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    The Ducks? You mean that monogram that represents a stylized D by way of a distinct duck feature without being obvious about the name? That's one of the better logos in the entire league.
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    I am working on this thread that might appeal to fantasy football players. It is simply a / funny / punny / or /sarcastic/ way of developing a team name and logo for your fantasy team. I feel that most fantasy players really enjoy naming their team so I will be taking requests from anyone who would like their team concept in a wordmark and helmet format to use as an avatar/profile pic in their fantasy league. I am familiar with how ESPN fantasy leagues allow team owners to upload graphics from the web and think that they are best suited for this type of graphic representation. You may know of others so please contribute that information to this thread. I want this concept to be based off of Current or former NFL Teams. I will not do anything vulgar that compromises the integrity of SportsLogos.net so keep it clean. I purposely leave city names off of the wordmarks so that it will hopefully have a broader appeal. Fantasy or fictitious city names are doable. Here is my first attempt with an NFL team that has had much controversy in the past month.
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    The Coyotes will skate on the frozen blood of the non-believers.
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    So you mean that the Flyers, Pens and lightning wil have another 3rd jersey? Just one year after unveiling their new one ?Could simply mean that nothing is changing for them. Pens, flyers, Tampa all have the same jersey colour now as was listed, so just means no change.
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    The CCSLC Young Guns had their together more than the Coyotes do.
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    Peter Karmanos is in the Hall of Fame, Chris Pronger is in the Hall of Fame while his dead cap space helps the Coyotes remain cap-compliant, and Mike Richards had his contract vaporized for snorting coke. And a happy Anti-Thread day to you, too!
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    I know that my opinion is definitely fact!
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    That's what we do here. Everybody knows opinions are opinions; we don't need to preface every one of them with "I think" or "I believe".
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    Actually, I'd like to see the Ravens have two purples stripes over the length of the helmet instead of the tapered stripes. They'd be traditional stripes with a bit more modern flair. It'd be like the Jets stripes but on a black helmet.
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    Some of you guys are passing your opinions as fact.
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    Consensus on the Avalanche is hardly unanimous but the majority of people on these boards think the original jerseys should come back in some capacity. While some may prefer the original, "redder" shade of burgundy and others the current, the uniforms are generally regarded as modern classics that were ruined during the 'Edge' changeover. I've also noticed quite a bit of love for the burgundy alts with the diagonal text, with some going so far as to advocate them being the primary homes. Albeit with the logo replacing the diagonal text. As for my opinion, I think there was one instance where they improved their uniforms... When the crest increased in size and was tilted slightly counterclockwise for the 1996/97 season. The original shade of burgundy made a huge difference.
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    Are you new here?? Of course it matters!! :-P. (D league's and minor leagues matter)
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    Dated? If that theory was actually true, then the Denver Broncos would have abandoned their uniforms a decade ago. That could be said for the Titans, too. As for the Seahawks, their current uniforms are the best they have ever had. Grade: A Grade: A- Grade: C-
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    I disagree. These all look fine, and I can't wait to see the Dolphins looking like the Dolphins again.
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    Had some time to play around with this template today and thru together some kits for one of my fantasy soccer teams on the boards. Must say this is by far the easiest template I have ever worked with, great stuff Mike! Thanks for sharing, this is more than well deserving of yet another Creamer Award!
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    How dare I express an opinion about a logo on sports aesthetics forum And how dare I or anyone rib you for said opinion. My apologies oh great Morgo. Please forgive me.
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    I've missed having Sterling around. He nailed everything wrong with the Coyotes logo.
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    ..... Lifeless? I like these throwbacks, but if anything, the throwbacks are more "lifeless" than their current identity. Lifeless is a pretty good description of the current Dolphins uniform. From the lack of orange, to the bland corporate-style logo, to the brighter aqua (which in theory should have been nice, but in practice just looks faded and washed out) it does look like someone systematically took the old uniform and drained the life out of them. Funny, that's actually what I like about them (except for the lack of orange). The aqua actually looks aqua now instead of teal and the blandness of the logo has never bothered me to begin with.
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    According to NHLUniforms: Detroit has never worn a lace-up collar on their home/away jerseys. I wouldn't expect them to change just for change sake. Chicago hasn't worn a lace up collar on their home/away jerseys since 1965, but would they change? Probably not. As great as those two uniform sets already are, I think laces would make them both even better, but don't do it just for the sake of changing
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    I don't see how that could plausibly work, given time zones and travel times.
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    I love the color scheme. Very 70s San Diego Chargers. But I think you made a mistake on the away jersey. It looks like the stripes aren't the same on the front and back of the sleeves. I vote for the one with the gold. Additionally, I think you should change the sock stripes on the away to match the home. Having that little bit of gold to break up the two-tone blue adds a lot.
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    That could probably work. Here is my take on the Colts.
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    Wow I thought the (McNair era) navy blue jersey/white pants combo was generally liked around these parts. I definitely would never call that combo boring.
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