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    All 7 of them agree with you We all know the Browns have at least 20 fans. 2013 NFL Attendance; Cleveland Browns - 569,939 total, 71,242 average (11th place overall) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (for instance) - 470,548 total, 58,818 average (29th place overall) Considering the product that Browns fans have had to deal with you could argue that they are ridiculously loyal. (And I am not a Browns fan.)
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    I would wager based on reaction on this site alone that Nike is 1/6 in their re-designs so far. Bucs, Jags, and Dolphins were all considered failures. Seahawks and Panthers are a wash. Vikings were an overwhelming success. Cleveland's got arguably the most traditional and plain uniform in pro sports and it's not in need of a total overhaul. Hearing that Nike is going to go balls-out on this old franchise is a foreboding prospect. Seahawks, Dolphins and Vikings were a total success. Bucs and Jags were mostly good with one poor element. Other than the Bucs, all 4 were comfortable upgrades overall compared with the existing really dated looking uniforms. People on here are far, far too hasty to condemn something that isn't 100% traditional when it comes to a uniform. Since the new Seahawks Unis when Nike took over, this board goes into every rebrand with torches and pitchforks drawn and ready to storm the gates. They are champing at the bit to condemn everything that doesn't look like a Packers recolour. The Seahawks jerseys look great. They are far from the monstrosity that this board would have you believe they are. They are a nice, modern design that replaced a really boring, dated existing design. As a Dolphins supporter, the Dolphins were a massive upgrade. You could never wear a dolphins jersey around because they were sparkly and garish and an awful shade of aqua. The new uniforms look better onfield and look 1000 times better as replicas. The vikings were a total success. There were issues with the Vikings and Bucs numbers, and the Jags helmet, but the Vikings were a massive upgrade overall and the Jags were replacing a pretty uninspired uniform, and barring the helmet, there isn't a lot wrong with them. I'd argue 4.5/6. I'd give you that the Bucs old uniforms were better, and i'll give you half a point for the Jags helmet, but other than that it's upgrades across the board.
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    Nah. As Davidson explained the Protestants of Northern Ireland wish to remain politically unified with the UK. Is what they want irrelevant? Are their opinions as Irish citizens not valid? You have two Irish populations. One that wishes to remain within the UK, won that has embraced independence. Why force one type of government on the population that does not desire it, when a partition allows both sides a land to call their own? Crimea. I'd be in favour of a Crimean union with Russia if a referendum was arrived at peacefully. My opposition to Russia's presence there is the unilateral invasion. If you're trying to compare England's invasion of Ireland with the Russian invasion of Crimea, well you're out of your league. Comparing something that happened in the 1530s (though you could easily push that date further back) with something that occurred in the year 2014? That's a weak, overly simplistic argument. The Anglophobia is palatable.Keep moving the discussion's goalposts though, Kinger! I see you've already abandoned the "dissolve the UK even though the people there don't want to do that!" sentiment. Yeah. The Scottish independence movement is starting to remind me of the Quebec independence movement in the worst ways. They don't want to have to pay their portion of the national debt, they want immediate EU membership (which the EU has said isn't going to happen) and they want to continue using the British pound as currency.If you want to be an independent country then campaign to be an independent country. If there are benefits to being part of the UK that you would rather hold onto after independence then perhaps independence isn't that great of an idea. Interesting point about Quebec, I don't know too much about that one. I think the main thrust of the Scottish push is based on the North Sea gas they feel will be there's. But all the elements you mentioned should inform the decision. What I dislike about what the SNP is saying about the pound and the debt is that the scots should vote 'yes' now and all that can be negotiated later. It's a stupid position to take as it just means the whole endeavour is based on articles of faith and well meaning people are unable to make an informed decision.
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    Dolphindan do you realise what website you're on right now? This is a sports logos website, dedicated to small details and changes like this, because if we post them on Facebook, our friend count will suffer online and in life. We're going to talk about the Patriots dropping to a single shade of navy darker if it happened.
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    A rebranding project for the Mandurah Magic of the SBL in Australia. Believe or not, it's my first branding/jersey exercise for a team. Sadly the jerseys never made it to the court but I figured I'd share them anyway.
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    Debatable. They're on the same level as the Jaguars. Bottom 3 in no particular order are Jaguars, Buccaneers, Seattle IMO (with Arizona and Miami not far behind).
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    You gotta love an arena team themed after a rock band. But why did they go with Great White?
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    Burn it! Burn it with fire! ...Oh wait. (I actually don't mind it, just wanted to make that joke)
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    Maybe I'm crazy, but those are my two all-time favorite NFL looks.
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    They will?!… I mean, they will… at any of the social events that open bar, of course...
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    After re-reading the first post, before posting this, I saw the 2002 year limit, so apologies for the modern Lightning jerseys as well (I don't have anymore pre-2007 jerseys). Also, I'm not saying Trent Dilfer is a legend. I wanted an old Bucs road jersey, and that was all I could get at the time.
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    The club also posted this: I really love the idea of that shield, but there's too much blank space. And I really don't like the multi-colored monogram. Howsabout this mash-up?
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    LOL . . .heavens on fire
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    Scotland can get their blue back when they pay their portion of the British national debt.
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    Vancouver Grizzlies. It was hardly ever seen but... it did influence that sweet trim on the jersey. Also this one, still looks great with the Memphis colors... Edit: Wow just found this:
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    Yeah I can see what you mean. The new colour scheme feels a lot more 'Dallas' to me though. And it opens up green and gold for when Seattle inevitably gets a team.
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    Ready my reply closer, I wasn't being mean. It was a hint.
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    The issue shows up in NZ and Australia like clockwork. Problem is that the change falls squarely into the 'nice to have' category rather than having a compelling argument why it needs to happen right now.
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    Just now seeing this thread and I'm humbled and honored to be included as a Charter member. As for "suggestions" for future inductees, I'll leave that to the committee's capable hands.
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    Future consideration to Patchez, the images he creates with our work are stellar.
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    I still prefer the purple/green/gray look from the 90's.(excluding the green jersey with the giant deer on it) Red and green with a giant deer head just screams "TEAM CHRISTMAS" to me.
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    Ballard-era Leafs vs black pre-Dallas North Stars.
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    These guys against everyone else:
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