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    NHL faceoffs to be controlled by those Israeli immigrants who run RC-helicopter kiosks at the mall and won't leave you the f-ck alone.
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    I HATE the use of "PHILA" for the Sixers. I'll grant you that since they are not allowed to use "76ers", they have to either use a very long wordmark ("Philadephia" or "Seventy Sixers") or an abbreviated term ("Sixers"). Sixers is not ideal, but I think it's a lot better then "Phila". I learned in the Sixers thread that "Phila" is a "thing" in "Philly." I still think it just looks "old" as opposed to retro. I would prefer "Sixers" by a long shot. And "Sixers" on all uniforms unless they want to try to find a way to use the full city. Even if these all used "Sixers" I still would not love 'em. The lack of outline hurts it and the 7/6 stars upsets my OCD. But the point of this post is that I hate "PHILA". I know some people get annoyed at "am I the only one?" but in this case it seems to be a legitimate question.
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    Drake Bulldogs updated their logos
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    Looks like the raiders are switching to the Nike template. Raider image and fanatics all selling new elite jerseys with the newer cut. All of the older pics of the McFadden don't have the updated cut. The limited also now are sold with the updated cut vs the old mesh. http://www.raiderimage.com/enlarge.html?http://ep.yimg.com/ay/oaklandraiders/oakland-raiders-nike-amari-cooper-black-elite-jersey-5.jpg
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    If by "it", you mean "everything", then the Clippers uniforms are completely lacking "it".
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    and the Sharks. I threw some orange on the old secondary logo and cleaned up the primary.
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    I think the Stars hit a home run with their new uniforms, but it wasn't a tape measure shot. It barely cleared the fence. Here’s what I would do to turn this thing into a Mickey Mantle, out of the park, 500 foot grand slam. The laceup collar is unnecessary so I dropped that in favor of a standard dual colored collar on both jerseys. This small element helps the uniform feel more modern. I also flipped the striping on the green jersey so it doesn’t look like an almost identical template from those awful Blackhawks St Patricks day uniforms that goofballs in Chicago wear. The yoke on the white jersey is now rounded off instead of square, both jerseys now use the Texas secondary logo because it’s better than the roundel in every way, and the numbers are now outlined so they don’t look unfinished.
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