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    Well there you go. The new logo *is* a ship.It's a piece of ship, that's for sure!
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    In context, the underlines of the wordmark make sense. The font is kind of "eh," but it's not horrible. As a standalone, the ball logo is actually a pretty strong logo. And seriously people, stop saying that this is the worst logo ever. JUST. STOP. It's not. It's many orders of magnitude better than the Thunder logo which I'm pretty sure inspired Jeffrey Loria to create that monstrosity in center field of his ballpark. The hyperbole that you people keep throwing out here is just plain tedious.
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    Even with all of the design apps available, are we honestly surprised that Ballmer decided to use MS Paint?
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    Me too! It reminds me of being younger in the 90's and rocking this Magic/Rockets Finals t-shirt [image removed] Not too mention this caricature shirt, which I think is one of the best from the 90's... Toni Kukoc looks like Scott Baio in this image.
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    this is what I see when I look at the Pepsi Logo
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    This isn't dumpster fire bad...
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    (Tried something different with the arrow animation. Hope you like it!) (Had to "straighten" out this wordmark, like the Royals, for legibility purposes. Also, hope you like the spinning crown!) Loved them all, especially the touches you gave the KC Scouts & the KC Kings.That was very creative and fitting for them and the times that they played here in KC. Thanks again.
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    I just spent an exorbitantly long time combing through the USPTO site for clues and came up with a giant goose egg.
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    Spokane Suns Spokane is named after the First Nations people of the area, and the word means "children of the sun" in their native language (or so says Wikipedia at least). So for this concept I went with the name Suns and tried to tastefully use some Native imagery in the logos and uniforms. I ended going a little overboard with the pattern, but I still think it looks sharp.
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    I see your Pistons and raise you Grizzlies.
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    Lawrence Taylor Bill Goldberg Brock Lesnar
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    You universally suck. Seriously though, it depends on the helmet. I loved it with the Browns helmet. It played off the white stripe, it showed white on the helmet for a team that wore white jerseys almost exclusively over that period. It just looked right to me. Now, I think the Chiefs' helmet is absolutely perfect. I think the white facemasks for them are an iconic look. I generally dislike white facemasks on white helmets. You're probably just jaded from those years the Vikings wore white facemasks. And just to be that guy, I'd like to see the Vikings bring back the white masks. OK, I may have been overstating for effect slightly by saying ALL white masks suck. I can think of three that work for me, all colleges. Michigan State, Oklahoma, and Texas. So I'll amend my statement to 99% of all white facemasks suck, happy? The Steelers could pull off gray facemasks pretty easily, just like they did in the 70s. The gray facemask would complement the gray outline of the logo. Being able to pull it off and improving the look are two different things.. Everyone used to wear grey masks because that's the only color that existed, but even some "newer" teams like Miami have been around since the grey only era, so it's not like it's really that much of a "classic" thing.. At this point, it just looks cheap and lazy unless it truly improves the look.. The Steelers in anything other than black is a downgrade When I made my list of teams that could pull off a gray ask a couple pages back, I wasn't saying that they all would necessarily look better in gray, just that they could all make it work. Let me break down that list further... Teams that would work in a gray mask but should probably stick with what they have; Steelers Jets Vikings Bears (although, this one is close...the thought of that unchanged-since-forever uniform with a gray mask gives me the fuzzies) Teams that could switch to gray because their current mask color was a very bad choice (although there are other colors that might be better choices); Patriots (Navy) Redskins (Burgundy) Lions (Blue) Teams for whom gray is the only choice: Chiefs - because red would be ugly, yellow/gold would be worse, and white facemasks universally suck. Ohh...better choice than gray. I am amending my post...NOBODY should change to gray. If the Steelers go to grey, the following should happen, return to the block numerals/letterings, black cleats, maybe a matte helmet to replace the current one
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    "Earned your stripes." Get it? GET IT?!?
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    You just called someone out for a post that's sixteen months old.
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    I wish Maryland would go back to their Terrapin logo, it is way better than the plain underlined M.
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    That cut would look great on a 250 lb. relief pitcher.
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    Slightly annoys... well you must have a cooler head then me. I do like the logo to be perfectly honest. It has a Brooklyn Nets flare to it but yet simple. It really does have a Nets flare to it, but it looks pretty clean, sharp and simple.
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    Brooklyn and Queens are happening and Nassau County and Suffolk county could happen after I do the first 8.
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    Slightly annoys... well you must have a cooler head then me. I do like the logo to be perfectly honest. It has a Brooklyn Nets flare to it but yet simple. I was more than slightly, but I didn't want a suspension. I'm happy to see a new name thought and the logo is quite nice. I would recommend having a version with NEW on top and YORK on the bottom for uniforms.
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    The Cardinals really are the Patriots of baseball! Nonstop dry-humping from the media, pompous fanbase, a general air of sanctimony around the whole franchise, and they cheat!
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    First up in Group B is Macedonia, not gonna go deep into them but pride crest is the horse which is what they are known for (their horse breeding and training). Light gradient on away and sash for Home
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    That Jags jersey is definitely better than what they have now.
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