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    That mannequin will spend more time wearing a Joel Embiid jersey than the actual Joel Embiid!
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    Custom school colors cleats are nice, but nothing wrong with black cleats paired with a classic uni:
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    The logo to me looks like that snake game. v Its funny how out of the 2 reveals in the past 24 hours of the lippers and 76ers that they were both the complete opposite of each other.
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    Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred logos.
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    Finding a box of these tonight.
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    You're still on this? It's not even a hard argument. 1 in 6 is easier to break through and win than 1 in 30. There's less variance to account for. I don't know why this is difficult.
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    Unnecessary large text grinds my gears. And the Clips' new road uniforms.
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    Didn't see that one coming.
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    With Shorts it's 7 and 6 "76ers" also 13 total... 13 colonies
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    The top looks the best. I was always hoping the Blue Jackets would switch to the alternate color scheme, but I wasn't sure if they would make the alternate the home. You gave them a reson not to. The only thing I don't like are the different logos on each shoulder and the fact that you included the owners initials in a sports logo, which is not appropriate.
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    I do not understand why people feel the need to run in the street. I know some sidewalks are pretty terrible and you don't want to twist an ankle, but these sidewalks are all pristine here... nobody uses them.
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    NHL faceoffs to be controlled by those Israeli immigrants who run RC-helicopter kiosks at the mall and won't leave you the f-ck alone.
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    The Pan-Am Games are still a thing?Shh...don't let admiral hear you! But seriously, I live in Toronto, and I seriously couldn't care less about them. I was kinda interested in going to see the baseball until I found out that they're at the other end of the city, which is pretty much always a complete bitch to get to.
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    The Battle for America. Stars vs Stripes. Who really owns the flag??
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    I haven't seen it yet, but my buddy says he picked up an authentic Cowboys Riddell full sized helmet for $5 at the local thrift store. Oh yeah, two guys named "Jones" and "Johnson" autographed it. Cha-ching! I'll post photos when he brings it in to work.
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    Can you show a larger version of those BEAUTIFUL logos?
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    Thanks for acknowledging that.
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    A Sixers vs Wizards game is going to look fabulous next year!!
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    Haha I saw that too YEAH.... I don't see it...
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    The new LA monogram looks like an overhead shot of a road entering a tunnel.
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    I HATE the use of "PHILA" for the Sixers. I'll grant you that since they are not allowed to use "76ers", they have to either use a very long wordmark ("Philadephia" or "Seventy Sixers") or an abbreviated term ("Sixers"). Sixers is not ideal, but I think it's a lot better then "Phila". I learned in the Sixers thread that "Phila" is a "thing" in "Philly." I still think it just looks "old" as opposed to retro. I would prefer "Sixers" by a long shot. And "Sixers" on all uniforms unless they want to try to find a way to use the full city. Even if these all used "Sixers" I still would not love 'em. The lack of outline hurts it and the 7/6 stars upsets my OCD. But the point of this post is that I hate "PHILA". I know some people get annoyed at "am I the only one?" but in this case it seems to be a legitimate question.
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    So the name of the team is pronounced "jap" because the q is silent? You do realize that jap is considered an ethnic slur against Japanese people, you might want to think about changing the name
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    St. Louis Athletic St. Louis at a time was the farthest west the APL went. Started by workers at the Busch brewery, the team was started in 1935, and were playing in the APL for most of the time since. The Saints' first taste of glory came with back to back US Open Cups in 1957 and 58. Often quiet in the early days, St. Louis fell down to the depth of the APL and were relegated in 1977, only to be promoted 2 years later. This shook the owners and fan base and they vowed to never have that happen again. The team won their first league title in 1987, then another in 1996. Since the new millennium, The Saints have been arguably the best team overall. A St. Louis native striker came through the youth system, and immediately raised them to a top tier team. A US Open in 2000, and a league title in 2001 proved that the Saints were legit. After back to back USOC in 05 and 06, the team came close to a Treble in 2010. Their 6th US Open title came weeks after a CONCACAF Champions League title. Since that 2010 Champions League title, the team won it twice more, in 2011 and 2014. They capped off their trophy case with the last two league titles. St. Louis has always been red and blue, but since their 1995 rebrand they've gone with more of a garnet color.
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    The whole thing just reeks of "My friend's son is a first-year design student at community college, why not just throw $100 at him to do our rebrand instead of actually hiring a design firm?" I've seen this thing for two whole days now, and I will say my opinion has not changed at all. The blocky "C-groping-LA" doesn't fit at all with the curving Mid-2000s-EA-Sports lines, the bold, horribly-inconsistently-beveled corporate "CLIPPERS" wordmark, or the pretty decent-looking jersey template that it will all be stapled onto. The jerseys look awful now, as any regard for composition or balance has been thrown out the window. (Again, I can't see how any design agency worth their salt would come up with jerseys that look so horribly unbalanced with single-digit numbers. It just boggles my mind. The Clippers' jerseys went from being among the best in the NBA to the absolute worst, in my mind. Even worse than the Thunder vertical-wordmark navy blue alts.) The C-groping-LA inside a basketball looks like it wants to go retro, but why put that with modern numbers on a modern jersey template with a wordmark that hearkens back to 2003? And why even add black? The Clips are the only team in the west to use RWB as a color palette, and they ruined that by arbitrarily adding black. Now they have black alts so they can be "special" like the Blazers, Suns, Kings, Lakers, Spurs and Wolves. Splendid. I'm trying to wrap my mind around this change and I am stumped at every turn. At least Appalachian State could use misguided love for a vintage symbol when they switched to Cartoon Yosef; that's the only other rebrand in the past three years I can think of that even comes close to the utter debacle that is the Clippers rebrand. Ballmer believes the hate for the logos will subside as people get "used to them", but I see this turning into a bigger mess as the team actually takes the court. Hopefully Doc Rivers will pull a Mike Keenan and refuse to take his players onto the floor wearing such slop.
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    So lastly in Group C is Japan. Their pride symbol is a twist on the ying yang symbol. It supposed to represent a glass half full vs a glass half empty. In both situations they say that you should see every situation both ways sort of like ying-yang (I think thats right haha). So to give it that appearance I tilted the "glass" at 45 degrees to make it hard to tell whether it truly is half full or empty (its both). I compared them to a modern day Japan in aspirations to their uniforms, but I gave a little kick by giving a 45 degree line through the bottom half of the jersey to once again have the half full vs half empty in the jersey. You shold be able to see it! PS. I am going to be gone until Sunday so I'll catch ya then!
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    Really like #2 and 3, #1 looks a little too much like the Jets.
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    The problem with these is that they don't have a modern touch to them. While the waistline logo is a nice detail, it's not enough. They're just retro unis, that's it. Hence, don't get a pass from me. Using the typeface from their logo would give them more personality and might've done it for me.
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    South Dakota. You have Mount Rushmore. WE GET IT, ALREADY.
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    Lack of outline= -.5 PHILA on both jerseys= -.5 9/10 Pros: 7 stars/6 stars Clean Classic Not the Clippers
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    The Pan-Am Games. that useless excuse for a sports tournament, the morons who don't know how to organize them, the transit headaches they'll cause, and the ludicrous cost of it all.
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    I prefer the top one. Well done by the way
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    Drake Bulldogs updated their logos
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    Hey, he used his own company's software to design it.
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    Looks like Milwaukee is the runaway winner for this summer's re-brands. Clippers and Raptors are complete garbage, Philly is just OK, and just based on ques from the Christmas unis I don't think the new Hawks set will be anything to celebrate.
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    While I continue to wait for TVIXX... Please refer to the first post and look at the note on the bottom, then I'll gladly make what you request. The 5 colors I could do is cyan, lime green, red, white, or amber, because those are common colors for led boards. So would you like amber (what most of them are)?Amber's definitely closest to orange. Run with that. Thanks in advance! (In a perfect world, the Broncos should only have 1 Lombardi trophy... ) (I don't like where this combination of colors and name is going...) (I'm getting an Oilers vibe)
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    Has to rank up there as the best corporate named stadium ever.
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    Wow... I'm almost done. TORONTO Hockey Hall of Fame CN Tower Toronto skyline City Hall Casa Loma
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    I would agree if the red jersey was just like the white one. But the red jersey is truly "bad".
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    Then from those, to these:
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    If by "it", you mean "everything", then the Clippers uniforms are completely lacking "it".
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    I've always thought that finger out added an extra level of protection to the first finger. I know when I was behind the plate, finger out would have lasted about two pitches. My guess is finger out is more prevalent in baseball than it is in softball just because a baseball is smaller and harder. All that aside, finger out has always been more comfortable for me. Plus, the big leaguers were finger out so I just followed their lead. EDIT: a little more info.
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    My knowledge of the Hunger Games is entirely learned from this thread. So what the hell.
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    The touches of black and blue are spot on! They compliment the set just right and add a little something extra to a set that's litterally just green and beige. Makes them stand out even more. All things said....this is one rare occasion where depincting flaws is so damn near impossible that it's final grade is a perfect 10/10!!!!!!
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    and the Sharks. I threw some orange on the old secondary logo and cleaned up the primary.
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    I think the Stars hit a home run with their new uniforms, but it wasn't a tape measure shot. It barely cleared the fence. Here’s what I would do to turn this thing into a Mickey Mantle, out of the park, 500 foot grand slam. The laceup collar is unnecessary so I dropped that in favor of a standard dual colored collar on both jerseys. This small element helps the uniform feel more modern. I also flipped the striping on the green jersey so it doesn’t look like an almost identical template from those awful Blackhawks St Patricks day uniforms that goofballs in Chicago wear. The yoke on the white jersey is now rounded off instead of square, both jerseys now use the Texas secondary logo because it’s better than the roundel in every way, and the numbers are now outlined so they don’t look unfinished.
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