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    New facemask? I can live with that.
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    one less gray facemask in the NFL I am happy about that.
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    "Oh yall want a new logo? Let me take care of that"
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    New helmet! I mean, New Helmet logo on a helmet!
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    SO FAR SO GOOD. It looks like they did not do anything crazy by looking like Oregon St. or Ohio St. with big fat helmet stripes. They kept the essence of the helmet. I know that most of you like either a gray or white mask, but really, when you think about what could have happened, even if you guys don't like the brown mask, it could have been much, much worse. Of course, I love the brown mask, so I consider the helmet an upgrade. They did not go crazy with the shade of orange. I don't like the non-outlined wordmark, but it's not a huge deal. I don't like the Dawg Pound logo, but if it's used the way the previous dawg was used, then I don't really care. The helmet (the key part about today) is an upgrade! And if you disagree, you probably have to admit, at least it was not a total disaster. TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY!
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    I, for one (and perhaps only one) am glad to see the Browns finally update their facemask to get with the times. And by the times, I mean the 1980s. But I like the 80s, so for me this is an upgrade.
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    Enough. Both of you. Make constructive comments. If you don't like the comment, rebuff the comment without flinging insults. If the comment is valid and you don't like it TAKE THE CRITICISM! And you have to fight about it, take it to PM. If this keeps going the way it's been going the thread's going to be deleted.
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    Yeah the only real complaint I had about this is the build up for nothing. Then I started to think about it and I realized that wasn't necessarily the Browns fault. They didn't do a big tease. They didn't advertise it on their website. So lets slow down bashing them for building up this minor change when they really didn't have much to do with that.
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    oh crap, the dawg's teeth will be this years Husky Stadium jaws/ OU spokes/ Razorback tooth. Maybe it's on the unis too?
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    Tip of the hat, Charger. Perfect.
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    This is so Cleveland. I'm nearing my wits end with this franchise.
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    But, guys, wait! "The new brown facemask represents the strength and toughness of Cleveland."
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    Please DO be the real thing. Brown masks would be great (see Bowling Green)
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    I'm so pumped, new era of the Browns starts today, lets hope it's the start of a good one.
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    All this isn't creative at all. Slapping an oversized logo on a helmet, or adding a gradient, or putting on a different logo doesn't qualify as creative. It isn't creative, it doesn't look good, and honestly it looks like it's done by a three year old who learned photoshop. It's a crime to hold these up high just because they do something different. Why don't they include BrandMooreArt's version of the NFL instead? At least it looks good.
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    One thing I've noticed you've been doing recently is bringing up old threads. Posting in a thread at least 6 months old is against the rules, unless it's the person who started the thread posting.
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    Maybe if Western countries started to put serious economic sanctions on countries who support ISIS, there won't beIt's not the issue of countries supporting ISIS, it's western world countries who sit idly back while the Qatari government gets away with slave labour, not paying their workers for months on end, having them live in slums with 5-7 people per room, confiscating their passports so they can't leave, and having the worst safety record on construction sights with ZERO oversight and care about the deaths of migrant workers. Many journalists write these big expose iase on the state of construction within Qatar, and some politicians say a few things how they condemn Qataris for doing this when they are trying to get something else passed. But nothing really happens.Slaves are hardly the biggest issue(for whatWestern interests are, of course) when you're talking about Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc. the real issue is that they support financially terrorist cells in the Middle East and the Maghreb, while also sending hate-preaching wahabite Imams to European banlieus to preach action against Western Countries. But some Presidents are still going to the funerals of the house of Saud. Regardless of what his countrymen/relatives do, Saudi Arabia is still ostensibly an ally. You attend the funeral when your ally's head of state/government dies. It's diplomatic etiquette.
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    NFL: Bucs MLB: Rangers (TEXAS word mark, Red/Blue cap swapping, weird player name font) NHL: Avalanche NBA: Sixers
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    Arco Arena has an ice plant (or did), but I believe the rink runs perpendicular to the basketball court, which is wack. (Wiggidy-wack? Nope, just regular type.)
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