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    This board, every time a logo or jersey changes:
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    A good roundel can make an excellent logo. Hating roundels for hating roundels sake is the latest trend of sports hipsters...
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    It's also tragic that this beautiful alternate logo/shoulder patch is being replaced by yet another dumb ass flag.
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    Just once, I'd like this to happen
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    Stupid Panthers and their soccer logo: oh wait....
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    I was going to criticize the uniforms, but it's pretty clear that they're not making uniforms for me anymore. This is some crummy action figure, insert-random-element-here crap that doesn't look good on anyone but a mannequin. Whatever. I want traditional and/or simple. The logos revealed are, in my opinion, a huge hit. The uniforms that go with them appear to be failures.
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    Now that new shade of silver the Kings are using... Is that Gunmetal or Wolf's Grey?
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    Iconic? Look, the old Panthers logo was good. Really good. Iconic though? Not even close. I'm not sure a logo can even be iconic when the locals don't even know the team exists.
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    So far, we haven't even seen an actual digital copy of the logo yet. Chill. I like the original logo, but some folks here are pretending that it's without (major) flaws. The truth is that it's a very 90s, hyper-aggressive logo that is overly detailed. It's also illustrated in this weird, angular manner without many curves... which is strange when you think about it, because a cougar/panther is a very smooth and sleek animal. It worked with the original uniforms because of the angular jersey design, but when the team moved on from those uniforms in the mid 00s, it didn't work nearly as well. However, it's pretty obvious in my opinion that the team needs a fresh, cohesive restart. They've been floundering both on the ice and aesthetically for over a decade now. Even before that, they flirted with the panther breaking a hockey stick variation, flip-flopping between red and navy uniforms, and then they had that weird fling with light blue a few years back. They've tried to make the old logo work within an identity for the last decade (even tried updating the head for the light blue alt jersey), but nothing's clicked. Now they've finally got a talented nucleus of players for the future... The time has come to unshackle themselves from their forgettable two-decade existence. The new design is a very nice, regal depiction of a Panther. It even looks like they kept some of the strange angular points as a nod to the original, which is a nice touch. And being that we haven't seen anything else, I'm going to reserve judgement.
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    Just for reference, this is my authentic Giants jersey. It's not really metallic at all, and is actually more of a tan-ish color. Brass, maybe? I dunno what exactly I would classify it as, but it works really well with the cream IMO
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    I must say; this new logo has exceeded my (low) expectations by a fair margin. It's not word mark heavy, the military tie-in isn't excessive, and the stylized, two tone, panther has been more or less retained. Still, it has to be said... The former logo is better.
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    The Baltimore Orioles have slowly been moving closer and closer to perfecting their uniform set, but they keep getting things wrong. The attempts they've made at updating their scripts are downright ugly, so I drew new scripts from scratch, heavily inspired by the scripts of Baltimore's retro jerseys. Gone is the muddled piping, replaced by single black piping. An updated full-bodied oriole logo makes an appearance on the sleeves and the alternate cap. Included are home, road, two alternate, and batting practice uniforms. The Sunday alternate is a sleeveless jersey. Throwback Thursdays feature the alternate cap with the regular white jerseys. Also, this is a peek at the new baseball template I'm developing. Credit to @raysox on the socks.
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    I made some toddlers' parody hockey logos for the remaining NHL playoff teams and would like positive and negative design critiques on them. Anaheim Rubber Pucks, Dallas Kid Sheriffs, San Jose Puck Fins, PiToTsburgh PiToTs, New York IslandToTs, Tampa Bay ToT-Bolts, Washington Castles, St. Louis Blue Notes. Thank you for your time.
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    Absolutely. Shields and crests are the "new" hotness... Just like they were in good ol' 1500s
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    People using the term "iconic" to describe any logo they happen to like is always fun.
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    Not a fan of the logo, even though it is well designed, since it's very generic and the original didn't really have any redeeming qualities which to bring it back for. Also, the lion's head hasn't been designed very well, since, I'm surprised nobody has pointed out yet, there's something wrong with the structure of his jaws and mouth that bothers me. Neither do I like the way the front paws have been drawn on the full-body logo. All in all, the lion looks like it hasn't been drawn to the highest standard and looks minor leaguish instead. This right here is a well drawn lion's head logo: The uni, as much as is visible of it, doesn't seem to look bad at all, and I have nothing against the city abbreviations.
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    With the shield and its not even close.
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    I wanna call that a "cafe con leche" creamy coffee color.
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    and the same thing with some more blue added...
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    According to the official logo sheet, the Kings do have black in their color scheme. It may not be in the logos but it's definitely going on the uniforms and probably the court. I also put this together in NBA 2K16. This would be a pretty good look.
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    You know, the more I see of the new logo set in its completed form, the more I like it. I'm still not totally crazy about the font (the random lowercase N and the asymmetrical G really bug me) or the lines in the crown, but someone had a ridiculously strong bit of "Nike Speak" to sum part of it up. It's basically total BS (I think), but still a thought I enjoyed as a local. Basically, the crown represents the the Sierra Nevada mountains (east of Sac, where I'm from), and the two lines represent the two freeways (HWY 50 and HWY 80) that run through them from Sacramento. The two intersecting lines on the basketball represent the two rivers (the American and the Sacramento) that meet near downtown. That's total trash, and I'm pretty sure that's not part of the thought process they went with at all, but I SO want that to be true! Either way, I'm really warming up to this look. The white keyline helps tremendously.
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    Uniforms are already shaping up to be a disappointment. I would have loved to see them go in a more unique direction, like this:
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    Finally. It's taken 27 years, but there is finally justice for the 96. All 96 Hillsborough deaths were ruled as unlawful today by a majority on the jury. Huge day for the club and those families.
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    Yep the pop-up was at Arden Fair in the old Michael Koors store right off the main entrance (I thought it would be a kiosk so walked nearly the whole mall before I found it, but it looks like you struck paydirt at The Galleria. The team store there isn't easy to find because it's hidden in a downstairs connector hallway across from Quickly (the good Taiwanese milk tea place.)
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    Atleast San Jose modernized their classic look whereas Florida just threw away their iconic logo and decided to become a soccer club.
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    I think shields have a lot more versatility than roundels do, though. I think a move toward shields MIGHT NOT be a bad thing. Certainly better than roundels
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    I think this question is fundamentally flawed. You're asking which Sharks logo looks better among the crude original versions of the Original Six logos that none of the teams use as their primary logo today? Of course the original sharks logo fits in better, it's more crudely drawn. It has more thin lines like the rest of these original logos. It meshes very well with a group of logos designed long before any kind of standard for sports aesthetics was established and most publications were very loose with the team names, to say nothing of the logos, because branding was NOTHING like it is today. Now, whether the result is any different is subjective, but I think using the current logos as a benchmark is a far better measuring stick than the defunct originals. or
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    Well "let's not piss off CCSLCers who think the late 90s/early 2000s were the high point of hockey aesthetics" probably wasn't one of their top priorities. You came in determined to hate anything they did. So it's hard to take your criticism as an accurate evaluation of the design. Was the old logo good? Yeah. Is the new logo good? Yes, in my opinion. Is it as good as the old logo? I don't think so, but that doesn't mean it isn't good in its own right.
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    Oh come now, you can't be serious?
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    Arena schedules yield some crazy effects, huh? Guess they really did need to get that series started sooner than anyone would have ever expected. There were also some events congestion in D.C., and obviously the NHL was never going to want to have both Eastern series' aligned to play on the same day, if they could help it. So that's the way it goes here. A common theme in Washington and New York is the arenas having Justin Bieber concerts, so, obviously, if Canada couldn't get in the playoffs this year, then they were going to try their best to screw with American team schedules with that guy, eh? Heh.
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    i blame the clippers jerseys for this
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    So I ran down to the Roseville Galleria real quick today to see if they had any of the new gear in stock yet at the Kings Team Store (which I didn't even know existed until tp49 mentioned the "popup" store). I basically expected there to only be a few overpriced, cheaply made T shirts picked clean on sizes. NOPE. They already have the store fully stocked with the new gear, and other than the small discount rack they have, there's basically zero sign of the old logo set anywhere. They even have the new sign up already. The guy at the counter said they had a whole team in last night stocking everything and putting up the new graphics package. I even picked up a 59Fifty (US made poly, too. Which is surprising because I've been looking for a Kings fitted with a "current" logo in US made poly for quite a long time now). I've gotta say, kudos to the Kings for rolling this whole thing out so quickly and (relatively) covertly. Most teams usually take MONTHS to get gear stocked as well as they have it.
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    How about Sacko... seems fitting
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    I KNEW they were gonna use SAC on the road jersey. Meh, that really doesn't piss me off too much. The full "Sacramento" wouldn't have worked in that font IMO, and Sac is actually a really common term around here when referring to the area. We're colloquially known as "Sac Republic", and it really isn't something people giggle at every time. I mean, they probably should've just gone with "KINGS" on the road jersey, but this isn't as "ZOMG!1!! SacREALLY?1!?1" to me as much as it is to outsiders, because I hear the term just about every day. And, this is probably the RiverCats most popular hat, FWIW Like I said a few pages ago, Sacramento is a real mouthful
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    Let me know when the A's realize that bottom cap is nothing more than an alternate to only be worn with the green jersey and that it doesn't fit with the road gray jersey.
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    Welcome! To the left is where the vultures peck out your insides, to the right are the Sisyphean hills, and straight ahead is the wading pool where you can't reach the water or the fruit hanging overhead. Enjoy your stay.
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    Those original road jerseys didn't have a sleeve patch. I think that since the new one has a sleeve patch, it makes up for them not having piping.
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    Regardless of how the series ends, Charlotte is FOR REAL. I thought Miami would've disposed of them already, but they're actually making it fun to watch.
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    One positive of the new logo is that it does resemble a Florida panther, which for all intents and purposes is a mountain lion, much more than the original logo did, which seems to suggest a big cat instead. That's about where the positives run out for me. I don't like "PANTHERS" or "FLORIDA" appearing in the logo. While you could argue that putting the location name in there is necessary to distinguish from the Carolina Panthers (I probably wouldn't argue this), putting "PANTHERS" above a panther feels a little dopey for a new logo at the major-league level. The real reason for all that, of course, is not anything involving the Panthers but an excuse to mock up an Army division patch because the new owner is an Army man, and that's something I don't like. It's not a civic nod like the Winnipeg Jets using an RCAF roundel, it's just grafting one's personal history onto a team that has passed through several ownership groups without such additions. I know teams are rich people's toys, but to me, it represents poor stewardship: the team was there before you and will probably be there after you. They're not your Army buddies. I'm even less enthusiastic about the Habs template, the lace-up collar, and the color palette. The Panthers needed freshening up, but not by combining the worst of trend-hopping and vanity.
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    The vibe I'm getting from the concepts, the Cal message boards, and articles is a desire to go more traditional e.g. bringing back the Joe Roth memorial unis A modernization of those unis (darker blue, matte blue helmet, custom number font, etc.) would be awesome.
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    That is pretty cool, if not a little disorienting... I'm sure most won't be shocked, but I'm always amazed at how precise the designs are cut into fields by the grounds crews. Looking at both sidelines at the 50s, that Northwestern stripe design is symmetrical to an inch.
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    Its too busy for me. I'd like it on our baseball field for the outfield grass.
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    Lol thanks but I was being facetious based on earlier posts about the same question.
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    I think you kinda proved your own point: They actually play in Sunrise, Florida.
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    1943 A little recap of the last five season; Reykjavík gets back to their winning days and claim the league title fot the third time, they have since the been trailing. Stavanger got their first ever league title and has for the last couple of seasons stayed in the top quarter of the league. Finland has lost their dominance and the Swedish teams has now taken over, three out of the last four league winners has been swedish. The league had remained at 14 teams for five seasons but that was now to be changed. The league would get two new finnish teams; Oulu 32 and Turku JK. The League now had six finnish teams, two more than Sweden. Oulu would play in red and yellow with a little bit of white. Turku would play in white and blue stripes. 1943-1944 - Results Top scorer: Christer Frederiksen, København, 33 After placing 3rd last season, Göteborg stepped up their game and won the prestigious Nordic Premier League title. They had brought in some new players to get their offence going and they sure did, 124 goals scored and a League best goal differnce of 35, helped them secure the title. This was Göteborg´s second league title in five years and the fourth swedish league title in five years. This season they showed anyone doubting that the swedes were currently dominating the league. After beating last seasons league champions, Malmö, in the quarter final, København went all the way and won the Nordic cup once again. This was an important victory for the danish team as they ended up in last place in the League. This title helped them avoiding total fiasco. Since the league had remained at 14 teams for five years some people had begun to wonder if the league would stay that way. Along with the two new teams and a promise from the board that the league would continue to grow even more, people were very excited to see what the future had to offer.
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    The Jets' uniforms are fine. The problems, while real, are entirely Nike's doing.
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    Bill Maher as a Washington Nat.
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    What I wouldn't give to get either of those Bengals looks back...
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