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    John Elway always did look strange in a Broncos uniform. I'll always think of him as a Colt.
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    They can do stuff like that now... The Panthers are still asking for: * Relief from paying any more debt on the arena. The request would shift the Panthers' $4.5 million annual debt payment to the county, increasing the county's share from $8 million a year to $12.5 million, to be paid in hotel taxes for the remainder of the 2028 contract. That's $67.5 million, including this year's payment. * A $500,000 contribution each year from the county into the arena maintenance fund. That's $7.5 million in all. * Relief from paying more than $1 million a year in property insurance on the arena. The county would pick up the tab over $1 million. Based on a county estimate of $600,000 a year, which of course could change, the total would be $9 million. * Relief from paying an increasing amount each year into an arena renewal and replacement fund. The annual contribution would be capped at $250,000. A previous audit found the Panthers were under-funding the account already. Those deal points haven't changed. The team would still: * Contribute $500,000 a year to tourism efforts, as it does now. * Repay two outstanding county loans early. They total $10.1 million, Babich said. Damn I hate "creative accounting" like this.
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    Classic gems! If Milwaukee went with Green Bay gold it would be a good 3rd color! ! Ps. I envy you BIG TIME for working on Skywalker ranch
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