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    Especially when it looks like this in phone:
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    Sheesh. Can we stop quoting the entire thread?
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    I was thinking about doing something later.
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    The color scheme on those shirts is perfect for the Bucks.
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    I'm sure they're busy going through 12 months of concepts and determining what fits where. I believe patience is key in this matter.
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    I forgot the exact reason, but he had something wrong with his throat and and decided to change facemarks for this game for extra protection. Edit: Bruised throat and hurt vocal cords http://staugustine.com/stories/010802/spo_413415.shtmlhttp://staugustine.com/stories/010802/spo_413415.shtml
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    Mark Davis, in no way, shape or form, should be confused with his father. He's the proverbial son who inherits the family business, but because Dad was such a domineering figure within the organization, there wasn't a proper succession plan in place. I know how this goes from personal experience. If Al were alive and had control of his faculties, the Raiders situation would've already been resolved in some form or fashion: he'd have either bulldozed Oakland into building a new stadium for them or moved to Los Angeles. Mark might be the salt of the Earth, but he's never had the heft his father did, was never given the chance to earn respect in the circles he's needed to, and as a result the Raiders are bringing up the rear in all this. The smartest thing the Davis family could've done when Al died was to sell the franchise. Like Mike Brown in Cincinnati before him, Mark Davis isn't ever going to be viewed as anything other than a shadow of his father; and when it comes to this L.A. situation, that's going to prove costly no matter how it plays out.
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    Unpopular opinion, apparently. But I see nothing wrong at all with any of the Bucks' current logos and uniforms. Okay, the logo isn't the best logo ever, but I don't think it needs to change and I do like it. I really like the uniforms. Out of all the newer uniforms that have come out, they rank somewhere at the very top with the Nets and the Cavs.
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    This uniform matchup only happened twice ever - Vancouver Grizzlies @ Washington Bullets:
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    Gosh I miss those Michael Redd era purp jerseys. Imo they're extrememly underrated and deserve more love.
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    Maybe if Western countries started to put serious economic sanctions on countries who support ISIS, there won't beIt's not the issue of countries supporting ISIS, it's western world countries who sit idly back while the Qatari government gets away with slave labour, not paying their workers for months on end, having them live in slums with 5-7 people per room, confiscating their passports so they can't leave, and having the worst safety record on construction sights with ZERO oversight and care about the deaths of migrant workers. Many journalists write these big expose iase on the state of construction within Qatar, and some politicians say a few things how they condemn Qataris for doing this when they are trying to get something else passed. But nothing really happens.Slaves are hardly the biggest issue(for whatWestern interests are, of course) when you're talking about Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc. the real issue is that they support financially terrorist cells in the Middle East and the Maghreb, while also sending hate-preaching wahabite Imams to European banlieus to preach action against Western Countries. But some Presidents are still going to the funerals of the house of Saud. Regardless of what his countrymen/relatives do, Saudi Arabia is still ostensibly an ally. You attend the funeral when your ally's head of state/government dies. It's diplomatic etiquette.
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    I like the 1960 Squaw Valley USA hockey throwbacks better than the 1980 Lake Placid ones.
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    Hey there, I have been designing cycling jerseys for over a decade, from small clubs to pro teams. The vast majority of jerseys have raglan sleeves, there are a few who use set in, but the seams over shoulders are an issue as riders are in an arms up position most of the time while riding in the drops. Also add side panels. This is prime sponsor space. Other than that this is a great template. Hey FFWally, did not expect to receive any more feedback on this. Thank you very much for your input. I refined the areas that you referred to and also put in a design to see how it works. atbw Daniel
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    You can add any non-Blazers uniform to the list
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    ^ Are those Cowboys pants manufactured by Nike or are they outsourced like the Raiders do?
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    Arco Arena has an ice plant (or did), but I believe the rink runs perpendicular to the basketball court, which is wack. (Wiggidy-wack? Nope, just regular type.)
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