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    I just received all of the 2015 MiLB All-Star Game logos this morning...am planning a post of them on my site tomorrow or early next week.
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    SFAF Founder and Uppsala Hammers owner Anders Bergström has scheduled meetings with St Louis QB coach Sammy Myers, and SF Whales Receivers Coach and close friend Gerald Rice about the Offensive Coordinator's job in Uppsala. After losing their two time championship winning OC to the expansion, Uppsala saw a huge dropoff in offensive production, partly due to injuries, but with a new more mobile throwing QB Bergström is looking for a more progressive coordinator. This is the beginning of the Swedish search for that coach, or overlooked player that can be the difference in 1968 and beyond for every SFAF team. With expansion coming again in '69, teams are frantically searching for more talent, specifically at the coaching positions. Note: The Swedish league is creating academies within their Clubs. Most are attached to a major Soccer club, at least in spirit, and are seeing the larger youth players move over to American football as their chances of making the much more speed driven Soccer teams diminish as they grow. This is giving the Coaches a built in talent pool of young players who are growing up on the American game. The American College coaches coming over are spending off seasons in Sweden working to train new Swedish coaches, to bring Swedes up to speed.
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    Ugh, that cartoon shark....original logo was the best, would still be in the top 5 of NHL logos today (just fix the sticktape)
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    IIRC, it is the first time. The only other time I can remember seeing them on-court since they were retired was when Josh Smith wore a throwback Nique jersey in the dunk contest.
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    I feel like Huckleberry Finn imagery would be more suited for a Missouri team than a Connecticut team. I mean, I don't mind a Mark Twain reference, but once you're getting that deep, you're losing the local flair.
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    That guy's over abundance of tattoos kinda ruin the throwback look though. That GUY is All Star Jeff Teague. And if you think he has a lot of tattoos, then you should see Pero Antic in this uniform.
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    not enough orange, looks like a downgrade to me
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    This would look perfect.
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    The Connecticut Tigers are missing these awesome little fellas:
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    I know someone in Colorado who says new jerseys so yeah Confirmed Was this that hard?
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