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    They remind me of these . . . and that is not a good thing.
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    6. The fan base has become more and more conservative as Missouri keeps trying to go back to the Dark Ages, and they do really embarrassing things. </bias>
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    The design that had so many people fooled about a month ago was far superior: https://twitter.com/AndrewMLind/status/611254074772713472 Also, it bugs me that the Orioles' cap does not have an orange bill. I understand that they're all following a template and that the color of the bill is dictated by the rest of the cap and the stripes across the front, however, I believe that it should also follow the team's home or road cap template other than the front section. By this, the Braves should also have a red bill.
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    My subtitles: "Them things gonna be nice next year on us! A All-Star feel. I like that. Of course, blue -- that's my favorite color. I like how it brings back the old feel of -- you know back in the day with Dr. J and them -- how they wore them."
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    The Warriors are the bad guys? Whatever. Anyway, LeBron, how does it feel to be a p-ssy ass bitch?
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    I did a double take at the score. Ridiculous.
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    Disappointing; I was really hoping for pillbox caps.
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    Glad you liked your team, my friend! It was fun working with the color scheme as well as the film theme~League II Bahia de Santiago SC Puerta Loma, Taft Founded: 1925 Last Promoted: 1999 Last Relegated: 2015 Championships: 5 Santiago Bay has its two soccer superpowers, Real Santiago and Bahia de Santiago. Although Bahia has more championships (five compared to Real's three), Bahia, due to poor management in recent years, have suffered a drastic collapse from the higher echelons of League I to the upper half of League II. With new management, Bahia has slowly been re-emerging, hoping to get back into League I within two seasons. As for the crest, I wanted a Spanish-style triangle crest for this team. Real does use red in their color scheme, Bahia embraces it fully in their identity, with a popular nickname for them being "Los Rojos". The pattern in the crest is taken from the flag of Santiago Bay (though the team nowadays plays in the Santiago Bay suburb of Puerta Loma ["hill port"]), with the five championships represented by not one gold star but four stars around the team name and one inside the soccer ball within the team name. The home kit is the Santiago Bay flag (which is sorta styled like the red portions of the Maryland state flag), with the design causing a very awkward square in the back of the jersey to accommodate the number and NOB. The clash kit is a more simple red-and-black jersey. The kits are supplied by Adidas and the sponsor is Vacos Computers (shoutout to reebokNFL for the sponsorship suggestion). Up next, the Club Deportivo de San Juan! Only 15 more teams left! ~ Daryl
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    Saying it's even remotely worth of CCSLC consideration is a wonderful compliment, so thank you. You've made great points. My original Sydney Kings redesign that I did years ago featured a regal pattern on the back that I think would also work really well here. If these were concepts that were coming to actual fruition then I'd certainly go that extra step. My line consistency is one of the areas I certainly need work in, or just more time. I work at a frantic pace at my office desk when my focus should really be elsewhere! El Scorcho, my Boomers, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane kits/logo can be found at my Behance page, or my website but I'll paste them below too: The Adelaide one was done years ago. I've also done the Wildcats but the logo is hot garbage, so I'll be redoing that one. https://www.behance.net/projectthirtyfour http://projectthirtyfour.wix.com/project34
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    Oh C'mon. Those numbers look atrocious and you know it.Those Central Michigan alternate uniforms look terrible. Kansas in gray is even worse. Couldn't agree more. I still don't like how much Nebraska and Wisconsin look alike. And, even as someone who is not a fan of Nebraska, please no crazy alternates this year. Nebraska is a school that shouldn't really be tampered with to that extreme, imo. And, even as someone who is a fan of Nebraska, please no crazy alternates this year. Nebraska is a school that shouldn't really be tampered with to that extreme, imo.
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    Cool. My guess is the black pride jersey. Wait, there's black pride jerseys now? Or is it a black, pride jersey?
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    Shame you can't target property tax hikes to individual households.
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    Oh sweet Moses....kill that with lots of fire.I don't mind the All-Star Game logo being moved to the back of the cap (if this is real), but paneled AND (partially) pillboxed? Two of my most hated hat styles personally....yikes. I'd say it's not anything pillboxed. It's your normal six-panel hat. The stripes are just stripes. Ah that's true, my mistake.I still think it's a horrible hat though. Like, it's awful. However, upon looking at the back more, for some reason I do really like the patch on the back of the cap. I even wouldn't be upset if they tried it for the World Series, so long as the patch is still on the jersey as well somewhere.
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    I disagree, especially about the Titans, who just need to put the stripes from their white pants on the helmets. The solution for those Rams jerseys was to make the numbers white. There was enough yellow on the shoulders. Plus, stripeless pants are amateurish and those Rams pants looked great on their own.
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    Or the conservative Christians who attack gay people while sheltering and supporting child molesters in their own families?
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    People are only pouncing on this because it's the Cardinals. Would the fervor be as hot if it was the Padres or the Indians or another similarly inoffensive team? No way. I'll be honest, I'm hoping there's a story here because Team High Horse could really stand to come down a few pegs. This is the judge who gets caught with a pile of cocaine or the right wing conservative senator who gets caught with his male assistant in an airport bathroom. It's the story that lets all of us know we're not that bad and they're not better than us.
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    no... the cut is just about the only thing that stayed the same since the introduction of the EDGE system, unless me and you have different definitions of "cut." the way the fabric is cut and shaped and stitched together has remained the same. the fabric returned to CCM-style fabric, and a lot of the players started wearing much baggier sweaters to better mimic the original "cut," but the duck-tail, collar-triangle, side-panel seems, and "western style" yokes for teams like calgary and dallas... that's the cut, and none of those were around for CCM/KOHO. but more on topic, when the washington capitals switched their socks "upside down" a few years into the new look, that was a huge upgrade. took away the capris pants look, and gave them a real hockey look.
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    By this do you meant that most teams don't put the NFL logo at midfield? If so, I wonder if they are all going to do it this year (and whether teams like Minnesota and Pittsburgh, who share stadiums with college teams will). I could see the NFL asking/telling all teams to do it. Yes. MetLife Stadium does the NFL logo because they don't want to change out midfield turf every game, and that's understandable. But the Panthers do it because the owner says dumb like "We want to honor the NFL because we are just so grateful to the NFL for giving this fine city a team." To my knowledge, the 29 other teams all use their logo at midfield. The Vikings painted their logo at midfield last season, and I think Heinz Field now alternates between the Steelers logo and a white circle with PITT during the Panthers' season. Wow, the owner is kind of out of touch. Found this article on it : http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/wire?section=nfl&id=3223598 They also don't have a public address announcer or hype music. There is, however, a pregame prayer. Say what you will. Sure, it's great he doesn't budge, but you gotta play up the crowd for a home field advantage. That's why Seattle cleverly designed their stadium in a way that traps sound (sorry to break it to you Seahawks fans, you're not ACTUALLY that loud).
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    I'm glad Winnipeg got a team back, and I'm even more thrilled they brought back the name. But I'm not glad the Thrashers are out of the league. I actually liked the color scheme, especially the purple jerseys. I must have missed the Thrasher's "purple era."
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    I still dig the caricature shirts.
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    "from a purely aesthetic standpoint", teamwear or custom design is totally irrelevant. Teamwear can look good, and we've certainly seen how bad custom designs can be.
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    Unaware of the time at which I posted this, it's okay that you misunderstood. They tweeted and promptly deleted the picture with seven minutes left in the game.
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    Watching some of those awful teams in person. Yeah this feels damn good!
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    Congratulations to my Warriors and major props to Cleveland for fighting all the way to the end.
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    Well the Cavs definitely aren't quitting, I respect that. But I still hope the Warriors win!
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    How is Nodaks really considered a viable name? Correct me if I'm wrong but that would be like Arkansas changing their name to the Arkansas Arkansans. Correct? That's just not a good name.
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    Which means if he was a Bruin, he would have been traded to Colorado long ago for Cody McLeod, Jan Hejda, and a disappointing prospect. You know. "Character guys."
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    Nicely done so far. Are all these teams going to survive the second World War?
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    Actually, yes, there is another designation for it. It is called BRING THIS BACK RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I can't at all pick which one I like best. All of them are really well done. I'm surprised you went with that 'D' logo for Delaware, but I have no clue how much it is used on-campus. One thing I suggest is to make the mid-court logo bigger on Charleston's court.
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    Everyone in a Clippers jersey next season.
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    So the dark gray remains unchanged? Wait a minute...is that black?
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    1. Behead the Cardinals employees in question for being so stupid as to hack into the files of a team in THE OTHER ING LEAGUE! At least the Patriots cheated in the championship round/against teams that actually might constitute a threat. 2. Purge the front office of anyone associated with this. 3. I'd suggest letting others raid the farm as penance, but that's kind of useless as it has been picked over. ----------------------------------------------------------------- On the Astros-they had cybersecurity issues surface last year. http://deadspin.com/leaked-10-months-of-the-houston-astros-internal-trade-1597951970 HOW ING HARD IS IT TO SCARE UP ONE MEASLY IT CYBERSECURITY GUY WHEN YOU ARE IN THE TENTH LARGEST METRO AREA IN THE GODDAMN COUNTRY?! LUHNOW SHOULD ALSO BE FIRED FOR PRESUMABLY HAVING NO BLOODY CLUE ABOUT HOW TO SECURE HIS COMPUTER SYSTEMS AT ALL!! Edit oh this is the aftermath of that incident. Expand point one to include "cleanse the Earth of their bloodlines, lest their petty stupidity be allowed to proliferate."
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    Adidas, stop pretending your uniforms have sleeves.
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    My personal wish when Nike goes back to being the apparel company of the NBA is to go back to the Dri-Fit technology that they did back in the early 2000s. Those were good looking and better maintained jerseys and shorts. In fact when Adidas first got the NBA contract, they kept the Dri-Fit look up until the 2010-11 season when of course they went extremely downhill when they decide to do things their way and went to a thing called "Rev 30" and became an eyesore to watch, and will be for two more seasons. I know its wishful thinking but I always loved the Dri-Fit uniforms that Nike, Reebok, Champion, Adidas, etc. created 12 years ago in NBA and college sports.
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    The blue and white checkered pattern has no Kentucky roots. They are the colors of a Virginia horse farm/Virginia owner. Kentucky trying to own that is a bit lame (pun??) - I think the athletics department just likes that the silks were blue and white and, you know, horses.
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    I don't understand this argument for a custom uniform. What does it matter what template it is? The template is simply pieces of stitched together fabric. I'd say a custom uniform is anything that is unique to a specific team. It's very simple. Now, 90% of the teams wear the same templates anyways and the new trend is to create unique fonts and graphics. That's custom.
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    To continue the glorious tradition of adopting European team names, I vote for Atlanta Atalanta.
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