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    "Challenge accepted." --Mayor Rahm Emanuel
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    The only problem with the US hosting a World Cup is that we wouldn't have to build a bunch of useless stadiums and bulldoze poor people, which is what FIFA and the IOC generally prefer host countries to do.
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    I would agree that the choice of highlighter shows that the team will use some kind of volt-ish color. If they weren't using it and we're sticking with black and red, they'd obviously have a pink hat just as those who have red in their scheme do. Volt favors green more than yellow, yes, but to say that it'll be green because the teams that have it are the same color is a reach, though.
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    Hey guys! So I've come across something to make me believe that the Hawks' third colour may be more green than yellow. Mitchell&Ness came out with a line of highlighter style hats (below) and they're just neon versions of the team's color (bulls=pink;warriors=royal blue;lakers=neon yellow). For the Hawks, they have a neon green hat much like the Celtics and Bucks. This could mean nothing but I thought it was some cool potential foreshadowing. It made me also think that maybe Atlanta is gonna go with green to symbolize the fact that Atlanta is also known as "The City in the Forest." Kind of the same reason why Milwaukee added blue to their colour scheme for their state's borders being almost all lakes? Link to the Hats: http://m.lids.com/Mitchell-and-Ness/Style_NBA-Highlight-Snapback-Cap
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    The Nuggets have progressively looked worse since the NBA switched to the Revolution 30 template. *Should note a few things: 1.) I'm a Melo fan, so I loved this team for 8 years; 2.) that just before the switch to the aforementioned template, the team ditched royal blue in favor of navy, which was an upgrade and tied the alternate in to the rest of the set; and 3.) the dark blue jersey was amazing. I sometimes wondered how that script/font on the home/road would look. First, they got rid of the shimmer fabric (which I think looked perfect and only worked for a team in snowy Denver) and slightly switched the collar and sleeve trim by adding yellow to the home and alternate and white to the road. It looked especially bad on the arm holes of the road because the yellow looked far superior to the the current white. Dropping the dark blue jersey in favor of the fauxback was a sidestep, in my opinion. I think the overall look was a downgrade, but the nostalgia of the rainbow makes it a push. It, however, also suffers from the same collar issues. Now, every change for next year is a downgrade. The increased dark blue and different colors between the wordmark and numbers are an eyesore, and the collar issue only becomes more prominent. I understand the desire to create another link between the alternate and throwback, but the font change is unnecessary. Lastly, I reserve judgement on the font, since we only see "00" at the moment. /rant
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    Haven't looked at this thread in a while, but you've done some really fantastic work. I love Delta State, but I agree with suplauren, but I'm glad you plan on working to fix that problem. Great work!
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    Just saw the Roadrunner! I love it. Its a little static but that helps distinguishes it from all the other running roadrunner logos. The Okra is good. I feel like the negative space on the left side of the triangle one is a little weird. Maybe shrink the triangle a little?
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    I still prefer the old Bucks' set to the current. The old logo actually looked like a buck, and it didn't have that cartoony M. While I do like the uniform set the Bucks' just unveiled, I think the previous are better. The red and green color scheme was original and fit the Bucks' perfectly, and no it didn't remind of Christmas.
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    lol, I wonder why someone from Cleveland would post this... #MozgovDidntTravel
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