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    If we take it one step further...
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    Hey, he used his own company's software to design it.
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    There's some minor details that are bugging me, but nobody ever gets a 100/100 on the MUR (McCarthy Uniform Rating). I'll give them a 94. Loses points for not using the superior shorts design from the red shorts on that of the blue and white. Loses points for using PHILA on both home and road. The assymetrical stars thing is kind of silly, but I never would've noticed. It's so obviously what they should wear that it's annoying they ever went away from this in the first place.
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    No, but I'm guessing it'll be like the old ones, split 4/2 or 3/3 on each side
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    I don't know about you guys, but it's going to be a long time before I get bored of bashing the new Clippers look.
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    That cut would look great on a 250 lb. relief pitcher. Thats the Dan Uggla cut
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    Well there you go. The new logo *is* a ship.It's a piece of ship, that's for sure!
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    In context, the underlines of the wordmark make sense. The font is kind of "eh," but it's not horrible. As a standalone, the ball logo is actually a pretty strong logo. And seriously people, stop saying that this is the worst logo ever. JUST. STOP. It's not. It's many orders of magnitude better than the Thunder logo which I'm pretty sure inspired Jeffrey Loria to create that monstrosity in center field of his ballpark. The hyperbole that you people keep throwing out here is just plain tedious.
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    Even with all of the design apps available, are we honestly surprised that Ballmer decided to use MS Paint?
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    Me too! It reminds me of being younger in the 90's and rocking this Magic/Rockets Finals t-shirt [image removed] Not too mention this caricature shirt, which I think is one of the best from the 90's... Toni Kukoc looks like Scott Baio in this image.
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    this is what I see when I look at the Pepsi Logo
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    Would you rather see the four on the shorts instead of the jersey? It's 13 stars, 13 colonies, 7/6 for "76" Like I posted before, I'd've much rather seen 4 on the jerseys, 3 on one side of shorts, and 2 on the other (maybe with the logo evening it out, like in one of the posted concepts.) They way they spaced them on the jerseys really comes thisclose to ruining it for me. It simply looks like an error, instead of the clever idea that it was.
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    Allright makes perfect sense now.
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    The NBA season may have ended Tuesday, but the Clippers just got beaten soundly by the Sixers. Philly won't need to give out free cupcakes or do any other stupid gimmics to win their fans over with their jerey redo either.
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    For the Indians, I would revert back to Jacobs Field. Most people still call it the Jake, so this change would go under the radar. For the Browns, I would go with North Coast Harbor Stadium or Cleveland Municipal Stadium (I'm a sucker for classics). For the Cavs, I would have to go with Cleveland Coliseum, playing off the old Richfield Coliseum. I'd probably revert MAPFRE Stadium back to Crew Stadium, or somthing to do with the Hunt's like Lamar Hunt Stadium. Can't really change Tottenham's, and for Dortmund, I would just change it back to Westfalenstadion.
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    Might as well add this uniform to the list that Nike needs to fix in 2017.
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    Has to rank up there as the best corporate named stadium ever.
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    Maybe someone should show the response toMilwaukee's rebrand.
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    Guys, this logo was never good. Not even when it debuted. Black and gold dominated. Terrible looking uniforms. Pure garbage compared to everything else the Sixers had used up to that point.
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    Like having "PHILA" on the front of the home and road jerseys? ?
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    (golf claps) That honestly wouldn't be a bad logo for UCLA.
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    My subtitles: "Them things gonna be nice next year on us! A All-Star feel. I like that. Of course, blue -- that's my favorite color. I like how it brings back the old feel of -- you know back in the day with Dr. J and them -- how they wore them." Believe it or not, this and the AI set are the only Sixers sets that I really like, I'd love to see a creative combination of the two.
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    Next in Group C is Eton, buried in the jungle lives a small and very religious nation, noted by their multi-pointed star symbol in their crest (symbol of religion). I tried to replicate the dark forest that they live in by the jagged tree tops at the bottom of the jersey that flow into the shorts.
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    I kind of hope they don't replace it, it would be funny!
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    I agree with this. The Thunder have good jerseys, and they have an inanimate name. Oh, and we should take into consideration that those logos were thrown together really quickly, though that doesn't explain why they haven't been changed yet. The Clippers had ship iconography to use if they wanted, and also LA, but they chose against it. They had a lot of time to design this set. It's pure garbage. And I agree, I understand what they were going for. LA has the Lakers, a cornerstone franchise with 16 championships and pretty good jerseys (based off their former iconic jerseys). They have the history, the fan support and the support of Hollywood stars. The Clippers have none of that, other than maybe fan support. So, instead of copying the Lakers' awful logo like before, they decided to go with the exact opposite. Avant garde jerseys and logos, almost being purposefully bad just to be different. It's a strategy, alright. But it doesn't work out.
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    Oklahoma City gets a slight pass from me because for as dumb as their logo is, their actual uniforms look nice. There really aren't any redeeming qualities of this new Clippers set that I can see, outside of the sheer ballsiness of it. But ballsy isn't a virtue in and itself.
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    Don't worry, I am sure they'll draft someone with a chronic injury problem.Or someone overseas that won't be NBA ready until 2025. Either/or...
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    So I think we can all agree, regardless of whether or not one thinks it looks good in a vacuum, that Nike's USWNT kits for this World Cup are stupid because black & volt. The most ridiculous thing of all is that there is a perfectly good Nike-made white US kit at this tournament, its just being worn by the French: Make the sock hoops red instead and that look has some serious potential. Nike. *shakes fist*
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    For all the folks complaining, this is par for the course. At least "US Bank Stadium" doesn't make me unintentionally break out in laughter like "KFC Yum! Center" still does. For some reason it doesn't sound quite so bad on some stadiums as it does others (Great American Ballpark - it wasn't until I moved to the mid-South that I realized that's a corporate-sponsored name.) If having stadiums named after sponsors keeps the NFL from turning into the CFL with ads on the actual turf/grass, I'm all for it.
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    This isn't dumpster fire bad...
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    (Tried something different with the arrow animation. Hope you like it!) (Had to "straighten" out this wordmark, like the Royals, for legibility purposes. Also, hope you like the spinning crown!) Loved them all, especially the touches you gave the KC Scouts & the KC Kings.That was very creative and fitting for them and the times that they played here in KC. Thanks again.
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    I just spent an exorbitantly long time combing through the USPTO site for clues and came up with a giant goose egg.
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    Spokane Suns Spokane is named after the First Nations people of the area, and the word means "children of the sun" in their native language (or so says Wikipedia at least). So for this concept I went with the name Suns and tried to tastefully use some Native imagery in the logos and uniforms. I ended going a little overboard with the pattern, but I still think it looks sharp.
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    I see your Pistons and raise you Grizzlies.
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    Lawrence Taylor Bill Goldberg Brock Lesnar
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    You universally suck. Seriously though, it depends on the helmet. I loved it with the Browns helmet. It played off the white stripe, it showed white on the helmet for a team that wore white jerseys almost exclusively over that period. It just looked right to me. Now, I think the Chiefs' helmet is absolutely perfect. I think the white facemasks for them are an iconic look. I generally dislike white facemasks on white helmets. You're probably just jaded from those years the Vikings wore white facemasks. And just to be that guy, I'd like to see the Vikings bring back the white masks. OK, I may have been overstating for effect slightly by saying ALL white masks suck. I can think of three that work for me, all colleges. Michigan State, Oklahoma, and Texas. So I'll amend my statement to 99% of all white facemasks suck, happy? The Steelers could pull off gray facemasks pretty easily, just like they did in the 70s. The gray facemask would complement the gray outline of the logo. Being able to pull it off and improving the look are two different things.. Everyone used to wear grey masks because that's the only color that existed, but even some "newer" teams like Miami have been around since the grey only era, so it's not like it's really that much of a "classic" thing.. At this point, it just looks cheap and lazy unless it truly improves the look.. The Steelers in anything other than black is a downgrade When I made my list of teams that could pull off a gray ask a couple pages back, I wasn't saying that they all would necessarily look better in gray, just that they could all make it work. Let me break down that list further... Teams that would work in a gray mask but should probably stick with what they have; Steelers Jets Vikings Bears (although, this one is close...the thought of that unchanged-since-forever uniform with a gray mask gives me the fuzzies) Teams that could switch to gray because their current mask color was a very bad choice (although there are other colors that might be better choices); Patriots (Navy) Redskins (Burgundy) Lions (Blue) Teams for whom gray is the only choice: Chiefs - because red would be ugly, yellow/gold would be worse, and white facemasks universally suck. Ohh...better choice than gray. I am amending my post...NOBODY should change to gray. If the Steelers go to grey, the following should happen, return to the block numerals/letterings, black cleats, maybe a matte helmet to replace the current one
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    "Earned your stripes." Get it? GET IT?!?
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    You just called someone out for a post that's sixteen months old.
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    I wish Maryland would go back to their Terrapin logo, it is way better than the plain underlined M.
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    That cut would look great on a 250 lb. relief pitcher.
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    Slightly annoys... well you must have a cooler head then me. I do like the logo to be perfectly honest. It has a Brooklyn Nets flare to it but yet simple. It really does have a Nets flare to it, but it looks pretty clean, sharp and simple.
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    Brooklyn and Queens are happening and Nassau County and Suffolk county could happen after I do the first 8.
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    Slightly annoys... well you must have a cooler head then me. I do like the logo to be perfectly honest. It has a Brooklyn Nets flare to it but yet simple. I was more than slightly, but I didn't want a suspension. I'm happy to see a new name thought and the logo is quite nice. I would recommend having a version with NEW on top and YORK on the bottom for uniforms.
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    The Cardinals really are the Patriots of baseball! Nonstop dry-humping from the media, pompous fanbase, a general air of sanctimony around the whole franchise, and they cheat!
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    First up in Group B is Macedonia, not gonna go deep into them but pride crest is the horse which is what they are known for (their horse breeding and training). Light gradient on away and sash for Home
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    That Jags jersey is definitely better than what they have now.
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