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    not enough orange, looks like a downgrade to me
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    I know someone in Colorado who says new jerseys so yeah Confirmed Was this that hard?
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    Is it just me, or has every cable network in existence undergone a "strategic shift" towards "general entertainment programming" (a.k.a. cheap reality shows)? At what point does showing the same genre as everybody else stop being "strategic"?
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    Forgot to post this last weekend, but Auburn broke out new white vests against Oklahoma State. And boy did they look good.
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    The most garish part of the original Coyotes' jersey was the collar... With that minimized, the uniforms looked even better. I'll state the obvious, but they never should have left the Kachina logos and uniforms... What sort of mouth-breather made that decision? Oh right. Thanks, Wayne Gretzky.
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    He's also 13. We obviously felt like he needed some time away, but let's keep that in perspective. As for biscuits? He claimed to be 18, but if he was younger? Same deal. The goal, with these younger members at least, should be to show them how to properly act so they become productive members of the community as they get older. Not to ridicule them into leaving.
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    That wasn't Doc Brown. That was the random guy collecting money for the clock tower.
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    Everyone's favorite piece is back up on Cotton Bureau, including (for the first time) the oft-requested Flyers' version. https://cottonbureau.com/products/philadelphia-p https://cottonbureau.com/products/pittsburgh-p
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    New: Old: From Deadline.com: Source: http://deadline.com/2015/03/spike-logo-tagline-upfront-network-1201385485/
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    Some teams have two outlines on their numbers, and so far the only method I use to create this is to use a solid colored number for the outermost outline and then use the second number with a thick stroke for the inner outline, lay that on top of the other and then group those two together. It's a little time consumer so I was curious if there is an easier/faster way to do this?
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    I just received all of the 2015 MiLB All-Star Game logos this morning...am planning a post of them on my site tomorrow or early next week.
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    Bruins wearing white at home, and let me look closely...yes the Bruins and Flyers equipment staff did not go crazy with confusion having to carry one extra set of jerseys.
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    Decided to change it up a bit for the Devils (and the rest from here forward) and use a different jersey/helmet template (thanks mbannon92!). I like this one a lot more. I used the devil's tail for the stripe on the helmet and pants. Other than that, it's a pretty traditional jersey. Hope you guys like it. Coming up (after these will be the rest in alphabetical order): Kings Bruins Maple Leafs Flyers
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    Is it just me or does it look like the eagle is flashing someone? These logos look awesome, spectacular job as always.
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    Terrible. I demand puffy shirt Supergirl!!!
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    IIRC, it is the first time. The only other time I can remember seeing them on-court since they were retired was when Josh Smith wore a throwback Nique jersey in the dunk contest.
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    Yep, he instagram'd a very sincere heartfelt letter for all. He then deep-fried it and washed it down with some gravy....
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    I feel like Huckleberry Finn imagery would be more suited for a Missouri team than a Connecticut team. I mean, I don't mind a Mark Twain reference, but once you're getting that deep, you're losing the local flair.
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    I've been working on two more - the two have multiple identities. One from Brooklyn was both the Dodgers and the Tigers. The other team started as the Boston Yanks, then became the New York Bulldogs and then the New york Yanks. They went on to become the first Dallas Texans - I'm not sure I'm going to do them These are the Helmet concepts for the ones I am. Brooklyn Dodgers Brooklyn Tigers or Boston Yanks. New York Bulldogs New York Yanks Original source material for the Bulldogs is this: Source for the "Boston" logo was a team program. There is a different logo based on another team program that was used in Madden 25 and also redrawn by Ren in the Vintage logo thread. It's crisp but I'm not sure how well it works. It's this: C & C is welcome.
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    You have definitely improved since a couple of years ago. I remember you posting your first high school concept back then and I thought that was good. But this concept is great. Personally, I think its too good of a rebrand for a high school. You should make this into a Savannah State logo (or another D1 school named the tigers with a crappy logo) and sent it to them.
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    I LOVE those Hawks unis. They look way better now than I would've ever imagined they would.
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    That guy's over abundance of tattoos kinda ruin the throwback look though. That GUY is All Star Jeff Teague. And if you think he has a lot of tattoos, then you should see Pero Antic in this uniform.
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    You're not a mod dude, ease up on telling people what to do. For all the complaining about useless posts, you do the same thing quite a bit.
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    I always found this annoying as well - thus, why I use the old school method of Power Point and having 2 layers, the back layer with the wider outline, the front layer with fill and one outline.... my method is probably pretty stupid though lol
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    It may be because I grew up in the 90s and followed the NBA then, but 96-99 may have featured the widest array of unique uniforms in the history of the NBA. They might of been ugly but they weren't boring. Remember this gem? (I remember liking it back then).
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    V3 New colors: the orange of Lana'i and the yellow of O'ahu The image that l used to create the logo
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    I'm willing to the 90's expansion teams a pass. They're supposed to have uniforms that match the times. It's the historic franchises jumping on the dumb trends of the day that were less acceptable.
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    The Coyotes original set was unique, but their pre-edge jerseys were much nicer. Boring and bland, maybe, but still better looking to me. One problem for me was when watching the highlights, the green shoulder yolk pretty much disappears. If you didn't know it was there, you would think there's no shoulder yolk at all.
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    Not that the Jets' uniforms were masterpieces, but why can't a hockey team just be a hockey team?
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    Nice to see those jersey's back in action. Love the classic colour palette. Sure they need a little work but they have way more life to them than the current sweater. Would love to see a mash-up of the two looks!
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    The original Coyotes uniforms had unique design elements but the colours appear muted. The emphasis on red on their current uniforms works better, but they have less interesting design elements and a generic logo that will forever be associated with the Glendale Clown College Money Pit. Adding these throwbacks as a third would certainly improve the overall identity, but they could use a rebrand. Ideally one that borrows the better elements from both uniforms.
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    Man, there really isn't a team in sports that has downgraded worse than the Coyotes. And I don't mean just uniforms, I mean across the board. They used to have awesome uniforms, great out there logo, the stadium downtown, Jeremy Roenick and Keith Tkachuk, that new car smell, ect. Those teams and their jerseys were a bit weird, but they were downright endearing. Now? Boring/bland/uninspired uniforms, confusing and dumb looking logo, TERRIBLY located stadium, Mike Smith and Shane Doan, money pit, ect. The Coyotes now are so different than those earlier teams that I'd almost be in favor of them just splitting the history of the team up like they were two totally different franchises, because they kinda feel like they are. I'd say they're a shell of what they used to be, but that's pretty much an insult to shells. They're a dirty, used wrapper of what they used to be.
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    I was able to crank this out over lunch. What do you think?
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    I don't disagree, but there wasn't any Teal in there...
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    All the Fish have to do to solve the aqua jersey problem (in that they hardly ever wear them) is to end the silly and tired "wear white at home" crap and start wearing aqua at home. Problem solved. But then again, the Dolphins might keel over and die from heat exhaustion if they dare to wear anything but white at home. I mean, its such a sure-fire and well crafted explanation for their continued insistence to trot out white at home all year. Probably why they never, ever lose at home during the day.
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    Found $5 walking through a Wendy's parking lot on the way home from football practice. Hadn't planned on getting any Wendy's before that, but plans changed quick. Also when I was a poor college student I found a twenty on the floor of a bar. You can buy a lot of drinks with $20 in Athens, Ohio. And I used to hide money a lot when I was a kid and then forget where I put it. Once found $100 of my own money that I hid the battery compartment of a 2XL robot.
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    1979-80 Quebec Nordiques' first season in the NHL
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    Completely forgot about those. That was the forgettable year for Duke fans where Coach K took medical leave and the team missed the tourney.
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    Re: oddball (or at least the part of that long post that I read) Players don't tank. They're playing for contracts, exposure, pride, etc. GMs ABSOLUTELY tank. If your players are going to play hard, a GM can make sure that only the young ones play, or he can trade the good ones, or he can have stars sit out for "rest" or because of an "injury." Tanking is real, and short of making the lottery equal among all teams, there's no way it can be stopped.
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    I mildly disagree. Canadian NHL teams, save the recent Oilers* & now Leafs, have been forever afraid of tanking because trading up/buying mediocre players allowed them to reach the bottom rungs of the playoffs- just enough to satisfy ownership & fans. Of course none have won the Cup since 1993. Thus they're both never great enough to win, & also never bad enough to draft a long term superstar. I said mildly because the Red Wings spit in the face of that. However, I am a Leafs fan & seen way too many springs starting with 1995's nonsense trading for name players with nothing left in the tank, or signing guys in July who lead nowhere. The cap era has all but neutered the power of free agency, thus tanking is not the worst thing. *When I say Oilers, their tanking days are long gone. That is a team now actually trying to win games, before years creep up & their bluechippers walk away. So yeah, they're still rock bottom... only that's cuz their team actually sucks & is not actively tanking as we know it. The Oilers are now the Oakland Raiders lols. A fav line about Al Davis - 'The reason Al Davis keeps drafting guys like Darrius Heyward-Bey so early is because Al Davis loves being able to draft guys like Darrius Heyward-Bey so early'.
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    That's an awful lot of ugly right there.What designer thought that was a good idea and what higher ups Approved of it and why?
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    Ace Vegas / Mascot There are several aspects from a classic aviation theme that you can draw from for promotional ideas. I like the old mascot graphics that would appear on fighter planes and bombers. Here's a couple of better known ones... The "Flying Tiger" emblem was created by Walt Disney!! "Ace Vegas" (the name kinda wrote itself) wears a classic flight jacket and old-style pilot hat. The long cap flaps become the hound's ears... An "Ace Vegas" logo...
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    Are you also keeping track of how often he uses the restroom? * The board has artists of different skill level, as well as posters of different skill levels. (Some even use punctuation.) As long as he's not doing it in Every. Single. Thread. He probably could begin to learn to express why he likes something but for the moment he's harmless. If there were twenty more just giving out random "Good Job"s it could get old but is one guy expressing excitement in his own way that harmful? * There's a story behind that you can probably suss out. Not gonna tell it.
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    He's had 272 posts. I doubt every one of them is "you've done great work, DB" That would be confusing in threads started by other posters. Unless their initials were "DB" as well.