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    I don't know about you guys, but it's going to be a long time before I get bored of bashing the new Clippers look.
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    Me too! It reminds me of being younger in the 90's and rocking this Magic/Rockets Finals t-shirt [image removed] Not too mention this caricature shirt, which I think is one of the best from the 90's... Toni Kukoc looks like Scott Baio in this image.
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    Marine Midland Arena HSBC Arena First Niagara Center was originally Crossroads Arena.
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    Drake Bulldogs updated their logos
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    For the Indians, I would revert back to Jacobs Field. Most people still call it the Jake, so this change would go under the radar. For the Browns, I would go with North Coast Harbor Stadium or Cleveland Municipal Stadium (I'm a sucker for classics). For the Cavs, I would have to go with Cleveland Coliseum, playing off the old Richfield Coliseum. I'd probably revert MAPFRE Stadium back to Crew Stadium, or somthing to do with the Hunt's like Lamar Hunt Stadium. Can't really change Tottenham's, and for Dortmund, I would just change it back to Westfalenstadion.
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    hello friends again with another contribution to the forum thanks
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    That would be upgrades all around.
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    I see your Pistons and raise you Grizzlies.
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    Lawrence Taylor Bill Goldberg Brock Lesnar
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    You universally suck. Seriously though, it depends on the helmet. I loved it with the Browns helmet. It played off the white stripe, it showed white on the helmet for a team that wore white jerseys almost exclusively over that period. It just looked right to me. Now, I think the Chiefs' helmet is absolutely perfect. I think the white facemasks for them are an iconic look. I generally dislike white facemasks on white helmets. You're probably just jaded from those years the Vikings wore white facemasks. And just to be that guy, I'd like to see the Vikings bring back the white masks. OK, I may have been overstating for effect slightly by saying ALL white masks suck. I can think of three that work for me, all colleges. Michigan State, Oklahoma, and Texas. So I'll amend my statement to 99% of all white facemasks suck, happy? The Steelers could pull off gray facemasks pretty easily, just like they did in the 70s. The gray facemask would complement the gray outline of the logo. Being able to pull it off and improving the look are two different things.. Everyone used to wear grey masks because that's the only color that existed, but even some "newer" teams like Miami have been around since the grey only era, so it's not like it's really that much of a "classic" thing.. At this point, it just looks cheap and lazy unless it truly improves the look.. The Steelers in anything other than black is a downgrade When I made my list of teams that could pull off a gray ask a couple pages back, I wasn't saying that they all would necessarily look better in gray, just that they could all make it work. Let me break down that list further... Teams that would work in a gray mask but should probably stick with what they have; Steelers Jets Vikings Bears (although, this one is close...the thought of that unchanged-since-forever uniform with a gray mask gives me the fuzzies) Teams that could switch to gray because their current mask color was a very bad choice (although there are other colors that might be better choices); Patriots (Navy) Redskins (Burgundy) Lions (Blue) Teams for whom gray is the only choice: Chiefs - because red would be ugly, yellow/gold would be worse, and white facemasks universally suck. Ohh...better choice than gray. I am amending my post...NOBODY should change to gray. If the Steelers go to grey, the following should happen, return to the block numerals/letterings, black cleats, maybe a matte helmet to replace the current one
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    Just end the madness send the Coyotes north Coyotes that is the right name for this team btw, because Gary Bettman's pursuit of making Glendale work has been as futile as Wil E. Coyote chasing the Road Runner, this latest lease cancellation is like the anvil and the big boulder landing on his head as the city goes meep meep.
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    That Jags jersey is definitely better than what they have now.
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