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    Isn't that the same as being a Red Wings fan?
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    And the final 2 franchises The Orlando Panthers: Along with Oakland, one of only 2 teams to start in 1986 and never relocate or be renamed. The Salt Lake City Bards: Added a dark brown to the traditional Forest & Light Green combo. Robin Hood motif throughout.
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    The artificial surface is a million times better than the garbage the Texans play on. The grass is a tray system, basically an NBA floor made of grass. The trays lock together, but the grass is uneven and there are seams. It was a contributing factor in both Jadaveon Clowney and Wes Welker's knee injuries.
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    Cascadian Football Association - 2025 Season The 10th CFA season saw the introduction of the league's 12th and final franchise in Surrey. Surrey Princes Surrey is home to a huge South Asian population, and the club's Indian owners tapped into this when creating the team's identity. I based the look off of traditional Indian wedding garb (including the primary logo) and used a colour palette to match. The secondary logo is meant to evoke a mandala, with footballs hidden within. It is used as a patch on the jerseys a la the Pittsburgh Steelers. And as a final series wrap-up, here's all the logos and primary helmets together. Hope you enjoyed!
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    Well, if she did have a boss then I think a lot of issues would have been solved since there would have been a meeting with the staff over the USSC decision and provisions would have been made so no one would have to violate their beliefs or conscience. But,yeah, I think being fired over religious beliefs is illegal, but if the right progressive judge is on the bench it shouldn't be an issue. The issue isn't over her religious beliefs. No one gives a damn what her religious beliefs are. The issue is the fact that she is refusing to do her job. Furthering that point, in the eyes of the government, a marriage is nothing but the formation of a 50/50 corporation. Any spiritual component comes into play at the actual ceremony, not with the issuance of a license. Nobody is forcing clergy to conduct ceremonies so quite frankly any religious objection to issuing a license is irrelevant. A courthouse wedding has no religious significance whatsoever so what objection could there possibly be? They're already together and "living in sin," so who are Kim Davis and the like to put their feet down and prevent basic things like joint tax filing, dependent insurance coverage, and hospital visitation? If a gay couple is a member of the Episcopal Church and has a ceremony in the church that still shouldn't allow Kim Davis etc to make a stand because what happens after the license is issued has nothing to do with them. To quote one Dwayne Johnson, "know your role and shut your damn mouth!"
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    I've had my rescue dog Chester for a year and a half now. He just got home from the goomer and is looking great!
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    2015 marks the 30th season for the Fantasy Football League that I am in. We started in 1986 on a dorm floor at Indiana U. and we still retain 6 owners from that time. We play a "scoring only" system (you only get points for TD's and other scores by your players, not yards or other stats) and teams can keep up to 10 players from their roster from year to year, so this is a league where drafting rookies and building for the long haul is prized. When we started the league we set up the rule that we would act as if this were a new USFL and require teams to use real cities and realistic names. I have done the designs for the league since the 80's, with 2 teams that have never relocated or changed names and the occasional new team or relocation over that time. As part of the 30th Season plans I reworked uniforms for all teams (and also because my computer crashed and I lost a lot of what I had), so I thought I would post them. Here is the first one, the San Antonio Express. The Express first moved to San Antonio after the 1988 season, played there until 2013, relocated to New Jersey, but failed there and quickly decided to return back to San Antonio for the 2015 season. But, they wanted to keep their train-theme (not a horse theme from earlier) and their Navy-Sky-Silver color scheme from New Jersey. The San Antonio Express
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    Having 2 moutain logos designed in 2 completely mismatching styles would be just as big of a mistake. If they wanted an alternate, fine. But there was no reason to phase out the Yeti. Makes me think this is a slowburn on the rise. ** Edit: I just noticed the collar on the Ducks new 3rd. Does it say Anaheim on the collar?
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    I really don't need Days of our Lives on Raw .......
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    Truthfully, this is a great alternate on which everything works perfectly together................aaaaas long as it remains just that...an alternate. The Avalanche not only have 2 Stanley Cup banners, but are an established franchise on their own. There's no need to rob them of their identity by turning them into the frikken Rockies full-time. Hopefully, they never make that fateful switch.
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    Arizona: Do to their not-so-impressive new jerseys, for the Coyotes I wanted to add the sand color in to the color scheme and bring back the kachina due to it being a big part of their history and being extremely unique. Also made the jumping Coyotes the main logo. It just looked nicer in the jerseys.
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    I was at the game, rooting for my losing alma mater, and Alabama looks way classier than we do. The majority of the perennial football powers in our region do NOT put their primary logos on their helmets: Ohio State Michigan Penn State Notre Dame Nebraska I would contend that Wisconsin should go retro and also take the primary logo off the helmets. Save the Motion W for the sideline wear. Make these the primaries next year when we switch to Under Armour:
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    WWE 2K16 just sold a copy. Hell yes. Edit: I didn't catch this one the first time around...
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    Wanna use "zir/hir/xyr" as an avatar subtitle but I'm all in on the Raider gimmick.
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    This is so browns. People seem to completely misunderstand that the majority of off the field rules are not legally binding or set in stone. Many league rules are simply policies and guidelines that can be changed on the fly if circumstances justify doing so. If the browns need to change the numeral color to white I'm sure they can petition the league office and an exception/waiver is granted possibly for a nominal fee. In the private sector everything is always subject to negotiation.
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    I updated the eye and went another way with the font.
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    3 More CFFL Franchises The Memphis Rebels. We got rid of the Confederate Colonel logo and went with a more generic waving flag, Tennessee Flag. Reminds me a bit of Les Miserables, but at least it has been De-Confederacied (Sorry, but I am a Yankee, and I design these, so I am not going to support the battle flag with a design.) The Oakland Terrors: A team placed in Oakland back in 86, while the Raiders were in LA. The Charlotte Knights: The 6 crowns on the shield represent 6 CFFL championships.
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    Hot damn, you guys are speaking my language these last few posts. Loveless, Funeral, Marquee Moon, Remain in Light, and Kind of Blue are some of my favorite albums of all time. Daydream Nation ain't bad either, but it just made me happy to see "The Sprawl" quoted. First four tracks, because how dare you leave off "Once in a Lifetime," you ignorant slut, but other than that this is absolutely true. I don't think there are many more albums where you can say "well, I can take or leave the whole second half, but it's still a perfect album." Maybe because the second half is still awesome, it's just that it's cold and alienating instead of fun and dancey, so you don't think so fondly of it. I dunno. If you love Remain in Light and particularly "The Great Curve," you must explore Fela Kuti. Listen to the whole thing. The whole f-cking thing.
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    The Sprawl is my go-to song featuring Kim: I WANTED TO KNOW THE EXACT DIMENSIONS OF HELL DOES THAT SOUND SIMPLE? F*** YOU!
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    That's the most baffling thing to me. THEY'VE MADE THIS MISTAKE BEFORE. If anything the numbers were easier to see back in 84 because the outline went all the way around the number. Now the rise shadow creates a vibration and places orange directly on brown in some places. It's a terrible idea.
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    Reminds me of trying to spell boobs on my calculator in the 5th grade You said trying, which makes me think that you never actually accomplished it? 58008, or 5318008
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    I disagree. I do like the concept, however. Have you thought about reversing the purple and teal? You know, like making the uniform teal and the stripes/yoke purple? While I did like the color scheme, I always thought the Ducks would've looked better if they made teal more prominent.
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    What do you mean by this? Is it the zir/hir/xyr thing or calling a trans person he or she? Because I don't see how either infringes on your rights to free speech. Someone being told they're not allowed to use certain words, while silmultaneously being force fed a list of "suitable" replacements, doesn't infringe on their right to free speech? Not if the government isn't the one doing it. The right to free speech means the government can't come down on you or censor you for what you're saying, within reason. With the right to free speech, you (the collective you) can say what you want to say. On the flip side, it also doesn't mean the general public isn't able think you're (the collective you) an for what you say.
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    Unpopular opinion; as bad as that logo was, it's still better than the generic one they use now, if for no other reason than the colours. I really miss that area of reflective silver. It was fresh, original, and looked great on the ice. The 2007 update fixed the logos shortcomings without sacrificing its character.
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    Except you can't always assume the other person's gender, which can be separate from their sex. Their genitalia doesn't always determine what gender they identify as, and is also nobody's business. People often mix up their pronouns and it can create uncomfortable situations for transpeople. They're not saying to use them for everybody, but saying that alternate pronouns like these could be useful in some situations. Kaz is right, Them/Their/They is how you probably should identify people who are uncomfortable with their identity or if a gender isn't given, but all this article really was doing was raising awareness and providing options. There's really no way the new pronouns would have caught on. However it's more of an LGBT+ issue than a "21st century 'feminism'" issue. Also, thought crimes? It's a LGBT issue? 'cause I'm part of that group and I don't feel like someone refusing to use "zir/hir/xyr" is an infringement on my rights. See, here's the thing. If someone is a Transgendered person I have no problem whatsoever addressing them by the pronouns that reflect their gender identity. They're human beings, and deserve that dignity and respect. And if I'm unsure? "Them/their/they" is the safe bet. That's not the problem. My problem is, well, the above "zir/hir/xyr" nonsense. I won't indulge made up words.
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    Midlothian as in Midlothian, VA? Regardless, it's a great start.
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    These are just LA's original SS jerseys recolored with different logos plastered on. You didn't even bother to change the font on the jerseys. This is the Stadium Series, try and be creative with it.
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    A case of Blind leading the blind?
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    Yes. Especially bad if you like to open a bunch of stories in tabs to read them all in a row or save them for later. In that same vein, I hate how every damn website you go to on a mobile device has to throw a giant ad at you: "DOWNLOAD OUR APP!!1!". I just want to read one friggin' thing on your site... don't need the app.
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    Love those anniversary Rockets jerseys
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    Thankfully, the Patriots will release Reggie Wayne. Not that I don't want Reggie to play, I love the guy. I just don't think I could stand him actually playing with the Patriots.
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    They didn't get the memo about T-Wolves home court being a two-tone disaster either.Well the Raptors have been using two-tone courts for years and it's not close to being the disaster that Minnesota has with their much darker stain.
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    I'll miss the stadium series uniform. I know it's a low bar, but that was the best alternate the team has ever come up with.
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    They didn't get the memo about T-Wolves home court being a two-tone disaster either.
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    That game yesterday was one of their lesser performances, but what was such a joke about last year's team? They beat a top ranked P5 team in the Fiesta Bowl like they have done before and won 12 games. Their program is no joke.
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    Because, deep down, it has NOTHING to do with God or religion. It's simply those people trying to insultingly use the veil of religion to cover up and/or justify their own hatred and bigotry. That's the reason why these people are so downright detestable. These people hate gay people and wish to see them oppressed, yet they STILL try to spin their hatred as "love" and an attempt to "fix" these people. It's the ultimate case of trying to have your cake and eat it too. At least those who were for segregation during the Civil Rights Movement seemingly had the nuts enough to admit they were racist bigots. These people not only take an absolutely abhorrent stance to an issue that doesn't effect them in the slightest, they absolutely refuse to take any accountability for their actions and beliefs. They're the worst form of person.
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    Three more CFFL teams for 2015 The Hartford Hawks: Using a feather pattern motif, similar to the Seahawks' helmet & numbers, on the yoke and pant stripe. The Kansas Twisters: Now with updated Miami Dolphins aqua and orange. Albuquerque Generals: Still trying to find the perfect combination of army olive green and metallic gold/sand.
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    I'm often amazed at the things I failed to notice prior to the time when I began reading this site. This is a case in point. Good stuff.
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    It's become the color scheme because Jay-Z told a basketball team from New Jersey to start using it. It's not really an organic development. It references the Nets. That's it.
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    History has pretty much shown that if you want to be a dickhead just coat your intentions with moralistic and religious language. If that doesn't work then just add a pinch of fear mongering.
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    And predictably enough, there will be writers and commentators moaning about how American christians are being persecuted (and by persecuted, I mean they're forced to treat those "god-hating gays" like *gasp* human beings...even if the gays in question are reliable churchgoers) because this woman selectively refuses to do her job. On that tangent, the hyper-religious' opposition to gay marriage, and its misconception that it somehow devalues traditional marriage, perplexes me. Unless it's intertwined with the much-desired moral high ground that essentially lets them say "ha ha, we won't let you marry, you gays are worthless in God's Allah's our eyes." If it aint that, I don't know what it is. Why the hell should gay people being able to marry each other seem so threatening to straight people? It's not like the straight person was going to marry either of the gay people anyway. And why would any deities care enough to take homosexuality as some deep insult? I just don't get it.
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    North Carolina looks really good. Huge upgrade over that awful set they had the last 2 years.
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    If they just got rid of the BROWNS and made the stripes normal length I would like it. The old ones are better but these aren't bad
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    I guess my personal late night tune in rankings based on my time spent... 1. Conan O'Brien 2. Stephen Colbert 3. Craig Kilborn 4. David Letterman 5. Jon Stewart 6. Jay Leno 7. Arsenio Hall 8. Tom Snyder 9. Craig Ferguson I really only watch Kimmel bits on youtube... Fallon is an annoying uncreative manchild... Meyers is cardboard.
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    That logo is worse than the stick in rink.
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    If we're going off of that model, I'm sure the episode from Legend's perspective would be especially memorable. He'd be played by Vin Diesel or Brad Pitt, while all of the other members would be like the Jews from "Passion of the Christ," betraying his quest for camo jerseys by allowing immigrants to enter the country while aiding the Tampa Bay Rays. Think "Falling Down," but more action-oriented and more creepy Paul Lukas hatred. Of course from the other episodes (i.e. Gothamite/illwauk), he'd be played by Mel Gibson or Charlie Sheen (cast for the crazy/asshat factor).
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    2nd row, 3rd from right looks like something my ex-girlfriend and I would do... :censored: I miss her
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    Here are a few colors I came up with for the expansion and relocated teams: Arizona: Brick Red, Black, and Desert Sand Carolina: Carolina Blue, White, and Red Columbus: Blue, white, and red Indiana: Cardinal Red and Black Nashville: Pale Blue, black, and white San Antonio: Red and Tan Tampa Bay: Blue, Gold, Red, and White Toronto: Canada Red, and White Virginia: Navy and Gold
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    For the 1968 realignment I would switch chicago and saint louis
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