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    Today I figured out where the Leafs' jersey design comes from:
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    I wish the Bruins had made this bad boy the third sweater years ago: ...but the latest Winter Classic set is still pretty good.
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    I absolutely HATE giving Lids my business, but this one seemed worth it.
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    Hey all. I've posted similar projects like this here in the past and just wanted to share. In honor of the NBA season kickoff and Dr. Strange being right around the corner I wanted to unveil my NBA Marvel Logo Mashup Project. This project uses all 30 NBA primary logos. Each logo is combined with a Marvel Comics character. The goal was to mimic each logo as closely to the original as possible. Matching color usage, line weights and fonts. You can see this set and more at my website, wechoosetogotothemoondesign.com Thanks!
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    $170 for a replica made by Fanatics (who has little to no reputation as a manufacturer) that may not look too much like the on-ice sweater. That is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard. Anyone remember back to the early 90s when replicas were in the $60-70 range?
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    All five expansion teams from the early 90's (SJ, TB, OTT, FLA, ANA) had such beautiful inaugural sets. I'd love to see most of them go back.
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    After Denver's color rush game my dad asked me to show him what a uniform package based those uniforms would look like. This is what I came up with. First concept I've posted here.
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    Hi guys. This is my latest (little) MLB project, a revision of the current Philadelphia Phillies primary mark. I never liked the unused white space above Liberty Bell which has been the main reason to put this redesign into practice. The current Phillies mark maybe isn't one of the most creative or beautiful marks in the MLB, but it's distincitve and therefore has been untouched since 1992. Until now. Link to the original logo: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/o4lmh7dq5e3uordl7hvk6i3ug/Philadelphia_Phillies/1992/Primary_Logo
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    Time for the Giants. The G-Men are one of those great-looking teams from the MLB, that's why I've not make many changes. The home uniform remains the same, dropping the gold from the script. The road uniform uses the same style thant the home, featyring the "SF" monogram. And for the homa alt uniform I kept the same style, using the same wordmark than for the home, instead of the current 70's inspired script. And... Hit the lights! As I've already said, Metallica (one of the first Thrash Metal bands) are based on San Francisco / Bay Area, keeping a close relation to this zone. That's why, as a Thrash Metal lover, I decided to give the Giants a special design inspired by the band:
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    Completely disagree. The navy blue pants and equipment goes well with the rest of the uniform. If it were red, that would be way too much red.
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    The idea that the uniforms of Oregon are somehow in any way responsible for their decline is ridiculous. Louisville is wearing a bunch of clown suits and they're 7-1, Oregon is down because all their important coaches left, and they're playing basically all freshman this season. All they need is a good head coach (read, not Helfrich) and they'll be fine. Remember when Michigan was 3-9? Big programs have down years, it doesn't matter what you're wearing on the football field. Hell, Texas is in the dumpster right now and they're anything but a clown suit program. I know this board wants to jump at any excuse to degrade Oregon for their uniform choices (as they've been mostly abysmal recently), and I absolutely hate the fact that we're wearing complete :censored: most games, but give me a break, the idea that Oregon has lost their competitive edge because other teams wear lots of uniforms now is ridiculous. Oregon has a lot more to worry about than that, such as a coaching staff who is stuck in their ways and refuses to adapt no matter the situation, and a team that doesn't care about winning or losing, as well as being almost entirely first and second year players.
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    I guess you could call them the st. louis blues...
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    I don't want to pay $170 or more for a jersey that may resemble the ugly Walmart versions along with a retail store's logo on it. However, I'll have to wait and see the whole product and how close they are to the authentic versions. As someone who collects jerseys, my initial reaction to this news is this is not a good thing.
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    I get the sense of these responses once the uniforms come vomiting forth: steel gray ("Our research showed that actual knights wore steel.") vegas gold ("We wanted something distinctly 'Vegas' sounding.") black ("All the players on all the teams wear black, right?") navy ("We heard navy sells well." royal blue ("My favorite color so I insisted on it being shoehorned in there.") red ("We heard red also sells well, plus it's aggressive and stuff.") roundel ("We wanted that mix of old and new.") drunk piping everywhere ("My wife thought it would look great.") faux military sigils on the sleeves ("We were pissed that the Panthers stole that idea from the Jaguars who stole that idea from Anaheim who stole that idea from the actual military who probably stole that from France who stole the idea from us, so we felt we had to do them one better!")
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    colors, yes. uniforms, no. look way too much like the Knicks. The 90s streaking sun unis are much more fun, appropriate, and have some character
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    "Yes, I'd like the pizza shaped like the Eagle, please. No, that's alright, I can wait."
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    Hey everyone, Inspired by a few of the other threads on these boards, I wanted to do a little mini-series for an MLB Color Rush, just as a fun thing to do, while I'm working on my redesign series (which should be coming sometime in the future.) This should last about 8 days or so, as I'll post one matchup to start off today, and two every day after. Anyway, let's get into some rules I tried to follow: -The jersey and pants are the only things that have to match. Hat and socks can match if desired. The belt will not ever match the pants. -Even if a team already has an alternate that is the same color as the Color Rush, I tried to change it up a bit for some of them, just for the sake of it. -The uniforms will be based off of the ones I designed in my tweaks series, so most of the logos will be kept the same. While there won't be any direct throwbacks, there will definitely be some that harken back to a certain era color-wise though. -The matchups are going to be interleague, by division (I was going to do in-division matchups, like the NFL does often with TNF, but most of the colors ended up being too similar.) -I'm going to be posting them going from east to west, alphabetically. Anyway, let's get into the first matchup, the Braves and Red Sox! Atlanta Braves -I chose navy for the Braves Color Rush, but emphasized the red and yellow on the actual jersey as opposed to having white. The wordmark and numbers are outlined in yellow, and the coloring of the piping has been changed to accommodate. -The hat is navy with a red front panel,with a navy 'A' and tomahawk in a yellow outline. Boston Red Sox -The Sox have one of the simpler designs for now, I just took the red alternate jersey and added red pants. So a pretty simple navy vs. red matchup to start off, but I'd love to hear what you all think!
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    Here are the two matchups for today, the Battle of the Beltway and the two Florida teams! First off is Baltimore and Washington, which are orange and navy, respectively. Baltimore Orioles -Baltimore actually ended up being the only orange team in MLB, and I used their regular orange jersey but with a striping similar to the design of the Maryland flag, inspired by @Victormrey and a few other Orioles designs on here. -The cap and socks are regular for now, but I'm trying to find a way to make them unique for Color Rush. Washington Nationals -I went with navy for the Nats, since orange and red would look too close to each other. -For now I have their regular pinwheel cap paired with the regular navy jersey, since red lettering was too hard to read. -The socks are white to balance with the cap, with the regular thirteen stripes included. And now, here's one of the loudest of all the Color Rush matchups, the Marlins and Rays! Miami Marlins -Before I say anything about the uniform, it's somewhat a coincidence that José Fernández had the teal jersey, but I probably would've switched it anyway, as a tribute to him. Such a tragic and sudden loss of a guy who exemplified love and passion for the game. He will be missed. -I decided to do teal for the Marlins, since it ties in their overall history of the team. I changed the primary color of the wordmark to orange, with black and white outlines. The cap, belt, and socks are orange. It creates a Dolphins-like look. Tampa Bay Rays -Yellow obviously might be pretty unorthodox, but light blue would've been way too close to teal. Besides, this matchup fits the vibrant, sunny Florida vibe I was going for. -This uniform also in turn embraces the "ray of light" aspect of the Rays identity, inspired by @davidrpaige. -It's basically the home uniform in yellow, and the navy hat but with a yellow 'TB.' -Socks and belt are navy, with yellow replacing white in the socks. Let me know what you all think!
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    I never paid $130 for a Reebok replica or $300 for an authentic. I certainly won't be paying $170/$360 for something cranked out of the same Indonesian sweatshop with a different brand label slapped on it. Godspeed, suckers, and let's all enjoy next summer's clearance sales together.
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    1. Kids get to stay on their parents' insurance until age 26. Rather useful as you try to start your life. 2. Insurance companies can no longer refuse to insure because of a "pre-existing condition". This helps millions.
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    The Cubs' blue alts are some of the worst in baseball. Like you said, they look like BP jerseys (and are basically the exact BP jersey the team has worn for the last 20 year). My biggest issue is that the logo is so, so awful. It's an absolute garbage logo, and it's used in place of their iconic primary. There's nothing wrong with their primary logo. They need to use it more. It's akin to the Red Sox coming out with an alternate jersey with the socks on the chest, taking the place of other iconic marks, except their sock logo is merely underwhelming and not awful. Put the primary logo on the chest and throw some kind of striping/piping on it. And they really should replace the alt logo with something more similar to the ones they wore in the '60s though '95. And yes, the road grays are bad, but not "I can't believe a franchise that's 140 years old is wearing this crap" bad. Go to something similar to what they wore in the '60s, make a blue alt with the primary logo, and wear it no more than once a week. As for the Indians, their uniforms were perfect in the '90s. Thanks to the admiral, I now notice that the C in Cleveland was too small, and I can't unsee that. However, the set was great other than that. The Indians, like the Marlins, should turn the clocks back to 1995 and take the batteries out. It's good that the Indians found their way back to a respectable look after the awful silver era and the slightly less bad era which followed. But their homes and alts are still worse versions of the '90s set. Just go back to that and admit you made a mistake.
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    "All I miss was how well I could see the game and how well I could attend the game"
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    Here's what I'm picturing happened: Bill Murray: "God? Would you please let the Cubs win this year? I'll do anything!" God: "ANYTHING?" Murray: "Anything!" So, after appearing in the Ghostbusters reboot, the Cubbies win the pennant.
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    CANADA The worst part of all of this was that I finished this the same day that Canada was officially eliminated from World Cup qualifying. Sorry, guys! And it's not like I wish ill-will on you guys, I love Canada! And I really like their national team! The youth that y'all have built up is scary good, but I guess it wasn't quite ready yet. But what if the Canucks make up that 5-goal differential and somehow make third place in the Hex? That's where I come in! First things first, the national team has an okay logo. It's a little dated though, and I wanted to make it look even better. So all i basically did was clean it up! I made the maple leaf sharper and more symmetrical, simplified the ball a lot, and changed the "Canada" from the boring default font it was to a more exciting art deco-inspired font. And for reference, the text turns black on white backgrounds. For the jerseys, I went all-out on the maple leaf motif (which probably isn't a smart idea since Canada has other things too but what's done is done). The home jersey is all red and features a white center stripe with a leaf peaking up from behind it (same idea carries over to the socks). The clash kit, however, goes in a totally different direction! I had too many red-and-white teams in this series, and as such Canada became a victim of "someone's gotta change". As such, the clash kit cycled through multiple colors - black, brown, tan, etc. - until @timberwolf suggested a light blue. That worked perfectly! It gives me this arctic vibe and reminds me of the light blue roadies baseball teams had in the 70's. As far as designs go with the clash, I kept it fairly simple - maple leaf sleeves and socks that follow the home kit. I'd totally buy those socks too - swap the logo for a nice Canada script and I'm sold. I decided to keep Umbro as the manufacturer, and the names on the back are of The Future of Canada (Cyle Larin and Tesho Akindele).
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    The Flyers should wear this on a full time basis again: Everything else afterwards looks like a flyers concept add-on that I used to see on NHLDepot
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    I'm usually in full agreement with you on these issues, and I do agree 100% with your reasoning here. I just don't feel like there's any case to be made in the case of the Chicago Blackhawks' logo. It's not a cartoonish caricature of a Native person. It's a respectful depiction of a Native warrior used by a team named after a Native military leader who defied the US government. I just cannot see what is offensive about this. This isn't a Washington Redskins situation where the name is undeniably a slur. It isn't a Cleveland Indians situation where the logo is essentially a red Sambo. Now I'm not going to claim I have any insight into what is considered offensive by Natives. I don't have an ounce in Native blood in me, and I can't speak to their cultural experiences. That being said? I am of an ethnicity that's had a rough time of it. And I'm trying to think of this in terms that relate to that. What if if there was a sports team named the Maccabees (that wasn't based in Israel) that used a respectful depiction of a 2nd Century BCE Jewish warrior? Not a cartoonish caricature, but a respectful depiction. I don't think I would take issue with that.
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    Crying "political correctness" is like a Hitler comparison; an admission that you've lost the argument.
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    Dang, never thought I'd ever fall for clickbait on sportslogos.net
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    Jets need to switch to white cleats and switch back to kelly green.
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    I agree. The orange stripes pop off the navy in a way that navy stripes on orange just can't. Navy should be their primary and they can wear the orange as an alt 2 times a year. That would be perfect.
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    Another uniform modification, this time changing the silver parts of the Rockets' current unis to the classic yellow.
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    Living in Eugene, I wish I had a dime this year for every time I've heard somebody say something like: "Well, you know, I was always a bigger Duck basketball fan anyway..." "We're gonna make College World Series this next year..." "Everyone knows that statistically, the ladies' track team is the best sport..." My Facebook feed is RIDDLED with comments like that every Saturday night.
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    @Thaumatrope is right, and though I disagree with the Blackhawks changing and I don't think the logo is a problem, the inevitable march of history will probably make the decision for us. The example with the lawn jockeys and porters is right on. That kind of thing has mostly gone away, or at least lost its unique African-American depiction, without much of a fuss. I think Native American logos might do the same.
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    I see the Giants-Rams game in London was branded as a "Thursday Night Special," despite none of those three words applying.
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    I still think a storied franchise as Boston doesn't need to use fauxbacks. If they really want a black alt this would be my choice since the previous ones (Orr era) were too close to what they have right now.
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    definitely have to give the worst vote to Browns/Bengals this past week. man, that was rough. theres enough contrast in all these other matchups that you can easily read team A from team B, but the Browns/Bengals was so saturated in the "loudest" of colors, i couldn't even look. hard to distinguish those 2 teams from another on TV
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    I thought the Stanford-Colorado was a pretty good looking game. I love that Colorado set for an alternate.
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    This is a problem. I mean I get it, but still.
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    Atlanta will be hemorrhaging money by year three, necessitating a move to a shiny new locale that gives off an air of unlimited cash potential......Las Vegas, Nevada, baby!
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    The jock tag on the front was stupid in 2007. It isn't a great idea now.
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    Tribal identity as intellectual property is a very interesting idea, and I agree that it's pretty abstract. It helps to understand that many tribes receive and distribute resources based on bloodline. I knew someone who was part Comanche, and he received a monthly paycheck from the tribe even though he lived nowhere near their reservations. However, the Comanche (like many tribes) have strict lineage requirements, and if a certain percentage of ancestry is not present then those individuals are not entitled to call themselves Comanche or receive the benefits that come with it. So in light of this practice, in which its possible that one's own children or grandchildren can be denied the tribal identity, it makes a bit more sense why some tribes are incredibly defensive about organizations using their name or iconography. I'm also glad to see you bringing up white privilege. I think thats a very key concept that goes missing when discussing these kinds of things. I would argue that our white privilege allows us to choose whether or not we are offended as these organizations were ultimately founded by white man and are still largely owned and operated by white men as well. We (being white people) can choose to be offended because ultimately we have the luxury of being the dominant culture within our society and we are given agency to accept or reject just about everything. However, I would also argue that there's a spectrum to white privilege, and while your first example certainly qualifies, I'd argue that the more egregious manifestation of white privilege is the refusal to acknowledge that what you find unoffensive may be offensive to others, and that the anger and frustration of others holds the same value as your own. Its this latter privilege that I see at the core of this discussion, and its going to be very interesting to see how it continues to play out both on this forum and in the broader sporting culture.
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    I'll never get why the "et" in the old Rockets logo are the only ones lowercase?
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    This wordmark is not so much "primitive cultures" as "Old West". It is a superb mark. And the cap logo is even better. It can stand on its own, even without the accompanying wordmark. This cap would complement any uniform style, including the current one; it is, by far, the best cap the team has ever had. All single-letter logos used by other teams have something special about them. The Reds' C is a wishbone; the Cubs' C is a semicircle; the Pirates' P has those flared corners; the Philies' P has a hand-drawn aspect (and the Schmidt-era P was even nicer, with those smooth lines); the Tigers' D has old English magesty. But the Indians' C has absolutely nothing going for it; it is completely devoid of character. From an aesthetic standpoint, it is an embarassment. The cap with that logo looks like it was perfunctorily selected out of a catalogue by a half-asleep JV coach. A logo as undecorative and unimaginative as the block C being used on the cap of a Major League team is pathetic. The C in the above picture is the appropriate cap logo for the Cleveland Indians;
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    Make the SD on the cap all yellow, no outline, and I'd be 100% on board for that being the away.
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    With the existence of interleague play, they really should do best record and be done with it. No, it's not perfect, but neither is using best record to determine home field advantage in the LCS or LDS. After all, if the two opponents were in different divisions, the unbalanced schedule means they didn't face the same slate of opponents the same number of times. Rewarding the team with the best record is the best approximation we have for giving "the best team" home field advantage. And the Cubs deserve to be rewarded for winning more games this season than the Indians (even if they faced a different slate of opponents). And for Pete's sake, just let the All Star Game be an exhibition again, rather than attaching some artificial meaning to it. No one cares that "this one counts."
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    Was at Ford Field yesterday and the Lions really don't use black outside of their uniforms anymore. Endzones are back in blue, field walls are blue and charcoal, even the logos on the walls have a charcoal outline instead of black, game program is blue and charcoal and the old logo blue and grey stripes are used everywhere... I've got to be honest, this looks pretty good.