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    If it looks like a fumble and is recovered like a fumble...
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    Probably the catch of the year by Beckham.
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    Bears are gonna finish 7-9 and not fire anyone because they won two games after they lost two games and that made everything okay.
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    Condé Nast is gonna regret this in a year when they get a sweet job offer in Brooklyn and have a chance to really...find themselves, you know?
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    The white, gray and blue uniforms look fine, but the other three alts look like they would be difficult to play baseball in.
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    He was a sports writer... the Bills would have been completely screwed.
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    Super Bowl XXXVII In the AFC divisional round, Titans kicker Joe Nedney pulls off one of the greatest acting performance in NFL history, after a terrible kicking performance, to draw a running into the kicker penalty (I'm still bitter about this game, but I do admit a Tommy Maddox lead Steelers team would never have won the Super Bowl that year). Somehow in all the crazyness the Titans win, so that makes me have to put them through to the Super Bowl. The Eagles on the other hand are the top seed in the NFC, and after last season's tough Super Bowl loss they storm through the playoffs. In the Super Bowl the Eagles demolish the Titans. Kicker Joe Nedney breaks his leg after missing a field goal, but for a few seconds everyone thinks he's faking again. Either way the Eagles win 48-6. I may have been a bit harsh there, but like I said, I'm still bitter over that divisional game. < Super Bowl XXXVI First Post Super Bowl XXXVIII >
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    It wouldn't be. The Rams would be returning home. Or at least a place they called home for nearly 50 years. I'm not worried from a historical standpoint, I'm just unsure of how St. Louis fans would react to losing their team. Maybe we should just put the Cardinals back in St. Louis, and have the Rams move to L.A. Top two responses: "We had a football team? Besides Mizzou?" "It's "X" days until pitchers and catchers report."
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    Your Als uni is an improvement, but I would recommend an entirely new logo. I like some of the oddities of their current jersey, but hate the helmet logo. Maybe an update of this using their current color scheme?...
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