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    I would love to see you all stop bugging him about requests.
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    Am i the only one praying for the cats to make an another cinderalla run to the cup finals 20 years later just so we can see them wear something decent for as long as we can before switching over to these monstrosities?
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    Source?Several previously mentioned in this thread. Also, we've already seen one of them. The Diamondbacks? Huh? Which team is that? There's no team by that name. There's one in Arizona called the DBacks though, maybe you mean them?
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    You know. It was the North Stars Cinderella run to the finals in 1981 that kept the green jersey from going black the following season. I think Florida has a great logo, secondary logo, and jersey. They look great the way they are. Why change? For a logo with a wood-mark. a stupid flag. And Montreal Canadiens striping? Bleh.
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    Although that Michigan uniform is gorgeous, I'm a little bummed that we didn't get to see the maize pants on the road this year. I think the new white jersey paired with the maize pants would look absolutely phenomenal. The all-white is great, but to me the maize pants are a staple of Michigan football. Plus, I felt the all-white look became dull by the end of the year. If they just split the time between white and yellow pants on the road next year and kept all other design elements the same, I'd be happy.You clearly don't know your football history. The only reason TSUN started wearing yellow pants in the first place is that their players were peeing themselves in fear before the games. They used to have brown panels in back. With technology the way it is today, it's possible to make both pee and poop invisible with the right combination of diapers. The white pants reflect this new high-tech world.
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    Exactly what I've always thought. That way it still keeps those those people who say "oh no den regular sezon wnt mattur" happy.
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    Some people obviously don't know how equipment teams apply helmet decals... I actually really like the Arkansas helmet. They did it well, with only the chrome shell. A chrome decal and facemask would've been overkill like we see a lot of the time. Arkansas gets a nice pop of color and not much more.
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    It's amazing what simplicity accomplishes. It accomplished A LOT with Michigan.
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    As a proud graduate of THE Ohio State University, it pains me to say this about TSUN, but Michigan had just about the most flawless home and road combination possible this year. One helmet, one home uniform, one road uniform, no stupid gimmicks, no one-offs, no throwbacks, no chrome, no matte, no nonsense and no garbage. The home uniform remained simple and awesome and this road uniform... ... is just about as close to perfection as it gets. The super clean white on white, the single layer numbers, the matching stripes... my Lord, that's a gorgeous uniform. In the nightmare cesspool of the current state of CFB uniform design, the way that Michigan shook off the idiocy of ugliness, and went back to basics is inspiring. OK, I think I just made myself a little nauseous. Go Bucks!
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    Yeah...the FCS has dropped its playoff because of all the reasons you mentioned. Injuries galore in the FCS. Mainly just the fourth string backups by the time the FCS championship game happens...but seriously, there won't be any more injuries than you'd see in any other three-game stretch of the season. Complaining about injuries is about as bad an excuse as saying "A playoff isn't possible because our kids have to study." Should we cancel the NFL's playoff system too because of all the injuries that lead up to the Super Bowl?And anyone who thinks basketball is "non-contac"t has never played or watched basketball. We've seen basketball players tear up their knees and break their legs in the tournament. For decades we had co-champions and non-title bowls thanks to the polls, and then we were so "fine" with the top 2 BCS system that everyone complained and openly asked for a playoff. A 2-team final game was never really the answer. I think we've seen how great a 4-team playoff is. I wouldn't be surprised if the NCAA moves to a 6-team or 8-team playoff in the next 5-10 years. The March Madness brackets are just a money-maker? You do realize the brackets have been around for decades, right? The college basketball tournament is just as traditional as your beloved bowl games (speaking of "just money-makers"). Who said I love bowl games? I think there are far too many and they simply dilute the pool of talented teams playing.. But again, you're supporting my point.. Too much football being played for the sake of it (or for the sake of making more money).. I wouldn't be surprised either if they go to a larger playoff, but it will be for the purpose of making money, not to give a truer chance for the best team to emerge.. And adding an additional 3 games to the end of the season is different from any other three game stretch because it's ADDED.. That's an additional three games, not to mention that they're being played after the players are more physically beaten up and more stresses have been placed on their body, PLUS it will cut down on the pre-bowl recovery time, thus further increasing chance for injury prevalence.. And yes, I understand that brackets have existed for quite a while.. In fact, you can devise brackets to extend to placing more than just top-2 (waiting on March madness to add those additional games for more revenue, maybe place top 8 before too long).. And as for basketball being a contact sport, are you serious? That may be the just outrageous claim I've ever seen I these boards.. Comparing basketball contact to football- get real.. I guess baseball is a contact sport too since injuries happen in that sport as well.. If you graze a players arm it's a foul - much different from a sport that encourages high speed collisions
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    I like the red-and-green Devils logo and the "stick in rink" is okay, but not a big fan of the "let's look like the Lakers" L.A. Kings look. Well the lakers switched to purple and gold to match the kings, the owner wanted his teams to have a unified look in the fourm.
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    *watching the Rose Bowl* And....Christian McCaffery didn't win the Heisman...why?
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    Away looks too much like a Norwich, but I like the home! A lot! Cool color scheme, reminds me of like reggae culture Jamaica. (I've been there). Great work again
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    Patriots in silver could be decent
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    Yes Before I scrolled down, I was hoping that this would be your exact response
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    I was drinking and offer my apologies. Sometimes my passion for hockey aesthetics gets the better of me and while what Ice Cap said rubbed me the wrong way, I can see why my comment crossed the line of what's acceptable on these boards. I will try and channel my passion in a more constructive and less insulting way.
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    He can do it because this is the point of a concept section. It doesn't need to be perfect or better,just a different take. I don't think it'd bad at all, just a few tweaks away (start with the eye)
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    My original Broncos logo thread is locked so I thought I'd just post it here since it's related & my concept was referenced here. Was watching the game last night & just so happened to see my concept make an appearance during the game. I thought it was kinda neat to see & figured I'd share it with you.
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    Totally right Because that's what this site is?? Critique it all you want but that's literally exactly what this site is for. Don't listen to these guys sippin the haterade.
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    TWO new BP cap styles for every team this upcoming season. One for Spring Training specifically, one for the rest of the year (I'm not sure if some teams will have multiple caps like some do already, but I'd assume so. I'm sure at least one team will probably have three or even maybe four). Both will feature the new league logo mark on the right side panel. Some teams BP caps will be the same, some will be slightly different, some will be dumb as hell and look really stupid. Oh, grey sweatbands on the new BP caps, too.
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    Bravo. This is one of the best Senators concepts I've ever seen,
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    Ravens wearing gold pants, possibly a preview for next year's color rush
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    Hoping that the Patriots go with Gray Uniforms
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    Apologies for having to bring up a few-month old thread, but Canadian baseball fans will NEVER forget this one. No matter what this guy does from here on out, this is his defining moment.
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    Here is the next team, The Ontario reign. This team looked phenomenal before they went to the AHL. The dragon logos are top notch and the jerseys were sharp and had gradients. Now they are simply an LA Kings ripoff. I am really sad that they didn't keep their old brand because it is much better. My concept brings back the gradients and a neat spike design on the arms. The third jersey is a little more subtle and uses very sharp angles. Ontario Reign
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