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    "Hi there, sir. Do you like sports uniforms?" "Yes." "Do you think their general shape and form is adequate for their given sport, such as a tank-top basketball uniform for basketball?" "Yes." "Would you like to see your favorite football team wear a uniform that seems more fit for basketball?" "No." "Well too bad! Here at Adidas, we're always finding ways to use the aesthetics of one sport's uniforms in another sport. Like soccer sleeves for basketball jerseys, and sleeveless football jerseys just like basketball! We've even put numbers on front of hockey jerseys and we're testing button-up jerseys and long pants for soccer!" "But why...?" "That's what we do at Adidas! We can't actually do anything new or original, so we use the same concepts somewhere else. In fact, there will only be 4 templates for these reinvented uniforms!" "I didn't say--" "That's the magic of mass-produced templates! Why think outside the box when you can just put something different inside of it?" "How are you still in business?" [Fake friendly chuckling] "We don't know either, sir!" [Cut to Adidas logo as early 1960s-esque jingle plays; syllables appearing when uttered] ? Ad-i-das, We Don't Know Ab-out Sport-ing De-sign! ? I was at a USU road meeting a week or so ago and heard football head coach Matt Wells say new gray unis were coming. He called them "a little different" and said they'd be of the CFB Playoff cut/template. I don't know if this is it or what those "little" changes are, but I don't expect any major departures or new helmets. My alma mater has, in my mind, shown how to mix-and-match and retain your identity.
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    Well, guess I have to be the one to zig from you zaggers on this. They're fair at best. I hate the Buccaneers' alarm clock numbers and the Beej's diagonal-eschewing alternate numbers, so I can't like the numbers and letters here. I don't find it old-timey or timeless or anything. It's just ugly type. They screwed up the Irish Rainbow that fans love by not doing three-tone green, which I always thought was what people liked about it so much. It's as if they felt they had to make a perfunctory nod to the Irish Rainbow fans but were too married to this stupid green/buff/black/blue palette to do it right. The blue and black are without precedent and don't feel like they belong, almost as if they're a perfunctory addition as well. The beige or tan or whatever you want to call it should not abut white. That looks very bad to me. If you're going to have a color that close to white, it has to act as the base color, like it does with the San Francisco Giants. If the NBA won't let you do that, well, back to the drawing board, I guess. I know there were execution flaws in the old set, and the deer in headlights had to go, but they threw the baby out with the bathwater by abandoning the classic colors to go with this. It's too conceptual for its own good -- sometimes a basketball team only has to be a basketball team. All the stuff about recalling long-gone heavy-manufacturing elements and a blue-collar work ethic is particularly galling considering that the team continues to exist by the grace of subsidies from a governor who would love nothing more than to squash blue-collar labor and small business. But they really knocked it out of the park by using forest green! You gotta give 'em that!
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    "Challenge accepted." --Mayor Rahm Emanuel
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    Hey guys as you all know the clippers are going with a new logo and overall redesign of the team. i decided to take what they had and just add one thing to it, and that one thing was a tie in to the teams name of Clippers. i like roundel logos and i hope the entire NBA goes to or in some cases back to them that for all teams. the clippers new logo was missing the identity of the team so i i darkened the blue and lightened the red, removed the "LAC" and added an anchor to the center of the basketball logo and for a secondary logo i turned the ball on its and add a clipper and "LA" logo to the center and i really want to know what everyone thinks so without further ado... C&C always welcomed.
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    Soccerly recently posted concept football kits for several social networking sites. The first set: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify, Whatsapp, Pinterest The second set: Reddit, Vine, Foursquare, Google+, Tumblr, Tinder, Waze Discuss...
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    Oh. My. God. I always thought that court design was cool because it was just different. I had no clue, until now, that it was two "M"s. And now I can't unsee it.
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    The only problem with the US hosting a World Cup is that we wouldn't have to build a bunch of useless stadiums and bulldoze poor people, which is what FIFA and the IOC generally prefer host countries to do.
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    Liking that pattern on the shoulder/chest area.
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    What a true Redskins' fan you are.
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    I could probably fit Thunder Bay in after my next one.
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    I was gonna say that maybe it's not meant to resemble an "M" and it's more to pay tribute to the actual court design. Then I looked for a link to the picture of the court then it hit me (maybe a few decades too late): it you look at it from either baseline's perspective, you'd have a letter M on your half of the court! But one thing that bugged me about the otherwise perfect rebrand is the "M" logo tab on the home shirt because it causes a break in the collar. What if it was a cream-colored M logo instead?
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    I would agree that the choice of highlighter shows that the team will use some kind of volt-ish color. If they weren't using it and we're sticking with black and red, they'd obviously have a pink hat just as those who have red in their scheme do. Volt favors green more than yellow, yes, but to say that it'll be green because the teams that have it are the same color is a reach, though.
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    Hey guys! So I've come across something to make me believe that the Hawks' third colour may be more green than yellow. Mitchell&Ness came out with a line of highlighter style hats (below) and they're just neon versions of the team's color (bulls=pink;warriors=royal blue;lakers=neon yellow). For the Hawks, they have a neon green hat much like the Celtics and Bucks. This could mean nothing but I thought it was some cool potential foreshadowing. It made me also think that maybe Atlanta is gonna go with green to symbolize the fact that Atlanta is also known as "The City in the Forest." Kind of the same reason why Milwaukee added blue to their colour scheme for their state's borders being almost all lakes? Link to the Hats: http://m.lids.com/Mitchell-and-Ness/Style_NBA-Highlight-Snapback-Cap
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    The Nuggets have progressively looked worse since the NBA switched to the Revolution 30 template. *Should note a few things: 1.) I'm a Melo fan, so I loved this team for 8 years; 2.) that just before the switch to the aforementioned template, the team ditched royal blue in favor of navy, which was an upgrade and tied the alternate in to the rest of the set; and 3.) the dark blue jersey was amazing. I sometimes wondered how that script/font on the home/road would look. First, they got rid of the shimmer fabric (which I think looked perfect and only worked for a team in snowy Denver) and slightly switched the collar and sleeve trim by adding yellow to the home and alternate and white to the road. It looked especially bad on the arm holes of the road because the yellow looked far superior to the the current white. Dropping the dark blue jersey in favor of the fauxback was a sidestep, in my opinion. I think the overall look was a downgrade, but the nostalgia of the rainbow makes it a push. It, however, also suffers from the same collar issues. Now, every change for next year is a downgrade. The increased dark blue and different colors between the wordmark and numbers are an eyesore, and the collar issue only becomes more prominent. I understand the desire to create another link between the alternate and throwback, but the font change is unnecessary. Lastly, I reserve judgement on the font, since we only see "00" at the moment. /rant
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    These unis are pretty good, considering the current awful uniform trends. The shorts, especially, are very nice. This set definitely goes in the same category with the Wizards and Hornets. That doesn't make the rebrand any bit more justified, though, since the last package was perfect for the Bucks. And the logos are still total garbage. And no, the Hornets' numbers don't need outlines, dammit. The look works exactly the way it is.
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    Haven't looked at this thread in a while, but you've done some really fantastic work. I love Delta State, but I agree with suplauren, but I'm glad you plan on working to fix that problem. Great work!
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    In my opinion, the Dolphins new look is an upgrade. Their old look showed too much age and their colors were too dark. I'm glad they went with a more modern look without doing too much and I also like the brighter colors.
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    Just saw the Roadrunner! I love it. Its a little static but that helps distinguishes it from all the other running roadrunner logos. The Okra is good. I feel like the negative space on the left side of the triangle one is a little weird. Maybe shrink the triangle a little?
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    I'm a big NBA uniform fan and feel these Bucks unis are instantly upper echelon. So visavis your comprehensive and critical review, which uniforms do you currently see in an unquestionably favorable light? Fair questions. I have been popping off on this for weeks and nobody REALLY knows my stance on what "good" is to begin with. Lemme just say I'm not a fan of Adidas' work in the broader sense....rebrands or the warm-ups....the numbers look heavy the names look cheap. IN terms of teams that are UNQUESTIONABLY good? Not many due to the reasons I just said and a few others. I like old school looks like BOS, LAL, CHI, POR, SA.....I like returning to classic looks in DET, PHI, WSH, HOU, GS and NYK. I'd say I like or love 85% of the league. But almost all of them have something I'd change too. The Rockets silly wide shoulders for instance. I think it'd be shorter to provide a list of uniform looks that doesn't flip my switch and they are few, but almost all quasi-generic contemporary templates like ATL, SAC, or the MIN....or what the Bucks just dumped. Again, I feel like certainly I'm inviting some of what I'm getting here. It's deserved and I get it. But this is just OK. Not genre bending. The Bucks are YEARS late to returning to the 70s horiz rainbow stripes down the side panels guys. YEARS late in WI even as Marquette has been there and done that for like a decade. And Denver scooped us on it too at the NBA level. And then when we finally do reclaim it, we blow the change to really accentuate it by staggering the colors to maximize contrast....and we add one blue and one black for S&G. I'm not crazy here. It's OK. It's not any great shakes. As someone upthread wrote...they are definitely trying to entice gen X (myself included) by flirting with the rainbow. But they also essentially tried their hand at a super minimalist two-tone Brooklyn take on it too....and that would have been interesting to see. JUST cream and green. Totally would have worked. And the blue? Come on..>Even Paul L is buying the logo-speak nod to the importance of .....WATER? Show me an industrialized city where water wasn't important and I'll show you.........I dunno. Dallas. Or SLC. Shut up. Whatever. All great cities were built on water cause it's WATER. Lame. To answer your question.. honestly. I've (always) thought the NBA was a palette league and occasionally I guess a template league. (80s Hawks, 90s Pacers). The logos just aren't as vital as they are in the NFL or NHL....and the sport in general has way more color than MLB where every road team is grey. SO........the NBA has always had a soft spot in my heart cause you can have great branding simply by choosing great colors. (simplification). So by that measure, my own measure, the Bucks have improved their station over last year. I believe I've stated that repeatedly. But in the details? the details sucked a month ago and they still suck. Ridiculous font. Goat-Deer. Weird palette where half the colors are unused. I'd put them in the top 20 (as oppose to near dead last like the last 7 years.) They will OWN dark green and cream. No competition at all. That's positive too. They'll pass Utah and Toronto and SAC and MIN and ATL (until ATL ditches navy) but there's a LOT of good palettes in the NBA> so full disclosure I don't think even a return to the irish rainbow was going to make the Bucks IMO suddenly have a top 5 brand or top 10 following. That's just naive. You think I'm being a hater that's fine. Think about what that means in the NBA? The Celtics, Lakers? Bulls, Knicks? If you think it's a palette league...which I do...then there are some really classic ones ahead of us and they have way more claim to theirs than we do in our new one. That's all I'm saying.
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    I still prefer the old Bucks' set to the current. The old logo actually looked like a buck, and it didn't have that cartoony M. While I do like the uniform set the Bucks' just unveiled, I think the previous are better. The red and green color scheme was original and fit the Bucks' perfectly, and no it didn't remind of Christmas.
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    I think this looks great but I agree, maybe cut down on the detail a bit. It looks great though
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    lol, I wonder why someone from Cleveland would post this... #MozgovDidntTravel
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    Yes, they are moving to Brooklyn reluctantly because they tried for years and years to build a new arena in Nassau so that they wouldn't have to settle for two-thirds of an arena in a city where their fans don't live. I'm sure they'd like new fans, but how are they going to see the ice? PUT THE ISLANDERS IN A HOCKEY RINK. my name (offcenteredscoreboard) is a joke at the fact the scoreboard at barclays is over the blue line... that being said its more of a loving joke than a hateful one That Advil logo on the ice sure is fitting- just looking at how asymmetrical that arena is gives me a headache. They should change the signage to read "Barclays Offcenter".
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    I always thought this was a great change:
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    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers made a great change when they swapped out Bucco Bruce for scarlet and pewter. That was a solid design that could've stayed around forever.
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