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    Seeing those Avs jerseys back on the ice only highlights how much of a dumpster fire the Avs' current set is. This jersey has everything that the current Avs' uniform doesn't - good design, uniqueness, and a history of multiple Stanley Cup wins. Just go back to it already.
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    I will be doing kits for Atlanta and LAFC as well as maybe a badge and kits for the Miami team.
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    I thought Marchand played for the Bruins?
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    Obviously bought and paid for by the French... just like your avatar.
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    I would love the TWolves to rebrand around the howling wolf logo along with royal blue and kelly green.
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    Stole the words out of my mouth, that uniform looked spectacular yesterday. If the team had made an Edge version of it for the real outdoor game, the process could already be underway. Instead we get the get the half assed, click and fill, with the amputated Rockies logo. It bears repeating that this team is clueless.
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    Using myself as an example. When I'm sinking ships and the sky is a lighter color (ie not night), the dark colored ships tend to pop out at me more and are easier to grab and drag underwater. There were times where a light colored ship has sailed right past me and I didn't even notice it. As you can see i'm having trouble grabbing the ship with the white sails while I'm grabbing the ship with the dark sails quite easily. Its all about contrast. So I also thought this would be the case with hockey players and their helmet colors.
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    Fictional? Psh, the PHL isn't fictional. It's a long forgotten completely real hockey league whose records were stumbled upon by hawkfan89. And he was nice enough to share it with us. And then you go and accuse it of being fictional? The nerve! PS- Complete Sarcasm PPS- Congratulations Seattle and Dallas (but mostly Seattle).
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    I came on here to say just this. The logo they have now is pretty solidly known for the Garnett era...with Towns and Wiggins coming along, now is the perfect chance to rebrand around that beautiful alt that most fans like more than the primary anyway. I also think the Grizzlies identity is starting to get a little stale...I wish they found a way to somehow merge that identity with what they had in Vancouver.
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    Just when the Niners announced their intentions to keep Kaepernick, he demands a trade. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000638741/article/kaepernicks-agents-request-permission-to-seek-trade
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    Pacers mainly just need a new court. Jerseys need small improvements, but the logo is a modern classic. The Mavericks' brand really needs updating, but Cuban likes it too much to change. Orlando needs subtle changes to its logo and wordmark to be really good.
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    This isn't rare. The Giants wore white at home against Dallas for several years. I actually used to love this. White at home just looks right in all sports.
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    Tampa Bay has one of the most cluttered flags I've ever seen. It manages to somehow mash together all of the themed nautical flags outside your local Long John Silvers into a single, incoherent mess. The original intent was to include inspirations from each country that helped found Tampa (noble concept) but TWO shades of yellow?! Next to each other (terrible execution)?! And a seal, as per the standard bad flag design manual. My take: Preserved the rich color scheme using all five of the original flag's colors (yellow #2 doesn't count). The original flag is built strongly on the nations that had a hand in founding/building Tampa: Spain Britain Italy France The checkerboard red/white field retains the nautical feel of the city as Tampa is very much coastal and the ocean plays a major role for the city. The navy, green and yellow are reworked into a saltire, which still conjures the same "worldly" feel since saltires are often associated with British Empire nations/colonies.
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    Alternate histories are fun so for silly goofs let's say Elway actually deciding to play for the Colts keeps them in Baltimore. That changes everything. The St. Louis Cardinals were now the next team looking to relocate and at the time that would’ve had Indianapolis, Phoenix, Jacksonville, Memphis, and others vying for them. In 84 the Colts chose Indianapolis over Phoenix because they had the best stadium situation at the time and the city was offering a better deal. The team was the primary tenant at a brand new dome and you’d figure if Indy was open the Bidwells would make the same decision as the Irsays. So now you have the St Louis Cardinals becoming the Indianapolis Cardinals. - The next relocation/expansion was the Raiders/Rams Los Angeles exodus in 1995, but Al Davis wanted to leave LA long before then. He had a deal to move back to Oakland in 1990, but it fell through. So with an open spot in Phoenix Davis moves the Raiders to Arizona in 1990 and you have the Arizona Raiders who still play in the greater Phoenix area to this day. - 1995 Expansion process: with Baltimore taken that’s one fewer group bidding for an expansion team, but you still have the same groups and cities looking to get in – St. Louis, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Memphis. Charlotte was the gimme so they get the Panthers. St. Louis’ bids fall apart and Jacksonville stuns everyone is granted a team. So we still get the Panthers and Jaguars in 1995. St. Louis still doesn’t have a team. - The Rams are a tricky case in this timeline because that would mean they’d have the whole city to themselves for 5 seasons. Maybe a stadium deal gets worked out in that timeframe, but going off what actually happened and the city not working to secure a new stadium for either team let’s say Georgia Frontierre still moves the team to St. Louis for the 1995 season. - 1995 season. The Browns and Oilers are both looking for new homes. Baltimore where they wound up is taken, St. Louis is filled by the Rams. That leaves LA open, but these alternate Browns choose not to move there for the same reasons they chose not to move there in our reality. Modell briefly flirts with the idea of Nashville, but spending the 1996, 1997, and 1998 seasons in small temporary venues isn’t going to work for a broke owner. With no viable cities left Modell decides to hold off for at least a year. The Browns draft Ray Lewis. Bud Adams isn’t scared off by the vagabond lameduck seasons in Houston and Memphis and the team finally settles in Nashville in 1998 and their new stadium in 1999. They would play in 4 different home stadiums in 4 straight seasons. - The extra time granted by Modell to the city of Cleveland gives both sides more space to reach a deal to build a new stadium and they’re able to reach an agreement for new Cleveland Browns stadium which opens for the 1999 season. The Browns develop a championship caliber team and win Super Bowl XXXV over the New York Giants with one of the best defenses in NFL history. of course a lot of that is pure speculation.
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    But that's the difference between 1991 and today. Today, the 49ers would have merchandise for sale at the unveiling event, and would be stuck with the new logo for a couple years at least. The merchandising culture has had a tremendous effect on sports, and not for the better.
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    I remember they didn't choose Tropics because they didn't want the franchise to seem like a joke. Meanwhile, the franchise has been nothing but a joke so far.
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    Love it. I was watching the Miracle on Ice 30 for 30 and it showed the Soviets playing the Netherlands, and I was hoping they happened to be in the movie. Does anyone know how accurate these sweaters to the real life build up to, and during the 1980 Olympics?
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    The only things wrong with Vancouver's uniforms are the striping is needlessly inconsistent from jersey to pants to socks and the arched Vancouver above the logo is really unnecessary. I could live with the whale, but Skatin' Johnny front and center would be best.
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    RBFC updated. Thank you PaperThin. My struggle was that I felt the fins blended into the body outline too much, so I added a small stroke to provide some separation. CD Horta The fourth team in this series is located in Horta on the island of Faial. Named after Josse van Hueter, the first settler of the Azores, the community has been a historically major maritime centre. It has acted as a stopover for commercial routes between Europe and the New World, an outpost for Azorean exports (oranges and wine), and a waypoint for early transatlantic travel. This key part of the island's economy is showcased by a scene of a sailing fishing boat inlaid in a steering wheel, and with a blue-and-white checkered pattern present on the shorts and alternate, which is reminiscent of both the city's flag and naval signal flags. C&C appreciated.
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    U ES Micalense An incredibly religious society, U. E.S. Micaelense is inspired by the patron saint of the Azores, the Holy Spirit, and by the characteristically coloured hydrangeas on the island: "The man that had the idea to border the road with these plants should have a statue on the island. In no other place, do they prosper better: they need a covering of light, humidity and heat...they are in their place. Their blue, is the blue that adorns the Azores on lipid days...this is a blue that is even more blue, the bunches of flowers of a colour more intense and more fresh. They are in every direction: rising along the roads and the fields forming hedges; they serve to divide the parcels and to cover the peaceful animals." — Raul Brandão, As Ilhas Desconhecidas (1926), p.33 (my own pic) Players for Os Divinos (The Divine) are the three most well known players from the archipelago. Alternate colours drawn from the flag of Ponta Delgada, the capital of Sao Miguel (Micaelense is the demonym) and the sceptre, a symbol in the Cult of the Holy Spirit (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cult_of_the_Holy_Spirit) from Azorean Christianity. I realize the primary and clash are pretty close together in colour, but I thought they worked well and the red could be worn quite often. From my last iteration, I have changed the shorts to add the logo and a red stripe near the hem of the shorts. I wanted to keep red in the background on the primary and clash but I do agree, the shorts did need some red.
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    I've been saying since Day One that the Titans should have used the "'T" on their helmets instead of the ugly asymmetrical flaming ball...thing...
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    It was "Rockford Hockey Club" night. Those jerseys are modeled after what the youth travel hockey club in Rockford wears. Can't believe they'll wear that but won't wear something as a nod to the Rockford Icemen who have won 17 of 19 state championships.
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    Oh wow, I haven't been on the boards in a while, so I didn't see this thread before starting my series. I didn't mean to be a copycat, but great job! These are by far the best NBA concepts I've seen on here recently. I love all of these, especially the Nets. I look forward to the rest.
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