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    I got a really cool PM this afternoon from Darknes, in ref to the Orebro Svartfodman. He had written a chant, that Black Riverman supporters began chanting during the 1972 season... here it is presented as it should be.
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    Gary's in!Did somebody say strip malls in a suburban area?!
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    The amount of awesome contained in that shot cannot be quantified. It is THE picture to represent FIFA and Sepp Blatter perfectly. One minor nitpick though...if the money is fake anyway, dude should have used $100 bills.
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    ^ Also, the baseline text is the actual font, rather than Agency.
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    Those are fairly good matchups for the CFL. When Calgary sticks to the R-R-B combo, they look pretty good. Blue bombers look good contrasting them
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    Canadiens-Nordiques will instantly return as one of the top 10 big 4 rivalries.
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    Boise State to the PAC-12!! That program just has a big time feel that surrounds it, and there is not doubt they deserve it.
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    They should just burn their entire collection and start over SERIOUSLY
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    London's expansion mates should be Helsinki...cover all four Scandanavian nations here to reaffirm that the league will honor its roots.
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    This has got to be one of the best pictures in the history of sports management
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    I think it's the Remparts jersey with the Nordiques logo digitally inserted. Quebecor, who wants to bring the Nordiques back, also own the Remparts and will be playing in the new arena. I love that subtle end shot of that video with the guy in the Nordiques jersey. I think it is just a slightly edited Remparts jersey. Why the CCM is on the front, I have no idea, unless, they edited their one game only Memorial Cup jersey they wore back in May. I hope Quebec gets their team back. They have great fans there and they will do a lot better than some franchises have in the past few years. I much prefer the blue one. The main stripe should never be the same colour as the rest of the uniform. Great to see that the logo is Johnny Canuck. I also love the striping. The fact that the green doesn't bleed into the blue makes it that much better. Even the silver is a nice touch. As for the Canucks' state of the union summit, the comment made by the fan who asked Linden the logo question was very spot on. The Canucks need a logo that says "Canucks Hockey" and not a reminder of the previous Orca Bay ownership. What Chief Operating Officer, Victor de Bonis said about the "orca not going anywhere" and what the club will eventually do down the road are entirely two different things. However, the reason he gave for keeping the orca is that "it's what the 25-and-under fans have ever known. The kids, the grandkids". Really?? What a lame excuse for keeping a logo that's irrelevant to the club's name and heritage. He even got out of his chair and bellowed, "WHAT ABOUT FIN? WHAT ABOUT FIN?" Had I been in attendance, I would have told de Bonis that both the Winnipeg Jets and Seattle Mariners have a moose mascot and neither of their logos feature a moose. Great sports franchises have a brand that represent the majority of their fan base, not one that caters to one particular demographic or two. The majority of a team's fan base is obviously over the age of 25. Those long-time fans need to have their voices heard first. I was 27 at the time when the Canucks ditched the Skate logo. As much as I loved the identity of the '94 Cup finalist team, I was more than accepting to say good-bye to it if Johnny Canuck, the Stick in Rink or even a 'V' logo with "CANUCKS" on the inside had been the new logo. Only to be hugely disappointed that Orca Bay had put it's corporate animal in the Canucks' identity. Keep in mind too that there are teams that gradually promote a third jersey to primary status. I wouldn't be surprised if de Bonis was simply biting his tongue on what is really going on behind the scenes. As a fellow Canuck fan, in my early 20's, I can honestly tell you that I do not care for the Orca. I grew up with it and even when I was younger, I still much preferred and still do to this day, all of their older looks over the entire Orca era. If the Canucks do promote their third jersey, they need to lose the Agency Font pronto. That font is terrible. If the Canucks keep the blue and green, I hope they bring back the 40th Anniversary jersey. Say what you want about the Original Stick'n'Rink logo but that jersey is outstanding. If the Canucks come out with a new alternate, I hope they finally attempt a jersey with Johnny Canuck. It's time for the Canucks to change one of their three main jerseys. A little off topic from recent talk on here but is anyone starting to think the Ducks are just bringing back their Stadium Series jersey as their new third jersey? I hope that they don't because that jersey was so plain and boring. I wonder if Frederick Andersen's helmet might have leaked it. You know, the one with the orange jersey that had the Mighty Ducks logo on the front. I'm pretty sure it is not that but that wouldn't be a bad choice though.
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