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    I'd be interested in an explanation. Science is a field in which women have generally been made to feel unwelcome; while many strides have been made towards making sure that girls/women have access to science education, the wearing of a shirt with pinups in a science workplace doesn't exactly scream welcoming workplace, nor does it give girls the impression that they'd be welcome without being objectified. In the right context, that's a pretty cool-looking shirt. The context in which he wore it, though, isn't one of those.
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    I don't see why that's a bad thing?
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    I'll throw out the official Tigers' primary marks while I'm at it. These are the only ones that have been deemed as official primaries: 1957-1960: 1961-1963: 1964-1993: 1994-2005: 2006-present: Remember, I didn't create these. Thank the MLB. I'm just adjusting the colors for RGB.
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    It's just a fashion jersey anyway. I'm pretty sure something has to not be ugly in order to be fashionable in the eyes of the general public. I'm pretty sure that is absolutely untrue.
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    Lightning turds debuting tonight would be way more appropriate.
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    Being an animal lover, I can't imagine myself as a hunter. But I have no issue with people who do hunt. As long as hunters are using what they kill, it's fine by me. If you're a hunter who hunts solely "for sport", you're basically just someone who enjoys killing things and that's -ed up. FWIW, I love deer steaks and deer sausage. That's some good eating.
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    Those are great, ren. Here's an old Kansas State logo for consideration:
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    The Habs have retired 15 numbers for 18 players. Not one of those banners is superfluous. Look up any of the stats of any of those players during their time with the Canadiens and you will see that all of them belong up there. True, the Habs won 14 of their 24 Stanley Cups during a time where there was rarely more than 10 teams. The remaining 10 Stanley Cups were won post-expansion, still more than any other team. A lot of credit to the success of the Canadiens during their history is attributed to their scouting and farm system. Back in the olden days, junior teams were specifically sponsored by NHL teams. So if you wound up playing in that system, that NHL team had your rights. Most of the Canadiens talent were brought up through that system (and yes, about 99% of that talent was Canadian, but only because 99% of ALL NHL talent was Canadian. Montreal did not have the rights to all Canadian talent. There were of course players like Gordie Howe, the Patrick brothers, Bobby Hull, Stan Makita, Ted Lindsay, Bobby Orr, none of whom ever played for the Canadiens. During the same timeframe the Canadiens won their first 14 Stanley Cups, the Toronto Maple Leafs franchise managed to win 13 as well. (What happened after expansion seemingly but both franchises in opposite directions.) Also, regarding that rule that the Canadiens were allowed to draft any French-Canadien players before the rest of league was allowed to draft anyone...there is a little bit of truth to it, but, remarkably, almost none of those players that they acquired through those means had any impact whatsoever with the franchise. (Better explained here: http://www.habseyesontheprize.com/2008/12/2/678036/debunking-the-canadiens-fr ) Credit is due however to how they got Guy Lafleur. In 1970, the Habs acquired Oakland's first-round pick in 1971 in exchange for their first-rounder in 1970. In the 1970-71 season, the Seals were near the bottom of the standings, but not actually in last place. Habs traded one of their veterans to the Kings (who were at the bottom) to help improve the Kings enough to pass the Seals in the standings and the Seals finish dead last, giving Montreal that pick. But, with all this in mind, there is no question about the success and deservedness of the banners in Montreal.
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    btw. the Faroe Islands won 1-0 in Greece yesterday.
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    Thats not a bad thing. Most people around prefer they use the teal anyway. Thats what we were all hoping were going to be the primary aways. Plus more Color vs. Color!
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    If you haven't watched the rise and fall (or at least the first part) of ECW then you're a dummy. Edit Kurt angle can blow me.
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    Here's the 1960-1971 Tigers' road uniform script:
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    #beatrutgers? Didn't know everyone hated Rutgers that much.
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    So, there's an acting class down the hall practicing screaming bloody murder and profanities. The room is in the perfect position where any sound from that room echoes throughout the entire building, so moving does nothing. I mean, it not like people aren't trying to study - Oh wait, there are. *Inhales, exhales* only three more Friday classes, Logan. only three more...
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    A couple other off line requests I did but never added here.
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    Do you have a whole version of the new BYU logo? Kansas State: Here you go:
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    Hello to all, long time lurker first time poster. We're a custom sock company that works closely with ESPN (specifically in college basketball). We travel around with them and create event specific socks for the participants in their tournament. Would love to share our exclusive items with this forum, here are our items for Minnesota vs Louisville in the Armed Forces Classic tonight in Puerto Rico. Drawn from the USCG ships, the socks feature the base logo, ID numbers representative of the event's date, team logo, USCG logo and the USCG Motto Semper Paratus. Note these are gifted to players and it is up to their discretion whether or not they wear them in game, however plenty of teams in past have.
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    If Rosberg wins the world championship only because of the double points scenario then I will officially be done with F1 until Bernie leaves (or becomes too old/dies. I can't see him ever leaving voluntarily). I am 95% of the way out the door but the competition between Hamilton and Rosberg as well as just the general excitement of the races this season keeps dragging me back in.
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    Hunting is, in my opinion, fine as long as it's legal and you use the meat. It's also an effective means of population control. I would never do it because I was raised in the suburbs and would be next to useless, but I don't cast judgement on those that do. I do have family in the more rural areas of Ontario, and I know from them that it's also a great bonding experience. So there's that too. All in all? It's fine in my opinion. Also, I'm changing the thread's title to something less one-sided.
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    Let's break it down for our young/inexperienced forum members Sony + Marvel = a long shot but maybe Fox + Marvel = at this point a DC/Marvel team up is more likely There is bad blood between Fox and Marvel, why? I don't know. But, Fox has not been in negotiations with Marvel. The only comment regarding a Wolverine appearing on Avengers/MCU came from Hugh Jackman, not from studio reps, PR people, agents or any comic book movie site (at least not a reputable one).
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    1) Fox and Sony were not partnered, and the Mystique scene is not officially considered a cameo. The two companies came to a deal where Sony would allow essentially an X-Men add at the end of the credits. 2) Fox and Marvel have a contemptuous relationship, to the point where Marvel has apparently told the comic writers to stop making new characters which Fox could use in the movies. There's zero chance Disney uses any of the X-Men characters any time soon. 3) Marvel's relationship with Sony appears to be fine, as they recently worked out a deal where Disney gets to keep the money from any Spider-Man movie toys told. 4) It's at least plausible that Sony would loan Spidey to Disney for a movie. As others have said, Iron Man, Thor and Cap each got a huge bump for their solo movies post-Avengers, and the last ASM film was a failure. It did a smaller box office than the first ASM, which itself was lower than any of the Raimi movies. So we might see Sony decide to let Spider Man join the Avengers to give him a boost and get the series back on track, but it's not likely. 5)10% of profits? Are you serious? Avengers made $1.5 billion, and that number will go way up since IM3 made nearly that itself. You think Spider Man's presence is worth $200 million to Disney? Hell no. Avengers 3/4/whatever is going to be a cash cow no matter what, and Spider Man would just be one out of probably twenty heroes at that point. Disney would only get a minimal bump for adding him in, because probably 99% of the people going just to see Spidey would have gone anyway. It would be more of a help to Sony than anything else. They should pay Disney to get him included in the movie.
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    It's sad news and all....but really? C'mon now, don't be overly dramatic on this. This is why you get crap about "Today we are all Cardinals!".... I'm not a Cardinals fan but there's definitely some feeling deep in my gut about him dying. Has nothing to do with the Cards, just that some young guy died. If somebody else had posted that, you wouldn't have said anything. It's just because he's a Cards fan. No, it's because he was overly dramatic about Hancock's death, saying multiple times about how he was in mourning and the like. Got really defensive about his death until it was found out that it was due to drugs/alcohol. Has nothing to do with who he roots for. It's ok to be sad about something, but I think it's a bit much to say you're sick/ill or in mourning over someone you really don't know. Like I said, it's sad, but it's not much different from what you typically see on your local news these days.