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    The Americans took down FIFA. The world now has to call football soccer. It's only fair.
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    OITGDNHL does a tradition that started in 1997 but doesn't actually work until 2004 (and has a less than 50 percent success rate when both choices are made) become a legendary superstition of the game.
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    FIFA Corrupt in other news water is wet
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    Yeah that Jim Nance is terrible. Jim Nantz though, he's good.
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    Yep. That's why. It's not because they were badly outplayed -- it's because the NBA needs LeBron in the Finals. Well it is the NBA. THE most rigged league in sports.
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    A few more tweaks -Shrunk Nostril -Added green underneath the mouth to remove the "mustache" look -Shrunk the neck -Rotated it up slightly I feel like I'm getting closer, but any more C&C would be appreciated!
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    Thank you! The color of the arm came from the faint cloud effect that I added the photo. I moved it behind his body, so hopefully this looks better. Perfect! Nicely done
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    I can't believe that I ing miss George Steinbrenner.
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    Delly did nothing wrong on the Korver injury. It was a freak accident. He was going for the ball. He was diving down towards the ground, not out towards Korver's legs. People apparently are just looking for things to get upset about and discredit Delly and the Cavs (Reggie Miller, Kenny Smith). What Delly did on that play is literally what we teach kids learning to play basketball: GET PHYSICAL! GET ON THE GROUND! GET THE LOOSE BALLS! I remember playing high school ball and we had a drill we did every practice. There would be 2 lines, a layup line and a charge line. The layup line had to take it hard to the basket and try and score through the charge line. The charge line's responsibility was to stand in and take the charge. After that, the coach under the basket would grab the ball and roll it out towards the 3 point line and the layup player and charge player had to sprint and dive for the ball. The whole point was to teach us to be tough and get the 50-50 balls. Anyone who says Delly made a dirty play is just butt-hurt and trying to find something to discredit the Cavs about. Delly literally has no history of dirty play. If you want to call him out for the Taj Gibson play where, once again, Delly was getting pushed in the neck and back by Gibson (people ignore this in the replays... pushing around the head and neck is considered dirty in the NBA), then when Delly finally got trampled, he did a minimal leg lock. Yes, he is guilty of that, but it is far down the list of egregious acts that happens through the course of the game. When it comes to the Horford ejection... how are people continuing to ignore the fact that Horford PULLED Delly down to the ground by the shoulder. People also ignore Demarre Carroll who was under Delly's legs, contributing to Delly falling. I am being objective. People have forgotten how to look at things without bias. I think people are clearly holding SOMETHING against Delly (Miller, Smith) because he's a little white kid from Australia with a goofy accent. It's a complete contradiction. All these commentators (Miller especially) talk about "ohhh the Playoffs are different. Its more physical. Its more contact. You gotta be tougher... its a different level in the Playoffs." You can't have it both ways. It is 100% clear that Delly had no intention to hurt Korver OR Horford.
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    I don't know anything about emails (everything I've ever received from him was professional), but I have absolutely no problem with him running his blog his way. He essentially created this whole sub-set of sports journalism, and I don't have any more problem with Lukas discussing politics or architecture or music or food than I do Bill Simmons having wandering conversations on one of his podcasts. If Lukas says something I don't like, I ignore it. If he hits on a topic that doesn't interest me, I skip it. And if I ever think I can do it better than he does, there are a lot of places willing to host my blog.
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    Honestly in my opinion, I think the D-Backs look better with their purple, teal, and black scheme that they had when they first originated.
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    Have we kicked this irony-free zone around yet? Alan Thicke and Andrea Martin -- yeah, the Andrea Martin from SCTV! -- singing "Welcome to SkyDome, the world's largest retractable-ceiling multi-purpose thirty-story-high Dome!" This is a Simpsons bit in real life more than almost anything has been a Simpsons bit in real life. Andrea Martin! I didn't have the sound on at the beginning so when the names were scrolling by, I thought "Emergency Task Force" was some punk or new wave band from Toronto that only got CanCon airplay hence my never having heard of them before. Nope, turns out it's actually the Toronto police department's emergency task force. Cut to ribbons by Occam's Razor once more, huh. EDIT: "It will become an opera house for Verdi, Wagner, Mozart, and Strauss" it's possible that this thing created Simpsons writers like Athena being sprung from the head of Zeus.
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    I don't hate the foot D either. It's far and away the best choice out of those options on there, but I'm still in love with Wildwing. http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/103537-mccarthys-nhl/?p=2439907 Cool colors (literally cool as in the color wheel), distinctive logos, and bold striping. People say "blah 90's, cynical corporate synergy, yak yak yak". And I say so what? The colors are 90's, but why hide from your heritage? Being started because of a Disney movie is as good an origin story (and better in a lot of cases) as anybody else in sports and newsflash - corporate synergy is nothing new in sports. That the Mighty Ducks were the most shameless and least apologetic about it is not their fault.
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    Absolutely. And yellow doesn't look good anywhere on a cream uniform. And it's silly to put a blue outline around the yellow outline. To me, the only redeeming quality of these is the great, underused color scheme (sans cream), but the Mariners found their true color long ago and shouldn't go back to these. The Brewers, on the other hand, have meandered in other colors and should return to royal blue and yellow. Agreed. The only change the Mariners need to make is to make their teal-billed hat the primary hat on the home and road uniforms, now that teal is much more prominent in the design.
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    If I remember correctly, they originally didn't have any black period on the current jerseys, but fans made them add some black back to the color scheme.
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    I think all that needs to be said is that the US kits are so bad that we're all ignoring these.
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    I can't tell if that is a flame or the profile shot of flipping someone the bird.
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