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    Okay, this is probably a highly unpopular opinion, but whatever. This? This is a horrible jersey. Now, I'm fully aware that the Falcons' current jerseys aren't exactly top-notch, but that hardly excuses these. There's a fine line between beautiful simplicity (Green Bay) and generic movie team (Miami Sharks), and these dance all over that line. First, the color balance is off. I've never really been a fan of the "nothing matches" combo, but these particularly annoy me. Bright red helmets, nice...but where's the rest of the red to bring this together? Why are primarily black socks being worn with this jersey, confining the rest of the red mainly to pants and sock stripes, giving the impression that this is a black/white team, with red as trim (save for the helmet, of course)? And speaking of stripes, why are there none at all on the jersey? There's a clear stripe on the jersey, pants, and socks, so why is the jersey bare, save for numbers and another pet peeve...a 95% black logo, with nothing else save thin white and red outlines, on a black jersey. Brilliant. Maybe this is where some modern looks got the idea from. Truth be told, this doesn't look like an NFL jersey. This looks like a retro Texas Tech knockoff, or some random college squad. I firmly believe that this is one of those looks that only gets praise due to the majority of modern designs going off the rails. Again, there are truly classic looks, and then there are those that pitifully try to imitate them. These are the latter, in my opinion.
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    I'm sure this has been posted, but as a Red Sox fan, it's strange to see David Ortiz in a uniform that isn't Boston's. But it turns out he played for the Twins from 1997-2002, which was a time period I didn't pay attention to sports that much. It's also double strange since I began watching sports in 2003, Ortiz's first season with the Red Sox and Boston's championship year. Bonus points for being an alternate that he only had the chance to wear for three seasons.
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    To say he's "not black enough" is of the highest levels of douchebaggery.
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