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    The Ducks? You mean that monogram that represents a stylized D by way of a distinct duck feature without being obvious about the name? That's one of the better logos in the entire league.
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    The Rays fauxbacks are indeed ugly, but I love them. I loved the Rays uniforms as a kid in the mid-70s, but now they just look gaudy and dated.
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    I am working on this thread that might appeal to fantasy football players. It is simply a / funny / punny / or /sarcastic/ way of developing a team name and logo for your fantasy team. I feel that most fantasy players really enjoy naming their team so I will be taking requests from anyone who would like their team concept in a wordmark and helmet format to use as an avatar/profile pic in their fantasy league. I am familiar with how ESPN fantasy leagues allow team owners to upload graphics from the web and think that they are best suited for this type of graphic representation. You may know of others so please contribute that information to this thread. I want this concept to be based off of Current or former NFL Teams. I will not do anything vulgar that compromises the integrity of SportsLogos.net so keep it clean. I purposely leave city names off of the wordmarks so that it will hopefully have a broader appeal. Fantasy or fictitious city names are doable. Here is my first attempt with an NFL team that has had much controversy in the past month.
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    Hi guys -- longtime lurker, first time poster. This idea came to me a few years ago after being inspired by a couple of really great concepts (Raysox's US Soccer 2030 and Patrick Cummings' America League) and the expansive nature of global football (thanks to all of the FIFA games). As the beautiful game began to grow throughout the world, the powers that be wanted to capture the pageantry and glory of the World Cup and apply it to the club level. Thus the idea for the United Continental Football Association was born. The concept was simply to create a worldwide league based on the 5 major continents: North America, South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia-Oceania (Asia + Australia). Each league would have a Championship tier of 20 teams and could fill out lower tiers as they pleased -- but a city was only allowed one team. Each continent would then send its champions to play for the World Continental Cup (WCC) at the end of the year to crown a World champion. After a few rounds of trial and error, the leagues were finalized as follows: North America North American Championship League (20 teams - 4 WCC births - 3 relegation teams) North American B League (24 teams - 3 promotion teams - 3 relegation teams) North American C League (24 teams - 3 promotion teams - 3 relegation teams) North American D League (24 teams - 3 promotion teams - 3 relegation teams) South America South American Championship League (20 teams - 3 WCC births - 2 relegation teams) South American B League (12 teams - 2 promotion teams) Africa African Championship League (20 teams - 3 WCC births - 2 relegation teams) African B League (12 teams - 2 promotion teams) Europe European Championship League (20 teams - 3 WCC births - 3 relegation teams) European B League (20 teams - 3 promotion teams - 3 relegation teams) European C League (20 teams - 3 promotion teams) Asia-Oceania Asia-Oceania Championship League (20 teams - 3 WCC births - 3 relegation teams) Asia-Oceania B League (20 teams - 3 promotion teams) 10 seasons were played and met with unquestioned success and the UCFL was officially here to stay. I have results for all 10 seasons and plan on posting some fun stuff around the WCC and regional tournaments, but for now, this thread will focus only on the teams in the Championship Leagues going into Season 11. (Feel free to shoot me a note if you are interested in the league tables and process for simulating the leagues) I am only focusing on the North American Championship League at the moment but my goal is to eventually get to the entire world. Here is a preview of the Championship Leagues -- the teams I will be posting can be found in the far left column (the rest are just the city names): Just so you all know, the cities and structure are set in stone and the teams in the championship leagues are based off of 10 seasons of simulation -- not by personal choice or bias. Hope you all enjoy this series and looking forward to your C&C/feedback.
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    Consensus on the Avalanche is hardly unanimous but the majority of people on these boards think the original jerseys should come back in some capacity. While some may prefer the original, "redder" shade of burgundy and others the current, the uniforms are generally regarded as modern classics that were ruined during the 'Edge' changeover. I've also noticed quite a bit of love for the burgundy alts with the diagonal text, with some going so far as to advocate them being the primary homes. Albeit with the logo replacing the diagonal text. As for my opinion, I think there was one instance where they improved their uniforms... When the crest increased in size and was tilted slightly counterclockwise for the 1996/97 season. The original shade of burgundy made a huge difference.
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    Are you new here?? Of course it matters!! :-P. (D league's and minor leagues matter)
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    Look at Holmes' reaction on his right, LOL.
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    If the SC was a KC in the same style, they'd have one of the best crests in mls. But that out of place monogram knocks it way down.
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    How dare I express an opinion about a logo on sports aesthetics forum And how dare I or anyone rib you for said opinion. My apologies oh great Morgo. Please forgive me.
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    No the sites I have chosen so far are Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Hershey, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Gettysburg, Bethlehem, Erie and Wilkes-Barre
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    I've missed having Sterling around. He nailed everything wrong with the Coyotes logo.
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    ..... Lifeless? I like these throwbacks, but if anything, the throwbacks are more "lifeless" than their current identity. Lifeless is a pretty good description of the current Dolphins uniform. From the lack of orange, to the bland corporate-style logo, to the brighter aqua (which in theory should have been nice, but in practice just looks faded and washed out) it does look like someone systematically took the old uniform and drained the life out of them. Funny, that's actually what I like about them (except for the lack of orange). The aqua actually looks aqua now instead of teal and the blandness of the logo has never bothered me to begin with.
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    Boston Town Soccer Club Check out the club brand book here: BTSC Brand Book Or here if that link doesn't work: Issuu Club History Boston Town Soccer Club has been a staple in the top flight of North American football since the inception in 2005. The club was founded by a modestly wealthy financial investor whose goal was to shirk the idea that you needed to spend heavily in order to have a winning soccer club. The club found success early finishing second in 2006 and gained a birth to the Continental Cup. Because of the humble foundation and the club's firm place in the top league, the Rebels have grown a large following in Boston. Most fans refer to the team simply as "Town." Club Stats Seasons in NACL: 10 (2005-present) Best League Finish: Runners-Up (2006) Continental Cup Berths: 2 (2006, 2011) Best Continental Cup Finish: Runners-Up (2011) Current World Ranking: 29th
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    The Red Sox did wear the home version of the 1975 throwbacks, back on May 5 I believe it was.
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    According to NHLUniforms: Detroit has never worn a lace-up collar on their home/away jerseys. I wouldn't expect them to change just for change sake. Chicago hasn't worn a lace up collar on their home/away jerseys since 1965, but would they change? Probably not. As great as those two uniform sets already are, I think laces would make them both even better, but don't do it just for the sake of changing
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    i agree with the direction of making small changes, but i wouldn't eliminate the 1 thing they have that makes them unique: the jersey yoke. the biggest issue with the identity is there is no unity between all the elements in it - and there are just too many things going on with the uniform. there is almost every shape you could come up with used on the uni. - Greek inspired type and logo - tapered helmet stripe - traditional pants stripe - use of red feels out of place; not consistant with all of this, the uniform still feels stale. i think a simplifying the shapes and building things that have more unity would be a huge improvement. i would also drop the red and introduce a new color, maybe silver for the helmet, or copper. I feel like this may be the fourth or fifth time I've done this (!), but years ago I did take a stab at trying to resolve those problems (SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT)... Not mentioned previously, but it'd also fall right in line with the (currently far more) successful Predators' identity, not to mention Nashville's civic flag colors as well. (Guess that was me trying to bring a little "Pittsburghness" to the Music City.... )
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    I'm appalled that Derek94... ...used "irregardless."
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    It's a nod to their years in Houston with Archie Bell and the Drells! This is the football team you Titan Up with!
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    And you know that how?Polls, radio shows ect. Ect. I can back him up on this one. The reactions to the new uniforms have been overwhelmingly positive among Browns fans. Seems that both the old school fans and the younger generation both are happy with the change. The only negative reaction was to the "new" logo. Most wanted to see an actual logo, and not an illustration of a piece of equipment. Co-signed. I work with a couple guys who constantly talk to "the old Browns" and "the way things used to be" and bla bla bla that same stuff I hear every day in this City. They like the uniforms. They didn't think the Browns needed a change, but they liked the update. One of the guys 50+ even said the wordmark on the pants was the best in the NFL. So, just like anything in life... take it for what its worth. I don't doubt that many, and probably even most, Browns fans have convinced themselves to like this uniform. Just the fact that your favorite team is updating, is being talked about, is seemingly moving forward at least in one regard... it's exciting. Plus, it's your team. It's the same way that the average fan grades their team's draft... optimism is always the order of the day for a fan. I recently went back to look at my first posts on this site, back in '06 when the Vikings went to their reebokian look. It's right there in black and white... I wholeheartedly approved. I looked at the images of Brad Johnson wearing that '06 uniform, came onto this site, and wrote the word "upgrade". And I believed it. But it wasn't long until the bloom started to fade, the excitement of the internet discussions disappeared, and I was left just staring at that uniform. For years. Take that poll again next year... and again the year after that. Even the homer opinion is going to change fairly soon... I have no doubt. That seems like wishful thinking on your behalf. You may be right, but I'll believe it when I see it. You have to at least take into consideration that a good amount of fans may actually like the new look and may possibly still like it in the future. Well, no, I don't. That was the whole point of my comment. I understand that a good amount of Browns fans are currently excited about the idea that their team has new uniforms. And that excitement has, for now, overridden objectivity. For most of them, it'll pass.
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    I don't see how that could plausibly work, given time zones and travel times.
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    I love the color scheme. Very 70s San Diego Chargers. But I think you made a mistake on the away jersey. It looks like the stripes aren't the same on the front and back of the sleeves. I vote for the one with the gold. Additionally, I think you should change the sock stripes on the away to match the home. Having that little bit of gold to break up the two-tone blue adds a lot.
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    That could probably work. Here is my take on the Colts.
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    Yes it's been posted already but I have some better photos to show. While many HATED the Copper & Gold, I love it. Wish they'd go back. I do like the Maroon & Silver but it's not as unique. Can't tell me these sets aren't aweome.
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