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    New facemask? I can live with that.
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    one less gray facemask in the NFL I am happy about that.
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    The ear hole looks like the mouth. Like he's going "OHHHHHH!"
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    "Oh yall want a new logo? Let me take care of that"
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    Yep! Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, and Oakland all weren't accepted into the NPSL, and they formed their own league. I created the Oakland United logo, and just got a text about my league logo being accepted as the official one.
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    The Browns did a great rebranding.... FOR ME TO POOP ON!
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    The ear hole looks like the mouth. Like he's going "OHHHHHH!" I laughed wayyy too much at this. Can't unsee it now
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    Sigh. The Browns normally elicit absolutely no emotion from me because they're such an afterthought, but this whole thing actually kinda pisses me off a bit. It's just SO typical. First off, that alternate dog logo could be fantastic, but they had to do the stupid Carolina Panthers no key line garbage and they completely ruin it. I don't even mind that it's kinda cutesy, but finish the damn thing! Why do sports teams think these partial logos look good? I've never seen a single one that works. So the Browns can basically take what would've probably been the strongest part of their brand and toss it out the window because they tried to get hip and minimalist when they needed to do the exact opposite. I'm not even going to dignify the "new" primary with a response. Word mark is also somehow even more bland and generic than it was before, and it was already about as cookie cutter Wal Mart as you could get. And apparently they're going to add an updated Brownie logo later, which I'm assuming will sit unused with the new dog logo. So essentially the Browns just updated the exact same branding problems they had before. They just about literally polished a turd. And now they're going to add gunmetal grey to the uniforms? I absolutely expect the Browns to end up looking like Buffalo when they rolled out this mismatched disaster Seriously, F the Browns. What an enormous waste of an orginazation. I wish we could just go back and freeze 1998 in time when they didn't exist.
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    "But the Browns organization worked really hard." "So do washing machines."
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    New helmet! I mean, New Helmet logo on a helmet!
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    Perhaps this has been mentioned, but why couldn't they use a helmet with a more modern mask for their logo? That facemask hasn't been worn in at least 20 years and it screams WLAF. This would have been an a much better option IMO....
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    The ear hole looks like the mouth. Like he's going "OHHHHHH!" I laughed wayyy too much at this. Can't unsee it now
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    The Browns have a perfectly good logo right here. They don't have to wear it on their helmet, just put it at midfield and maybe make it a patch on the jerseys. Why have they half-arsed incorporating it for so long?
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    I'm actually amazed that the NFL's licensing department keeps allowing the Browns to get away with not having a real logo in this day and age. Then again, with how amateurish the "Dawg Pound" logo looks, maybe it's for the best that they didn't even try to get a real logo to call their own. I will say that the brown facemasks are a masterstroke, though. Now their facemasks won't stick out like a sore thumb and ruin the entire helmet anymore.
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    Tiny change. So much better.
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    SO FAR SO GOOD. It looks like they did not do anything crazy by looking like Oregon St. or Ohio St. with big fat helmet stripes. They kept the essence of the helmet. I know that most of you like either a gray or white mask, but really, when you think about what could have happened, even if you guys don't like the brown mask, it could have been much, much worse. Of course, I love the brown mask, so I consider the helmet an upgrade. They did not go crazy with the shade of orange. I don't like the non-outlined wordmark, but it's not a huge deal. I don't like the Dawg Pound logo, but if it's used the way the previous dawg was used, then I don't really care. The helmet (the key part about today) is an upgrade! And if you disagree, you probably have to admit, at least it was not a total disaster. TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY!
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    I, for one (and perhaps only one) am glad to see the Browns finally update their facemask to get with the times. And by the times, I mean the 1980s. But I like the 80s, so for me this is an upgrade.
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    Enough. Both of you. Make constructive comments. If you don't like the comment, rebuff the comment without flinging insults. If the comment is valid and you don't like it TAKE THE CRITICISM! And you have to fight about it, take it to PM. If this keeps going the way it's been going the thread's going to be deleted.
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    So I was always taught to make the best first impression when you introduce yourself or meet someone and this is my attempt. Short info about myself, my name is Adam Green, I'm a graphic designer from East Tennessee. Now, the first impression. I've long been a lurker here at the forums. I've seen all the templates and such and always wanted to make one to my specific liking. The other designers will know regardless of how good the work is, and it's amazing here in this forum, we always want to make it to fit our specific desire. This is what I'm doing. I'm going to make a template, not so much just to show off concept unis and such, but something to print and hang on my wall. It will take a while, and once it is finished I will post a final preview here, and after I get everyone's CC, I will release it to you guys in .psd format, if you all even want it. I am designing this entire thing from the ground up. Some things will look familiar to other templates out there, simply because I used them as a base to make a higher res version. I've been collecting templates and inspiration for a while now, so if you see something that looks similar to your work, please let me know and I will give you an inspiration credit. I wouldn't do this with out having something to show you, so the first thing I have to show is a side view of a Revo Speed Helmet. As I complete pieces to the template I will post them here to keep you guys updated on my progress. I hope to contribute to this forum greatly in the future and I am very happy to be here. It's nice to meet ya'll. I will be uploading the templates to my Deviant Art page. Here are the links. Speed Helmets http://adamgreengfx.deviantart.com/art/AGGFX-Riddell-Revo-Speed-Helmets-Template-507069144?ga_submit_new=10%253A1421265473 Jersey https://www.mediafire.com/?85af5e2ipd49o6c Pants Template http://www.mediafire.com/download/7zukxgoxx3sjzs0/AGGFX_Pants_Template.psd
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    This post is why every marketing program should be shot into the sun posthaste. Let's pause and reflect on how you went massively into debt just to regurgitate that drivel.
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    This is really awesome! I would like some Northern Ohio teams, but that's beyond my control. Seeing that leagues are popping up is great for designers, perspective owners, and fans of the sport. I need to keep watch of this league.
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    Browns Management: Everyone Else:
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    the fact that people like us waited months for this is our fault not theirs
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    Reddit... hilarious. Too bad there isn't a real logo, but other than that, I'm happy they didn't do something stupid. Gives me hope for the uniforms. And it's too bad we're losing that nice gray mask on the old orange, but the brown mask beats the hell out of that nasty white one.
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    Typical Browns... Bland logos for a bland team. The bulldog is interesting, but I don't like it.
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    Tip of the hat, Charger. Perfect.
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    Not-so-hidden Nike Swoosh in the mouth of the dog?
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    This is so Cleveland. I'm nearing my wits end with this franchise.
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    They also changed the orange COLORSThe orange is brighter and richer and matches the passion of our fans and city. The brown is unchanged.
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    Dawgs By Nature claiming to have seen it and saying it isn't drastic. Facemask changing from gray to brown
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    We are less than 2 hours away, and we haven't so much as seen a teaser leaked on the internet, from Nike or from the Browns. I don't know if this is good or bad. I feel like every rebrand/overhaul has had SOMETHING teased or SOMETHING leaked. Just when I think "Nothing has leaked because its going to be so damn epic, that is under the highest security." But then I think, "Uhg... they KNOW how bad this is going to be, so they are just trying to wait as long as possible."
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    I'm so pumped, new era of the Browns starts today, lets hope it's the start of a good one.
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    Trust me, I agree with you. The Red Sox looked much better before the switch to red undershirts and jackets. You didn't see Sam Malone wearing a red jacket!!!!
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    damn it! got tricked into the newbe again. still great work
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    Maybe if Western countries started to put serious economic sanctions on countries who support ISIS, there won't beIt's not the issue of countries supporting ISIS, it's western world countries who sit idly back while the Qatari government gets away with slave labour, not paying their workers for months on end, having them live in slums with 5-7 people per room, confiscating their passports so they can't leave, and having the worst safety record on construction sights with ZERO oversight and care about the deaths of migrant workers. Many journalists write these big expose iase on the state of construction within Qatar, and some politicians say a few things how they condemn Qataris for doing this when they are trying to get something else passed. But nothing really happens.Slaves are hardly the biggest issue(for whatWestern interests are, of course) when you're talking about Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc. the real issue is that they support financially terrorist cells in the Middle East and the Maghreb, while also sending hate-preaching wahabite Imams to European banlieus to preach action against Western Countries. But some Presidents are still going to the funerals of the house of Saud. Regardless of what his countrymen/relatives do, Saudi Arabia is still ostensibly an ally. You attend the funeral when your ally's head of state/government dies. It's diplomatic etiquette.
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    NFL: Bucs MLB: Rangers (TEXAS word mark, Red/Blue cap swapping, weird player name font) NHL: Avalanche NBA: Sixers
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    You can add any non-Blazers uniform to the list
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    Conrad...thank you for the amazing European and MLS football club fonts. Any chance you will be doing the following in the upcoming months: MLS 2015 font for the upcoming seasonThe Football League's squad numbers and fontAussie Rules Football AFL league wide squad numbersMore footy related fonts the better. Cheers mate!
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