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    Having 2 moutain logos designed in 2 completely mismatching styles would be just as big of a mistake. If they wanted an alternate, fine. But there was no reason to phase out the Yeti. Makes me think this is a slowburn on the rise. ** Edit: I just noticed the collar on the Ducks new 3rd. Does it say Anaheim on the collar?
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    Truthfully, this is a great alternate on which everything works perfectly together................aaaaas long as it remains just that...an alternate. The Avalanche not only have 2 Stanley Cup banners, but are an established franchise on their own. There's no need to rob them of their identity by turning them into the frikken Rockies full-time. Hopefully, they never make that fateful switch.
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    I did originally play around with the idea of filling out the bottom of the arms and hem, but felt that it made the arm stripes too... I dunno, simple? Seeing it now, what do you think?
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    Yay. Yet another font pack by the font god known as Conrad. Keep em coming. The world of logo and uni concepts will cease causing a massive apocalypse ripping a tear in the space time continuum What I just said I know makes no sense but hey a compliment nonetheless
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    Unpopular opinion; as bad as that logo was, it's still better than the generic one they use now, if for no other reason than the colours. I really miss that area of reflective silver. It was fresh, original, and looked great on the ice. The 2007 update fixed the logos shortcomings without sacrificing its character.
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    I don't mind the curly w at all, but the nationals have such a nice script it is a shame they don't even use it on an alt jersey.This looks too awesome to be relegated to T-Shirts and Jackets:
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    Full 2k16 gameplay! BONUS: My take on the floor.
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    A case of Blind leading the blind?
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    The Carson Stadium will be "aerodynamic", which will be good for the upcoming stadium races. I'm tired of University of Phoenix winning every year.
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    Love those anniversary Rockets jerseys
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    If only they changed the arm striping, you'd have the Stadium Series jersey in black. That's all it would take really.
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    They didn't get the memo about T-Wolves home court being a two-tone disaster either.Well the Raptors have been using two-tone courts for years and it's not close to being the disaster that Minnesota has with their much darker stain.
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    I'll miss the stadium series uniform. I know it's a low bar, but that was the best alternate the team has ever come up with.
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    They didn't get the memo about T-Wolves home court being a two-tone disaster either.
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    It's become the color scheme because Jay-Z told a basketball team from New Jersey to start using it. It's not really an organic development. It references the Nets. That's it.
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    These Sharks jerseys are so gorgeous. Just add the current logo and the world is perfect. I hate that the Sharks use a green teal opposed to the original blue teal. Green and Orange? Gross. Please go back to blue/white/black/silver!
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    Now if they'd just replace orange with silver and add a waist stripe back...
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    That logo is worse than the stick in rink.
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    Without these pictures, I wouldn't be able to recall what an Adidas uniform looks like without tire treads.
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    2nd row, 3rd from right looks like something my ex-girlfriend and I would do... :censored: I miss her
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    Here are a few colors I came up with for the expansion and relocated teams: Arizona: Brick Red, Black, and Desert Sand Carolina: Carolina Blue, White, and Red Columbus: Blue, white, and red Indiana: Cardinal Red and Black Nashville: Pale Blue, black, and white San Antonio: Red and Tan Tampa Bay: Blue, Gold, Red, and White Toronto: Canada Red, and White Virginia: Navy and Gold
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    For the 1968 realignment I would switch chicago and saint louis
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