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    I mocked up the Saints with some black, striped socks.
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    I love the way the colors pop on the Charger's uniforms. TAKE NOTE L.A. RAMS lol
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    The new Madden patch has all the Color Rush jerseys in and when you mix and match there's some real good permanent alt possibilities for the future. If I have time later I might post some screenshots of playing around with them
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    Better make these a primary ASAP.
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    Simple, doable, very easy change... replace the grey in the logo on the helmet with the green.
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    "Man PK looks weird in those preds uniforms" Yeah, don't nobody look good in a yellow hockey helmet.
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    Looks like I semi-called it. Heaps of praise not necessary, just throw money.
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    Hell, the Nazi swastika is one of the best flags ever designed. Simple, bold and unmistakeable. Nazi Germany and the CSA are two of the most evil nations in world history, but they did have some nice flags.
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    I posted this on my Behance, but I felt like I should post it here too! One of my least favorite brands in the MLB is the Seattle Mariners. I feel like their current brand is too cluttered with outlines, and doesn't represent a bold identity. This concept stems from an idea I've had for a while, adopt the color scheme the other pro teams in Seattle use. I was going for a bold refresh of a past identity, similar to the Houston Astros.
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    I'm not sure what you're trying to do with your "list" but leaving Chicago and Green Bay off of it is asinine.
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    Figured to get this in while the soccer games were in halftime. Here's a look at some potential full-time alts down the line with these jerseys. Some of these aren't perfect with striping or coloring on the pants and whatnot, but it gives off a good general idea http://smg.photobucket.com/user/Canada3241/slideshow/Madden 17 Color Rush Mix and Match
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    You think Vegas is tacky? You should see Reno. Or, even worse, Carson City. I'm talking slot machines in KMart level tacky.
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    That Seahawks uni looks SOOOO bad. I'm sure the joke's been made, but seriously who that's seen It's Always Sunny can not immediately see this: I mean, God! Come on! The jersey's not bad. It'd be a solid look with white or navy pants. But yeesh, the all green. Nah, man.
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    I'm finishing up an album that I've been recording for a while tonight, so no games today. Well have more as well as some new uniforms tomorrow!
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    The bad guys always have the best uniforms/insignia.
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    The Nets unveiled their "Brooklyn Remix" jersey today, a mashup of their 80s NJ jerseys with their current look: http://www.nba.com/nets/brooklynremix
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    Agreed. This is by far the best, unused color scheme in the NFL. If the Rams won't use it I'd be in favor of the Chargers using it full time with the powder blue as a once a year thing.
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    Broncos have something similar to this in SAFMH but the helmets follow the pattern of the Colorado flag.
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    The Saints' uniforms are gorgeous ... vastly superior to what they regularly wear.
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    I may get some heat for this, but I still think this is a well-designed flag, regardless of what it's associated with...
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    Sorry for the long wait for those wanting to see this. I have been busy working on the Europa League teams along with trying to find my first real job after graduating from college. I realized that it will take to long if I wait until I finish all of the Europa league teams. So, since I had already finished the Champions league teams I have decided to post them. I will post the 32 teams in alphabetical order and will include what country they are from. Let me know what y'all think. First up is Arsenal.(England) Arsenal- (if you have seen my EPL thread then you have seen this before) Home kit- classic all white and red kit with socks are mainly white with red cuffs and the shirt features tonal hoops Away kit- again classic colors of yellow and blue, the top features tonal pinstripes Third kit- a throwback recreation of the 1995/96 away kit, the all navy kit with white and cyan accents the top features a zig zag pattern that fades from a cyan sleeve toward the center of the jersey
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    Another "What If?" scenario from Madden.
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    Madden 17 has all the Color Rush uniforms and since it allows you to change combos, you can experiment and get some great results.
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    Pretty funny that they used this template for the official photo ; the official jersey is actually using the Mach Speed cut Tweet with video here:
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    I've always loved the blue pants that the Giant's wore in the mid 70's.
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    Alright then, here is the second set in the normal format for you all to see: (I added the primary as a patch on all jerseys, something I forgot to do in the original) So you all like this version better? I'd be happy to hear what any of you think!
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    How about using the Maryland patch on the road and second alternate uniforms? Off the record: an alt home version I did, featuring brown as a nod to the St. Louis Browns.
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    I also like version 2 better but I reserve the right to change my mind in 15 minutes. Love the Expos style red white and blue cap. I haven't seen that before on Nats concepts and its terrific.
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    i think thats a pretty accurate correlation. i also think it looks really interesting. i dig the Oregon unis
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    Vikings should've taken a page from the Chargers and went with yellow face masks. Really sell the whole "East Carolina" thing
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    Meh. They just look like a pack of highlighters that exploded. Virginia looked nice, though.
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    There you go. Perfect new uniform for them.
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    Not too far away from a Saints' concept I posted a few months ago....
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    PhantomDreamer is rolling in his CCSLC grave right now. Very nice look.
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    That is brilliant. I didn't think this flag was anything special until now.
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    God, Las Vegas is so tacky. It's overwhelming how tacky it is.
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    That thing violates about about 20 different vexillological principals. Tons of text on a flag, seal on a bedsheet, illustration of a building, etc. And it reduces the City of Green Bay to its football team. Granted, it's why 99% of America has heard of Green Bay, but the flag would be an opportunity to say to visitors and residents alike "hey, we're a real city, and not just Lambeau Field"!
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    Was hoping for a little more feedback on the Isles, but in the meantime, here's the Rangers: As much as I loathe the Rangers, their uniforms are pretty classic and hard to screw up. That being said, I did make a few tweaks here and there. -despite being classic uniforms, i made a few tweaks just for a little more consistency -added the yoke piping from the away to the home. -stripes stay the same on the respective jerseys. -away hem changes ever so slightly -pants and socks don't change. Alternate: I originally had plans for a Lady Liberty home and away set, but I had forgotten it was the 90th anniversary season, so I decided to throwback instead. -1926 (year 1) throwback jersey -tan pants and gloves -design probably looks familiar, minus the drop shadowing C&C is welcome on both NY clubs
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    I always thought that if the whole 93 expansion and Stars to Dallas timing was a bit different, Minnesota Mighty Ducks or even Minnesota Ducks definitely sounds nice and fits as well. Also, if anyone is a fan of the Netflix series Daredevil, is
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    Reading the last paragraph made me think of three more possible names for this Staten Island team...1) Staten Island Vipers, and then 2) Staten Island Black Knights or 3) Staten Island Aces.
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    I second the point that the NFL and Nike should have gone all out and given each team TWO Color Rush looks to avoid the color-blind clashing/opponent matching issues. Yes, I know some teams like the Colts and Jets only have one color plus white, but you could stylistically do an impressive white Color Rush look similar to Dallas'. This whole thing just feels so half-assed now.
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    "Let's go Tugs" chanted by a crowd would sound something like "Less Goat Hugs." So, I'm 100% all-in for Tugboats!
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    Where's the "black people can protest as long as they do so quietly and respectfully" line from Ferguson been in this? Way to checkmate yourselves.
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    Wales Home kit- classic red and white kit, the top features a woven thinning line design that mimics the scales of a dragon Away kit- a welsh flag inspired kit, the white top is split into halves and is paired with green shorts and white socks and features red accents Third kit- an all yellow kit with red accents the top features a bar across the chest and has a horizontal stripe gradient fading down
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    USA, USA, USA, USA!!!!! Murica (eagle scream)(sound of freedom in the distance) Home kit- all white kit with blue and red accents, the top features thin horizontal gray pinstripes along with a flag inspired red/white/blue bar across the chest Away kit- navy top, white shorts, and navy socks. the top features dark sleeves and a star pattern Third kit- red top, navy shorts and red socks, the top features dark red hoops
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    Day 17 part 3 Portugal Home kit- all red kit with white and green accents, the top features a dark red cross centered on the crest Away kit- all white kit with both green and red accents, the top features a green and red cross centered on the crest Third kit- a black and gray kit, the top features a paint fade from black to gray
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    Day 4 Belgium- all three kits feature a retro stylized lion crest from the 80s along with the current fa crest Home kit- classic red and black kit with yellow accents, the traditional kit features stripes on the sleeves to create the Belgium flag Away kit- this kit is inspired by the great Belgian teams and kits of the early 1980's an all white kit with tri-color accents, the top features a throwback tri color argyle design on the front third kit- an all yellow kit with black and red accents features a sash creating the Belgium flag
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