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    I'm offended that the Bills jerseys don't have Christmas trees and snowflakes on them.
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    Wow what an edgy helmet for Iowa. Glad they kept in in secrecy for so long.
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    Kinda hard to keep a level head. It's easy to blanket hate Islam right now. Especially from the perspective of news-exhausted Americans who endured 9/11 and have seen/heard variations on the term "terrorist" since a Tuesday in September over a decade ago. Turn on every news network and there's another suicide attack, another ISIS beheading, another woman beaten to death for no reason. All we hear regarding the middle east and Islamic people is the ways they kill themselves, kill soldiers, kill civilians, and promote a seemingly ancient and ignorant way of life. It's what the civilized world, especially America, "knows" about the middle east and Islam. Any open mindedness or appreciation of the beauty of their faith, culture, and lifestyle is washed away with each murder and act of horror done allegedly in the name of god. It's too difficult to see past the bloodshed anymore. You can't reason with delusional barbarians who shelter themselves among the innocent. You can't win a clean victory when killing one terrorist risks a dozen civilians. You can't easily comprehend the mind of someone who willingly murders the innocent at the cost of their own life. We've known this for many years, and billions of dollars and thousands of American lives have been lost in the name of squashing the radicals from the distant desert, yet here we are 14 years later and one of the capitals of freedom on Earth was successfully attacked once again by zealots. There can be no victory. Only more death.
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    It's an absolute travesty they chose to go with those crappy Rangers knockoffs over this beauty. Fix the beak and it's one of my favourite jerseys in all of sports.
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    I don't know about you guys, but I think it's pretty clever that they put Joe Bruin's afternoon snack on the helmet. WHAT THE HOLY HELL? I thought this was TCU at first, which actually makes a modicum of sense. I'm waiting for the next big reveal when Duke puts a frozen raccoon on their helmet and Texas uses those blue space cat people from Avatar.
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    I seriously doubt the fact that we're uniform nerds is a galloping shock to...well...anyone.
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    not to mention all the dogs that were watching the game with their owners. Arf!
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    I really wished they would have gone the Throwback Thursday/Color vs Color route (I know that it is impossible due to the one helmet rule but still). Jets in sack exchange green vs the 0 - 4 Super Bowl Bills. Next week a Oilers vs Inaugural season Jaguars set.
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    I don't know about you guys, but I think it's pretty clever that they put Joe Bruin's afternoon snack on the helmet.
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    After a season, I think the Mariners made the wrong move in switching the outlines. It was a better look when the silver was more subtle, IMO.
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    Hire Charles Barkley as the head coach and name them the TurriBulls
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    OK, that shade of green blows their usual green away... no question about it. Unfortunately, everything else about both uniforms is horrific.
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    White cleats would be way better...
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    In class today, talking about the Constitutional requirements to be president... Keep in mind this is an 11th grade class. Me: The President must be a natural born citizen Student: But Barack Obama wasn't born in the United States? Me: Yes, yes he was. Student: No, he was born in Hawaii I think myself and the other 29 kids all facepalmed at the same time.
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    I like the 3rd option the best.
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    Undeniable, but what are we supposed to do, let Islam work through its bloody murderous growing pains on its own schedule? I'm tired of these people.
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    It's not the species that's to blame. Ululululululululu!
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    You've done a good job here, tw. You've taken the best-looking Griffins logo (IMO), and put it with a real nice striping job. Good luck!
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    What about the Braves and the Red Sox? Since they once shared the same city
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    The National Hockey League: games decided in 65 minutes or your pizza's free!
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    If you're questioning the value of branding and being able to instantly identify the teams: Quote from Uni-Watch today: "If you had a hard time adjusting to the Bills wearing red, you weren’t the only one. Buffalo coach Rex Ryan offered this quote after the game: “Hell, I look out there and my team’s in red. Blue, I might have had a chance. But I’m like, ‘Who are they? Oh shoot, that’s us.'” Nice job, NFL."
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    Perhaps, but can you give me an example of how they have done this in the past? I honestly think it is due to underwhelming viewership on Thursdays, and that alone. I think it is a short term project to get people to watch on Thursdays. Much like the Pro Bowl uniforms. Hi, Bort. My son is also named Bort. No, these have nothing to do with boosting viewership. These are about Nike marketing Nike and the league taking extra cash to allow for such blatant whoring. That's why they didn't wear white or blue pants, like people suggested. All red vs. all green. There were probably millions of tweets last night about how awful the game looked, and nearly as many dopes saying the jerseys were "ill" or some equivalent there of. There were hundreds of articles written about the game mentioning the shoulder-to-toe colors are part of the leagues "Nike Color Rush program." That's why it was done. Nike doesn't care that the game looked liked festering anus. They cared that people are talking about Nike products so much.
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    Youd get a bit of kickback with a Scottish inspired design over here. Theirs alot of us dont like the scottish. If you changed the green to a different shade of blue and red numbers youd hav ea beatiful scottish kit.
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    . C'mon ... admit it ... with the exception of the Cleveland Browns new helmets, their next remake can't possibly come soon enough. It's so very tragic for this to happen to such a historic and traditional franchise with among one of the most dedicated fan bases. I mean geez,... those orange jersey numbers and nobs on their brown jerseys, along with those word-marks on their pants, and the word-mark being so large on the jersey makes me wanna barf. Thank goodness Paul Brown isn't still alive to of seen them.
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    Its not that this game looks THAT bad. It just gives me the uneasy feeling that the NFL is easing its way into becoming college football. "its just on Thursdays so no big deal" yeah thats how it works. its the first step to bringing this kind of thing to our sacred sundays
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    I feel like the Leafs will be the team to try all blue ads on the blue jersey, and all white ads on the white. Kinda like the whole name plate debate in the 70's.
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    I love the jerseys. I think this is the first time I have ever felt that Nike has done something right, however, the full-on monochrome is a disaster.
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    Y'all just wait. This will be considered tame in a decade's time.
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    Idk, I have a great feed of the game
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    Let me preface this by saying this game looks awful. That said, it looks about 35% less awful than I thought it would. It's still uglier than all hell, but it's not as bad as I thought it would be. Does that make sense?
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    Oh my gosh they are like just like Oregon!!!!11!! How SICK is that??
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    This is an idea I've tried before... trying to find some new real estate for the Charger's jersey bolts. I don't like the current treatment, and the old style shoulder bolts would be really squeezed on a modern template. This idea kind of follows the Seahawks' and Browns' use of the front upper chest area. As always, thoughts and comments are welcome.
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    White pants and sleeves and this is the very Platonic ideal of a Jets uniform.
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    Jets should always be this color green...just not all at once
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    I'd want to try combining eras (I KNOW, I KNOW, FLOG ME) with the Rams: use the Futura Display of old with the extended Helvetica Black Italic of not-so-old:
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    That's the trick. But under those dreary lights why not have as vibrant a color scheme as possible?
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    Not to be confused with Wild hockey, which is when you try to clog up the neutral zone and pray that whichever goaltender you pulled out of someone else's ass can make 40 saves in a 2-1 win.
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    So I get my stabbing knife ready and prepare for war...
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    I'd like to see Arizona with green, maroon, and sand...
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    And the Cleveland Deal should never be invoked ever again under any circumstances.
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    Few more away kits and the official Euro 16 match ball:
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    Don't listen to him. do listen to him I'm on board with the not listening to him
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    Japan looks great, Spain looks great, Russia looks good (I think the sublimation detracts from both jerseys). And I actually love how the socks stripe separates the solid white from the solid white of the shorts while harkening to the jersey colors (although I still think the jersey could have been designed better). Some very solid work by Adidas.
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    Man after such success with Indy, Ottawa, and Jacksonville, I thought NASL had this whole expansion thing figured out after the failures of OKC and North Virginia. Then…. Puerto Rico I raised my eyes, but overall I think it might work. Its got a famous investor, they seem to be doing it right, and the support should be there. Plus, it'll be a fun road trip some day. Miami FC really made me question their thought process. Why move a team into a similar market to an existing (and struggling) team where a MLS team is right around the corner…well maybe…depends on what day. And in the end, that's why that MAY work. Beckham can't get his stuff together and perhaps Miami FC may be the only game in town. Plus, crazy rich investors. Even if I'd rather see them elsewhere…I can see the logic. Plus, it'll be a fun road trip some day. Rayo OKC. I just don't get it. The thing many NASL fanboys make fun of MLS fanboys for is the affiliate teams like Chivas and NYCFC. I get that USL burned you. You had announced an OKC team and stuff happens. They swooped in and took the market. Not exactly a nice thing to do, but whatever. Move on. Instead you're doing a farm team for a spanish team nobody has heard of, in a high school in the suburbs, in a metro area that already has a decently successful soccer team playing downtown. I hope I'm wrong and OKC can properly support 2 professional clubs. But I can't see it. This team either fails, or succeeds at the cost of OKC Energy. Neither option is a good one. Also, if your'e going to do this, don't ignore the Energy. Go full on and say you're #1 goal is to beat OKC Energy in the open cup. Make it fun! Maybe the plus in this is the NASL is making their foreign team mistake in year 6 vs. MLS making theirs in year 12, so by that logic, NASL is growing faster than MLS!!!!
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    Oh man, I wouldn't wish that upon poor Peyton. And I don't think the cap penalty would have mattered. Peyton is a smart guy, there is no way he honestly would have thought that he was a better fit in Washington than in Denver. The only players that come to Washington are free agents looking to get PAID so they can coast the rest of their career comfortably. Peyton isn't that. And last part of my self-deprecating rant: If that picture above was real and Peyton did sign with the Redskins, is there ANY chance he'd still be playing right now? I say, none whatsoever and his legacy would be tarnished. You'd have to remember his career in spite of what he did as a Redskin. If that picture was real, realistically we'd all be talking like: "Wow, can you believe it's already been 2 years since Peyton Manning died? Remember him?"
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