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    I have personally corresponded with Paul 3 times. Twice I initiated it and once he did. In all three cases, there was no disagreement about anything. Just discussion about a topic. All 3 times, he treated me like an idiot. He was about as big an a-hole as I have encountered - and with no reason at all to be. It actually helps me feel a bit better to see that he has treated others the same way.
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    If I had to rank them: 1 5 2 4 3 That said, I'd rather Ontario's flag just stay as-is. No need to :censored: around with history & tradition.
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    I'm gonna go out on a limb here, but I don't think the '29 Yankees ever played Bo's Raiders. I'm sure you're all shocked.
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    "Can you believe it?" "I can, because..." Pierre Mcguire, ruining my favourite sports moment of all time.
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    Holy crap, Kramerica Industries is back! Welcome back! You should have seen the guy who's been taking your place in these threads, all he does is piss and moan about market size and non-upsets and ooohhhhh helloooooo
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    The guy treated me completely unprofessionally on Twitter after I made a legitimate (and unabrasive) correction on one of his assertions. He'll always be a complete asshat because he acted like an irritable, inarticulate, drunken idiot at 8am. Plus, his constant insertion of politics and political correctness into everything is just asinine at his level.
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    Like the NFL? Like Marvel superheroes? Then this post is for you! haha I've been working on this project for a few months now, and I've finally finished all 32 teams. I'd love to know what you think! AFC NORTH AFC EAST AFC SOUTH AFC WEST NFC NORTH NFC EAST NFC SOUTH NFC WEST
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    Great win tonight by the Bolts. Strong defensive effort and when Bish was called upon, he delivered. All the board members hopping on the Rangers' Bandwagon should consider this:
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    YES! I'm glad you used teh bean. I was wondering if you would..
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    Even the 2004 uniforms weren't totally consistent: the road sweaters had a striped V-neck collar whereas the home sweaters had a one-color lace-up collar. To be honest, even the current uniforms would be fine with some simplification (no flags, no piping, no pit-stains, no unnecessary hem striping in between the side panels). The core of the uniform is fine: the sleeve stripes haven't changed much, the collars are finally standardized, and the side panels that match up with the pants stripes are a unique element in hockey. Unfortunately, Reebok couldn't help themselves and forced in a bunch of extra crap that dragged a great uniform set down to a mediocre one at best. Good: Crap:
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    ^^^^^^^^^^^^Still better than new proposed Raptors uniforms..even if they wear football gear still be an upgrade thanight that bs.
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    I like your first concept the best, although having a 90 degree flipped St Georges Cross on the hoist part? I feel fusing a clip art Trillium with a realistic Maple Leaf doesn't mesh well, but then a realistic Trillium ends up with 6 points so... I don't know. I'd still rather not change a thing. What about Alberta with Green sides like the Canadian Template? Too much?
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    I don't get the "webbed D" love. It'd be okay as a shoulder patch, but as a main logo, it sucks.
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    So the hoops on the Barca kit are supposed to reflect the flags that supporters wave around on match day, hence the flag in the background of the promo shots. All in all, I am a huge fan of the kit, even with the hoops. It certainly looks odd, and would still be better with the traditional vertical stripes, but it is still a very nice look for the Catalan giants.
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    Ok guys, here's a quick update. I changed the shape of the crest and changed the words and stuff. I really want to keep the soccer ball to pay homage to the original Whitecaps. Let me know how this version looks. Thanks!
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    Darmstadt just made it to the Bundesliga the first time since 1982! I love their old school stadium. This screams 1982. ^^
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    I agree with almost everything Paul has on his site and I can see where some can feel he is kind of a pill, but the amount of venom that gets tossed his way is baffling. Almost Star Wars prequel level of vitriol.
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    The Penguins Throwback looks very different from Boston's Jerseys, even with the same colors. As for the Capitals, their throwbacks are awesome because they have the stars on top, and the Royal Blue and Red look so good together and, they remind me of the old Soviet Jerseys. The Red Throwback's white yoke looks so nice and I know their white throwback is similar to Montreal's white jersey but the Capitals have more than enough differences to tell the two apart. Washington's Original Jerseys look like a team from Washington. Red, blue, and white is as American as you can get and remember, Washington is the Capital of the United States, afterall. (Which I'm not saying you didn't know that. If you honestly didn't, I would be blown away, I'm not going to lie.) Yes, I do agree, Washington's most unique color scheme was the blue and bronze, however, those throwbacks are so much nicer. Actually, I would argue that with the white yoke, and the stars across the chest, that their Original Red Jersey was the most unique. Of course I know washington is the capital of america, it's in there name! However when i was a litle kid I always used to think ny was the capital of u.s and toronto was the capital of canada. I like the red/white/blue scheme for washington, but i think the rangers/canadiens use it better, not saying their look isn't good, it is, but it looks dated, unlike mtl/ny. At least i can appreciate them trying to update their color scheme with a darker shade of blue. I wouldn't say the pens/bruins don't look the same, when your color scheme and even color balance is almost the exact same it's hard not to draw comparison, heck the pens retro socks are the exact same as the bruins third socks. It's probably why bruins made a big deal about pens using their color scheme in the 80s. I think they should include some silver/grey like they had in the jagr/straka era black jersey to distance themselves from boston since they are steel city. Pittsburgh had black and gold first, it's in our city flag, it's used by all our teams. Boston can go pound salt if they want us to change our colors.
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    The guy treated me completely unprofessionally on Twitter after I made a legitimate (and unabrasive) correction on one of his assertions. He'll always be a complete asshat because he acted like an irritable, inarticulate, drunken idiot at 8am. Plus, his constant insertion of politics and political correctness into everything is just asinine at his level. In addition to that, my biggest gripe with him is how much he hates advertising on anything, yet I've never visited a site that has as much advertising as his. I turn on AdBlock and half his site goes away
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    San Francisco 49ers. The fact that they ever had a color scheme that didn't include gold means they deserve a spot on this list.
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    Outside of being able to properly identify the most obvious offenders like the Bengals and Jaguars that even Stevie Wonder finds garish, Paul Lukas has atrocious taste.
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    Even though I'm a Patriots Fan, I find these kinda Funny. Perhaps for them, give a hole in the helmet?
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    I liked when you didn't post as much. Overall: 2/10
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    It's amazing what happens when you play Teuvo and Vermette and don't dress a useless plug like Versteeg. Not sure how much longer Chicago can survive without a 3rd pairing, however. Keith played more in the first OT than Timonen had played in the entire game. As good as #2-#7 and #27-#4 are, they can't keep doing this, especially since this was the fourth game Chicago has played that was 2-3 overtimes. In any case, I'm still expecting them to win this series, so I guess they'll have to survive at least 2-3 more games like this.
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    Throw that baby in a roundel and baby, you've got a stew!
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    Not me, and I never have. Same here, and I used to read his blog every day. I could only take so much anti-purple & stirrup talk. Let alone that every baseball team should wear flannel uniforms in 100 degree summer heat. Guy's a special kind of a$$hat
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    You guys can do whatever you'd like while thinking about those jerseys, but I'll pass.
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    Never once saw an "E" lol, I think the reason we see the PACMAN in the hawks logo is that it's something we recognize as another object. Even now looking at it and changing my perception of the logo I don't see an "E".
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    You make it sound like the players and coaches are handling the rebrand aspect.
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    I'm just a small town pizza lawyer... but I'd think so.
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    Me too. Although I'd like to see 13 stars to represent the 13 colonies. 7 on one side, 6 on the other. You could align the stars evenly by having a logo at the bottom of the shorts in place of what would be the 14th star.
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    My thoughts exactly. The 76ers have such a terrible name situation. Putting Philadelphia wouldn't work, 76ers (I think) isn't allowed, and Seventy-Sixers would look bad, too. Phila (or Philly) and Sixers are the best options, but I prefer Phila.
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    I think Pepsi changing to that logo every 5 years or so, just shows how much they have an inferiority complex with Coke, who has not done a major logo change in forever.
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    1980: NBA Finals only to run into Magic's Lakers1981: Blew 3-1 series lead against Celtics. Had they won that series, the 76ers would have almost-certainly beaten the Cinderella Houston Rockets in the NBA Finals. 1982: NBA Finals loss to the Lakers 1983: Finally! NBA champions over the Lakers 1984: Inexplicable first-round loss to the NJ Nets. Still in shock over that series. 1985: Smoked in Eastern Conference Finals by the Celtics 4 games to 1. I thought that great 1982-83 Sixers team would have beaten any of those Chicago Bulls teams of the 90s. They were a deep, talented, club and Moses Malone was a rebounding and scoring machine. I think Malone would have required so much attention from the Chicago frontcourt, Dr. J and the other weapons on that Sixers team would have too much for the Bulls to overcome. Malone often got the better of Abdul-Jabbar in their one on one matchups, and did much his damage on so-so Houston Rocket teams.
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    Still unable to find records of William T. Sherman marching through western Canada and burning it down.
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    See, I wish the wordmarks had an outline to them, rather than just being plain Obviously the red one would say SIXERS but I didn't feel like tracing over that one too
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    I wanted to incorporate more of the Hornets identity so I made an alt helmet for them. I used a subtle honeycomb pattern similar to their court along with the striping from their jerseys. The minor asymmetry bothered me a bit but I decided to keep it in. Consider it an homage to the (asymmetry of the) uniforms themselves.
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    Alright so here is the update to the Pats per requests. Changed the striping on the blue pants and the alternate now has white numbers with silver and blue outlines. What do you guys think?!
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    Like the basic idea, but if they wanted to find a unique element to it, they should have come up with something better than white belts. The sublimated hoops are good, but I'm with you on the sides. I also think that the new MLS logo looks marvelous on the sleeves in team colors.
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    what is this im in phone
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