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    You're kidding yourself if you think the numbers on the Packers and Raiders' uniforms are all distorted/stretched.I'd rather have stretched numbers on a few linemen then have Nike sweat boxes and mismatched shades of green anyway. Nobody's kidding anybody, just stating facts For a mod that loves to let people know he's a mod, you sure are acting immature and foolish.
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    Forget Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose is the former Shield members who needs a main event push.
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    Rainbow? Check. Pink (Floyd)? Check. Star Wars? Check.
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    Sorry, not by a long shot. A&W Creme Soda is better. Cherry Coke is the best. Dr. Brown's Creme Soda is a far superior product to A&W. Dr. Brown's Time Machine is a far superior product to all of that.
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    They did just push his head through a pile of styrofoam cinder blocks. If there's one thing that WWE has loved to do with Dean Ambrose, it's to beat the holy hell out of him. What's sweet though is that I firmly believe that booking/creative is wanting to shape him into an Austin-esque figure. It's still in the early stages and letting other storylines playout, but Ambrose could be the maniacal everyman antihero that this company could use as a megastar.
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    This thread has gone downhill fast and has reached what I believe to be rock bottom. Seriously, I think I just read through 3 pages talking about the Raiders. Let's review (there are links embedded in this post)- -No, the Raiders would not have to have matte gray pants, as shown by the Cowboys and Bucs (old) metallic pants. -Yes, the Raiders' current numbers do get awfully stretched out (see above, no photos needed). -No, the pants stripe would not get cut off 3/4 of the way up the leg like that mock up, considering 90% of the league has full stripes. -Yes, there may or may not be a bit of a "sweatbox," however we are discussing the colors (or lack thereof...however you choose to interpret that) of black and silver, which will not distort into other vastly different variations of said colors...considering they are black and silver. They are the absence of color. It's not like their current uniforms don't utilize mesh side inserts and create the same issue. I mean, it's either black....or darker black? -Yes, Nike provides classic cut collars and uses them for various teams in the league. -Yes, the Raider's look is ultimately up to the team, and kudos to the Raiders for sticking to their guns and picking what they feel best represents them. -However, a change to the template would neither impact their look positively or negatively...because it is the most simplistic of all uniforms....for all it consists of are the colors BLACK and SILVER. There is a single stripe and block numbers. We are talking about stitching upon a garment here, people. Their uniform would look virtually the same with Nike, adidas, Under Armour, Russell Athletic, New Balance, Puma, etc. We are discussing the STITCHING upon the Raiders uniforms, upon which there is no detail whatsoever! Carry on.
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    Mine's an allegorical take on Stalinism in the Soviet Union and the regime of terror used in a communist society.
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    I'm loving this new lesbian-ish creepster Paige. For reasons.
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    I don't think that anyone is doubting that it's incredibly hard to match certain colors across different materials - especially different fabrics. The thing is... they don't have to match them across so many incredibly different materials. They're choosing to give themselves a problem that they can't solve. That's the problem here - you don't create a situation for yourself, fail, and then say that it wasn't fair because the odds were stacked against you. They created the situation themselves when there was no need for it. It should be Nike's job to meet the team's specs, not the teams' to adapt to Nike's. If Nike's latest template doesn't cut it, then they just need to make another one - or keep the old one. What the Eagles have done is a disgrace - and hopefully not a sign that the balance of power has completely shifted to the supplier.
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    If the silver-green is so iconic, then they should just eliminate the basic silver and use the silver-green everywhere. If they do that, match the blues, and give the blue jersey the same striping pattern as the white jersey, then they will have one of the best identities in the league.
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    Yea seriously I'd love a template so I can make crappy not-as-good-as-yours concepts
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    I guess they didn't want to use Russia as the villians because the Cold War had just ended, but still. Iceland? A movie where Canada was the villain would have been great if the only people who considered the Canadians evil were the Ducks. Like the Canadians are all stereotypically polite and nice, genuinely so, and the Ducks are like "those arrogant Canadians are so smug." Smell the box office returns!
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    had to start another thread the other got deleted That'd be something good to add with your presentation. Also, I'd like to see the pants more. I like WSU though.
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    Merged pinned topics looks much nicer, guys. Thanks for doing that!
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    GMW mentioned this in his review that people were complaining about match quality. I just facepalm. Here's Brock Lesnar doing what nobody on the roster has done to Cena in 10 bloody years and that's squash him for 96% of the match and end it cleanly with no bs and people are complaining about match quality. Everyone should have known going in that with Cena/Lesnar you weren't getting a 5-star technical masterpiece. It was about story telling, plot consequence, setting up a 3rd match between the two since his return and getting the most out of the ending of the streak and most importantly setting up a situation where they develop a new top guy for the long term. The guy that beats Brock Lesnar will get the rub of beating a guy that ended the streak, demolished God-incarnate John Cena. I am convinced people just want to complain for for the sake of complaining. What more do people want? Could the match have been better? sure. Was I expecting at least a better, more competitive match? Yes. At the end the day, I find little to complain about this and people should be happy that Cena got demolished cleanly like he did. Because I assure you that won't happen again.
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    Jeez... so much for school colors! What's next? A red and silver Notre Dame alt!?!? Apart from the logos nothing about this says Arizona St. to me.
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    Can we have two threads for this? One for random hockey jersey talk and one for actual releases... I keep seeing this thread bumped and come in hoping to see a new sweater buts its nothing but talk...
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    Well, they could make it into a heel turn of Cena did a promo of how he failed and was questioning himself, etc. Then have him bumble around and lose every match for a month or two, then have him snap and destroy both Usos, claiming afterwards that he got too soft and let the crap like kids and t-shirts change who he was. I don't think that'll happen, and it doesn't need to. Batman has appeared in seven movies so far, and been in the comics for 70 something years. He's never been a bad guy. Yet he is interesting because he 1) has vulnerabilities, both physical and psychological; and 2) pushes the bounds of ethics to win. Just do something with Cena. Give him a little edge and have him face adversity.
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    A very good time indeed. Great to hang out with old friends and meet some new ones.
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    Why? Because its black? The black jersey works because (like it or not) black is a part of the Eagles scheme and uniforms. And they only wear them 2-3 times a year anyway. Go away.
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    Because when I buy A's jerseys, some of them (gray, gold, black) have both cool base and polyester. That's my preference over cool base. But the newer one, like the green alts this year are only cool base. That's what I was wondering. I guess not all teams have that option. I would assume that the throwbacks would be polyester. But I guess with what you just said, they don't, which is odd. I assume that newer designs going forward this season are going to be all cool base and anything that was designed before probably has both as an option. Oh and tonight, Braves vs Athletics 1914 throwbacks The Poly or COOLBASE thing has gotten more hit-or-miss in relation to throwbacks. For instance, the Astros Tequila Sunrise jerseys are poly, but the Negro League Eagles throwbacks were COOLBASE. The Orioles are a COOLBASE-only team, but the 1954 throwbacks are poly. The White Sox and Pirates both went to COOLBASE on their Sunday throwbacks. It might be a case of one-offs being poly and regular-use throwbacks being COOLBASE, but it isn't a hard or fast rule. And something like 12 teams, give or take 2-3, still have both poly and COOLBASE available for their regular jerseys. Is anyone else confused as to why they played at night? For a 1914 celebration, it should've been an afternoon start time.
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    That's what I had in mind.
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    Interesting topic. In regards to the OP's original reference to the "flying elvis" as facing forward and appearing "correct", as opposed to a word mark such as "Pitt" appearing "wrong", because the "P" is near the front of the helmet on one side, and on the other the "t" is closest to the front. Think about it in terms of the decal sheets for helmets. Other than the Pittsburgh Steelers, every NFL team that uses decals has a set of two, one for each side of the helmet. Teams that have directionally-oriented helmets would have two different decals-- often mirror images of each other (think Lions, Dolphins, Broncos), while other teams have two copies of the same logo (think Saints, Cowboys, Bears). In the NFL, twenty of the 31 teams that have side decals that would be considered directionally-oriented; thus they are in the majority and lend a basis to his observation that such logos look "right". What's interesting is that the example of one helmet logo that he gives that appears "wrong"-- Pitt-- is a college team. A quick and dirty analysis of six college conference helmets reveals the complete opposite of the situation in the NFL: in college, a rather small minority of teams have helmet decals that are "directionally oriented": ACC: 1 out of 14 AAC: 3 out of 10 Big 10: 2 out of 14 (3 out of 14 when Mich. State uses the Spartan helmet instead of the "S") Big 12: 3 out of 10 PAC 12: 4 out of 12 SEC: 2 out of 14 A lot of this difference comes because colleges have an overwhelming tendency to use letters and wordmarks as helmet decals, as opposed to the NFL where graphic elements predominate. Thus, whether or not something appears "wrong" or "correct" may have more to do with which type of football you are more prone to watching.
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    So glad everything was able to come together the way it did. It was great to reconnect with old friends and to finally get the opportunity to hang out with such cool and talented people. Can't wait for Creative South and WMC next year… It could be like the Expendables of sports design. Speaking of which, I was kinda like BA Baracus this weekend, but instead of a black van, it was a white Chevy Equinox… " I love it when a plan comes together."
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    All of this. Screw mayo and it's goddamn overprevalence
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    That may be true, but there's also a strong "kiddie" stigma attached to the Disney name. I can tell you that as a longtime fan of Nintendo, a company with similar "family friendly" stigma issues despite putting out quality games time and time again. Yup. I thought the in-universe reason for the team using the NHL Ducks jerseys was more to do with Han's substitute brother creating a new logo and uniform to unite the "old Ducks" (the remains of the first movie cast) and the "new Ducks" (new D2 characters) under a new banner. I also assumed that in-universe the NHL Ducks were founded after the events of D2. Even then the new kids being excited about being the Ducks doesn't make a lot of sense, and neither do the other things, but, whatever. It's still not as blatantly obvious or corporate as any of the other proposed Mighty Ducks logos. I think, had any of those been used, we wouldn't even be talking about the Ducks having throwback nights or using the old logo as a shoulder patch, unless Disney had a handshake agreement like they do with Oregon. Speaking of which, why is it that it's perfectly OK for the Oregon Ducks to outright use Donald as a logo and mascot, but it's apparently not when the Anaheim Ducks use a logo and mascot that vaguely resembles Donald? Generally speaking I think fans tend to prefer their team's coloured jerseys, or seeing their team's colours on the ice. Then again there's also the appeal in seeing all the different opposing teams colours instead of another white jersey every game. I'm happy either way, but the current set up makes it easier to introduce team coloured third jerseys and throwbacks. So for now, at least, that's my preference.
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    Does any one else put salt on things like fries and green beans? I can't eat them without adding it, no matter what I may dip my fries in.
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    Why is it so hard for people to get one color logos right?!? Dark areas stay darker no matter the colors!
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    Can we start a drinking game based upon how many times Gooner says your name? In all seriousness, this thread has been an absolute pleasure to look at. The Barbados crest is probably my second favourite to Saint Kitts. The hoops for the Bajans work very well. It's always fun to see concepts for teams that you just don't get concepts for all that often. Of the 9 left, they all look like they're full of opportunity. Can't wait for Angullia. Bring on the dolphin!
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    That .gif reminds me of the Tigers' bullpen and offense this season.
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    The old creamsicles are better than that old ginger fart's creations. Glazer family ginger morons!
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    But borrowing the word "ski" from Sioux language and bastardizing it by adding "U-Mah" to make it rhyme with "rah rah rah" isn't an honor, is it? NCAA, where are you?????Except that ski-u, ski-oo, or ski-yoo arent Sioux words for victory either but was used as exclamation after winning a canoe race against Minnesota that the captain heard and then added mah to rhyme with rah.http://www1.umn.edu/twincities/traditions/Minnesota's own web site proudly lists this "Sioux" word along with an explanation for its origin. If the NCAA can put the hammer down on William & Mary for previously using a feather in its school logo, surely this must raise a few eyebrows. So the same school that has asked the Redskins not to wear their uniform at their stadium is now using a Native American word on their helmet. Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?
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    Nutella is good, but it's not THAT good. Peanut butter and jelly are important staples that some crappy unnatural paste will never unseat. If you need hazelnut chocolate goop to eat something as simple and already delicious as a banana, I feel sorry for your teeth. Nutella is the new Bacon; an entity that was fine on it's own but the internet went and made it into a Norris-like tween fodder, fit only for Wal-Mart shirts and buffoons.
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    I know this is titled 2015 MLB All Star Game Logo, but I'm excited for 2016 because it's more than likely the 2016 All Star Game will take place in Baltimore. The logo will probably include the Warehouse somewhere in it and the HR Derby jerseys will probably be orange & black. (Didn't know where to put this)
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    Not everyone can hate it. If everyone liked the same things, the world would be a boring place. I just want to mention that in case anyone doesn't know, on Sunday, the BC Lions will be wearing their Gun-Metal Grey Signature Jersey while the Toronto Argonauts will be wearing their white Signature Jersey.
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    One of the scenes from X-men I vividly remember. This is the scene where he is lamenting his love for Jean Gray. Yet I never noticed that it was an interesting pose of Rogue.
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    Next week should be Sidney Cosby.
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    Except it did from 1794 to 1818 Count the stripes on the Star Spangled Banner some time.
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    It's never really bothered me too much. Except for the instances where you have text in a logo and have to mess everything up so that the text reads the right way like the Ravens' helmets.
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    "Hello, is this Nike Team Sports? We'd like to place an order on items we found in your catalog..."
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    Because they obviously don't think wearing alternate helmets is important enough to go to that much trouble. Most of the world does not frequent this website, and would think that our obsessions with these things are pretty silly.
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