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    Yeah, but Queens is just a borough, Brooklyn is a magical fantasyland that represents the cauldron of America, people who move from China to have kids named Steve and people who move from Michigan to have kids named Caydenne.
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    my new "Nevermore" tee just went up on the CottonBureau! https://cottonbureau.com/products/nevermore
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    The Dodgers have announced John Tortorella as their new manager.
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    Yes, it is. A large suburb, perhaps, well-developed with its own identity, perhaps, but you're unquestionably within the circle of the large city next to you. http://i.word.com/idictionary/suburb Thing about megaplexes is that their suburbs can be larger than many other cities across the nation, but still be suburbs by virtue of proximity to the larger anchor city. I know people in Orange County don't like to acknowledge it, but facts are what they are.
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    What? Can you explain what a voting medal is? You simply voted in a event Happy now?
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    Sackorpick, err Kaepernick has passed Geno Smith, Sam Bradford and Matthew Stafford to be close to the heels of Jay Cutler as the NFL QB with the worst sideline body language*. *: EJ Manuel, Ryan Mallett and Brandon Weeden don't have enough starts to qualify.
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    There's apparently rumors of Tennessee wearing their Smokey Grey helmets and pants this weekend on the road at Alabama (hopefully not for this game, though). A UT beat writer asked me to mock up what it might look like. It actually doesn't look all that bad. (Yes, I know it's not on the Mach Speed template.)
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    No, that obviously can't be it. My drunk, angry, heartbroken post last night was definitely full of more logic and sense than your silly and moronic rebuttal.
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    Firstly a message to Cubs fans, and I know this is gonna be scant consolation but anyway - I feel for you, I really do. Believe me when I say that I would rather have had this moment against any team besides the Cubs. You've got an exciting team filled with young talent that looks well positioned to finally do IT soon, and I hope they will. With that said, HOLY MOSES THE METS ARE IN THE WORLD SERIES. At the start of the season I would have been ecstatic with any kind of playoff spot, hell I was happy when they were still right there at mid-season, but this team has just gotten better and better as the year has gone on and now they have been truly awesome when it has mattered most. 2015 New York Mets, I love you so, so much.
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    What? Can you explain what a voting medal is? You simply voted in a event
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    Sorry.. I meant to link the photos of nonexistent holographic headwear, but I'm in phone
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    So a conversation between my friend Gus and I about caps went something like this. "Do you have a cap template?" "Yeah, but it's not great. I may make a new one" And sure enough, that's what I did. I took a little break from my Yakball thread since it wasn't getting notes(but should) to make a new cap template. I copied the New Era cap preview on their site and created this. Here's a basic look at it. The conversation with Gus started because we both thought it would be cool if New Era and Major League Soccer teamed up and made caps using initials, or partial logos of the crest. Over time, they'd become iconic, and recognizable like MLB caps. So here are 20 MLS 59Fifties Download the template here
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    I'm serious when I ask this but is it just me or has every Nationally Televised Prime Time game this year been a a train wreck of some sorts?
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    "EMBROIDERED STRIPES SYMBOLIZING MILITARY UNIFORM INSIGNIAS." Does Adidas seriously think it's fooling anyone with that? off, 3 stripes. Apparently these shoes are to honor the late Pat Tillman. Of course they are. It says right in the PT-42 badge description. ASU's tried getting a lot of mileage out of that, and the current climate of sports design is to mine your team's history for anything that can be used to justify a certain concept, so it's not surprising. That doesn't make me a fan of ASU football players running around like pretend-U.S. Army Rangers though.Yeah it's ridiculous, but not surprising. ASU rides that Tillman angle HARD (and probably should). They had just finished the Pat Tillman Veterans Center when I first got there and obviously poured a TON of money into it.I get that Pat Tillman was a tragedy but I feel like an athletic identity needs to be bigger than just one hero's story. Every sport, every team has their own heroes. Nebraska was one of the first colleges with a black football player (and Mizzou refused to play us because of it), but you don't see them playing out Black History celebration angle. Notre Dame had Rudy or Rockne. Iowa had Kinnick. Probably every university in America has had a former athlete join the military at some point. Look, I respect Tillman and his story, but sometimes you have to honor the legacy by not whoring out the legacy. And I feel like ASU does that a bit. It starts feeling like Oregon and their "pick a cancer to support this week" thing. It's pretty disappointing that somebody who purposely did not want their fame and notoriety to intersect with their military service is having their legacy tarnished in just that way. It's pretty obvious that neither asu or aid care about that though and they are going to exploit his legacy for their own benefit.
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    Kind of. Last week they broke out those white helmets for first time, but with their classic 'GS' on one side and numbers on the other. That was for their homecoming game, paired with blue jerseys and white pants. Then they realized App St was doing a blackout so they countered that this week by taking the white helmets with them and doing numbers on both sides.
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    The 'Flames' red sweater should be there. Iconic and appealing, aesthetic-wise. Triggered merchandise sales. And of course, the unexpected magical run in '04.
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    Nike had a good idea with TCU, but executed it poorly. I decided to get rid of the frogskin pattern anyway, though part of that had to do with me not being able to find a photo to trace. Anyway, red makes a comeback as a trim color, I did that to separate them from Northwestern and because it contrasts the purple nicely. The frog is on the sleeves, which are capped with a contrasting color, something I took from their previous set. Finally, a blackout set replaces the grey one.
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    Doubt it would happen for similar reasons to the Angels. The "larger" your name, the more you can (theoretically) appeal to a wider audience. Something like the Queens Mets would pigeon-hole them. Of course, didn't stop the Dodgers or the Nets.When the Brooklyn National League team was founded, Brooklyn was a separate city. Now it is a section of New York City. Something like "Flushing Mets" would be terrible. Neither Brooklyn nor any other section of any city (such as Hollywood, for example) should be the locality name of a major-league team.I never thought that a major-league team would take a name of a section of a city nowadays; but the Nets proved me wrong. I believe that this was a mistake, as it limits their appeal in their home market. And that name really annoys me as a New Yorker. Even though I was born in Brooklyn and have lived for nearly 30 years a few blocks from the Brooklyn/Queens border, my attachment is to New York City, not to any borough. So, in order to root for that team, I have to overlook the name -- and also the bland uniforms, of course. Ironically, I was less uncomfortable with the name "New Jersey Nets" than I am with the current name. (Though the old name is not without problems, as mentioned below.) I also like the Nets' New Jersey uniforms a lot more than the current uni. So that team's move into my city has actually reduced my emotional connection with it. State names as locality names are a different issue. When the state has only one major metropolitan area, the use of a state name is tolerable, as the teams really do represent the whole state. This accounts for Minnesota, Arizona, and Colorado. Still, the city names Minneapolis (sorry, St. Paul, but Minneapolis is the recognisable one), Phoenix, and Denver would be preferable in those cases. Note that the Thunder choose not the state name but the city name, despite the fact that they play in the state's only really large city, and that they are the state's only NBA team. All other uses of a state name are problematic. For New Jersey, its biggest cities are suburbs of New York; and the names of the teams located there should reflect that. Likewise, the name of any major-league team that might play Camden should reflect the fact that that city is a Philadelphia suburb. For the states with multiple big cities, the use of the state name is very unfortunate, and really should be avoided. The change from "Florida Marlins" to "Miami Marlins" is to be applauded for this reason. I get that "Texas Rangers" was already a phrase long before the baseball team existed. But this does not make it an appropriate name for a team located in one city in a huge state. And alliteration doesn't justify "Tennesse Titans"; they should be the "Nashville somethings". Similarly, while "California Angels" is the name that we grew up with, and which therefore sounds "right", that name is untenable in such a big state with many diverse cities. So it seems clear to me that "Los Angeles Angels" is the only appropriate name.Great take. I agree about most of this, except for the Titans. They had to do so because of the stadium deal they made with the state of TN for additional funding. The two conditions that were made were that they would use the name "Tennessee" and they would allow Tennessee State Univ. to play their home games there.
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    Sparky holding a hockey stick should be the crest the pitchfork should be used for the shoulder logo the home jersey should be maroon or gold. The captain's patch is pretty sweet, though.
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    That's a nice shirt, and I'm not even a Ravens fan.
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    Unpopular opinion, I hate them. Those shoulder cap designs are god damn awful, way too modern for temple's brand, not to mention generic looking. Temple already had amazing uniforms, there was no need to make any other change than a template shift.
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    Big round of applause for all the contestants! Here are the medals! We have a tie for the bronze medal! Bronze medals go to officeglenn, for Entry 10, and rsaline for Entry 28. The silver medal goes to Lights Out, for Entry 6. And the gold medal goes to Conrad., for Entry 36! Please copy the medals and host them on your account if you want to add them to your signature. List of participants and points tally: 1 LMU 2 packerfan21396 3 steveCRO 4 TheLogoManiac13 5 llfhockey 6 Lights Out 7 DelayedPenalty 8 OmegaRed 9 FFWally 10 officeglenn 11 Jean17 12 BlackBolt3 13 3pointtally 14 Jabel777 15 McElroy19 16 hettinger_rl 17 panthers_2012 18 ZionEagle 19 miltonANDlumbergh 20 next_gen_uniforms 21 GoNordiques 22 pitt6pack 23 ECAdesign 24 macalesterscots 25 suplauren 26 levijeromeSF 27 ECUFan25 28 rsaline 29 JTswag187 30 THOL3N 31 Whittier S 32 TCutt 33 Pulv! 34 LexAeterna 35 dsaline97 36 Conrad. 37 obiwantok Full album here
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    Was I the only one worrying that Dusty Baker may have been vindicated for his remarks on race and heat as Murphy and d'Arnaud crushed everything they saw while our guys were dressed for an expedition to Antarctica?
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    @Gothamite thanks! Yeah I had that image loaded and somewhere along the way it was deleted, so I just kept going without it. There's a few I don't particularly like because I feel the lines should be darker than the inside colors, so the hats reflect that. Also I wasn't sure if that was an official image. @marble okay so what I do is line it up, then skew it so the left side goes up, and the right goes down. It's slight, but the angle is like that. For the wider logos, I would pinch the sides in a little. The stitches behind the logo help because they're straight, so use them when you're figuring out if he crest is lined up
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    That's pretty ironic, considering that the city suburb of Anaheim paid the team to use it. No. Not even. As much as they wanna push it like that, Anaheim is NOT a suburb of LA (God this is an old and tired debate). Thing about megaplexes is that their suburbs can be larger than many other cities across the nation, but still be suburbs by virtue of proximity to the larger anchor city. I know people in Orange County don't like to acknowledge it, but facts are what they are. Gothamite is correct. Also, people get confused by the fact that "suburban" as an adjective stands in contrast to "urban". Nevertheless, one city can be a suburb of another. For instance, the small cities of northern New Jersey such as Hoboken, Jersey City, and Newark, while all gloriously urban (rather than suburban) in character, are nevertheless suburbs of New York City. The fact that Anaheim is its own city does not prevent it from being a suburb of a larger city, nor does the fact that it's very different from L.A. And the fact that it's in another county is utterly irrelevant. Practically every city has suburbs in other counties; some, as noted above, have them in other states. The real test is the TV market. The networks have no Anaheim stations; the local stations for Anaheim are the L.A. stations KCBS, KNBC, KABC, KTLA, etc. And even if a station were licenced to Anaheim, it still would serve the entire L.A. area, the way the New York area is served both by stations licenced to New York City proper and also by WWOR (licenced to Secaucus, NJ), WNET (licenced to Newark), and WLIW (licenced to Garden City, Long Island). The point of all this is that "Los Angeles Angels" is an entirely appropriate name for a team in Anaheim. And, of course, the Angels aren't the first L.A. team to play in Anaheim: the L.A. Rams played in Anaheim for the last 15 years before their move away; and the L.A. Kiss have played there the past two seasons.
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    Is it an unpopular opinion to think the Phillies looked best during the 70s-80s in their maroon and white jerseys? I especially liked the "P" logo, and maroon isn't a color seen anywhere else in the MLB right now.
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    You just never know in baseball especially in the post Yankees domination. When the Giants won it in 2010 I couldn't believe it. This Mets team is fun. Congratulations by the way.
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    Under Armour deserves a round of applause...It's almost as if the company is reading this forum and took notes on how to make jerseys classic, simple, sleeveless, and not black for black's sake.
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    I loved the maroon jersey when we wore the cavfanatic version
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    So I decided to finish the whole conference. Experimented a bit here and there but I'm content with the outcome. Thanks for looking.
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    I'd love to see the orange vs black. How often do you get to play a game on Halloween, between two teams that historically wear color vs color, and that have both orange and black? It might be the child in me, but I think it would be pretty cool.
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    Georgia-Florida will be color on color again this year. The first comment on the article is my nightmare.
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    UCLA really needs to burn all uniforms from this year and start all over again.
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    In a vacuum, the Mariners' Sunday alts and their logos look good in blue and gold; dare I say great, even. That said, the right Mariners look to me is navy and teal. Their best teams and best players wore those colors, and as others have said, those colors represent almost a "second chance" for them considering they almost didn't make it there. I hate to toss around the word "iconic", but navy and teal represent so much more to that franchise than meets the eye. It is, in that regard, an "iconic" color set for them. So should the Mariners switch to blue and gold, they'll look good. But they won't look like the Mariners should.
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    The "Worst" list for college football would take a full day to sort.
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    whoa.... Kings and Nuggets are alot better and huge upgrade!
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    Or what you could did with the blackhawks was put 6 times champs on it
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    I really like the silver alt but this one doesn't do anything for me. The side panels don't go well with the standalone logo. I wish they'd gone with the full San Antonio writing across the chest like the roads from the Gervin era.
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    i actually like this version the best. certainly making progress. id like to see a shoulder logo
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    Tulsa has Virginia Tech's old number font.
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    "Jericho City of Praise" is also what people called wrestling message boards circa 1999
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    There's only one that matters. David Ortiz looks like the late Esther Rolls aka Florida Evans from "Good Times".
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    If the Cubs don't win the World Series, it's obviously because Marty didn't drag race Needles.
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    The Cleveland Browns were not named after a color, but after Paul Brown. There is no need for their helmet to be brown. Also, yes, we know poop is brown. The joke has been made thousands of times before. Thank you.
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