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    The game didn't mean a whole lot, but how bout them Cowboys!!! Nothing like a good old fashioned beat down of the Redskins on a Sunday morning. I liked the idea of starting everyone this week. They are on a roll, so let these men go out and do what they do best. If we lose next week it won't be because Garrett didn't sit the starters.
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    Even if the league drops the banhammer on Suh like they should?
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    This Lions team is just frustrating to watch. For all of the talent on this team, they miss so many opportunities and make so many mistakes that it's hard to be confident in them going on the road in the playoffs. Even IF they manage to come back in this one.
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    Matty Ice is melting before our eyes....
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    a new contributionoriginal
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    This was my attempt at Bucco Bruce.
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    Bucco Bruceby Gyula NemethApr 16, 201221 likes1 bucket514 viewsSharein Sports Branding#5B6A6A#ED9B00#CD0326#FBEBEE#E0620E#A88332#C84E56#AE7965I have always loved the classic Bucco Bruce logo of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. So, well, this is like a homage to the original. Sans the wink
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