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    Yes and it's located in Fort Collins.
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    Colorado still has a football program?
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    Regarding the USWNT uniforms, I have a huge huge personal opinion. This latest design isn't good or right or even respectful, in my mind. The USWNT is one of the front runners in women's sports. They're one of the most important things to happen in history for girls like me who went from kicking around a soccer ball to actually being able to dream about playing a sport on an important stage. (For the record, that was never really an option for me- but still, to be able to dream!!) Men's sports wish they had USWNT success and they keep raising the bar and aiming for parity between men and women. The USWNT is a big deal. I wouldn't care if Nike turned US Soccer into some sort of Oregon for producing outrageous and loud uniforms in soccer...but don't dishonor our traditions and our importance. America is flag obsessed. That's who we are. That's something people from all over the world note- how much we care about our red, white, and blue. At least prior experimentations with colors and the USWNT had a rhyme or reason, no matter how absurd. The gold kit and gold trim were added because the USWNT was the 'golden team' (that turned out to be a horrible idea.)... and the "black widow" kits had a cool theme behind them, because, you know, black widows eat their mates and girl power and all that. Black and volt has nothing, and they've completely removed our red, white, and blue. It's just a shirt. It's just a kit. It's just some colors. But they're *our* colors. They're American colors. Its my flag. It's my pride. I believe its very safe to say the women don't love it as much as Nike is telling us they are. Here's a screen shot of Megan Rapinoe's twitter, one of the ones Nike claims loves the kit: for the record, I've had a great experience as a woman in sports. I'm not accusing anyone of sexism or anything. I'm just saying this is a team that's really really important and done a lot of inspiring for girls and women since it's inception, and it's a disgrace regardless.
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    That is so creepy. What was Subway thinking? Cannibalism maybe? Subway, Eat Flesh!
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    Hi guys, I wasn't sure where the appropriate place in this forum to post this idea was so I chose Concepts because it is indeed a concept, just not visual. My concept is a Graphic Designer Draft held in late April and May. It would be modeled after the NFL Draft and would allow top companies looking to hire graphic designers to hire the best new talent that appears on the job market every May: graduating graphic design majors. My initial concept was the graphic designers available to be drafted would be sports-minded and the companies drafting them would be sports companies too, but this doesn't have to be the case. (Honestly though I think if this whole concept is sports themed it makes it more fun and obviously more appropriate for SportsLogos.net to be involved. Read on...) How do you determine the order of selection though? Would it be whatever company is willing to pay the highest salary gets to pick first? That would make the most sense, because then the most talented designers would get selected first and then offered the most money. I was thinking this draft would be open to major sports companies (Nike, Reebok, adidas, Under Armour, etc.), the big four sports teams and leagues, minor league teams, marketing firms working with sports teams and leagues, ad agencies working with sports teams and leagues, universities *with athletic programs* needing creative help, and sports magazines and websites needing creative help. If you can think of any other types of companies, businesses, or organizations that could possibly want to be involved in the draft please let me know. I was thinking of including sports TV networks but my concept is more about print / 2D graphic designers and illustrators, not people who create television graphics. But obviously if you guys think television graphics should be included too by all means let me know. Obviously if ESPN starts drafting creative talent from this draft and mentions it on Sports Center it would be huge publicity. Now for the graphic design talent and how someone can enter the draft: I was thinking ALL graphic design majors who will be graduating in the Spring semester of a certain year can be eligible for the draft of that year. For example, John Q. Sample is a graphic design major at My State University and graduating Spring 2015 (in May of 2015). Therefore he would be eligible for the 2015 Graphic Designer Draft. The idea of having it in late April and May is so that a college graduate can go from being a college student directly to being a working professional. I have actually thought about this concept for many years and just decided today to let people know about it. I'm not sure why I didn't try to make this a reality before today, but hey, better late than never right? Since this is my concept AND i need a job I would like to be one of the graphic designers available to be drafted in the inaugural draft. However, it doesn't make sense to have someone much older with much more experience than college graduates to be mixed in with a bunch of fresh-faced 22-year-olds. So I guess TWO different drafts would be needed: one for rookies and one for veterans. So I would enter the veteran draft. Problem solved. Now here is my idea of how SportsLogos.net can be involved in this: obviously this site has a huge fan base, the majority of which are creatives interested in sports. If this whole draft concept could be website-based and hosted on SportsLogos.net, it would bring A TON more traffic to the site. Plus I'm sure SportsLogos.net would be able to make money off it, not just from more advertising revenue but from possibly charging graphic design graduates and veterans a fee to enter the draft, and charging the hiring companies a fee to be able to participate too. This could be a wildly successful addition to SportsLogos.net and I'm basically handing this concept out to you guys on a silver platter. And I'm doing this because 1) I need a job, 2) I'd be curious to see where in the draft I'd be drafted, and 3) I love sports AND art and having a job that combines both would be my dream job (hello, NFL Properties!). Obviously if SportsLogos.net wants to pursue this concept and make it a reality I would want to be involved in the creation somehow. This concept is my baby and it needs to be nurtured so it can grow into the successful endeavor it deserves to be. What does everyone think?
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    Here we have one of the most exciting football league of the world that is the Primera División of Argentina, this time signing a collective contract with Baltimore based company Under Armour. Enjoy!
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    The long list of sports uniform/logo issues that make me mad: The small-scaled gradient on the Jags helmet The numbers on the Bucs uniforms The black outline on the 49ers logo The stripe with the team wordmark on the Seahwks Unis The fact that in the sunlight and on the TV screen it is sometimes hard to tell if the Seahawks are wearing mono-white unis or their all-grey alternates (Who else is with me on that?) (Compare with picture above.) Crazy CFB Alternates. (why my classic Oklahoma?)
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    Just like people will always need film for their camera.
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    Giants: Use red Northwestern stripes on home jersey.
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    Well, the REDSKINS don't play in the nation's capital, they play in Landover, so nothing needs to happen. Problem solved.Yep. Problem solved. Go yourself. All class aren't you? The Redskins (that's the name of the team) seriously do need to go back to the 70th anniversary unis. I'm also kinda tired of the gold/yellow/whatever color pants they wear with the white jerseys on the road, I actually miss the burgundy pants...such a staple for them during their glory years.
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    Well, the REDSKINS don't play in the nation's capital, they play in Landover, so nothing needs to happen. Problem solved.Yep. Problem solved. Go :censored: yourself.
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    They've been trying to tap the previously untapped regions of the US for twenty+ years now. What have we gotten out of it? A clown college in a Phoenix suburb, another poorly planned expansion into the desert, a team drawing flies in a strip mall in a Florida swamp, a niche market in North Carolina, and a team that left a Sunbelt metropolis for greener pastures in a small Canadian prairie town. Now you do have successes. Tampa Bay, Nashville, Dallas. And they have risen the league's profile. Not to the point where the NHL's popularity in the US is challenging its popularity in Canada though. Maybe you have reached the ceiling in Canada (though I agree with admiral, you really haven't if you have Canadian markets that could support NHL hockey but who don't have teams), but that "ceiling" is far above any level of interest the NHL has managed to squeeze out of the US after a solid 20+ year effort.
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    Blasphemy I honestly cant tell you how much I would hate if the Bengals current helmet disappeared... I did not think people with this mindset actually existed ...The concept is fine in itself but not for the Bengals... For the Browns the numbers do not work on the shoulders...
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    There are some aesthetic changes that could be made to help various team's identities, but there really is only one change that should be made in the NFL, and that's with a team in the nation's capital. However, the disclaimer on this board asks us politely to not talk about it too much so I won't.
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    Maybe the concept is okay, but the execution just looks like cheap high school.
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    Was not a fan of the new logo/identity when it was unveiled but when matched up with these uniforms, I've changed my mind. You've tied the brand together spectacularly and I very much appreciate the liberal use of "great lakes blue." 5 star work!
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    Chargers need to make powder blue the primary color. They can keep navy as a secondary color and for alternate jersey but it's time. Especially with the Titans abandoning it.
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    Bengals- Great helmet, terrible uniform. Falcons- Absolute mess. Go back to basics. Eagles- Go to Kelly green.
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    Yes and it's located in Fort Collins. along with great craft beer!
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    And David Ortiz should just hit rather than even attempting to field. I'd sooner go to an 8 man batting order than letting a 'roided up clown trot over and try to hit home runs without even attempting to play defense. FWIW I bet pitchers would be better at hitting if they actually were forced to bat in the minors. ------------------------------------------------- Yes, letting pitchers bat cost the Cardinals Wainwright for the year (arguably). It also prevented the Cardinals from setting $254 million over 10 years on fire to pay Albert Pujols to bat well under .300 with only 78 HRs, a major injury, and 283 RBIs to show for it (presumably the advanced stats are full of fire and death too). Point is, it balances out.
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    This is very true, and not something that hit me until you mentioned it. I've changed it to 'sports branding.'
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    I think the injury to Adam Wainwright could be the catalyst to get the DH into the National League. With Interleague games every day there is now motivation to have universal rules in the NL and AL and with pitchers being so valuable getting hurt swinging a bat could be seen as too risky and move the NL owners to ascept the change.
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    This thing is blowing up in Arte's face, which might be good for the organization. And Josh is just putting off the blame. "He knew I was an addict. It was only a matter of time before I relapsed. Shame on the Angels for thinking I could change." And there was the accountability partner that the "Angels let go" a while back.
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    http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/2015/04/27/josh-hamilton-rangers-angels/26489677/ edit: This whole Hamilton situation is terrible. For all involved. They all look awful.
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    Hmmmm modern version of that?
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    Thanks Midway. I agree with you on the identity. If they're going down that path, "Knights" with some leeway on a colour palette, would be much more workable. ...A couple of more "merch" logos... - a neon version of the "Vegas Star"... - and I revisited the "Flag" logo...
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    I like the Flames set, but the Brooklyn Islanders ones just don't work. They look like you combined the Jets new uniforms with the original Lightning ones to create them. I would look at getting away from the black, and creating a set that is more focused on "Brooklyn" blue. There would be nothing wrong with keeping the Islanders current colors, and look at a new logo and jersey that separates itself from Long Island (ie. the larger sized NY logo on the Isle's alternates).
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    Hello again. I'm updating because now I will show you the new uniforms I made for the Pericos de Puebla (Mexican Baseball League) team. They're using these in this 2015 season.
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    The hate over this rebrand is ridiculous - it's going fine so far. The claw ball logo is simple but its not a travesty. The curved wordmarks are fine, there's just nothing to bash yet - I know yall want to because Drake's involved and he is an awful, awful musician but please wait til there's something substantial to dislike.
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    I don't know exactly how unpopular this opinion really is, but the McFarlane jersey is my favorite Oilers look of all-time... I'm not saying the classic Oilers is bad. I just have a fondness for that particular uniform. It was a cool design, kind of how the Oilers would look if they were a 2000s expansion team.
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    The Wild's entire jersey history has never even come close to this. If I had my way, the Wild would be renamed the North Stars, however, I would absolutely keep the Wild's logo as part of the identity, at least for an alternate jersey. I would put the Wild logo on the pants of this jersey if it ever happened, which it never will unfortunately. And thank goodness. Those two combined would make ZERO sense.
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    Not bad at all. I'm really curious how they will incorporate blue into the mix, if at all. You did a great job with it here. Apparently the jury is still out on weather or not there will actually be a cream set. Frankly, from your work here, I think these new colors look much better against the cream then they do the white. Can't wait for your rendering of a black set!
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    Followed next year by the Sharks and Sab... nevermind.
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    I'm betting if they had not went away from the stick-in-rink in the '70s you'd call it untouchable. The only slam against the SIR that I hear is that its "boring", but its no more "boring" than an H inside a C, a Leaf with the team's name written inside, or a B in a circle with spokes. They've just been around since the original 6 days and have prestige associated with them. Thank you. The modern SIR above needs to become the Canucks primary
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    ^^^^^^^^^ Not only does the Orca not represent Canucks' name but totally misrepresents it as well. It's still better than this garbage: I'm betting if they had not went away from the stick-in-rink in the '70s you'd call it untouchable. The only slam against the SIR that I hear is that its "boring", but its no more "boring" than an H inside a C, a Leaf with the team's name written inside, or a B in a circle with spokes. They've just been around since the original 6 days and have prestige associated with them.
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    The Blues are too busy to win in the playoffs. They just can't get 'round 2 it.
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    Most of these places hire people with learning disabilities. Sorry your life is so tough...
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    That's a much better design than the first one. Apparently that tesla coil (or whatever it is), will shoot electricity whenever the Chargers score. Crazy. Don't know what would happen when the Raiders score, but that's pretty unlikely anyways.
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    Falls down crying from laughter
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    Okay, an NHL team in Austin would not work. -END THREAD-
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    I actually like the new monogram, but if those uniforms are for real, I'm speechless. Those things are truly terrible.
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    It reads "political campaign," which is exactly what it is. My problem with it is: it's boring, and could easily be perceived as an oil-drop instead of a flame - not exactly the kind of association we need right now. I'll be generous and say 2/10.
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    Can Bobby just fall off another bike already! I can't believe he signed off on this when what they've had was so much better.
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