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    So one of the greatest sequences in college basketball history happens, and BucFan is up in here triple posting about the women's basketball court design... Get outttttaaaaa heerrrrrrrreeee
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    Thanks. I always appreciate the encouragement. My move is effectively complete, and as of about 3 minutes ago, I finally have internet access again, which means that it's time to start moving forward. Tomorrow marks the second anniversary of the first post of this thread, so I will be posting the offseason news, and the 1978 season can get underway.
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    SIGH. Two players, same team, not wearing the same socks. Why is this hard?
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    This has always been my favorite:
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    the teal D Backs unis are much better than the red-centric ones. Which is like saying bamboo shoots under the fingernails is better than being electrocuted
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    Thank god! The Mets are wearing their grays today!
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    Basketball: No Sleeves* Hockey: Hem Stripes, Shoulder Yokes
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    Took me YEARS to find a USA made polyester version of that cap. Even had it without the New Era logo on the side. Then somebody broke into my car and stole it from me
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    Happy real life Opening Day! The second of four expansion teams is the USBL’s second attempt at a second team in a city. And in the meantime, the Brooklyn Privateers seem to be just that in the Big Apple--the second team. You may remember the Boston Americans who spent 15 seasons there before moving to the nation’s capital to become the Potomacs. They were an utter failure, but a lot of that should be pinned on the owner and front office, not just the low attendance. However, the league has a lot of faith in Brooklyn to be a welcoming city for a new franchise. Like Philadelphia, there’s a lot of baseball history there with the Knights as well as past minor league affiliates in Long Island, the Bronx and Brooklyn. Heritage Field also made a good case for an expansion team in New York. The ballpark is a former home of the Knights, has hosted 3 All Star Games in different decades, as well as a prospects game for future USBL draftees. The 24-foot-tall brick wall in left field makes up for the short distance, making a homer to left-center field a near impossible feat. In center, an uphill slope makes long fly balls a difficult play for outfielders and provides a great old-time quirk. The majority of space from the hill to the right field pole is an extension of the hill and can be used as overflow seating for playoffs, All Star Games, or concerts. The enlarged batters’ circle with the words “Welcome to Brooklyn” is another iconic feature of Heritage Field. The Privateers emphasized pitching in the expansion draft, and that may be the only thing that they can be proud of in their inaugural season. Collectively, the staff is projected to put up a fairly decent team ERA, but the pitiful offense may make them the worst expansion club of the bunch. Emilio Castro, Jack Dickey and closer Keith Burns are all trying to make a name for themselves on the mound, and Miguel Diaz comes in as an experienced veteran from Colorado who knows what it takes to win. Brooklyn will roll onto the field on Opening Day with a classy, modern look. Pinstripes thin out (not a gradient) at the shoulders and shins, representing a pirate slashing the stripes. The notches in the scripts and numbers give the same effect. While the color scheme is a bit muddy, it reflects the wear-and-tear of privateer ships in the past. Another unique feature are the road pinstripes, which haven’t been worn in the USBL since the mid-2000s. And finally, the lettering remains red on red backgrounds, including the caps. Phildalephia Liberty < Brooklyn Privateers > San Antonio Phantoms
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    And, of all the new crap they unveiled this off season, they're still going to just use the black alt cap (which was never used with the home jerseys in the last set) they've had for years. God, this rebrand is such a complete and total mess. Probably the worst I've ever seen. They're hands down the worst looking team in MLB, in the very least.
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    These new D-Backs uniforms look absurd on the field. The patterns weren't implemented tastefully at all.
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    The true power lies within the PURPLE!!!
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    The Pitt script will be returning in what may be three different uniform sets, but the 1973-96 throwbacks will be worn once a year. At this time, the current colors won't be changing, it should be noted this will be the 40th anniversary of the great 1976 National Championship team. There may be a patch on the new uniforms to commemorate that dominant team.
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    The TCU ALAMO BOWL RING isn't blurry, it just makes everything else around it sharper. That is the power of the TCU ALAMO BOWL RING.
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    What a poor decision. This change is supposed to make it look like the front with the wordmark but it just makes it look more muddled
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    Paul Lukas says that Cleveland will be wearing 1977 throwbacks at some point in the season. I hope that someone notices that the hat from that set would be perfect for current use, and would be far better than the block C.
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    Unpopular opinion, maybe, but I LOVE that grey lettered mets alt.
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    I site I go to has this as their current logo: I got bored and messed around with it. This is what I came up with: Any comments or critiques? I feel it is a better color scheme, improved typeface and the golfer is a much crisper render.
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    So after a slight delay with some of my other projects taking my time, and an 8 hour wifi connection loss yesterday, I'm finally back. I finished the next request, the French Connection. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find good quality images of older players. I went for less detail in this one, but I had to keep the hair. They had great hair in those times! I also added in the banners that I think exist. Either they exist or someone did some pretty good photoshop. I'm not a Sabres fan, so I'm not entirely sure how big the French Connection is there, but they seemed pretty important.
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    Looks pretty solid from top to bottom. The Jags feel more menacing somehow. I usually go for something more out of the box, but this pleases me. I think you re-introduced just the right amount of gold. And the teal feels deeper and bolder than I remember it normally being.
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    Bruce Bochy is wearing the wrong hat tonight, too. He's wearing the new BP cap instead of the poly AC game cap.
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    Wow. A new sponsor is going to look strange. Sad, too, given the team's ties with the company.
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    To me, the Indians red socks work better with the Navy alts and the navy socks work better with white and gray unis. Seems like they have it backwards...
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    Which goes against what they had said: https://www.facebook.com/Indians/posts/10154058613359521?comment_id=10154058783019521&reply_comment_id=10154058844664521&comment_tracking=%7B%22tn%22%3A%22R9%22%7D " Blue socks with red stripes for players this year if they choose to wear them."
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    I can definitely see that. I've very loosely based the Wizards on the Edmonton Oilers of the '80s, at least in playing style. We'll see if they enjoy the same kind of success.
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    Mitchell Friedman . . . Who are these guys!?!?!
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    That is some Major-League-calibre mustachery! Kudos!
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    I love both of them. The Christmas jersey and cap are perfect. For the Mardi Gras cap the green seems rather spontaneous. I think the jersey needs to incorporate more green and maybe make the socks have some sort of striping pattern. What I'm trying to say is that I think that the colors on the Mardi Gras cap and jersey need the three colors to be spread around, for lack of a better word.
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    The blue.... I want to call it "Shadow"... clutters up the wordmarks. Also, red letters would be hard to read on the field on a red jersey. It's a great set, but yeah. You really need to fix up that wordmark issue. Also, did you try a double outline with the numbers?
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    Love it. Their regular caps also deserve inclusion on this list. My favorite in all of college baseball:
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    I would lighten up the gold color to create better contrast. From a distance it would be difficult to make out what the wordmark says.
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    Now we're talking. If they use this template and replace the shamrocks with mountains, they could probably fit 1,000 on there.
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    Please now. Let's not act like Villanova is Florida Gulf Coast.
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    Another brick post. This is seriously resembling a WNBA game.
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    Jay Wright is my new favorite coach in sports. That stone cold reaction to the greatest shot ever is the most badass thing I've ever seen.
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    Oh good! More mythical, what-if sports!
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    My thoughts on the TCU ALAMO BOWL RING: It looks good and I like the purple. Those are my thoughts on the TCU ALAMO BOWL RING. Out of all of the rings I have seen, this TCU ALAMO BOWL RING is one of the better rings.
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    Yeah they do look really good. It'd look even better if they swapped the colors (Blue outlined in gold on the jersey, white outlined in gold on the hat), though IMO. I've actually been pushing for that look for the Royals for awhile.
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    You know, getting the Hurricanes out of Raleigh-Durham would open up some corporate dollars for Major League Baseball. I think most people there would make that trade. Just gotta hope Karmanos doesn't use the money from the sale to buy the baseball team, hire Brandon Inge as his general manager, and start another war with Mike Ilitch.
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    I thought the 2006-07 season was all right... But yeah, for me, the Carolina Hurricanes are generally a dead zone of my hockey knowledge. I think I know less about that franchise and its fanbase than any other in the league. There's Rod Brind'Amour, Eric Staal, Cam Ward, that 2006 Cup Run... and... um... Ray Whitney? Brett Hedican? EDIT: Oh, hell! They got swept by the Red Wings in that other Cup Final, right? Huh... And as someone that kind of chronicles their life in relation to hockey seasons, I honestly can't remember what I did during the 2004-05 lockout. It was my freshman year of high school, but the rest is a blank spot.
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    I didn't read this as soon as I realized they refer to those "KU" letters as logos. Select font: Trajan Type: "KU." Neato. So they're b*tching over who was first to PAY for lazy, stupid, and unoriginal. Mark an "L" for both schools. Pretty lame.
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    This thread is absolutely useless without pictures.
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    This. What if someone wants to talk about unused logos? If he revives an old thread, he's criticized. If he starts a new one, he's criticized since a thread (that he's not allowed to reply to) already exists. As for the above posts, I was really disappointed when the New Hampshire team ditched "Primaries". It is certainly "minor league" but hey, it's a minor league team. And "Fisher Cats"? There are all sorts of minor league teams with similar names. But I took a look and according to the Fisher Cats wikipedia page, the reaction to "Primaries" was uniquely negative. I don't get it. Go 'Cats!
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