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    The Cleveland Browns were not named after a color, but after Paul Brown. There is no need for their helmet to be brown. Also, yes, we know poop is brown. The joke has been made thousands of times before. Thank you.
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    What? Can you explain what a voting medal is? You simply voted in a event
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    What? Can you explain what a voting medal is? You simply voted in a event Happy now?
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    I think you'd be hilarious in real life. Big Mac again? Jesus McDonald's! Come up with something new! Milk at Safeway! Dammit! We've had enough milk already. I wanted pretzel juice! Augh! A goddamn yellow taxi again? For pete's sake, make them pink or blue or green! What's with all this damn gravity? Would it kill someone to let me float off into the atmosphere for once? Gosh!
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    "Jericho City of Praise" is also what people called wrestling message boards circa 1999
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    Anybody watch The Voice? Slightly off topic but hear me out. In a recent episode, coach Pharrell Williams was wearing some "hipster retro" jeans with a gold/chrome retro Adidas logo silk screened.... ON THE ASS OF HIS PANTS. I had to explain to my wife why Adidas LITERALLY being ass was a hilarious visual. She just shook her head and muttered something about me and those "uniform idiots on the web."
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    Yeah, but Queens is just a borough, Brooklyn is a magical fantasyland that represents the cauldron of America, people who move from China to have kids named Steve and people who move from Michigan to have kids named Caydenne.
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    Sorry.. I meant to link the photos of nonexistent holographic headwear, but I'm in phone
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    I'm guessing the Yellow Ranger will be Wesley Snipes.
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    I'd love to see the orange vs black. How often do you get to play a game on Halloween, between two teams that historically wear color vs color, and that have both orange and black? It might be the child in me, but I think it would be pretty cool.
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    In a vacuum, the Mariners' Sunday alts and their logos look good in blue and gold; dare I say great, even. That said, the right Mariners look to me is navy and teal. Their best teams and best players wore those colors, and as others have said, those colors represent almost a "second chance" for them considering they almost didn't make it there. I hate to toss around the word "iconic", but navy and teal represent so much more to that franchise than meets the eye. It is, in that regard, an "iconic" color set for them. So should the Mariners switch to blue and gold, they'll look good. But they won't look like the Mariners should.
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    The "Worst" list for college football would take a full day to sort.
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    So a conversation between my friend Gus and I about caps went something like this. "Do you have a cap template?" "Yeah, but it's not great. I may make a new one" And sure enough, that's what I did. I took a little break from my Yakball thread since it wasn't getting notes(but should) to make a new cap template. I copied the New Era cap preview on their site and created this. Here's a basic look at it. The conversation with Gus started because we both thought it would be cool if New Era and Major League Soccer teamed up and made caps using initials, or partial logos of the crest. Over time, they'd become iconic, and recognizable like MLB caps. So here are 20 MLS 59Fifties Download the template here
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    my new "Nevermore" tee just went up on the CottonBureau! https://cottonbureau.com/products/nevermore
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    1: Cell Phones What's to say, these things are a blight on humanity... You can't even have a real conversation with your friends anymore without them checking notifications or text messages every god damned minute. Hell, you can't even walk down a public street without some zombie, glued to their digital leash, running into you. 2: Tattoos Not once have I seen an attractive girl and thought "you know what would make her hotter... if she was plastered with tattoos." Injecting tacky, ink 'designs' into your body is like taking a sharpee to a piece of fine art... I literally laughed out loud when I saw Scott Darling's cup winning tattoo, on account of it looking so ridiculous. Why doesn't he just have the Wendy's logo on his forehead while he's at it... 3: Political Correctness South Park's recent depiction was particularly on point.
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    If the Cubs don't win the World Series, it's obviously because Marty didn't drag race Needles.
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    Again... The Chargers started in L.A. as the LOS ANGELES CHARGERS. And there are plenty of Charger fans in L.A. as well. Why rebrand? The Chargers played one season in LA in front of crowds that would embarrass a hockey team. They've played 46 years in San Diego... LA has no more of a claim on them at this point than Baltimore has on the Yankees.
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    The Dodgers have announced John Tortorella as their new manager.
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    Yes, it is. A large suburb, perhaps, well-developed with its own identity, perhaps, but you're unquestionably within the circle of the large city next to you. http://i.word.com/idictionary/suburb Thing about megaplexes is that their suburbs can be larger than many other cities across the nation, but still be suburbs by virtue of proximity to the larger anchor city. I know people in Orange County don't like to acknowledge it, but facts are what they are.
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    Georgia-Florida will be color on color again this year. The first comment on the article is my nightmare.
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    So we're just supposed to ignore the fact that gay people cause earthquakes?
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    There's apparently rumors of Tennessee wearing their Smokey Grey helmets and pants this weekend on the road at Alabama (hopefully not for this game, though). A UT beat writer asked me to mock up what it might look like. It actually doesn't look all that bad. (Yes, I know it's not on the Mach Speed template.)
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    Confirmed: wildwing64 works for Dunder Mifflin.
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    While I'm all for hating on the NCAA, I get the feeling that buzzcut just wanted another shot at a thread that he could change the title of constantly in his dismal quest to be admiral jr.
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    No, that obviously can't be it. My drunk, angry, heartbroken post last night was definitely full of more logic and sense than your silly and moronic rebuttal.
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    Is it an unpopular opinion to think the Phillies looked best during the 70s-80s in their maroon and white jerseys? I especially liked the "P" logo, and maroon isn't a color seen anywhere else in the MLB right now.
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    Firstly a message to Cubs fans, and I know this is gonna be scant consolation but anyway - I feel for you, I really do. Believe me when I say that I would rather have had this moment against any team besides the Cubs. You've got an exciting team filled with young talent that looks well positioned to finally do IT soon, and I hope they will. With that said, HOLY MOSES THE METS ARE IN THE WORLD SERIES. At the start of the season I would have been ecstatic with any kind of playoff spot, hell I was happy when they were still right there at mid-season, but this team has just gotten better and better as the year has gone on and now they have been truly awesome when it has mattered most. 2015 New York Mets, I love you so, so much.
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    Bruh. You're pushing your luck a little too much. but medals r cooland u r even kooler 4 typing it like dat/s
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    I'm so glad to see that the Bills are on the worst list, especially at the worst of the week. Death to the monochrome blue.
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    UCLA really needs to burn all uniforms from this year and start all over again.
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    I really like the silver alt but this one doesn't do anything for me. The side panels don't go well with the standalone logo. I wish they'd gone with the full San Antonio writing across the chest like the roads from the Gervin era.
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    I totally agree with this part on principal. But in both the Angels' and Rangers' defense, they were the only MLB club in their respective leagues of their respective states. The Texas Rangers obviously existed before the Houston Astros moved to the AL (even though the Astros are older), and the California Angels were around a few years before the A's moved in. Both are still kind of dumb given, as mentioned, the Astros already existed, as did the Giants and Dodgers, but I was more forgiving of the names because they kind of made sense on a league level. And, as you pointed out, the Texas Rangers were a real thing. What I can't excuse is something as presumptuous as "New England Patriots." Not only are they already 30 miles outside of Boston, they think they represent six or so other states? I realize we're getting off-topic, but I pointed out in another topic my disdain for region-named teams, especially when the regions are large and usually have various sub-cultures within.
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    Unpopular opinion, I hate them. Those shoulder cap designs are god damn awful, way too modern for temple's brand, not to mention generic looking. Temple already had amazing uniforms, there was no need to make any other change than a template shift.
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    4.) People who actually are born and raised in suburban LA, have frequently been to Anaheim, and see that other than a theme park and a couple sports venues that it's part of the same blob as Brea, Fullerton, Orange, La Habra, Buena Park, Cerritos, Whittier, Costa Mesa, Yorba Linda, Lakewood, etc. It's a 25 mile drive on one freeway for me to get there. A tad shorter than driving from Alameda to Reno.
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    Big round of applause for all the contestants! Here are the medals! We have a tie for the bronze medal! Bronze medals go to officeglenn, for Entry 10, and rsaline for Entry 28. The silver medal goes to Lights Out, for Entry 6. And the gold medal goes to Conrad., for Entry 36! Please copy the medals and host them on your account if you want to add them to your signature. List of participants and points tally: 1 LMU 2 packerfan21396 3 steveCRO 4 TheLogoManiac13 5 llfhockey 6 Lights Out 7 DelayedPenalty 8 OmegaRed 9 FFWally 10 officeglenn 11 Jean17 12 BlackBolt3 13 3pointtally 14 Jabel777 15 McElroy19 16 hettinger_rl 17 panthers_2012 18 ZionEagle 19 miltonANDlumbergh 20 next_gen_uniforms 21 GoNordiques 22 pitt6pack 23 ECAdesign 24 macalesterscots 25 suplauren 26 levijeromeSF 27 ECUFan25 28 rsaline 29 JTswag187 30 THOL3N 31 Whittier S 32 TCutt 33 Pulv! 34 LexAeterna 35 dsaline97 36 Conrad. 37 obiwantok Full album here
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    Was I the only one worrying that Dusty Baker may have been vindicated for his remarks on race and heat as Murphy and d'Arnaud crushed everything they saw while our guys were dressed for an expedition to Antarctica?
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    That's pretty ironic, considering that the city suburb of Anaheim paid the team to use it. No. Not even. As much as they wanna push it like that, Anaheim is NOT a suburb of LA (God this is an old and tired debate). Thing about megaplexes is that their suburbs can be larger than many other cities across the nation, but still be suburbs by virtue of proximity to the larger anchor city. I know people in Orange County don't like to acknowledge it, but facts are what they are. Gothamite is correct. Also, people get confused by the fact that "suburban" as an adjective stands in contrast to "urban". Nevertheless, one city can be a suburb of another. For instance, the small cities of northern New Jersey such as Hoboken, Jersey City, and Newark, while all gloriously urban (rather than suburban) in character, are nevertheless suburbs of New York City. The fact that Anaheim is its own city does not prevent it from being a suburb of a larger city, nor does the fact that it's very different from L.A. And the fact that it's in another county is utterly irrelevant. Practically every city has suburbs in other counties; some, as noted above, have them in other states. The real test is the TV market. The networks have no Anaheim stations; the local stations for Anaheim are the L.A. stations KCBS, KNBC, KABC, KTLA, etc. And even if a station were licenced to Anaheim, it still would serve the entire L.A. area, the way the New York area is served both by stations licenced to New York City proper and also by WWOR (licenced to Secaucus, NJ), WNET (licenced to Newark), and WLIW (licenced to Garden City, Long Island). The point of all this is that "Los Angeles Angels" is an entirely appropriate name for a team in Anaheim. And, of course, the Angels aren't the first L.A. team to play in Anaheim: the L.A. Rams played in Anaheim for the last 15 years before their move away; and the L.A. Kiss have played there the past two seasons.
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    Braxton Miler might have something to say about that.
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    You just never know in baseball especially in the post Yankees domination. When the Giants won it in 2010 I couldn't believe it. This Mets team is fun. Congratulations by the way.
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    Marty McFly: "The Mets swept the Cubs? In the NLCS?"
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    So I decided to finish the whole conference. Experimented a bit here and there but I'm content with the outcome. Thanks for looking.
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    Worst poster of the board goes to: Like I said yesterday. At least you're not Cleveland
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    Maybe next year, the Blue Jays could start wearing their home whites and road greys. Wearing an "alternate" jersey for every game makes it no longer an "alternate".
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    whoa.... Kings and Nuggets are alot better and huge upgrade!
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    Or what you could did with the blackhawks was put 6 times champs on it