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    Nobody should die at 24.
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    Indeed they are, I'm so excited!! The only look for the road games
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    Welcome to the boards. Solid first post. This is bound to get people talking.
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    Hello all! It's that time of year when men and women everywhere draft what they believe to be the perfect fantasy football dream team, name it something quirky, and then take seat in Deadlastville with little hope ahead. Or is that just me? Well, at least my team will hopefully look good doing it! I'd always wanted to carve out an identity for a fantasy football team of mine, but never got around to it until now. Earlier this year, I came up with this fun little idea of a football-carrying penguin. It soon evolved into a logo, the team colors, then uniforms, and then finally a home as my fantasy team's identity - the Provo Penguins! I wanted to mix a little quirkiness into a timeless classic here, as if the team has existed since 1961 or something and hasn't changed much since. You get the poundin' penguin (nicknamed Paul by the "loyal Provo faithful") atop a simple, straightforward, double-blue uniform inspired by the olden days. No wacky combos or a million pairs of pants; whether home or away, you know exactly what you're getting. And speaking of what you're getting, here you go! Primary - "Paul the Penguin" Alternate Paul - helmet only (white football for better visibility against powder blue) Uniforms - Home/Away More aspects of the identity may come later, such as the field, t-shirts/hats/gear, and (possibly) a second pair of pants (though I'm super hesitant as I love the simplicity of two sets). There was a set of powder blue pants they wore in the 70's that noted news anchor Ron Burgundy reportedly loved... Anyways, there you go! Thanks for viewing and POUND 'EM PENS!
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    I've always fallen into the camp that believes the Flames have absolutely no need to use black in their home and away uniforms. Red, yellow and white is such a classic colour scheme that should just not be messed with. The Flames got that right in the beginning until 1995. On top of that, Calgary had a a great sweater from 2000-07. It was unique and modern, but nothing too crazy. This is my attempt at joining the best parts of those two eras. The colour scheme is right from 1980, and the angled stripes are a nod to 2000-07. I love the new alternate logo from the current third jersey, so it was recoloured for the shoulders of the home and away. For the third, I decided to try something a bit more out there. It's meant to look burnt or charred. Black on black, with thin red accents. I realize this might look terrible on TV, and the NHL might never go for it, but I think it looks pretty slick. The flaming nostril horse makes an appearance on the shoulders of this set.
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    Redskins are going with their classic look today for the first time in years: white jersey, burgundy pants, and white socks
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    That's more expense. As much as you'd like for everyone to be able to afford a $200, most people can't. $100 could be a splurge, could be Christmas or a Birthday for some. Doubling that, well maybe that means only one kid gets the jersey, not both. It's crazy to say "get the real deal or not at all" or "spend money on expensive customization". I was 16 when I got my first jersey, and I saved for months to be able to afford it. I was so happy to get that replica, even though it had a big JETER over the number 2. And I wore that jersey with pride - I still have it in fact. Years later after college I got the NOB ripped off and had a 1998 World Series patch added. Sure I made it more "authentic" later on, but that wasn't until I had a real job and disposable income. But that doesn't change how proud that jersey made me as a 16 year old, even though I knew it was wrong. It was still a jersey. That meant something.
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    Cincy wore red pants for the first time with Under Armour, and I love it
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    Dobbs2315 is a poster to watch in 2016.
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    I kid. I love those throwbacks.
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    That's why you need to draft Good Canadian Boys. They wait until they're UFAs to bolt to Florida/California.
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    I wouldn't say easily. I prefer this: Or if Minnesota's white pants had stripes matching their gold helmet stripes, this combination would be right up there (either with gold shells or their normal maroon shells):
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    Dynamo Kiev (Ukraine) Home kit- classic all white kit with blue accents, the top features a blue bar across the chest, the bar contains a tonal Ukrainian pattern in it Away kit- all blue kit with white accents and a tonal sash Third kit- FC Start throwback kit (If you dont know FC Start I highly recommend googling it, a big piece of Ukrainian Football/Soccer History) red top, white shorts and red socks
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    There are a ton of uniforms that I love! But some of the all time classics that have endured the test of time with very few updates and always look great are the Cowboys, Steelers, Raiders, Packers and Chief.
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    To be honest, I'm not going to be adding hemstripes to the Color Rush series. As someone who is a hockey sweater traditionalist, I thought hemstripes really took away something from the color in this project. With that said, adding Montreal.
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    If you're buying a crappy cheap Yankees replica with the name on the back, then you need to put it down and save a few months more and get a real jersey with no name on the back. It's not like Yankee jerseys are going out of style or will change any time soon. Wait, 10 years and it will look the same. Heck, you can go to CustomThrowbacks.com and get a real jersey for $50 more than a replica. There is no excuse for a person to be wearing a crappy cheap replica Yankees jersey.
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    Pardon my homer-ism, but:
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    First look at the replica of the Warriors' new stretch jersey: It's a shame they didn't add an outline on the numbers to better match the wordmark.
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    This is the only pic I could find of longtime Vikings running back Chuck Foreman with New England.
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    NEW YORK METS CAPS: NORMAL UNIFORMS: The home, road, and snow whites are kept simple, classy and clean. Meanwhile, the blue alternates draw inspiration from their mid-late 2000s batting practice jerseys. I may be the only one, but I actually liked how the wordmark and numbers looked on those. I thought it was the only time they ever used BFBS tastefully. BP/SPECIAL: The drop shadow motif continues onto the batting practice uniforms, but without any black trim. The striping is based on their classic BP look, but tweaked to match the wordmarks and numbers. The Mets also get a foreign-language alternate. I didn't know until I started this series that Flushing had a significant Korean population. In order to pay tribute to them, the Mets get a jersey with "New York Mets" translated into Korean across the front.
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    After some time I'm bringing you the second redesign, this time a bus company I travel with all the time. https://dribbble.com/shots/2967271-Autoherc <--------- dribbble link, with some more info Tell me what you think?
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    The bad guys always have the best uniforms/insignia.
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