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    Tell that to the guy who posted his browns concept yesterday.
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    Because people steal your work like what's being done to Matt here. Matt produced this template for his own use not everyone else, same thing with the template I've been working on.
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    I'd rather see Darlington get it's Labor Day race back first then get another date. Swap Darlington with Atlanta and give the Southern 500 it's Labor Day weekend back.
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    These are horrible and they look like they were designed by a 4 year old. I'm not sure what 4 year olds you're basing this off of but they must be quite skilled. Just because you don't like the way something looks doesn't mean it looks like it was designed by a child. Over designed? Probably. But for a one time game, in Brooklyn, staring 18 year olds who will most likely end up framing it when the games over (so designing it like a poster kind of makes sense), I think it's pretty cool.
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    Nope. The Wild had regular laces, but when the Stadium Series jerseys were unveiled, a few players decided they liked it, and started wearing their laces that way. Gradually, the whole team adopted it, yet another sign that the Minnesota Wild is about the last place you should go for any sort of good hockey idea.
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    The gold/gold helmet was replaced by gold/garnet. It's been mentioned nearly a dozen times in this thread
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    I feel the same way. I still hate the new road cap, but the green alt is surprisingly good looking when paired with the home cap and white pants.
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    i also believe it's because college and the NFL have different standards, if we put the bucs colors on the miami set we would still be probably complaining.
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    How is it that Florida college teams roll out two near perfect designs but the Bucs and Jags give us the NFL's worst in history?
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    Maury Brown, a Portland resident and well-known authority on the business of baseball, breaks down the issues surrounding the recent efforts to promote MLB-to-PDX. Current MLB to Portland Effort Big on Dreams, Short on Answers
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    The fact that more than one small town does this in no way changes the fact that it's kinda stupid. Do they call Louisville "LouisVegas" because if they do then that is stupid.
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    Absolutely agree here. I don't get it.Stirrups are a fundamental part of the look of the baseball uniform. They were standard for seven decades. They belong. Furthermore, socks of some kind (even without stirrups) provide at the bottom of the uniform a colour balance with the cap at the top. There is nothing that makes a baseball uniform look worse -- not bagginess, not flat-brimmed caps -- than the pajama pants and the lack of visible socks. In a better world we'd have rules about the showing of socks and the use of stirrups, and NFL-style enforcement.
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    I wouldn't care if Wahoo made Natives jump for joy, that logo is hideous and shouldn't have even been used long enough to have this debate.
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    Those uniforms need buttons.
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    But not in a good or consistent way. The navy is more like trying on different shirts and then throwing them in the discard pile. They are constantly tinkering which shows they at least "get" that it's not working. No one look ever really takes. The brown and yellow were the original and most consistent look the Padres have ever had. Again, if you did not grow up with the Padres in the 70s and 80s I can see how its difficult to understand the love for brown. As someone else mentioned, maybe it's just the names of the colors. Maybe today's fan needs some chic-y color names like Espresso and Pacific Sunset. There are countless examples of sports logos and color schemes that I don't particularly like but that are loved by their fan bases. I don't try and convince them that what they love is bad. It's their reality, what they lived. There is a lot to be said for that.
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    I was in San Diego last week and caught a Padres game. Surprisingly to me, the hat I saw most often by a considerable margin (besides the current) around town and at the game was: Surprising to me, because I would have figured it would be one of the brown or gold hats. It made me wonder if we uni nerds like the brown and gold for the Padres more than actual Padres fans do. (Granted, this was just one game and one week around town, so take it with a grain of salt. )
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    Navy and "sand" looks like what every dorky white guy wears to the office on casual day. Sports uniforms should have some boldness to them, not look like discount polo shirts and khakis purchased at the Gap outlet store. The sand is just so dull, especially when paired with a non-bold color. I would imagine there's a psychological effect to wearing primary or at least bold colors like yellow, red, royal, etc. Maybe it excited or stimulates the brain rather than calm it.
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    They can do stuff like that now... The Panthers are still asking for: * Relief from paying any more debt on the arena. The request would shift the Panthers' $4.5 million annual debt payment to the county, increasing the county's share from $8 million a year to $12.5 million, to be paid in hotel taxes for the remainder of the 2028 contract. That's $67.5 million, including this year's payment. * A $500,000 contribution each year from the county into the arena maintenance fund. That's $7.5 million in all. * Relief from paying more than $1 million a year in property insurance on the arena. The county would pick up the tab over $1 million. Based on a county estimate of $600,000 a year, which of course could change, the total would be $9 million. * Relief from paying an increasing amount each year into an arena renewal and replacement fund. The annual contribution would be capped at $250,000. A previous audit found the Panthers were under-funding the account already. Those deal points haven't changed. The team would still: * Contribute $500,000 a year to tourism efforts, as it does now. * Repay two outstanding county loans early. They total $10.1 million, Babich said. Damn I hate "creative accounting" like this.
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    Thanks to these random stripes the new Liverpool kit looks like something a third tier manufacturer (Jako or Saller here in Germany) would come up with.
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    Because it's godawful ugly? No it's not.Yes it is. Especially those particular uniforms that he posted. You're trying to convince people that they should go back to brown and you use that as an example? They looked like freakin' Taco Bell employees!
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    Classic gems! If Milwaukee went with Green Bay gold it would be a good 3rd color! ! Ps. I envy you BIG TIME for working on Skywalker ranch
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