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    Sorry...no. Sometimes a coincidence is just that. A coincidence. Besides. Your conspiracy theory would mean that the Chargers' attempt to move to LA was a smokescreen. Which means all the reports of Dean Spanos being dejected after the vote are a testament to his great acting skills. And I don't believe Dean Spanos is good at anything.
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    The way these sentences are spaced makes me want to read this as beat poetry. With random bongo playing.
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    How considerate of Arsenal to put color bars on the keeper's shoulders. Fans can calibrate their televisions during warm-ups.
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    Interesting choice, outfitting the goalkeepers in full suits and ties.
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    I love what you've done for the Rams. It's modern, but throws back to the old in a nice way. I love subtle nods in jersey design.
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    I actually prefer what they went with here - where the P and S follow along the same curved path: Over this - a (crappy pixelated) alteration where the lower S follows the contours of the shield, and ends up dipping much lower than the P, creating an even greater right-side imbalance in my mind: What I don't care for is how much the lower left portion of the S extends upward. But I guess getting a P and S to mirror each other perfectly is next to impossible.
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    I took some risks with the Atlanta script because why not?
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    That's not what a thread is, you're thinking of a blog. if you look at threads they generally have titles like "Unpopular Opinions" or "NBA Changes 2015-16." If you started a "Random Thoughts/Opinions" thread that'd be something else, but I'm pretty sure that already exists. Also I know you're not a Nazi. I'm just saying that positively comparing a jersey to a Nazi uniform to the extent that you post a picture of an SS officer may not be the best idea.
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    I like it, but I don't understand what's supposed to be in the middle of the logo...
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    Lukas gets too much into the non-issue of pants length in that article. The real issue is when multiple players on the same team wear their pants high (good), but then wear different socks on the field at the same time (bad). MLB needs to put a bottle on this. You want an official sock provider? Great. Make every player wear their official team sock(s). Make every team designate an official sock design to be worn with a designated uniform and all the players all must wear the same sock on the same day lest they get fined. If a guy wants to wear stirrups that's great, but the stirrup's design should match the full sock everyone else is wearing. It's not hard. It's no different than if two different players were on the field wearing two different hats. It's no different than how every player on an NFL team must have matching socks.
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    Seeing that photo, I'm so glad I don't watch the Reds attempt to play baseball anymore.
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    Rumors around the Bengals color rash is they're going all-white, with black stripes and numbers, no orange. If true that opens the Dolphins options up.
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    LA is a thing of beauty! i also really like the gold in the Arizona alternate
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    Interesting to see what adidas does in the future. They are bleeding teams pretty good now. Great for schools though, pressure from UA is forcing Nike and adidas to cough up more cash. As a Kansas fan, obviously our football program doesn't demand much attention these days but basketball is huge and I could see adidas desperately wanting to hold on to that or UA want to grab a perennial top five program which they really don't have in their stable. Historically UCLA is but not recently.
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    Black? I know they've used it as a (very) minor accent color, but expanding that into a primary would be a significant change, not "staying true to their past".
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    Yeah. Agreed. The Raiders wore gold from 1960-63. The Orange, I don't think, counts.
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    LOS ANGELES RAMS Primary/Alternate Uniforms: So my roommate @ThePastor is a huge Ram's fan. We have always agreed that the Rams throwback look is their best look as does most people. With that being said, there is still ways to modernize that classic look and that is exactly what I did. The Rams need exciting uniforms for their move to LA but they don't have to do that by rebranding one of the best logo sets in the NFL. Everything gets recolored, a lighter shade of blue replaces the Navy and yellow replaces their gold color. The horns are stylized on the helmet and uniforms to match the logo better. I also added a "horn" like stripe to the pants. All of the fonts are updated to match the wordmark better, and by doing this I also created a secondary LA logo which can be seen on the undershirt and the pants. I'm a little skeptical about where it is placed it on the pants, it may just need to be recolored there. The collar is also heavily stylized. I think the Rams actually pull of the Nike collar now but thought I'd try to make it flow a little bit better with the rest of the uniform. Other than that, everything else is pretty much self explanatory. Home Uniform Away Uniform Alternate Uniform Throwback Set: The Rams get a bit of a fauxback. I put the Saints in all-white for this game so the Rams decide to counter with a monochrome look as well. The jersey style actually comes from their current throwback set but uses the "Fearsome Four" navy and white color scheme. I also decided to go with an inverted helmet making it white with blue horns as a way to counter the Saints gold helmet with white uniforms. This would be the first time the Rams have ever worn a white helmet. @Broncoboy7 Good point, I'll go back and adjust the undershirt's logo!
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    Seems like removing the bib and outline could go a long way.
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    So in terms of unusual color schemes, I'm gonna propose one here and maybe someone can come up with some visuals for it. Here goes... A few days ago I was sitting on Miami Beach fairly early in the morning and as I looked out towards the ocean I was struck by the colors in front of me. There was the teal of the water, the tan of the sand, and the blue of both the sky and the furthest reaches on the horizon of the water. I was amazed at how gorgeous each color looked, almost like I was looking into an opener container of paint from each color. Each color it was like THAT is teal... THAT is blue... THAT is sand. If you looked up each color or each object in the dictionary what I saw in front of me was exactly the picture that should be next to it. Then it hit me, as a baseball fan since childhood. Three teams that have each made attempts at capturing color schemes of the beaches and oceans were all represented here. The teal of the Florida Marlins, the sand color of the mid-2000s San Diego Padres, and the sky blue and navy blue of the Tampa Bay Rays. (We could throw in the Seattle Mariners but truthfully I didn't think of them at that moment) Then I had a color scheme/uniform though. What if we made a new uniform combining teal, sand, and navy blue with hints of sky blue? To my knowledge that has never been done. I won't go ahead and say this is a concept for either of the three teams specifically but I'll think more in terms of the color scheme and just imagine it's an unnamed team that happens to also have a beach/ocean them to it. My first thought, based on how much of view was taken up by the ocean itself, was to go with a Marlins-like teal as the primary color and I thought of the Marlins teal batting practice jerseys of the 90's. Imagine a teal jersey with the wordmark colored in the sand color and then the outlines of the wordmark being the navy blue. Haven't thought of other white and gray jerseys yet but they'll come to me. Caps? They could be navy blue but they could also be teal with a sand colored bill, which reminded me of the ocean water and then the bill is the sand on the shore. I wanna take some time one of these days to maybe draw some of these out but I wanted to share this first because A) I know you guys will give me some feedback and B.) I figure someone might run with this idea and make their own additions to it as well. What do you think of the idea?
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    Anthony Munoz' first year with the Bengals (1980) was the last year before Cincinnati added stripes to the helmet/uniforms
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    Thanks! I don't think it would get any more lost than the current logo. It's not a detail meant to be seen from the stands anyhow.
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    https://d13yacurqjgara.cloudfront.net/users/449583/screenshots/1340840/hawaii_dribbble.png The crest is old, Nope, its neither. It is apart of the jersey design, most of lulu's shirts have three marks in that position. So I figured for 'realistic' purposes I would include them. I didn't add it to the collar of the white jersey because in soccer the Primary/Clash kits are usually quite different. I have posted it on here before. But since you asked Ill post it again, it was originally done in 2013. And @MDTrey4, I chose lululemon as the manufacture because I have really grown to like the products they produce (also, a rival owner from the league thought about using them and I wanted to jump on it first!).
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