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    Astros going with the home whites today, but orange hat/undershirts:
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    As if Tim Howard's camo keeper gear wasn't redneck enough. So, look for the Fire to wear their regular numbers, then.
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    That's definitely the ideal look for the Rockies! I've always felt based on logos/uniforms/etc, that their primary color is purple, secondary is black, trim/accent is silver.. I think it would still be a strong identity and would look beautiful if properly executed, but having black share the spotlight as a secondary has caused them to go all "Marlins" and get very black-heavy.. Perhaps relegating it to trim status and bringing the silver more into the mix, while still emphasizing purple as the primary, is the way to go.. If they can carry over the look you presented to an away and alt, I'm all for it.. Black's a strong color, but when unique colors like purple and teal get washed out by a team trying to look like the White Sox, it gets old quickly.. Nice mock up.. I'd love to see something like that come to fruition.
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    It hadn't been posted because this isn't the "do a google search for well known pictures of players and post them" thread. I'm going the other way on this one. It defines Johnson's career so much that he uses as the logo for his professional photography business. If the player uses it to define him, I'd say that's pretty much the deciding factor.
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    I've noticed a lot of threads ever since I started here which are simply new members requesting names for a concept series they, at the very least, anticipate on creating. To help try to reduce the number of these threads, I've created an Excel document which contains over 500 different team nicknames users can use whenever they are stuck on naming a team. My end goal with this is to create a database-type website in which someone can enter a city and a list of potential nicknames will appear that would fit that city. In the mean time, CLICK HERE for the spreadsheet. If you see any names that I may have left out, please feel free to comment. Just a few disclaimers: 1. A lot of these names are city/area-specific. For example, 76ers wouldn't work for a team in LA. Nor would the name Floridians for a team based in New Orleans. Of course, these are some of the most obvious examples. 2. Some of these names I have added throughout the past year from other concept series and/or fantasy sports teams. 3. This list is supposed to be for realistic identities. I am not adding the mascot from Rhode Island school of Design. You can make those teams yourself if you wish. 4. Many of these team names come from the big 4 (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL), NCAA, and a ton of minor league squads. 5. A lot of these names are just variations of another nickname. For example, I know I have Red Devils, Blue Devils, and just Devils as well as Broncos/Trotters/Stallions/Colts/Thoroughbreds for horse-themed identities. Hope this helps some of you!
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    I disagree with WavePunter, with all due respect. I think that these uniforms are phenomenal, and that every one has a special thing about it that makes it absolutely great.
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    Many of these are absolutely gorgeous.. I'm a huge fan of the 2nd one (Kelly Green and Yellow Gold), but I think you could benefit greatly by making several of your numbers white on colored jerseys instead of having the color on color.. It really does get muddled up from any sort of distance, and most traditional/iconic uniforms are 1 color + white (Penn State, Yankees, Alabama, Texas, etc), so it's a very clean, classy, and proven look.. My general rule of thumb is white #'s on color and colored #'s on white.. Sure there can be exceptions, but I think your concepts will be even better if you can limit those exceptions and incorporate more white numbers.. But otherwise great work
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    If there's any color that would work for Carolina, it's probably "Carolina Blue".. I really think this could grow on me.. Perhaps a slightly less vibrant shade could work better, but the blue is a nice touch.. Symbolizing sky, air, water (hurricane-ish elements), and Carolina as well - well thought out and executed
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    The Rockies need a rebrand IMO. Their current look has really run it's course.
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    ...and I don't think there's a shred of inauthenticity or false showmanship to it, either. Given the comments made by Correia before the fight, Rousey looked like she wanted to rip her heart out through her throat - and probably could have done it.
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    Not sure what the right Ronda Rousey photo is, but her pre-match game face is incredible:
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    The mere fact that there is confusion over the color of the Rockies' pinstripes just points to the Rockies' poor attempt at color distribution. Ideally, the uniform should look like this (excuse the dodgy photoshop job): Embracing purple, while relegating black to an accent color, should be the proper color distribution.
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    Is that you Biscuits? No. May I ask who you are talking aboutDon't lie. You only have 6 post and they're all about SF, Reno, and cars just like Biscuits. You know the mods can check your IP address and compare it against the Biscuits account.Idk who biscuits is I just apparently have the same interests as him. Only difference Im from San Mateo not SF like himlol how did you know he was from SF...He mentioned it when I look Oh really? Let's see the facts... One, you have made four posts outside of this conversation. Three of those four posts have been requests. I seem to recall we had a bit of a problem with requests for biscuits... Two, we know you have an interest in SF, Reno, the XFL, and cars - just like biscuits did. Three, you use the same bad grammar as biscuits did. Sorry, but I'm not falling for it.
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    i do agree, the way they are being applied today is about the best ppossible way to keep the old stripe design around. there's not much you can do because of the issue at hand. that is, those stripes were a graphic solution to an entirely different problem. they were designed to wrap around a sleeve, not stretch across a shoulder and they now have a shoe-horned application. so thats the problem with them. what should be happening with new designs is what Nike has done with Oklahoma State or the Vikings: designing a new sleeve element for modern cuts. but when it comes to preserving the old stuff, i think we're just stuck with the hack jobs that are there. what i don't accept though, is the complete bastardization of the stripe as with the Steelers, 49ers, and Lions. those are some issues that need to be solved; they look terrible.
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    Those Dolphins throwbacks are so much better than what they've been wearing the last two years. Good thing bergan's not around to tell us all how wrong we are. I'd even take that blotchy, overly detailed logo over the characterless, corporate mark that's currently on their helmets.
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    Is that you Biscuits? No. May I ask who you are talking aboutDon't lie. You only have 6 post and they're all about SF, Reno, and cars just like Biscuits. You know the mods can check your IP address and compare it against the Biscuits account.
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    I'd go with something more along these lines...
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    I'm hoping they wear the original jersey for some games in honor of the 25th. That was a personal favorite, and a beautiful piece of art. My aunt gave me a replica, and I couldn't bring myself to wear it, hanging it up instead. When is go to the Tank, I'd wear shirts and sweatshirts and she'd get upset saying I should wear my jersey to the game. I said I couldn't bring myself to do so, and wouldn't risk it getting stained it ripped. My girlfriend eventually got tired of that s***, and bought me a duplicate to wear.
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    In my opinion Flyers should go back to this: And Blackhawks should re-introduce this:
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    Probably. That seems to be how it's all being publicized.As long as they go the "Jets" and not "Hornets" route, that'll be fine. Otherwise, we'll "officially" have a "first year expansion team" winning a cup. Even though they will not be considered that until a couple of decades after the fact. The question would be how'd they'd look. They were just about to dump the igloo, which was looking very 70s. I think they'll go with that color scheme (or the lighter blue scheme) but I don't know that they'll bring that logo back. I really can't think of anything less significant to worry about than what team recognizes what team's history as their own. It's not like future generations will think the Avs sprang from nothing to win a cup in their first year because of this, and if they do, it will be because of the name change rather than what one club or another chooses to recognize. If anything, this leads to accomplishments being honored by the team whose fans were a fan of that team when it was accomplished, rather than by a team whose fans had no connection to that event because of corporate continuity. That more than outweighs any strangeness in the record books for me. UGH. NOT THIS AGAIN. You can't just arbitrarily change the history books because some team comes along later and reclaims a former name. The RECORD BOOKS will be full of lies, I can't see how anyone can justify literally changing history arbitrarily. If this happens, future generations will be thought lies about sports history, I can think of things less significant to worry about than that. Sports IS its history, and s*** like this f***s everything up.
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    you got the Yanks-Dodgers-Giants three way to look forward to, at any rate.
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    I think this is off to a great start but I would maybe consider simplifying the crest. BlackBolt3 had some great thoughts above. I would agree that a good start would be to remove the skyline. What about doing something with music notes? Or if you did decide to change the name to Nashville FC, a simple 'N' would look sharp within a circle....then adding a few elements like the Tennessee 3 stars. I think your unis look great.
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