giants, well there is a english word that starts with G they could put on their jerseys, very fitting for the city. Padres , who cares about them anymore questions ? I did infact say team names, not citys.......but whatever, you got the response you wanted Coming from a Rays fan people not caring about you is something you'd know all about right? What is this crap ? What he means to say is nice glass house.Well, it was uncalled for, and it failed bigtime as well.......Tampa have had a great team for years now, that the Yankees and Red Sox hate playing against. You say "who cares" about the Padres, then get butt hurt when someone says the same thing about the last in dead last attendance Devil Rays? I mean Rays? And I'd say it worked perfectly seeing as it seems to have pissed you off.
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    If they can sink themselves with these Pujols and Hamilton deals, and they can't lock up Mike Trout long term or force him out with crap like his rookie raise penny-pinching, I'd seriously consider boycotting until Arte sells. Or at least some form of protest. At the very least, it'd knock my fandom or level of care down a few notches.
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    While yes the template crap is stupid, and like mentioned above I kept forgetting we were in white, but all that aside just by its own this is a pretty slick looking uniform.
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    I disagree, I think the Yankees and Red Sox really enjoy going to the Trop for 9 additional home games every season.
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    Another year-long Yankee retirement tour where everybody acts like no athlete has ever retired before will get old fast. At least Gold Gloves might be given to shortstops based on their defensive prowess now and not the pinstripes on their uniform or their last name being Jeter. Yes, I'm a hater.
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    It's so nice coming into these threads and, instead of reading about MLB Changes, I get berated by people with too much time to get riled up about the littlest things. People on both sides of the argument need to grow up and move on.
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    It's typical man. Any time I bring it up I'm called a bigot and a racist. Yep, I'm pro-English only in the US which obviously means I hate anyone who isn't white. Flawless logic. I'm glad to see someone on the same page.
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    There are fans at that Jags game - clearly that is from a fictional program as well.
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    Pretty much. Pride for your country shouldn't be turned into a cheap marketing gimmick. And that's not just me trying to bash the USA. Canadian companies are guilty of it too. In worse ways sometimes.
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    I prefer the old A's alternates, but these are by no means bad.
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    I like where you're going with Marquette but I'd switch the MU logo on the helmet and the eagle head logo. Make the pattern on the side of the pants and jersey wider/bigger. Hope you make jerseys that are blue, "baby blue", and gold/yellow. The helmet needs a stripe or something going down the middle. Most numbers aren't usually on that sleeve, so i would put the sleeve number on the upper shoulder between the collar and logo.
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    Yeah I agree with GeauxColonels on the consistency with the pants stripe. Also, the front and back numbers are I think a bit too small.
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    My personal rules: I prefer a flat brim bent only slightly. Only caps of teams I root for. Fashion caps are ok if they're in team colors. Prefer New Era. But I don't judge people who wear differently! I don't have very many, either, owing to these rules and the fact that I wear knit hats all winter and baseball caps only occasionally in the warmer months, but here they are: - Boston Red Sox mid-70s Cooperstown 5950: the classic mid-70s red cap/navy brim and my personal favorite. - Boston Celtics 5950: black with green/white logo, green brim, tonal black New Era flag. A Hat Club exclusive I think. - Vermont Lake Monsters green alternate authentic 5950: green with white front panel and alternate logo. From my old stomping grounds. Never saw them wear this hat, actually, but glad I bought it before this year's downgrade redesign of the cap. - San Francisco Giants tonal 3930: black with black SF logo, outlined in orange and white. I don't wear this one much, because I hate both the fit and the pre-curved brim of 3930s. - Boston Celtics '47 brand trucker hat: white "trucker" style with green front panel, which includes yellow and white front stripe and retro wordmark around the logo. Don't wear this one much, either, but this curved brim offends my style less than the SF hat at least. Also my only 47 hat.
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    I've got a Walla Walla Sweets cap that Is one of the most comfortable hats I own. It is made by the Game. I also have a Mizzou hat made by the Game but in the moisture wicking material. in my opinion the wool caps are a hundred times more comforrtable then the new fabrics
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    I actually really like this Falcons set. The only thing I think is wrong is the size of the numbers, especially the back numbers. Just make them smaller and overall you have a nice looking set. Good job, can't wait to see more.
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