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    A good roundel can make an excellent logo. Hating roundels for hating roundels sake is the latest trend of sports hipsters...
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    This board, every time a logo or jersey changes:
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    It's also tragic that this beautiful alternate logo/shoulder patch is being replaced by yet another dumb ass flag.
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    Iconic? Look, the old Panthers logo was good. Really good. Iconic though? Not even close. I'm not sure a logo can even be iconic when the locals don't even know the team exists.
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    I'm in the minority when it comes to this, I actually think this logo is an upgrade.
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    Bill Maher as a Washington Nat.
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    Just once, I'd like this to happen
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    So I ran down to the Roseville Galleria real quick today to see if they had any of the new gear in stock yet at the Kings Team Store (which I didn't even know existed until tp49 mentioned the "popup" store). I basically expected there to only be a few overpriced, cheaply made T shirts picked clean on sizes. NOPE. They already have the store fully stocked with the new gear, and other than the small discount rack they have, there's basically zero sign of the old logo set anywhere. They even have the new sign up already. The guy at the counter said they had a whole team in last night stocking everything and putting up the new graphics package. I even picked up a 59Fifty (US made poly, too. Which is surprising because I've been looking for a Kings fitted with a "current" logo in US made poly for quite a long time now). I've gotta say, kudos to the Kings for rolling this whole thing out so quickly and (relatively) covertly. Most teams usually take MONTHS to get gear stocked as well as they have it.
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    Only you could find something to hate about this. Three OT games? Two in Double OT? Series tied twice? 5 of 6 games decided by one goal? John Tavares? Honky the Car? OK. And of course, its you too! You'd both be great at parties. Jeez.
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    I'm of the opinion that a franchise history is the franchise history and no matter how you try to change it, you can't change history. The Oklahoma City franchise won the NBA title in 1979 while playing in Seattle, and no amount of revisionism can change that fact. If the Washington Nationals choose to honor the old Expos, that's their business, but as far as I am concerned, Gary Carter, Tim Raines, etc. played for the Washington Nationals franchise while it was located elsewhere. Whether the NFL recognizes it or not, Jim Brown played for the Baltimore Ravens franchise while it was located in Cleveland. Special allowances and league recognition doesn't matter, history is history.
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    The Baltimore Orioles have slowly been moving closer and closer to perfecting their uniform set, but they keep getting things wrong. The attempts they've made at updating their scripts are downright ugly, so I drew new scripts from scratch, heavily inspired by the scripts of Baltimore's retro jerseys. Gone is the muddled piping, replaced by single black piping. An updated full-bodied oriole logo makes an appearance on the sleeves and the alternate cap. Included are home, road, two alternate, and batting practice uniforms. The Sunday alternate is a sleeveless jersey. Throwback Thursdays feature the alternate cap with the regular white jerseys. Also, this is a peek at the new baseball template I'm developing. Credit to @raysox on the socks.
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    OnWis97/Ice_Cap 2016: Needs Stripes.
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    Stupid Panthers and their soccer logo: oh wait....
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    Poppycock. I can choose to write however I like and if I want to list multiple items in succession then that is not an inherently flawed sentence. And if I list multiple items in succession I'm going to make sure it's as clear as possible. Also I like starting sentences with "And". That's like saying "if your sentence needs to use a semicolon you need to revise the sentence." Or, there are tools in the English language at our disposal. This is only even a thing because AP decided way back when that it would save newspaper space. That's the only practical reason.
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    i blame the clippers jerseys for this
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    Let me know when the A's realize that bottom cap is nothing more than an alternate to only be worn with the green jersey and that it doesn't fit with the road gray jersey.
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    Welcome! To the left is where the vultures peck out your insides, to the right are the Sisyphean hills, and straight ahead is the wading pool where you can't reach the water or the fruit hanging overhead. Enjoy your stay.
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    i honestly believe that if the dallas stars knew minnesota fans were going to rabidly demand the north stars identity back, they never would have allowed them to wear the n-star in the alumni game. stars fans were NOT happy about it... but the team was willing to let minnesota celebrate its own history. even the parts that belong to the stars franchise. stars were cool and let the wild borrow it, as a gesture of good will. now it seems as though minnesota doesn't want to share. they just want to take it and make us re-brand for their convenience... which is honestly unfair. since we're all sharing anecdotes about the relocation, i'll tell you how i remember it. i was 9 years old, and my family had just moved to texas (after previous stays in my parents' homestate of alabama, my birthplace of massachusetts, and upstate new york). i wasn't a sports fan, but knew about the crimson tide, dallas cowboys, and red sox/yankees rivalry. i was vaguely aware hockey existed (even though my parents claim i watched the bruins a lot as an infant, but i don't recall it). next thing i know, my family was getting really excited that a hockey team had come to texas, since they'd grown accustomed to the sports in our time in the northeast (plus my dad had spent time living in brooklyn, detroit, and flames-era atlanta). no one acted like dallas had been awarded an expansion team. this wasn't a "oh wow, HOCKEY is coming to dallas." it was a very distinct "the NORTH STARS are moving to DALLAS!" everyone talked as if the north stars were some legitimately prized hockey commodity. its hard to equate it to terms that could be understood by people that didn't share my experience, but imagine living in san antonio and everyone saying "the KNICKS/RAIDERS/CUBS are moving to san antonio!" not a team that was known as a power house, but a team that already had such name recognition that no one was like "the minnesota hockey team is coming." minnesota wasn't needed. the NORTH STARS were coming. that's a big steal. and i remember people asking if lone stars was going to be the name. i even remember looking up the NHL in an encyclopedia at the library when i was in elementary school and seeing them list us as the dallas lone stars, and wondering if that was actually our OFFICIAL name (turns out it was just printed at an awkward moment.) from the earliest moments of my stars fandom, the stars never felt like they were a "new" team. they didn't feel marketed as such, and they certainly weren't welcomed as such. it was more like a "wow. i can't believe dallas lucked out and got the freaking north stars." in the same way people a few years later were like "wow, i can't believe the stars lucked out and signed brett freaking hull!" we knew the stars were special and were one of the sport's most beloved teams. think los angeles/brooklyn dodgers. an absolute mainstay and cherished franchise on two different coasts. i'm a tennessee titans fan as well (because when we moved here, i picked houston as 'my team' just to piss off my grandparents who were cowboys fans), and i stuck with the team in the relocation to nashville, and consider the texans to be our evil rivals the same way i hate the wild. the primary difference between the stars and titans, from a fan perspective, is that people in nashville honestly wanted to rebrand. they wanted a team that was theirs and theirs alone. new name. new logo. a lot of fans even want to drop the columbia blue, because they consider that an oiler color and they're not the oilers. they piss me off, but i digress. the stars fanbase NEVER shared a similar view point. we didn't want "our own team" to rebrand with new names, new logos, new colors, and have something to call our own. why would we want that, when what we inherited is so much better? it is a shame that the real stars fans in minnesota had to suffer through their loss, but i know quite a few former north stars fans that are currently dallas stars fans (mostly canadians, but still). the stars fanbase would gladly welcome them to continue being stars fans. we understand why minnesota fans cherish the north stars. we cherish them too, and have for damn near as many years as the north stars existed in the first place. wild fans, as well as anyone, should appreciate how unfair it would be to rip the north stars identity from a fanbase that adores it. this petition is just a perfect storm situation. the stars and nhl allowed the wild alumni game to use north stars jerseys the very same year the wild back in to the playoffs and play the dallas stars for the first time. there's bound to be a lot of hatred and vitriol, and hurt feelings. it may be inconvenient for the narrative, but the stars never stopped being the stars for even one day since 1967. why ask them to stop now?
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    Absolutely. Shields and crests are the "new" hotness... Just like they were in good ol' 1500s
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    So far, we haven't even seen an actual digital copy of the logo yet. Chill. I like the original logo, but some folks here are pretending that it's without (major) flaws. The truth is that it's a very 90s, hyper-aggressive logo that is overly detailed. It's also illustrated in this weird, angular manner without many curves... which is strange when you think about it, because a cougar/panther is a very smooth and sleek animal. It worked with the original uniforms because of the angular jersey design, but when the team moved on from those uniforms in the mid 00s, it didn't work nearly as well. However, it's pretty obvious in my opinion that the team needs a fresh, cohesive restart. They've been floundering both on the ice and aesthetically for over a decade now. Even before that, they flirted with the panther breaking a hockey stick variation, flip-flopping between red and navy uniforms, and then they had that weird fling with light blue a few years back. They've tried to make the old logo work within an identity for the last decade (even tried updating the head for the light blue alt jersey), but nothing's clicked. Now they've finally got a talented nucleus of players for the future... The time has come to unshackle themselves from their forgettable two-decade existence. The new design is a very nice, regal depiction of a Panther. It even looks like they kept some of the strange angular points as a nod to the original, which is a nice touch. And being that we haven't seen anything else, I'm going to reserve judgement.
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    Just for reference, this is my authentic Giants jersey. It's not really metallic at all, and is actually more of a tan-ish color. Brass, maybe? I dunno what exactly I would classify it as, but it works really well with the cream IMO
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    I was going to criticize the uniforms, but it's pretty clear that they're not making uniforms for me anymore. This is some crummy action figure, insert-random-element-here crap that doesn't look good on anyone but a mannequin. Whatever. I want traditional and/or simple. The logos revealed are, in my opinion, a huge hit. The uniforms that go with them appear to be failures.
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    Now that new shade of silver the Kings are using... Is that Gunmetal or Wolf's Grey?
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    and the same thing with some more blue added...
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    I think this question is fundamentally flawed. You're asking which Sharks logo looks better among the crude original versions of the Original Six logos that none of the teams use as their primary logo today? Of course the original sharks logo fits in better, it's more crudely drawn. It has more thin lines like the rest of these original logos. It meshes very well with a group of logos designed long before any kind of standard for sports aesthetics was established and most publications were very loose with the team names, to say nothing of the logos, because branding was NOTHING like it is today. Now, whether the result is any different is subjective, but I think using the current logos as a benchmark is a far better measuring stick than the defunct originals. or
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    Arena schedules yield some crazy effects, huh? Guess they really did need to get that series started sooner than anyone would have ever expected. There were also some events congestion in D.C., and obviously the NHL was never going to want to have both Eastern series' aligned to play on the same day, if they could help it. So that's the way it goes here. A common theme in Washington and New York is the arenas having Justin Bieber concerts, so, obviously, if Canada couldn't get in the playoffs this year, then they were going to try their best to screw with American team schedules with that guy, eh? Heh.
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    Sorta feels like the goal posts keep moving.
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    The change was done because of lousy merchandise sales In fact Howard Baldwin, who bought the team from the Gunds and then sold them to Green a few months later, wanted to change the logo too. Green never intended to move the team until 1992. At that point he already had owned the team for two years. When he bought the club in 1990 he actually bought property including a cottage in Minnesota because he wanted to stay there. Green was a Northern guy who was from Calgary. He also put $2 million dollars of his own money into renovations at the Met Center in 1990, and at the same time took huge loses by coming up with promotions to give away free tickets in order to entice fans*. So yeah, I'm not buying that this guy wanted to move the team from day one when he bought property and sunk a huge sum of his own money into the club. Around 1992, he started looking to get out, and Phoenix was his first choice not Anaheim. After realizing it wouldn't work in a basketball only facility he looked at Anaheim as a second option before settling on Dallas when the NHL put an expansion team there. Whoa whoa. You have to stop making up bull to try to get across a inaccurate point. Green didn't alienate fans by changing the N logo. The N logo wasn't selling. The NorthStars were the worst team in the NHL in terms of merchandise sales. The "Stars" jersey was actually pretty popular when it came out and put Minnesota into the top ten in teams merchandise sales. Also while the team came within 2 wins of a Stanley Cup they still averaged 2,000 empty seats the following season and only drew 5,000 for their home opener in October 1992. That wasn't on Green. Also the Timberwolves didn't offer him a sweetheart deal. The Timberwolves wanted to cut into revenue streams by refusing to advertise North Star sponsors and wanted a huge cut of concession sales and parking. He would have went bankrupt if he took that deal. Its the same reason the Gunds didn't move into the Target Center before they sold the team. Its also the same reason Steven Gluckstern and Richard Burke moved the Jets to Phoenix. Their original plan was to move the team to Minnesota but couldn't get a decent deal at the Target Center. Then the Suns owner offered them a sweetheart deal to bring the team to Phoenix. The same thing applied to the Minnesota Moose of the IHL who ended up playing most of their games at the St.Paul Civic Center due to the fact that the Timberwolves were going to control everything. The Timberwolves had so much power in that building even though it was funded by public money. *
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    First time I'd seen Houston's navy alt in action last night, and it still looks like garbage. The glorified BPness of it makes it look like they took BP for way too long, ran way too late, and couldn't change in time. I don't mind the idea of a navy alt, but I do mind amateur looking side panels. And maybe this is a super unpopular opinion, but they've really gotta let go of the whole tequila sunrise thing. Unless you put that pattern on a Phillies-esque thick sleeve cuff and pant stripe (maybe even the socks/stirrups), there's just no other good way in my opinion to make it look good on a baseball uniform. I get that it's their history and all, but it never looked good in the first place and hasn't looked good in any way they've tried it - BP or alt - since.
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    I'm normally a big fan of white outlines, but this didn't work and I think there's three reasons. First they felt the need to include gray/silver outline between the blue and white which was so unnecessary and so cluttering. Second, they white and gray outlines meant they had to shrink the wordmark. Third, the red number works on the Dodgers uniforms because it's the same weight as the other scripts and numbers in that all of the uniform elements have the same number of outlines. It's different, but not too different. it stands out, but everything also matches. But here on this example when you put two outlines on the script then the red number just looks like a cheap, wrongly colored number that the team didn't feel like properly outlining.
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    I was a huge Matt Leinart fanboy during his USC days. I knew I'd dig up something dead fxcking wrong about him and what I thought would be his Hall of Fame NFL career. But hang on! Lemme look like even more of a jackass...
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    What I wouldn't give to get either of those Bengals looks back...
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    I must say; this new logo has exceeded my (low) expectations by a fair margin. It's not word mark heavy, the military tie-in isn't excessive, and the stylized, two tone, panther has been more or less retained. Still, it has to be said... The former logo is better.
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    How about Sacko... seems fitting
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    I love the new Panthers logo. I love the old logo a little bit more, but that doesn't mean I don't still love this new one. I think I need some new Jagr merch.
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    "The crown is a reminder that we are all Kings. Derived from the primary logo, the crown is angled slightly to provide dimension and strength." Oh get the eff out of here, lofty design rationale.
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    Primary logo looks much better on a dark background with a white outline. The crown doesn't look right without the outline