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    Hmmmm modern version of that?
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    Thanks Midway. I agree with you on the identity. If they're going down that path, "Knights" with some leeway on a colour palette, would be much more workable. ...A couple of more "merch" logos... - a neon version of the "Vegas Star"... - and I revisited the "Flag" logo...
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    The hate over this rebrand is ridiculous - it's going fine so far. The claw ball logo is simple but its not a travesty. The curved wordmarks are fine, there's just nothing to bash yet - I know yall want to because Drake's involved and he is an awful, awful musician but please wait til there's something substantial to dislike.
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    I don't know exactly how unpopular this opinion really is, but the McFarlane jersey is my favorite Oilers look of all-time... I'm not saying the classic Oilers is bad. I just have a fondness for that particular uniform. It was a cool design, kind of how the Oilers would look if they were a 2000s expansion team.
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    So...with the Raptors and the Clippers new logos, I think it's safe to say that these logos are in the bottom two for NBA logos,in my opinion. I like the new Bucks logo and the Wizards logo(even though it was rushed).
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    Since Dale Murphy was mentioned... I remember when the Phillies got him and I couldn't believe that we got another hall of fame player so soon after Schmidt retired (and one of his biggest rivals in the 80s no less). Oh how naive I was, not realizing that he was at the end, and it came a few years too early for him to be a lock HOFer (though I think you could argue a good case for him. )
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    That's a much better design than the first one. Apparently that tesla coil (or whatever it is), will shoot electricity whenever the Chargers score. Crazy. Don't know what would happen when the Raiders score, but that's pretty unlikely anyways.
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    Falls down crying from laughter
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    I actually like the new monogram, but if those uniforms are for real, I'm speechless. Those things are truly terrible.
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    It reads "political campaign," which is exactly what it is. My problem with it is: it's boring, and could easily be perceived as an oil-drop instead of a flame - not exactly the kind of association we need right now. I'll be generous and say 2/10.
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    - I'm a Mariners fan, and I was a wee kid when Goose pitched for the M's at the end of his career. I feel like it never happened.
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