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    I am fully on board with the Oklahoma alternates. They're gorgeous. It lacks most of the goofiness found in today's uniforms. The colors pop and I especially love the off-white.
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    That Pittsburgh score is too wacky for a non-Thursday game. They should keep wearing the bumble bees. Easier to win when your opponents are blind.
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    That Montreal road uniform are probably my favorite greys in MLB history.
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    I think the addition of black to the Lions' uniforms was a good thing, once they refined it with their current look.
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    This is like arguing which supermodel is the hottest. There's so many really great caps, at some point it just comes down to whether you like blondes or brunettes. And you wouldn't kick any of them out of bed.
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    Came here to post that. They went from a textbook example of everything that's wrong with RBK Edge, and what I believed was the worst uniform in the league, to a timeless, beautiful, traditional look. The crazy part is that unlike all the other massive upgrades in this thread, they did so without fundamentally changing their jdentity...shows really just how bad Reebok has been for hockey aesthetics.--------- I think the Montréal Expos' 1992 update has to be up there. While the homes were a definite upgrade, I think the roads were way moreso. Their old roads, taken at face value, weren't awful. Still, they were a product of their time (1970s/80s) - powder blue, racing stripes, pinwheel hats, funky font - and really should not have lived long enough to see the '90s. The updates roads, however, are one of my favourite baseball uniforms of all time. The thick piping, the font, the solid blue caps, the script (and the fleur-de-lys doubling as the accent in "é" was such a nice touch). If anyone knows where I could find one of these, please share.
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    Maybe Krusty never would have had to fake his death.
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    Possibly. The scariest team on their three remaining games is Texas. the SEC will knock each other around in the Egg Bowl, Iron Bowl and SEC Championship. Florida State and Duke look to hold serve and play in the ACC Championship. Though Miami is hot right now, so the Seminoles need to be ready. Oregon has the Civil War with Oregon State. If someone asked me to make my predictions on who the four playoff teams would be at the end of the season, I couldn't tell you for certain. However, I did do a rundown of the top team's remaining schedules tried to predict the results. Some of these may seem crazy and that's fine. Here we go: SEC Grindhouse: The SEC Teams beat each other up. Alabama, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State end up in three way tie for SEC WEST. Alabama wins out, but is kept out of the SEC Championship game.Mississippi State loses both it's road games and drops to 10-2.Ole Miss somehow wins out, and becomes the SEC West Representative in the SEC Championship game.Georgia represents the SEC East, after Mizzou fails to win two SEC Road games.ACC Perennial Power vs Upstart Duke faces off against Florida State in the ACC Championship Game. PAC 12 Rematch UCLA somehow gets themselves to Santa Clara to face the Pac 12 North Oregon Ducks in the PAC 12 Championship.This or That Big Ten Ohio State wins out and represents the Big Ten East.Wisconsin does the same and gets some help, they represent the Big Ten West.Championship Results ACC Champs, Florida State (13-0) defeats DukePac 12 Champs, Oregon (12-1) defeats UCLA.SEC Champs, Ole Miss (10-2) defeats Georgia.Big Ten Champs, Ohio State (10-2) defeats Wisconsin.Other Teams: Big 12 Champs, TCU (11-1)Baylor (10-2)Arizona State (10-2)CFB Predictions based on the above results: 1. Florida State (13-0) 2. Oregon (12-1) 3. TCU (11-1) 4. Ole Miss (10-2). Ohio State, Baylor and Arizona State left out. In this event do you take a 10-2 Ohio State over 10-2 Ole Miss or either one of those over a 11-1 TCU? I just don't see Ohio State getting in with two losses. People will say SEC 2-loss team shouldn't get in, but somehow they find a way. Florida State vs Ole Miss Will be a good test for the Ole Miss defense. Though Florida State caps it off on a Ole Miss fumble. Oregon vs TCU Would be a good matchup regardless of the implications, but for a spot in the Championship game, ooh. I'm giving the Edge to TCU. Sets up a Florida State vs TCU championship game. Okay, so maybe not so crazy. Lots of football left though.
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    Not to be hyperbolic or anything, but that call in stoppage time of the Minnesota United-Ft. Lauderdale playoff game tonight was probably the worst decision I've seen in a pro soccer match. Absolutely cannot believe they reversed that decision.
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    Potential looks - and I think they both look terrible.
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    Huh. No. But to the actual topic, Sacramento is on track, and this is one team that shouldn't even consider changing its brand when it joins MLS.
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    The ASU helmet does look good, but they don't look like ASU. I'd much rather them add copper to their color scheme than subtract their ACTUAL colors.
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    Not over-the-rainbow crazy about purple for the Raptors, but I actively dislike the use of red, silver, and black. All Toronto sports teams should be blue. The Maple Leafs, Blue Jays, Argonauts, and University of Toronto all wear blue. The flag of Toronto is blue. Ergo, the Raptors should be blue.
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    The Yankees' hat isn't even the best-looking in New York, let alone the MLB... let's be real now. I'd have to say the A's home cap is the best.
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    Ren, Amazing work! These types of concept redesign/refresh have been in the front of my mind for the last few years. I can't believe I never explored these threads before. A little over a year ago I started ideas for a redesign of the high school I have been teaching at for the last 7 years. It was a new school and never put the proper time and effort into the logo design and branding. Most logos were very generic (from apparel vendors) or heavily inspired by trademarked professional teams. As time (and life) went on, I never had a chance to finish my redesign/re-branding concept, and since I am not experienced with Illustrator I gave up. Finding your vintage updates has INSPIRED me to get back to the task. I would love any help or suggestions you might have.
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    Wait, they actually WORE that?! I never thought they would mix eras like that
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    Maroon pants might help this years egg bowl unis. Or their regular white uni pants with the stripes might help.
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    There seems to be something on this man's sleeve...can you tell me what it is? Not a hat... Because hats are worn on the head.
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    I've been working on the Buccaneers wordmark for some time now, and I think I may have finally got it right, or at least this is the best I'm going to get it. The wordmark on top is one I found on another image, and the bottom is what I have done. The orange will be different on the field, and I'm going to outline the wordmark. So on the field it will be an orange endzone with a white wordmark outlined in red.
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    It's gonna be weird when Colt McCoy beats the Cowboys
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    Alright, I've done both edits, and added a few details on the wing of the O Bird. Thoughts?
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