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    Loving that color balance, although I'm never a fan of mismatching numbers on the same jersey.
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    Jordan Brand has gone beyond hoops for well over a decade. Earliest I remember non-basketball players being associated with Jordan was in 1999 with the commercial for the Air Jordan 15s. The commercial featured Roy Jones Jr, Randy Moss & Derek Jeter. I definitely remember football cleat versions of the black Jordan 11s coming out my senior year of HS (2002 fall season). Pretty sure Randy Moss had some jumpan gloves at one point as well. Was only a matter of time until Jordan brand crossed over into the uniforms of other sports.
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    If it's just footwear/warm-ups, then I'll deal with that. But I want the swoosh on the uniforms.
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    Somewhere, Nick weeps as he is unable to contribute to this thrrad.
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    Canucks will wear the black skate jersey one game this year. 20th anniversary of Rogers Arena. https://twitter.com/VanCanucks/status/631897495535243264
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    I don't think the Avalanche are as bad as the Flames. At least the Avs are Colorado's team. The Flames aren't even Alberta's only team, let alone Canada's. As far as the Preds' gold helmets, I really don't understand only wearing them on Saturdays. Either switch to gold helmets full time or stick to the navy. It's not like a special occasion jersey that fans are going to buy, it's a helmet.
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    This is nice! Golden Saturdays coming this season...
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    Try "Players With the Wrong BMI"...
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    Since 1986, the New York Giants have won only a single playoff game whereby they didn't end up playing in a SB.
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    2016 and 2017 are two separate seasons. Which one are you talking about?
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    Maybe they think if they change, Peyton will win them two super bowls.
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    This sounds good on paper, but without a nickname, everyone is just going to keep calling them the Sioux...including me. The problem is, no one wants to accept any of the five remaining nickname options, which is part of what makes the whole process for people like me so painful. And with the merchandise sales, you're right, the University will not depend on mascot-related merchandise once the new nickname is implemented. Even right now the non-nickname stuff hasn't been a hot seller. However, anything with the name or logo pertaining to Sioux, you can rake the buyer over the coals, because Sioux stuff sold, sells, and will sell a lot of merchandise. That's likely precisely why the no-nickname option is so popular - so that fans, who aren't bound by NCAA strictures on nicknames, can keep using the Fighting Sioux name even without official recognition from the university. The fact that UND has reconsidered it tells me they [a] are utterly clueless to this possibility, are aware of it but don't care, or [c] are intentionally using it as a nods-and-winks method of keeping the Fighting Sioux nickname alive, albeit unofficially, among the fan base. After all, if fans still use the Fighting Sioux nickname among themselves even though UND and the NCAA have officially disavowed it, who are the Sioux going to, well, sue? It'll also be interesting to see how aggressively UND goes after people selling knockoff Fighting Sioux merchandise going forward, or if they even bother going after them at all, especially if UND athletics choose to remain officially nameless. If they don't bother cracking down on such knockoffs, that tells me the nameless option is a deliberate attempt at a fig leaf to keep the old nickname going.
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    It's been awhile since I have made a post but I wanted to bump the post with my latest take on the Purple People Eaters. Lets hear from you. Thanks
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    Have been following this from the beginning! (Even though it has only been like 4 days) But I love the idea! Only thing that sucks is that I have grown to like the Bighorn and the Redshirt. Hopefully they make it through their struggles!
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