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    I know opinions can't be 100 percent right or wrong, but you're 100 percent wrong. This is the worst.
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    Ew. Don't do that. ----- I sat at my work computer on Friday watching the speeches. I won't lie: I was getting a little misty. It's hard to believe how far pro soccer in Minnesota has come since I started going to games in 2005. There were some pretty low times (sitting on the berm in Tampa after the 2012 final wondering if we'd just seen the team's last game comes to mind), which puts all of this in some nice perspective. I'm glad they were able to keep the name. I'm not a huge fan of it to begin with, but yet another name change would have been ludicrous. Looks like I've got a home opener to fly back for next year. Oh, and at least one away game against the Galaxy just up the road.
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    I've actually been meaning to give a quick update on what's been going on the two or three weeks. I've accepted a teaching job, and class starts tomorrow, so I've been pretty busy trying to get ready for that while still holding my old job (though that's over now). More importantly, my son was born on Thursday, August 18 (7 lbs 7 oz). We got what we most wanted, which was a health baby and a healthy mommy, but the labor was rough and ultimately required a c-section, so in addition to all of the time demands involved with being a new parent, I also need to tend to a wife who is recovering from surgery. That being said, I haven't been ignoring the AFA completely. My next three posts (introducing Tampa Bay and Kansas City, as well as a logo and uniform update for Houston) are all ready to go. I'll make my first one as soon as voting opens for the NFA's expansion council, so that those things can happen at the same time. I've also been working on new systems for generating draft classes and advancing players each offseason, the two things that require the most time and effort. My hope was that this would make the offseason process faster and easier, but I ended up delving a bit more deeply into it than I had originally intended--the excel workbook that generates a single draft class takes up nearly the same amount of memory as the workbook that contains the simulation of every season since the AFA began and the function used for progressing a player over a single season uses 22 formulas and takes into account age, position, player potential, player longevity, injury, the possibility of a breakout season or a player regressing, and random chance. I'm still working out the exact details of how to run the offseason with the new system in place (I'm considering listing all starters for each team and conducting a full draft rather than just the first round), but I need time to play with it before I can know exactly what I'm going to do, and I'm not sure when I'm going to have time to do that. I'm probably not going to have any reasonable amount of free time for at least the next 3 weeks, by which point my wife will have recovered from the surgery, and I can hopefully begin to settle into a routine as a father and teacher. I do hope to move the story along some in that time, but I'll warn everyone not to expect rapid updates until at least that far out. Thanks to you all for your patience and your continued interest.
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    When i was a kid all i saw was an elephant in that logo, anyone else?
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    Well, since they haven't worn striped socks as the Yankees, I'm probably just going to leave it as is. On to the A's! Logos -Primary logo stays the same. Green & Yellow is an amazing yet underrated color combo. -The cap logos go back to being the plain white "A's" logo and the yellow one, as I thought those were the two that looked best. -Home, away, and yellow alternate logos stay the same, but the green jersey reverts back to the yellow "Athletics" wordmark with a white outline. Uniforms -I love the Northwestern stripes on the 70's A's uniforms, but I also love the plainness of today's uniforms, so I did my best to combine both elements. The Northwestern stripes are present on the sleeves, but the triple piping is not around the neck or on the pants. -Home and away otherwise stay relatively the same, with the road returning to the plain green cap with the yellow "A's." -The yellow alternate still features the green A's logo on the front, but with the Northwestern stripes on the sleeves. -The green alternate looks like the one of the 2000's, with the stripes added on the sleeves. -The socks have the Northwestern pattern, to establish one sock as the main for the team. C + C is appreciated!
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    i'll see what i can do. its preseason for us too
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    I also posted this in the :"FL in LA" thread. I'm not sure which thread is the best place for it. In any event . . . _____________________________________ I know someone mentioned this before, but I was watching "Hard Knocks" yesterday and the horns on the helmet looked awfully yellow in all of the game footage. I'm sure the sunlight makes the gold like brighter, but it sure seems a bit coincidental (especially since the first picture below looks like it was taken after the sun went down).
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    Can you tell me how that logo is better than their current? Because it's just beyond me. Both are just wordmarks and a basketball, but this is barely recognizable as one so it's practically just the wordmark inside circles. And don't give me the Bad Boys era connection explanation, since it doesn't make the logo any good. At least the current one has dimension and is bolder.
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    There. There are my magical paint skills, haha.
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    Nice updates! The new home hat and the updated primary logo are definitely improvements.
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    FC Koln (Cologne) Home kit- all white kit with red accents, the top features a red bar across the chest at the bottom of the bar there is a subtle line design depicting the famous Cologne Cathedral that is part of FC Koln's crest Away kit- all red kit with white accents, the sleeves are a darker red and the chest features a two horn design based off of the famous goat that is used in the crest Third kit- all black kit with white accents, the bottom of the jersey features a tonal design of the goat from the crest
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    Again, you have a base that needs work to look good. The outlines are inconsistent and don't look good. It cuts off at the grey What's the green cup-thing? Is that supposed to be a glass of beer? Whatever it is, get rid of it. The C is wonky. There are some red pixels that need coloring. The uniforms are good. I think their fine. I would personally like to just see a 'C' and perhaps an enlarged and more detailed wheat grain at the end of the C. Sinilar to to your first design in that you need to fix it up, but again you have a decent base, good uniforms, and a good color scheme. I think you can come off with a good logo if you tweak it.
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    Pretty sure one of our board members here designed that look this year for the Dolphins
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    The placement was horrible and the logo was difficult to see in both media and print. That is most likely why it was changed for the start of the 1965 season. The Jets did have the oval upwards slant from 64-71. 1972 was the first season the logo was straight on the helmet.
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    Both logos are extremely generic. The new one that they are apparently considering is just cleaner compared to the unnecessary drop shadows, so it's slightly better IMO. As messy as this logo is, at least it has some distinguishing features to give them a bit more of an identity, compared to just a circle and a wordmark.
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    As a season ticket holder....HECK YES! All the fans are super pumped they kept the name.
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    Even if the trademark is expired the defunct franchise/organization may still have rights in common law, even though their federal registration is no longer alive. You should also keep in mind that the actual artwork in the logo may be protected under Copyright Law as well.
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    Not only that the but the guidelines state it has to be a colors/logos/uniforms from the Franchsie's history not the City who might have had other teams. This is due to the fact that even if not used anymore the Franchise still has the rights to the old logos and such and as don't care stated they wouldn't have the rights to these other logos.
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    Here are the guidelines the NFL gave Nike in terms of the Color Rush. Teams can use any color that has been in their color palette at any point in their history. They can use any Uniform design that they used in their entire history The can mix and match these however they like. From jersey to cleats uniform has to be primarily monochromatic They originally had thought about doing "Throwback Thursdays" but that would not work as not all teams have a Throwback option (Texans, Panthers). They could not have both the Texans and the Titans throwback to an Oilers look and the Panthers have only a slight tweak to their logo so the color rush idea was where they went. Some teams have the option to go with a fairly accurate throwback under the color rush guidelines if they decided to, but it also give teams the option to go with a throwback design with current colors, current design with throwback colors, etc and provided more options especially for teams that do not have the ability to throwback. Also the one helmet rules which the NFL has no plans on changing anytime soon prevents some teams from going throwback. Lastly, teams can veto and have final say on anything that Nike presents them. So there you have it.
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    Not really, the Colts are more royal whereas those rams uniforms were on the navy side. Also many teams share similar colors like the Giants and Bills.
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    Horrible, Rockets should be in red, yellow and white.
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    I think it may look something like this...
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