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    Those are great, ren. Here's an old Kansas State logo for consideration:
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    The Habs have retired 15 numbers for 18 players. Not one of those banners is superfluous. Look up any of the stats of any of those players during their time with the Canadiens and you will see that all of them belong up there. True, the Habs won 14 of their 24 Stanley Cups during a time where there was rarely more than 10 teams. The remaining 10 Stanley Cups were won post-expansion, still more than any other team. A lot of credit to the success of the Canadiens during their history is attributed to their scouting and farm system. Back in the olden days, junior teams were specifically sponsored by NHL teams. So if you wound up playing in that system, that NHL team had your rights. Most of the Canadiens talent were brought up through that system (and yes, about 99% of that talent was Canadian, but only because 99% of ALL NHL talent was Canadian. Montreal did not have the rights to all Canadian talent. There were of course players like Gordie Howe, the Patrick brothers, Bobby Hull, Stan Makita, Ted Lindsay, Bobby Orr, none of whom ever played for the Canadiens. During the same timeframe the Canadiens won their first 14 Stanley Cups, the Toronto Maple Leafs franchise managed to win 13 as well. (What happened after expansion seemingly but both franchises in opposite directions.) Also, regarding that rule that the Canadiens were allowed to draft any French-Canadien players before the rest of league was allowed to draft anyone...there is a little bit of truth to it, but, remarkably, almost none of those players that they acquired through those means had any impact whatsoever with the franchise. (Better explained here: http://www.habseyesontheprize.com/2008/12/2/678036/debunking-the-canadiens-fr ) Credit is due however to how they got Guy Lafleur. In 1970, the Habs acquired Oakland's first-round pick in 1971 in exchange for their first-rounder in 1970. In the 1970-71 season, the Seals were near the bottom of the standings, but not actually in last place. Habs traded one of their veterans to the Kings (who were at the bottom) to help improve the Kings enough to pass the Seals in the standings and the Seals finish dead last, giving Montreal that pick. But, with all this in mind, there is no question about the success and deservedness of the banners in Montreal.
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    A couple other off line requests I did but never added here.
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    Do you have a whole version of the new BYU logo? Kansas State: Here you go:
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    OK, I went ahead & took stab at the other Longhorns logo. C&C
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