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    That mannequin will spend more time wearing a Joel Embiid jersey than the actual Joel Embiid!
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    The logo to me looks like that snake game. v Its funny how out of the 2 reveals in the past 24 hours of the lippers and 76ers that they were both the complete opposite of each other.
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    So lastly in Group C is Japan. Their pride symbol is a twist on the ying yang symbol. It supposed to represent a glass half full vs a glass half empty. In both situations they say that you should see every situation both ways sort of like ying-yang (I think thats right haha). So to give it that appearance I tilted the "glass" at 45 degrees to make it hard to tell whether it truly is half full or empty (its both). I compared them to a modern day Japan in aspirations to their uniforms, but I gave a little kick by giving a 45 degree line through the bottom half of the jersey to once again have the half full vs half empty in the jersey. You shold be able to see it! PS. I am going to be gone until Sunday so I'll catch ya then!
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    Really like #2 and 3, #1 looks a little too much like the Jets.
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    The most offensive aspect of this rebrand is the organisation's insistence to simply slap the new logo over the old jerseys. You get absolutely no sense of any cohesion here. They claim this took them to months? Okay. Well, at their rate, if they begin work on a new look now, maybe they will be able to cook up something passable for a professional sports organisation in time for the 2044/2045 season. It is really difficult to fathom how something this awful could exist on this level in this day and age.
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    The problem with these is that they don't have a modern touch to them. While the waistline logo is a nice detail, it's not enough. They're just retro unis, that's it. Hence, don't get a pass from me. Using the typeface from their logo would give them more personality and might've done it for me.
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    South Dakota. You have Mount Rushmore. WE GET IT, ALREADY.
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    Lack of outline= -.5 PHILA on both jerseys= -.5 9/10 Pros: 7 stars/6 stars Clean Classic Not the Clippers
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    I prefer the top one. Well done by the way
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    Drake Bulldogs updated their logos
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    Hey, he used his own company's software to design it.
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    Looks like Milwaukee is the runaway winner for this summer's re-brands. Clippers and Raptors are complete garbage, Philly is just OK, and just based on ques from the Christmas unis I don't think the new Hawks set will be anything to celebrate.
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    Looks like the raiders are switching to the Nike template. Raider image and fanatics all selling new elite jerseys with the newer cut. All of the older pics of the McFadden don't have the updated cut. The limited also now are sold with the updated cut vs the old mesh. http://www.raiderimage.com/enlarge.html?http://ep.yimg.com/ay/oaklandraiders/oakland-raiders-nike-amari-cooper-black-elite-jersey-5.jpg
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    While I continue to wait for TVIXX... Please refer to the first post and look at the note on the bottom, then I'll gladly make what you request. The 5 colors I could do is cyan, lime green, red, white, or amber, because those are common colors for led boards. So would you like amber (what most of them are)?Amber's definitely closest to orange. Run with that. Thanks in advance! (In a perfect world, the Broncos should only have 1 Lombardi trophy... ) (I don't like where this combination of colors and name is going...) (I'm getting an Oilers vibe)
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    Has to rank up there as the best corporate named stadium ever.
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    Wow... I'm almost done. TORONTO Hockey Hall of Fame CN Tower Toronto skyline City Hall Casa Loma
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    I would agree if the red jersey was just like the white one. But the red jersey is truly "bad".
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    Then from those, to these:
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    If by "it", you mean "everything", then the Clippers uniforms are completely lacking "it".
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    I've always thought that finger out added an extra level of protection to the first finger. I know when I was behind the plate, finger out would have lasted about two pitches. My guess is finger out is more prevalent in baseball than it is in softball just because a baseball is smaller and harder. All that aside, finger out has always been more comfortable for me. Plus, the big leaguers were finger out so I just followed their lead. EDIT: a little more info.
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    The touches of black and blue are spot on! They compliment the set just right and add a little something extra to a set that's litterally just green and beige. Makes them stand out even more. All things said....this is one rare occasion where depincting flaws is so damn near impossible that it's final grade is a perfect 10/10!!!!!!
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    and the Sharks. I threw some orange on the old secondary logo and cleaned up the primary.
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    I think the Stars hit a home run with their new uniforms, but it wasn't a tape measure shot. It barely cleared the fence. Here’s what I would do to turn this thing into a Mickey Mantle, out of the park, 500 foot grand slam. The laceup collar is unnecessary so I dropped that in favor of a standard dual colored collar on both jerseys. This small element helps the uniform feel more modern. I also flipped the striping on the green jersey so it doesn’t look like an almost identical template from those awful Blackhawks St Patricks day uniforms that goofballs in Chicago wear. The yoke on the white jersey is now rounded off instead of square, both jerseys now use the Texas secondary logo because it’s better than the roundel in every way, and the numbers are now outlined so they don’t look unfinished.
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