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    For all of you who take themselves way to seriously, stop being so uptight. Enjoy the World Series. Who cares who's playing. Just sit down, kick back and enjoy. If you don't like it. Don't watch it. All this nonsense about the Giants & Royals not being the best teams statistically. So what! Even if my Giants were not in it I would still watch. Hell if it was Tampa Bay vs. Milwaukee I would watch. Who gives a :censored: about T V ratings. I don't work for the networks so I don't care. Get off your soap boxes and high horses. Baby want a cookie?
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    Thanks for the requests guys...I'll get to them ASAP. In the meantime, I couldn't resist throwin' a cod at Nashville's stupid (IMO) sabre-tooth logo. It was just too easy a target...
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    My vote would be for them to rename themselves as California Angels.
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    I put this together years ago along those same lines...the Arizona Pyrrhuloxias. ... and that looks beautiful!Gray is such a trendy color, and the real life example is out there... I'd bet this is at least on Nike's radar.
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    I put this together years ago along those same lines...the Arizona Pyrrhuloxias.
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    The Islanders have a terrible logo, but they've stuck with it so long and actually built history behind so it works. The Canucks have great jerseys with a terrible logo. I still maintain if they ditched the whale but kept the striping and colours on their current home and away they would be up there with the best dressed teams in the league. It is definitely time for the "Vancouver" script to go. I still maintain the orca by itself on the current jerseys would look solid. The whole thing should be scrapped.
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    I loved Syracuse's two uniform sets before the new ones this year. I wanted to capture those and make them a bit more modern without sacrificing the tradition -one, yes, one helmet. Orange, triple stripe, white/navy/white. -three jerseys, orange, white, navy. Orange would become the home jersey, since it makes more sense to me to have the ORANGE wear ORANGE at home -the only thing I like from the new uniforms is the pattern on the sleeves so i tried to keep that by having it on the triple stripes on the unifoms -pants, 3 sets same as the jerseys C and C welcome
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    You can go ahead and say that with more confidence because you are correct, good sir. The NFL will only make an exception during the pre-season, but that's it. Here's a question though: What about a player like Brad Smith? I know he's worn 16 throughout his college and pro career, but he was technically a QB with the Jets. Was higher on the depth chart at QB than WR when Mangini was there. Brad Smith was a QB, so he would have been allowed to wear single digits.
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    Ronde Barber is now an analyst for Fox. Ronde on an interception: "That is a drive killer". Dynamite drop-in, Marty!
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    The Bills are in all white at home this week. Not the throwbacks though.Since the Bills are wearing all white at home today I wish it were the throwbacks. Gawd how I love that '62-'73 grazing bison logo I grew up seeing as a kid. Just off subject quickly, FOX showed Jim Kelly on the sidelines talking to new owner Terry Pegula along with Russ Brandon and that is the very best I've seen JK look since the 2nd cancer fight where he's now cancer-free. Good on him!!
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    Well, sounds like this sports talk guy has integrated himself into Philadelphia sports jargon quite nicely...
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    These postgame on-field interviews with Jimbo Fisher sound like a Nascar interview....
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    While the Ducks' uniforms were a nice homage to a nostalgic time in the program's history, they just look out of place and outdated when compared to almost all the uniforms you see now in college football.
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    Oregon looks awesome in those throwbacks, IMO. Shows that carbon fiber and volt and anthracite and black and any other non-school color is gimmicky and unneeded. They really ought to use the same combination (yellow/green/yellow) with the current unis every week. 75% of college football uniforms make no sense.
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    Good, the M's have one of the best modern looks in the league.
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    Your logos are SICK! I'm a Cubs fan, but I would wear either of those designs proudly. I'm a native Chicagoan, and this is AWESOME!
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    I absolutely loved Army's uniform this past weekend as I wish it was their primary look:
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    I wouldn't beat yourself up about not buying it.
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    There's a bit of a difference between someone that you love and trust and open up to about everything to and a guy who's just really good at being good at basketball. Off of the top of my head, the fact that two-thirds of the NBA will never be able to win a championship because of the favoritism towards big-market teams. The Sixers are waiting for some of this big market favoritism.
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    I honestly think as long as they are civic entities that both represent and are supported by cities, their governments, and their taxpayers, they shouldn't have ads on the jerseys. If they want to be the Nabisco Bulls and the McDonalds Lakers, fine, put the ads everywhere, but so long as they represent Chicago and Los Angeles, they should be forbidden to mix the city with the corporations Yeah seriously, oh gosh golly we're struggling so much we can't have the city name on our unis anyways, btw guys can we borrow 500 million for a new stadium?More like build us a new arena, let us keep all the revenues generated, and pay us to play in it if you're the pacers. This whole civic entity fallacy is what's allowed pro sports to screw fans and taxpayers for decades and allows them to continue to gouge fans.
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