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    The Clippers should just wear these:
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    Mentioned this before, but we finally have full photos of Auburn's new uniforms on the new Under Armour template. Changes include full pant stripe, no more truncated shoulder stripe, and larger nameplates.
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    The application was filled out incorrectly. In the area under 'do not write under this space' he wrote, 'okay'.
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    I think there is a big difference between a legendary sports/cultural movie, originating from the same state compared to some random AA team doing Star Wars night. Yes. That difference being you could look the other way on the Star Wars jerseys because it's a minor league team constantly struggling for relevance. There's no reason at all for the Pacers to wear this set. It's beneath them. And again, you said they're representing a movie, not the actual event. The actual team on which the movie was based wore black and yellow. That being said, throwing back to an actual high school team would be less pathetic and throwing back to a movie, but not by much.
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    Many nights in the past few years, I've wondered, "Why am I not a dedicated Hurricanes fan?" I proudly support every other pro team in North Carolina, why are the Hurricanes the exception? Then it occurred to me, the team doesn't try to engage with the fanbase and citizens of North and South Carolina like the Panthers and Hornets do. It almost seems like the are content to be the isolated franchise, which they are, geographically, but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't try and live up to the namesake of the CAROLINA Hurricanes. So this concept is somewhat me displaying what a Carolina-wide marketing campaign could look like, while also modernizing the Hurricanes logos. PLEASE put any criticisms you may have, because over the past few months there have been a wave of short, hyperboled comments that don't really advance the designer or community as a whole. But I'll get off my soapbox, and get onto the concept:
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    Its the same jersey with the new garbage slapped on. Uniform numbers dont seem to have outlines a la old sixers. Vomit clippers
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    The final five has been released. Noteworthy in its omission — going nickname-less no longer among the options. Here they are: Fighting HawksNodaksNorth StarsRoughridersSundogshttp://und.edu/features/2015/07/nickname-committee.cfm
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    The good thing about it is that the green ribbon occupies some of that otherwise empty cream area inside the circle. The font is better than what they went with, but I don't think it's the most appropriate for the Bucks. It might just be that I'm used to a triangle in the Bucks logo but I like how the triangle fills out the composition here...but it still doesn't fix the kangaroo-esque facial features.
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    It seems as if the law-and-order right wing, though usually in favor of law and order, favors reinstating the guy who broke the most important rule of professional baseball: don't let people think the game is fixed. Does the fact that Pete Rose is a white guy who hangs out in Las Vegas trigger some sort of middlebrow-white-guy override on what should otherwise be a hardline stance against this loser? From a design standpoint, I wouldn't have set that most important rule in Verdana if I wanted people to take it seriously. It looks terrible in print!
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    Double blue and yellow or just blue and yellow in general should be TB Rays colors. I'll never really be happy with the Padres until brown is brought back. Don't care if it's with orange,yellow or sand/khaki. Brown is a unique color that can be beautiful if done right. The Padres have a history with that color and should use it IMO.
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    Depending on the amount of yellow and light blue I'd say yes. I always wondered why no MLB had gave navy and yellow/gold a shot. If your post was about the fact that the Rays "theoretically" feature yellow and light blue than forget about it. They should have used these two colors way more from the start but dropped the ball wanting to look like the division rival everyone's rooting for in the Bay area... If the friars use a lot of yellow/gold than it will be very unique and most probably beautiful.
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    Eh, looks just like what PC just unveiled. Is Adidas that lazy to just do the same thing for two FCS schools?do you really want to see another "custom adidas uniform"?
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    Francisco Lindor, SS for the Indians has been wearing some nice looking stirrups to go along with his (old school?) slightly longer sleeves. Sleeves: Stirrups: Both (in faux-back uni): https://twitter.com/Indians/status/623590463531024384?s=09 Also are his pants tailored rather than just rolled up? Either way, make this look mandatory, please MLB.
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    Well after all the positive response to yesterdays Marlies concept Here's todays Utica Comets logo. This one might be my favorite of all of them! let me know what you think!
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    Gary Bettman must have hired Vince McMahon as a consultant. They seem to have similar contempt for their core audiences and chase mainstream acceptance (that will never come) instead of focusing on making the existing product as good as it can be. I don't know why the NHL spends so much time fighting its natural audience. They're turning down existing money in favor of imaginary money in places that don't want them as much as they want to be wanted. It's embarrassing to watch.
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    Ummm, this font is fine I guess, if that's what your preference is (versus their actual horrible one). But this does NOTHING to fix the logo nor presumably the uniforms so.........still crappy...just complicated by a triangle and wild ribbon
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    Sorry but Carrefour only looks good as a sponsor on one jersey. And it is not a soccer one.
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    Nah if they're going Navy and Yellow something like these would be better IMO. This is beautiful. No, THIS is beautiful...
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    Homer alert: Sabres at 27? Even with the piping, it should rate much higher than that!
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    I stopped reading after the Hurricanes were number 8, especially since he's acting like this has been their long term look (even though they were wearing their good uniforms only a few years ago)
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    "Adidas" is a common nickname for ugly uniforms.
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    Can't shake the feeling I have seen that logo before.......
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    Biased version: Honest version:
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