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    It's an absolute travesty they chose to go with those crappy Rangers knockoffs over this beauty. Fix the beak and it's one of my favourite jerseys in all of sports.
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    After a season, I think the Mariners made the wrong move in switching the outlines. It was a better look when the silver was more subtle, IMO.
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    Hire Charles Barkley as the head coach and name them the TurriBulls
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    I like the 3rd option the best.
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    The National Hockey League: games decided in 65 minutes or your pizza's free!
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    Okay, so here it is. I went with HVF's suggestion, full sleeves and yoke in blue, but with a more traditional pant stripe. I looked at the color change that mkg74 suggested, and ended up darkening both the blue and the gold slightly (the Suns are now wearing the exact same colors that the Chargers wore in the same time period). I looked at moving the logo up to the shoulder, as suggested by officerpain, but the rays didn't look as good coming down from there. I also tried a simplified version, but it looked far too modern. I also changed the shoes from white to blue, something that the Chargers also apparently did in the mid-1970s, as per the Gridiron Uniform Database. If the goal is to be as flashy as possible, bright blue shoes seems to be a pretty good way to get there. I feel much better about this now than I did before. Side note: regardless of the fan response to this uniform, the players will hate it. The Suns have traditionally worn white at home for the first few weeks of the season, as the average temperature in Miami is still nearly 90 degrees when the season kicks off. With the new white uniform, the shoulders are dark, defeating the purpose of doing so.
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    I feel like the Leafs will be the team to try all blue ads on the blue jersey, and all white ads on the white. Kinda like the whole name plate debate in the 70's.
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    Oh my gosh they are like just like Oregon!!!!11!! How SICK is that??
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    This is an idea I've tried before... trying to find some new real estate for the Charger's jersey bolts. I don't like the current treatment, and the old style shoulder bolts would be really squeezed on a modern template. This idea kind of follows the Seahawks' and Browns' use of the front upper chest area. As always, thoughts and comments are welcome.
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    Not to be confused with Wild hockey, which is when you try to clog up the neutral zone and pray that whichever goaltender you pulled out of someone else's ass can make 40 saves in a 2-1 win.
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    Three-on-three hockey is an abomination, but NO TIES, TIES NEVER. Again, the third/one-point outcome is the problem, not anything else. If the only choice is whether you win or lose -- not win, lose, or kinda lose but not really -- there won't be any problems. I'd like to look at the last five years of playoff overtime games and see how many end relatively promptly (that is to say within the first ten minutes of the first overtime). I suspect most do.
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    And the Cleveland Deal should never be invoked ever again under any circumstances.
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    Don't listen to him. do listen to him I'm on board with the not listening to him
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    Oh man, I wouldn't wish that upon poor Peyton. And I don't think the cap penalty would have mattered. Peyton is a smart guy, there is no way he honestly would have thought that he was a better fit in Washington than in Denver. The only players that come to Washington are free agents looking to get PAID so they can coast the rest of their career comfortably. Peyton isn't that. And last part of my self-deprecating rant: If that picture above was real and Peyton did sign with the Redskins, is there ANY chance he'd still be playing right now? I say, none whatsoever and his legacy would be tarnished. You'd have to remember his career in spite of what he did as a Redskin. If that picture was real, realistically we'd all be talking like: "Wow, can you believe it's already been 2 years since Peyton Manning died? Remember him?"
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