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    Cascadian Football Association - 2025 Season The 10th CFA season saw the introduction of the league's 12th and final franchise in Surrey. Surrey Princes Surrey is home to a huge South Asian population, and the club's Indian owners tapped into this when creating the team's identity. I based the look off of traditional Indian wedding garb (including the primary logo) and used a colour palette to match. The secondary logo is meant to evoke a mandala, with footballs hidden within. It is used as a patch on the jerseys a la the Pittsburgh Steelers. And as a final series wrap-up, here's all the logos and primary helmets together. Hope you enjoyed!
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    2015 marks the 30th season for the Fantasy Football League that I am in. We started in 1986 on a dorm floor at Indiana U. and we still retain 6 owners from that time. We play a "scoring only" system (you only get points for TD's and other scores by your players, not yards or other stats) and teams can keep up to 10 players from their roster from year to year, so this is a league where drafting rookies and building for the long haul is prized. When we started the league we set up the rule that we would act as if this were a new USFL and require teams to use real cities and realistic names. I have done the designs for the league since the 80's, with 2 teams that have never relocated or changed names and the occasional new team or relocation over that time. As part of the 30th Season plans I reworked uniforms for all teams (and also because my computer crashed and I lost a lot of what I had), so I thought I would post them. Here is the first one, the San Antonio Express. The Express first moved to San Antonio after the 1988 season, played there until 2013, relocated to New Jersey, but failed there and quickly decided to return back to San Antonio for the 2015 season. But, they wanted to keep their train-theme (not a horse theme from earlier) and their Navy-Sky-Silver color scheme from New Jersey. The San Antonio Express
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    The Carson Stadium will be "aerodynamic", which will be good for the upcoming stadium races. I'm tired of University of Phoenix winning every year.
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    Love those anniversary Rockets jerseys
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    If only they changed the arm striping, you'd have the Stadium Series jersey in black. That's all it would take really.
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    Thankfully, the Patriots will release Reggie Wayne. Not that I don't want Reggie to play, I love the guy. I just don't think I could stand him actually playing with the Patriots.
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    They didn't get the memo about T-Wolves home court being a two-tone disaster either.Well the Raptors have been using two-tone courts for years and it's not close to being the disaster that Minnesota has with their much darker stain.
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    I'll miss the stadium series uniform. I know it's a low bar, but that was the best alternate the team has ever come up with.
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    They didn't get the memo about T-Wolves home court being a two-tone disaster either.
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    That game yesterday was one of their lesser performances, but what was such a joke about last year's team? They beat a top ranked P5 team in the Fiesta Bowl like they have done before and won 12 games. Their program is no joke.
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    Three more CFFL teams for 2015 The Hartford Hawks: Using a feather pattern motif, similar to the Seahawks' helmet & numbers, on the yoke and pant stripe. The Kansas Twisters: Now with updated Miami Dolphins aqua and orange. Albuquerque Generals: Still trying to find the perfect combination of army olive green and metallic gold/sand.
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    I'm often amazed at the things I failed to notice prior to the time when I began reading this site. This is a case in point. Good stuff.
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    It's become the color scheme because Jay-Z told a basketball team from New Jersey to start using it. It's not really an organic development. It references the Nets. That's it.
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    North Carolina looks really good. Huge upgrade over that awful set they had the last 2 years.
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    These Sharks jerseys are so gorgeous. Just add the current logo and the world is perfect. I hate that the Sharks use a green teal opposed to the original blue teal. Green and Orange? Gross. Please go back to blue/white/black/silver!
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    Thanks for the PNG suggestion. And here are 3 more teams, the 3 L's: Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Louisville.
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    Now if they'd just replace orange with silver and add a waist stripe back...
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    If they just got rid of the BROWNS and made the stripes normal length I would like it. The old ones are better but these aren't bad
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    I guess my personal late night tune in rankings based on my time spent... 1. Conan O'Brien 2. Stephen Colbert 3. Craig Kilborn 4. David Letterman 5. Jon Stewart 6. Jay Leno 7. Arsenio Hall 8. Tom Snyder 9. Craig Ferguson I really only watch Kimmel bits on youtube... Fallon is an annoying uncreative manchild... Meyers is cardboard.
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    That logo is worse than the stick in rink.
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    Without these pictures, I wouldn't be able to recall what an Adidas uniform looks like without tire treads.
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    This guy... ^^ Posing for the camera like a boss.
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    2nd row, 3rd from right looks like something my ex-girlfriend and I would do... :censored: I miss her
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    Here are a few colors I came up with for the expansion and relocated teams: Arizona: Brick Red, Black, and Desert Sand Carolina: Carolina Blue, White, and Red Columbus: Blue, white, and red Indiana: Cardinal Red and Black Nashville: Pale Blue, black, and white San Antonio: Red and Tan Tampa Bay: Blue, Gold, Red, and White Toronto: Canada Red, and White Virginia: Navy and Gold
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    For the 1968 realignment I would switch chicago and saint louis
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